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Nourishing Face Toner
99.75% Natural
   I am so in love with this toner. I have tried cheap and even those pricey ones but nothing works for...  
- Tin
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99.75% Natural

Recommended for:
Normal to delicate skin.

You have normal skin if...
your face usually feels comfortable and soft

You have delicate skin if...
you usually feel unpleasant burning and stinging sensations on your face after washing 

Mild and gentle cleansing
Care for your delicate skin without the sting with tomato antioxidant properties that help strengthen delicate to normal skin against environmental damage. It also contains mild moisturizers that help soothe skin and keep it soft, supple and healthy inside and out.

Get gentle nourishment when you use the Nourishing Face Toner together with the Nourishing Facial Wash.

Source: Natural antioxidants and their effect on the skin. Formulating, Packaging, and Marketing of Natural Cosmetic Products.

Note: You may still receive our Nourishing Face Toner in its classic packaging while supplies last.


Gentle Nourishment Regimen:

1. Cleanse: Purify your skin by removing dirt, oil, and excess make-up accumulated throughout the day. Alternate your Nourishing Facial Wash with the Purifying Facial Scrub 2-3 times a week to gently exfoliate your skin, and then cap off the cleansing with a weekly facial with Detoxifying Mask+Scrub.

2. Tone: Use the Nourishing Face Toner to remove deep-seated dirt that may have been left behind by the wash. Plus, it primes your skin for easy absorption of moisturizer.

3. Miracle Care: In the morning, apply a few drops of Sunflower Beauty Oil to areas that need special care and attention, such as under eyes, uneven skin tone or pigmented spots. At night, massage a few drops of Overnight Elixir all over your face and neck.

4. Moisturize Day & Night: Moisturize your face with the 100% Natural Day Moisturizer before applying make-up. This helps your make-up last longer and blend well with your skin. Before going to bed, apply the 100% Natural Night Moisturizer to help the skin increase its ability to regenerate newer cells and replenish moisture.


aqua (water), glycerin (vegetable-derived), betaine (sugar beet-derived), glyceryl caprylate (coconut oil, palm and glycerin-derived), Chamomilla recutita (chamomile) flower/leaf extract, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower extract, Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) fruit extract, fragrance (all-natural), menthyl lactate (vegetable-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Saana (03/18/2021)

    It was ok, nothing special, which is good if you're just looking for a basic toner. Didn't break me out, and I like that it's alcohol free.
  • Esther (08/24/2019)

    Good day. I'm an avid user of this wonderful toner - hats off truly impressive! it's been my holy grail since then and I am super satisfied. But lately, upon purchasing a new bottle, the formula seems to change - was it just me?? The citrus scent which I love the most were somehow, disappeared. The sting was gone too, I'm used to it already and I'm totally fine that. It's more like just watery now as I compared it with the last bottle that I purchased through beautyMNL - something really had changed. I am saddened, please bring back the old formula.
  • Lisette Ann (07/25/2019)

    The best toner for dry skin. That's it... 5/5 Super love...
  • Justine Rose (07/12/2019)

    When i started using this, I got more breakouts and alot of little bumps on my face, then after days of continuous use it started to sting my face and my face seemed to have become sensitive and sometimes reddish. It saddens me because i was hoping this would help nourish my face and make my skin more radiant and healthy. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Justine Rose. Thank you for purchasing our Nourishing Face Toner, and for sharing your experience with us. Please note that while our Nourishing Face Toner is made with natural ingredients and without harmful chemicals, it is possible for some users to experience varying results say, if their skin is sensitive to any of the components. As with all products, we always recommend that customers do a patch test first before using any product extensively to rule out adverse reactions. If the adverse reactions persist, we recommend that you discontinue use. Should you further concerns, please call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at Thank you]
  • Aby (07/06/2019)

    I love this product. I never used a face toner before but when I read the benefits of using one, I immediately checked this. Without second thoughts, purchased this product because of it’s natural ingredients. My skin so love it.. I also use the Rose Mist after putting on my make up. I am very pleased with the results and notice that my face become clear and rosy cheeks. Also, I switched to HHN products from the ones I use before that have high chemicals. Glad that my husband supports my new advocacy through HHN. Thank you, Human Nature. :)
  • Sushi (03/01/2019)

