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Nourishing Facial Wash
Nourishing Facial Wash
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100% Natural

Recommended for:
Normal to delicate skin.

You have normal skin if...
your face usually feels comfortable and soft

You have delicate skin if...
you usually feel unpleasant burning and stinging sensations on your face after washing.

Mild and gentle cleansing
Care for your delicate skin without the sting with tomato antioxidant properties that help strengthen delicate to normal skin against environmental damage. It also contains mild moisturizers that help soothe skin and keep it soft, supple and healthy inside and out.

Get gentle nourishment when you use the Nourishing Facial Wash together with the Nourishing Face Toner.

Source: Natural antioxidants and their effect on the skin. Formulating, Packaging, and Marketing of Natural Cosmetic Products.


Good skin care starts with a clean slate!

Follow these steps to effectively remove makeup before starting your nightly skin care routine:

- With dry hands, massage 2-3 pumps of Cleansing Oil on your face in a gentle circular motion
- Use tissue or a warm facial towel to wipe away the day's makeup and dirt buildup
- Remove excess oil with your Human Nature facial wash

Gentle Nourishment Regimen:

1. Cleanse: Purify your skin by removing dirt, oil, and excess make-up accumulated throughout the day. Alternate your Nourishing Facial Wash with the Purifying Facial Scrub 2-3 times a week to gently exfoliate your skin, and then cap off the cleansing with a weekly facial with Detoxifying Mask+Scrub.

2. Tone: Use the Nourishing Face Toner to remove deep-seated dirt that may have been left behind by the wash. Plus, it primes your skin for easy absorption of moisturizer.

3. Miracle Care: In the morning, apply a few drops of Sunflower Beauty Oil to areas that need special care and attention, such as under eyes, uneven skin tone or pigmented spots. At night, massage a few drops of Overnight Elixir all over your face and neck.

4. Moisturize Day & Night: Moisturize your face with 100% Natural Day Moisturizer before applying make-up. This helps your make-up last longer and blend well with your skin. Before going to bed, apply 100% Natural Night Moisturizer to help the skin increase its ability to regenerate newer cells and replenish moisture.

aqua (water), decyl glucoside (coconut-derived), sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), sodium gluconate (sugarcane-derived), glycerin (vegetable-derived), coco-glucoside, glyceryl oleate (coconut-derived), dicaprylyl ether (vegetable-derived), Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) fruit extract, dehydroxanthan gum, levulinic acid (plant-derived), fragrance (all-natural), farnesol, linalool, phytic acid (rice-derived), p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived), citric acid

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  • Lye (06/01/2021)

    I love this product! Learned this from a blog and I love how all products are cruelty free and nature friendly. The verses printed at the top were inspirational too. I thought I have delicate and combi skin so I tried using this and it feels so good on my skin. However, I started to have big pimples all over my forehead and chin and I didn't know that they have the balancing facial wash for combination skin. I still love this product since the smell of tomatoes refreshes me but I think I have to stop and switch to the balancing one. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Lye! We're glad that you loved our Nourishing Facial Wash. We also appreciate your honest feedback. Please be advised that while our Nourishing Facial Wash is made with natural ingredients and without any harmful chemicals, it is still possible for some users to experience adverse reactions if they are sensitive to any of the natural ingredients. Should you require further assistance, please feel free to email us at customer.service@humanheartnature.com and we'd be happy to help you in any way that we can. Thank you!]
  • Sonia (03/25/2021)

    Perfectly suited for my skin.
  • Saana (02/04/2020)

    I've developed comedonal acne on my cheeks about 6 months ago from a failed DIY experiment using alternative cleansing ingredients. Thinking about it now, I think I might've damaged my stratum corneum. To fix that, I've tried a lot of anti-acne products/procedures with the mentality of going all-out-war with my pimples, some were too harsh, which just ended up exacerbating the situation. Feeling hopeless and defeated, I crossed my fingers and decided to switch to the peace-keeping/diplomatic route, which means waiting out the acne, being gentle and nice to my pimples, being zen and letting my skin heal itself. For that I needed to go minimal, starting with a mild cleanser. I've tried a few but this one is my favorite so far. I've been using this for two months now and I've seen great improvements with my skin. It now looks healthier, hydrated and the pimples have faded, except for a few scars left from the warring times.
  • Lisette Ann (07/25/2019)

    Best facial wash for dry skin.. I use it with Nourishing Toner... No more dry patches. I bought the small bottles too for traveling I just refill them. Love it.
  • Anna (04/12/2019)

