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Posted on August 9, 2019

What's Up with Your Dandruff?

Whether you’re making a business presentation to impress the boss, going on a first date or simply spending some quality time with family, you wouldn’t want dandruff to get in your way. These dry, white flakes you brush off your collar or shoulders are not only embarrassing but can also be a sign of something serious that’s going on with your scalp.

Your everyday activities and even environmental factors may cause your scalp to produce more sebum than usual and when this happens, Malassezia—a fungus present in all scalps tend to multiply more because it feeds on these oils. Malassezia overgrowth can irritate your scalp and cause it to shed old skin cells faster than normal (in 2-7 days vs. approximately 1 month for those with healthy scalp!), making your scalp produce dandruff.

You can’t help but shake your head looking at endless ways to solve dandruff problems. Before you choose what hack you’re going to try, ask yourself: Are you sure it’s dandruff? Dry scalp causes flaking too and you can get it from inevitable weather changes and washing your hair excessively.


Anti-dandruff shampoos are widely available but not all can promise to be truly good for you. Many anti-dandruff shampoos in the market promise to make you flake-free and itch-free in just one wash but may leave your scalp’s health compromised in return. Sadly, immediate solutions promised by most synthetic shampoos involve harsh chemicals like hormone-disrupting parabens and skin-irritating sulfates that strip off moisture in your scalp. These and many other toxic ingredients don’t only damage your scalp in the long run but can also lead to serious health risks.


Immediately ridding yourself of dandruff and itching feels good but being dandruff-free, itch-free and head strong is so much better! Commit to a dandruff solution that is also truly healthy for your scalp because when the scalp is strong, everything else follows. Be dandruff-free for longer and have healthier hair too. Strive for goodness and greatness starting from the shower.

Human Nature for Men Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo effectively fights dandruff and removes scalp buildup with PureProtect Actives sugar cane, beetroot and coconut oil. The synergistic blend of these three supercharged, nature-derived ingredients:

  • Combats dandruff with antifungal and antimicrobial properties that target Malassezia
  • Fights hair and scalp buildup with powerful nature-derived cleansing agents
  • Especially formulated for men’s oily scalp
  • Contains no harmful chemicals that can weaken your scalp

Conquer challenges confidently with pure, potent, holistic solutions that are healthy for your scalp and tough on dandruff-causing bacteria. Fuel your day-to-day adventures with our natural anti-dandruff shampoo–head strong and committed–just like you.

And when the day comes that your dandruff is not a problem anymore, continue to let your hair grow stronger and thicker-looking with our Strengthening Shampoo Line.

Discover more essentials that empower everyday heroes here.

SourceStratum corneum dysfunction in dandruff

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