    I've been using this toner since 2015 and it never fails to deliver good results! My face feels extra clean whenever I apply this after washing my face. It also gives my cheeks a "rosy effect". I like the smell too! It stings at first when I apply it but maybe it's because I have sensitive skin. Luckily, I don't experience pimple breakouts from using this. I have been asked a lot by other girls on what I use for my face and of course I said I use HHN products. Gandang natural, alagang natural by HHN! <3
  • Allen (07/09/2018)

    Is it ok? It stung my face, i thought its for sensitive skin, I can't take the burning sensation.. But i really love the smell though. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Allen! Thank you for purchasing our Nourishing Face Toner. We're also sorry for your experience and we'd like to help you in any way that we can. Please note that while our Nourishing Face Toner contains absolutely no harmful chemicals, it is possible that your skin is sensitive to one of its natural ingredients. We always recommend that customers do a patch test first before using any product extensively to help rule out any adverse reactions. Nevertheless, we will take your feedback into consideration for the future development of the product. Our Customer Service Team will also get in touch with you to provide further assistance. Thank you!]
  • Carla (04/11/2018)

    I like the scent and how it does NOT sting on my face. However, based on my experience, tiny bumps appeared after continuous using. I am pairing this with the cleanser and did not work well in my face. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Carla! Thank you for purchasing our Nourishing Face Toner. We're sorry about your experience and we'd like to help you in any way that we can. Kindly note that while our Nourishing Face Toner is 100% natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals, it is possible for different customers to experience varying results. As such, we always recommend that customers do a patch test first before using any product extensively to help rule out adverse reactions. Nevertheless, we will take your feedback into consideration for the future development of the product. A Customer Service Associate will also get in touch with you to provide further assistance. Thank you!]
  • Chandria (04/11/2018)

    This cleanser is so good! My face is so in love with this. Being a woman with PCOS, it's really hard for me to find a cleanser that will not break my skin out. This cleanser is doing the magic that my face needs. Gentle, relaxing scent and makes my skin supple.
  • Tin (03/22/2018)

    I am so in love with this toner. I have tried cheap and even those pricey ones but nothing works for me except this. I battled with acne since college and nowadays I even have it especially during red days. This toner calms my face and lightens my acne scars and dark spots. Hopefully HN will soon release a face cream/moisturizer with tomato extract because I've read online, tomato is a natural sunscreen. So hopefully, you'll come up to this idea. :)
  • Louïse (03/16/2018)

    I used this toner together with the Hydrating Creamy Wash and it gave me a good effect since I have dry, sensitive skin. I love how it smells and it did lessen the appearance of small pores on my Tzone BUT the aftermath feels sticky. I am not used to the stickiness but talking about the results, it's actually great. It was effective to me but yun lang, the stickiness is kind of disturbing and now I'm trying to get used to it but I love what it did to my skin. I'm a newbie in HHN BUT I AM LOVING YOUR PRODUCTS SO FAR. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Louïse! We're glad that our Nourishing Face Toner works for you. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the consistency. Please note that Nourishing Face Toner is formulated to keep your skin moisturized while restoring your skin's pH balance. Rest assured that our Nourishing Face Toner is 100% natural and absolutely free from harmful chemicals. Nevertheless, we will definitely consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • APRIL FELVIE (03/15/2018)

    best toner ever! it is so gentle on my skin.. thank u Human Nature!
  • Pautatoes (02/09/2018)

    I have used this product and repurchased once. It works well if you have oily skin like mine or if what you are looking for is only light moisturiaztion because it is not as heavy as the hydrating toner. I use this in the morning and did not cause any issues on me. However, when I started to use Tretinoin at night, this toner stung my face so bad that i end up with tomato-red faced. Lol. I don't know what caused this though I've yet to try this again my skin is already more tolerant of the Tretinoin. So perhaps, this toner works best if you do not use it in conjunction with any acid or retinoid in your routine. Thus, for those with ulta-sensitive skin like mine, beware. Also, it is important to note that while this is advertised as a tomato toner, the tomato ingredient is surprisingly way below the ingredients list. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Pautatoes! Thank you for purchasing our Nourishing Face Toner. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way we can. Please note that our while our products do not contain any harmful chemicals, they are are tested to work best with other Human Nature products which is why we cannot guarantee that there won't be adverse reactions when they're used with other brands. This is also the reason why we always encourage customers to do a patch test first before using any product extensively to help rule out any adverse reactions, and our products testers are always available at all Human Nature branches. In addition, while our Nourishing Face Toner is 100% natural, it is possible for some users to be sensitive to one of its ingredients. Should you have further concerns, please call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at Thank you!]
  • Lyndsey Ruth (09/17/2017)