    I got small pimples on my forehead from using this. Note: I rarely get pimples even though I have oily skin. The only reason I used this facial wash (for normal to sensitive skin) is because the Balancing Facial Wash for oily skin is not available in non-scrub variety. :-( It's not good to exfoliate the skin daily, so please make the Balancing Facial Wash available too in no-exfoliation scrub variety. Thank you! (PS: I love the scent though.) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Anna! Thank you for purchasing our Nourishing Facial Wash. We're also sorry about your experience. Kindly note that while our Nourishing Facial Wash does not contain any harmful chemicals, it is still possible for some users to experience varying results. Nevertheless, rest assured that we will consider your feedback for the future development of our natural face care line. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Kitkat (03/22/2019)

    I loving this product along with the nourishing toner, it really controls the sebum production on my face. Even I used the sunflower oil all over my face day and night, it doesn't make my face more oily, unlike to the chemical base brands I used before whenever I wake up my face looks kinda haggard due to oiliness, but this one is a real holy grail! Since I've used it, I always wake up, looking fresh
  • Riri (12/02/2018)

    I've been using this product for 1 month already! The Hydrating variant broke me out, yet I don't want to switch to chemical facial cleansers, and my friend (who has very clear skin) suggested me this product. I have dry to normal skin type, yet it is sensitive and acne-prone, and at first I was a bit hesitant to try this product. Lo and behold, after a week of using this, my break outs lessened, and my skin did a major glow up. It doesn't irritate me and my face feels so fresh after using this, which is a telltale sign that my skin loves it. I am now on my third bottle (I finally plucked the courage to buy the 200mL bottle) and I feel like this will be a product I would gladly keep in my stash of permanent keepsakes (along with the purifying facial scrub). Keep up the good job!
  • Sheena (10/03/2018)

    First time to use this and I super love it!!! I have tried the balancing facial wash before but it kinda made my acne on face rough to touch. Good thing I switched to this one
  • Anbel (09/07/2018)

    Seldom i find a product that works really well on sensitive and acne-prone skin. After a week of using this wash, my skin had less breakouts and became less oily. One wish: i wish your stores would accept empty bottles or recyclable carton in exchange for minimal earning points :) Happy earth! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Anbel! We're thrilled that our Nourishing Facial Wash worked for you. We also appreciate your feedback about the packaging. It's the suggestions and recommendations from our customers that really push us to continue searching for better, more innovative ways of spreading the goodness. Rest assured that we're taking your feedback seriously and that we're working on finding the best possible solutions. Cheers!] ]
  • NJ (06/23/2018)

    Gentle, and cleanses skin well. As a medical aesthetician, I also recommend this to all skin types. One of my clients said that after switching her old facial wash to this one, her skin has shown some improvements.
  • KRISTEL JADE (02/12/2018)

    Paired with Nourishing Facial Toner, my face has become so smooth, lighten my dark spots and marks! Everyone noticed how my skin improved in just a few weeks of using the product. Now almost everyone is buying this product in our office, Definitely recommending this product!
  • Kristine Elaine (12/03/2017)

    I used to have acne before and I have tried so many anti acne products from the cheapest to the pricey ones. I thought maybe my skin got immune with anti acne skincare set that's why it got worse. I saw a friend's posts about Human Nature products and then I got really curious and a did a little research. After 2 wks of use, it made my skin better. I love its formulation because it's mild and non drying, plus it's super affordable too!
  • Joanah (08/13/2017)

    I love this! It's very mild and good for sensitive skin!
  • Kharen (08/13/2017)

    I didn't have any breakout while using the product. I only got the small bottle to try it out. I would've like it but the smell. Even if the scent is natural, I just can't stand as I find it too strong. I hope you make something unscented. It would be perfect. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Kharen! Thank you for purchasing our Nourishing Facial Wash. We also appreciate your feedback on the scent. Rest assured that we will consider your suggestion for the future development of our Face Care line. Thank you!]
  • Jem (07/07/2017)

    I have sensitive skin and it's scary and difficult for me to try new products but since I've tried this facial wash, I have not used anything else. There's not a lot of products that can treat oily sensitive skin without drying it. This has done exactly that for me. I use it together with HN's sunflower beauty oil and they have kept my skin looking healthy. It's mainly for sensitive skin and not for acne prevention but it made my skin generally healthy, I've noticed no redness and less blackheads!
  • Lora-Lee (04/05/2017)

    Love this! I have successfully transitioned from my imported natural facial wash to this, for a fraction of the price :) I will continue using it - Human Nature please don't change the formula. My face is so sensitive I have only found 2 facial washes that it tolerates and I don't want to have to go back to ordering from the US!
  • Neil Brylle (04/03/2017)