    When I used this, the breakouts caused by the Balancing Toner healed without drying. Now, I rarely have pimples thanks to this.
  • Mia (09/05/2017)

    Hello! I'm back after 6 weeks! With continuous use of the Nourishing Toner and my gentle soap I am now partially acne-free. I still get zits here and there but no more severe acne! No more painful and stinging sensation whenever I apply the toner! Yas! My scars have also lightened and I am also using the Strawberry Scrub to slough dead skin! Yey. I am glad i used this product. Side note: i have also stopped taking dairy and caffeinated foods and drinks so maybe that's another reason why i got rid of my pizza face.
  • Maria (08/11/2017)

    It's basically like that of a water, only that it has realy good smell. You don't have to put so much on your cotton. Three drops already cover my entire face and neck! However, after two weeks of using, small and multiple pimples showed up on my face. I had to stop using the mineral pressed powder to make sure I am hitting the right product that is giving me the allergies. However, it still popped up. I had to give the product up. I have oily and active acne, so I recommend to stick on the Balancing Facial Wash for those who the same states. I have yet to try the Balancing Facial Wash and will give my reviews after. Thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Maria! Thank you for purchasing our Nourishing Face Toner. Kindly note that while our Nourishing Face Toner is 100% natural, it may be possible that you sensitive to one of its natural ingredients. I hope this helps, Maria. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at Thank you!]
  • Mia (07/27/2017)

    When I first used this toner for my acne prone and oily skin I was a bit scared because it stung so i discontinued it. But when i tried it again the second time, two months after i stopped, the sting and redness was not there anymore. My hypothesis is maybe because I was using a harsh acne soap cleanser back then, now i only use the toner in combination with dove pink. I feel the cooling sensation from this toner compared to my first experience. Maybe it's better paired with a milder soap... I haven't used the Nourishing cleanser because I am afraid my severe acne will comeback so I'll stick to dove and nourishing toner and see how it works with continued use. .. :) I'll give it three stars for now because I haven't used it for long. I'll update after I see improvement. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Mia! Thank you for purchasing our Nourishing Face Toner. We also appreciate your feedback; please rest assured that we will consider this for the future development of the product. Kindly note that our Nourishing Face Toner has a natural cooling ingredient which is why you feel the cooling sensation when you use the product. Please also note that the effectiveness of our Nourishing Face Toner has only been tested with Human Nature products which is why we cannot guarantee that it will work with non-Human Nature items. Thus, we encourage our customers to do a patch test and observe before using any product extensively to help rule out adverse reactions. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at Thank you!]
  • MK (05/08/2017)

    I can now say that this is my HG product. I have oily, dehydrated and super sensitive skin and I am so happy that I decided to this out. The very first thing that I have to tick off my list is - will this not break me out or give me any itchy rashes on the face? This toner passed that test with flying colors. Hurray! It is soothing and hydrating, does not have that alcohol-y smell that other toners have, and it doesn't make my face tight - the dry kind of tight - after I use it. It also softens my skin and makes the absorption of all other products I use better. And another bonus, it gives me a healthy, glowing complexion, I'm thinking if it's the tomato extract though it's farther down the ingredients list. Please please continue this formulation. I really hope you can also come up with a serum or a gel cream for oily gals like me with the same formulation (or more tomato extract for that glow! :) ) I really love this product. !!
  • Lay (02/26/2017)

    It's true to its claims.
  • Anjel (02/18/2017)

    I have combination skin but I still tried it even though it wasn't formulated for my skin type. I am really glad that I did :) I have tried a lot of toners but this is the only one who cleared my skin. I didn't have any acne while using this. For the first time, my face was clear for a long period of time. This is definitely worth it! ♥ I am using it along with other HHN products :)
  • Mavis (01/31/2017)

    been using this toner ever since you offered it yearssss ago. perfectly paired with the wash as well. some toners makes my face sting and have breakouts. this however didn't.
  • Mizchelle Victoria (09/18/2016)

    Hello! Good day! I've been using this since yesterday and I was waiting for the stinging sensation that other reviews mentioned but I felt none. I hope this toner won't give me breakouts though. Gonna update if ever there will be any problem. I have sensitive skin btw. As for the scent, I liked it. Very mild. :)
  • MARLA (01/18/2016)

    I tried every single skin care products that you might see on drugstore, supermarket, mall, or watsons shelves. I tried Philippine made, US brands, Asian brands, European brand but I always ended up trying one product after another. I did it because it was my addiction (cosmetic and skin care product switching), the other reason, I was, and still am, not satisfied with them. Now, I have given Human Nature products a try. I love Nourishing Toner and its facial wash. No sting, no redness, no pungent smell. Super effective in removing last traces of sunblock/cream/makeup. It minimized my pores. I now have a brighter and less oily skin. It also lightened my acne scars. Now, I don't have any pimples anymore. I'll continue using it, it's different from the rest that I tried. One of a kind! It's totally a game changer! I've been using it for a month now (a first, since I always used product for a week or so only).
  • Joan (10/06/2015)

    Sobrang bago ng amoy ng toner na to. I love super. Mild at hindi nakaka dry ng face! :) It actually lasts long kaya super sulit! Is the cold sensation while drying normal? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Joan! We are so glad that you loved our Nourishing Face Toner! We'd like you to know that the Nourishing Face Toner has a natural cooling agent so the cool sensation you feel while drying is completely normal. Thank you so much for your support! :)]
  • JW (08/27/2015)

    It smells so goooodddd terribly good! :) And once used I felt a bit of tingling sensation in some areas of my face the ones that are affected by acne scars and newly formed pimple scars...but MILD sensation only.. I guess, its the toner's way of slowly nourishing my skin after all! I love this toner! Keep it up HHN! :)
  • Crystal Gale (08/19/2015)

    I love this toner so much, the smell is so sweet, its gentle too because its natural and safe to use but i dont know if this product brightens the face, i love brightening products so much. Does HHN have brightening products? I would love love and love to know. Thanks [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Crystal Gale! We're so thrilled that you love our Nourishing Face Toner! We have received many positive reviews about our Overnight Elixir's ability to promote softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. It has hydrating passion fruit seed oil and rosehip oil that contain skin-brightening Vitamin C for a healthy glow. As with all products, we recommend doing a patch test on your jawline before using our Overnight Elixir regularly :) Do let us know how you like it! Thank you!]
  • Ann (01/24/2015)

    This toner doesn't make my face feel tight or dry afterwards. I also love the mild scent.
  • Krish (01/14/2015)

    So a fellow organic lover asked me to review the recent toner that I have tried which is Human Nature's Nourishing Face Toner w/ Tomato Extract Pros: It gave me a "rosy cheek" effect, it removed dirt quite well, it didn't make my face oily, it has a cooling effect after applying it and it has no sting. Plus I like its faint sweet smell! Cons: It broke me out. Yeah sayang! I have given this a chance of 2-3 weeks to see if it really works but unfortunately, it wasn't able to maintain my clear skin. During the first week of using it, it was okay but I had noticed that blackheads and whiteheads started to appear, then small pimples were coming out too one by one. What I did to see which is the culprit for my breakout, I removed all the whitening stuff that I had been using and only used my most-trusted St. Ives collagen moisturizer and Snoe Beauty black soap (which I have tried and tested for more than 6months already and no bad effects), I was still using this toner as well but despite of using everything mild, the pimples were still there. So I stopped using this all through out. Then, no pimples popped out anymore and all the existing ones have dried up! I thought "maybe it's purging?" but then I really don't believe in "skin purging" anymore. Why? Well, I used to have a bad case of acne when I was 16-22y/o. Too many skincare/derma clinics have told me that I was just experiencing "skin purging" whenever their products break me out. Of course I believed them in the past whilst still hoping that my skin will clear up soon. I spent thousands just to clear my acne before but nothing worked!!! Then I discovered this generic P25 Moringa w/ Gluta soap and I tried it. And you won't believe it, but after 2-3days of using it, no more pimples! It cleared them! So the only problem left was the dark acne spots/scars have left behind but thankfully using herbal papaya soaps have cleared them up. Therefore, I have realized that it is either your skin is HIYANG with a certain product or not. And you have to really watch out for your skin's reaction 'cause a product might be irritating it already. P.S. Anyway, just because this product didn't work for me doesn't mean that it won't work on the others. We have different skin types anyway and results vary from person to person. So I won't discourage anyone from trying this product still because your skin might just be compatible with it! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Krish! Thank you for your honest review. We're sorry to hear that our Nourishing Face Toner didn't work for you. Given that you have a history of acne, our Nourishing line, which is formulated for sensitive skin, may just not be suitable for your skin type. Luckily, we'll soon be launching our Acne Defense Facial Wash, which may be more suitable for your skin type especially when paired with our Acne Defense Solution Gel. As with any product, though, we recommend doing a patch test on your jawline before using it regularly to ensure that it's suitable for your skin type. We hope you try it out soon :) Our Customer Service would be happy to help you out with any product exchanges you may need. They'll be in touch soon :) Thank you!]
  • audrey (12/29/2014)

    purchased this first week of december and tried it for two weeks, it didn't live up to its promise that it would be sting free. everytime i apply this i'd always feel slight stinging sensation, and it would leave my face quite sticky. it also gave me a really bad breakout that gave me really bad acne scars and hyperpigmentations. i'm quite disappointed at how this product reacted to my face since i was really excited to be using another human nature product after reading the reviews :( after trying this for two weeks i returned to my previous toner and my skin calmed down a bit. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi audrey! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Nourishing Face Toner is formulated for sensitive skin so it is unlikely to cause breakouts. However, it's possible that you may be sensitive to one of its natural ingredients. We'd like to look into your experience and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you so much!]
  • K (12/16/2014)

    I've tried both the old and new formulations of the Tomato Nourishing Face Toner. On the upside, the new one definitely smells better than its earlier counterpart. On the downside, the new version of this product still stings when I apply it. Some areas on my face, particularly those around the nose, redden. Once the stinging subsides, my face feels silky and well-nourished. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi K! Our Nourishing Face Toner actually has a cooling sensation, which can be mistaken for a stinging sensation. Since this is formulated for sensitive/normal skin, some users like you may find themselves to be extra sensitive to this sensation. We'd like to learn more about your experience to help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you!'
  • Elvie (12/03/2014)

    I love the scent of this toner, reminds me of my childhood favorite gum-bazooka. the nourishing toner is better than the balancing toner that I used- that one triggered my dermatitis because of the citrus/orange in it. but this one, I love a lot. no sting, just the perfect toner I imagined. I will reorder for more :)
  • Gerson Orven (07/10/2014)

    Unlike other toners this doesn't sting and it feels good after, the cold touch, the feeling of how it cleans my face just plain nice. I like this and it doesn't dry out my skin. Nice one!
  • paula (06/15/2014)

    I felt burning sensation when i used it. I thought it was fine and maybe it is normal but I started having small red zits. I continued using it for about a week thinking that maybe my skin was just adjusting but my zits did not get any better so I stopped. The next day my zits started to get better. I still use the nourishing facial wash though. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Paula! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Nourishing Face Toner is formulated for sensitive skin, however it's possible that your skin may be too sensitive to one of its natural ingredients. We'd like to learn more about your experience and help you find the products that work for you. We'd be happy to offer you a free exchange or credit should you be unsatisfied with our product. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :) Thank you!]
  • samantha lorraine (10/11/2013)

    I was so disappointed when I used this. It gave me tiny zits all over my face :"( but I realized maybe my skin is adjusting.. so I used it again and as always Breakout followed. I decided not to use it again..but I still use the tomato facial wash.. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Samantha! Were sorry to hear about your experience. Pimples are caused by many factors, such as diet, stress, and hormones. Sometimes if your skin is shocked by the sudden use of a natural formulation, it would, like you said, need more time to adjust. We usually receive positive reports from users whose skin greatly improved after adjusting through regular use. Our Nourishing Face Toner was carefully formulated for sensitive skin, so it's unlikely that it caused your pimples, although we do understand that it's possible you may be allergic to one of its natural ingredients. We would like to learn more about your experience so our Customer Service will get in touch with you very soon :) Thank you!]
  • Arlene (09/20/2013)

    I definitely love this toner! My face felt clean and very soft everytime. And I love how it smells like the bazooka bubblegum. :) I will definitely try out more HHN products. :)
  • Noriko (07/29/2013)

    Ive been on the lookout for the best toner since I was 15, ive tried drugstore toners and high end ones but I would always end up having zit and break outs. I chance upon discovering HHN from reading blogs and magazines. Ive tried 3 variants of HHN toners, they all worked ok, but the NOURISHING Toner best suite my skin type, i felt like my skin is always fresh and its now clear from zits. Now im 25, after 10 long years I can say that I finally found my holy grail. thank you and more power HHN
  • Helga (07/07/2013)

    Bought this a while ago and it made me face feel like it was on fire the first time I used it. Tried it a couple of times more before giving up and going back to using the Balancing Toner. Tried it again recently and it's still the same-- burning, stinging sensation. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Helga! While our Nourishing Toner is formulated for normal/sensitive skin, it does have a cooling sensation that some users may be extra sensitive to. If you are uncomfortable or unsatisfied with this product, we advise that you stop using the product. We want you to have only the best experience with our products so we would be happy to offer you a replacement, refund, or credit for it, free of charge. :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you!]
  • JaneQ (06/11/2013)

    I remember the days when you only offered the tomato toner. While I love the Elemi line (wash and toner), I've never forgotten your tomato toner because I thought it was almost perfect! I was so excited and relieved when you released this line. This toner is the perfect toner - it preps my skin for moisturizing and cleans my skin post facial wash. No dryness, just glowing skin and it's really mild! Mild enough for me to use even if I have skin asthma (caution though, I didn't use this or any toners when my skin asthma was raging and I was treating my rashes that were on the brink of being wounds - I began using this again after my skin calmed down). For reference, I have combination to oily/skin; I also have skin asthma.
  • Era (01/29/2013)

    I've been using this toner for 1 week now and I have no problems with it. I have a normal skin and my face looks so clean after using it and it doesn't sting compare to other toners. I love it! I also love the smell of this toner but other people might find the smell weird. :) Thank you HHN for this wonderful product! <3
  • Charmaine Kathleen (01/07/2013)

    This toner works wonder. Since this product came ou (together with the facial wash), I switched to it (coming from using Balancing Facial Wash). Now, every time I visit my derma, they said that I have a clean, clear face & soft skin and my pimples marks are getting better. It puts glow in my skin (the blooming glow). Having this kind of effect makes me an effective endorser/dealer of HHN! Keep it up!
  • Jennifer (09/26/2012)

    Hi! Every time I use this toner I get this burning sensation on my skin. Is this normal? But the facial wash is ok with my skin. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hello Jennifer! Thank you very much for your feedback. What you’ve encountered is completely normal. It could be the cooling sensation due to the menthol that we added on the formula. Menthyl Lactate gives a cooling effect on the skin which helps close your pores even without the use of alcohol. But if you are not completely satisfied, as with any other Human Nature products, we’ll have this replaced or credited in your account. Our Customer Service Team will be in touch. :)]
  • Clarisse (09/20/2012)

    I posted my skin care regimen for acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin at my blog. Human Nature Nourishing Facial Wash and Toner are part of my skin care regimen. I believe this post and review would be helpful especially to those who have the same skin type as mine. Please check my post at
  • Phoebe (09/13/2012)

    After just 2 weeks of using this face wash and toner combo, my pores are smaller and some of my old dark spots have began fading away! I love HHN!
  • Charmaine (09/03/2012)

    Hi, I'm a few days old new dealer of HN. My mom tried the toner for the first time and commented her skin felt the sting that you usually get from applying astringent. I didn't believe her so I tried it too for the first time and I felt the stinging sensation too. Although it lasted for just a few minutes. Is that a normal reaction when applying the toner? I just want to find out since the description on the bottle says that the product is gentler and it won't give you the stinging sensation on your skin compared to the usual toners. Although I am confident that the product is safe and all-natural. I just want to know if there's a normal explanation for said sensation on the skin upon application, so that I could share it to first time users as well, this way they would know what to expect. Thanks in advance for the feedback! [Editor’s Note: Hi Charmaine! Thank you for taking time to give us your feedback. What you’ve experienced could have been the cooling sensation which is caused by the menthol in the toner. We add menthyl lactate to give a cooling effect and help close the pores without using alcohol :) So it’s completely normal. But as with any other Human Nature product, if you are not completely satisfied, we’d gladly replace it or have it credited on your account. Our customer service team will be in touch. :)]
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