    Bought one from my cousin (dealer) coz I need something nourishing for my face , I bought the small one and it turned out so good! My face became glowing and not dry. I'm surprised that after washing my face with it and applied sunflower oil (HM), it's not even oily!! :) I will order the big one next :) thanks human nature :)
  • Jacinta Eve (03/27/2017)

    this makes our skin smooth healthy and always gives a pink glow to the cheeks !!!!
  • Krizia May (02/01/2017)

    This is the most natural facial wash I have ever used. It's not foamy (like the products I used before), it has a fresh scent, and it doesn't irritate my skin. Good for sensitive skin. I use this every morning and evening. I am really grateful with the results, my skin always feel fresh, soft, smooth and radiant. Perfect for everyday use! Galing! :)
  • JOY (12/19/2016)

    I was a bit skeptical to try this since I tried an organic tomato face toner from other brand a few years ago and I did break out. But since I've been using almost all of HHN 's products I tried a small bottle of this & to my amazement my pimples vanished! Yes vanished since I dont have recurring pimples on my forehead anymore :) I also let my sister to try this since she's having a major breakout & she's been frustrated asking me what to do i gave her my 50ml bottle half empty and in just a few days she already saw great results. We both paired this with the balancing toner ;)
  • Marian (04/13/2016)

    This is one of my favorite HHN products. I bought a small one for trial and I haven't even finished it yet when I ordered a bigger bottle! It was that good. I have a combination of dry and oily facial skin so I've had trouble finding a wash. Some washes leave my cheeks to dry while some leave my nose too oily. This wash was just right and after use, it left my skin refreshed, smooth and clean. The smell is good, too.
  • Mar (01/18/2016)

    I tried every single skin care products that you might see on drugstore, supermarket, mall, or watsons shelves. I tried Philippine made, US brands, Asian brands, European brand but I always ended up trying one product after another. I did it because it was my addiction (cosmetic and skin care product switching), the other reason, I was, and still am, not satisfied with them. Now, I have given Human Nature products a try. I love Nourishing Face Wash and its toner. It minimized my pores. I now have a brighter and less oily skin. It also lightened my acne scars. Now, I don't have any pimples anymore. I'll continue using it, it's different from the rest that I tried. One of a kind! It's totally a game changer! I've been using it for a month now (a first, since I always used product for a week or so only).
  • Yannie Lace (12/13/2015)

    I like how this facial wash feels on my skin. It's smooth and it's moisturizing. Definitely gentle on sensitive oily skin like mine!
  • Jeraldyn (11/18/2015)

    I love this product. It's gentle and effective even on sensitive oily skin. Since I started using this product, I break out less, compared to other products which has tea tree oil or salicylic acid. I just hope you have the foaming cleanser version of this though, instead of me using a foaming net. [Hello Jeraldyn! We are so thrilled that you loved our Nourishing Facial Wash! We also appreciate your feedback and we'll definitely consider it for future evaluations of the product. Thank you for your support, Jeraldyn. Have a great day! :)]
  • Katrina Joy (11/17/2015)

    I just bought this last week after an internal debate with my brain on whether I should purchase this or the Manila Elemi one since I have oily skin but decided to choose the first one since this have more raves and A+. I also bought the 200 mL one since there weren't any 50 mL ones in the Ayala branch. It felt like there were still residues left on my face even after washing. Did not heal my acne, still got some pimples. Now I don't have any idea on whether I should continue using this or throw it away instead but sayang, I was really hoping for this to work. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Katrina Joy! We're sorry about your experience with our Nourishing Facial Wash. While it is formulated for sensitive skin, it does not treat or pevent pimples. If your skin is prone to acne, we can recommend that you use our Acne Defense Facial Wash; it washes off easily when you rinse. We also advise that you shake the bottle before using. Since our products are mostly natural and we don't use any harmful chemicals, some settling may occur especially when the storage conditions are not ideal. The settling, however, does not affect the quality of the product. Should you have other concerns, don't hesitate to call our friendly Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or email us at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you very much, Katrina Joy! :)]
  • Mary Anne (11/01/2015)

    I started using this product together with the toner and the day & night moisturizers. I like how mild it is and the scent is lovely. My skin feels smooth and supple after every wash. I was just wondering why I've been having break outs lately. I don't know which causes it. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Mary Anne! We are glad to know that you liked our Nourishing Face Care Line and our Day and Night Moisturizers. As for the breakouts, it could be that your skin is adjusting to our natural products especially if you are transitioning from synthetic ones. We recommend that you monitor how your skin responds to the prodycs for the next few days. In addition, you may also want to introduce the products to your skin gradually by allowing one-week intervals between every new product to help your skin get accustomed to our natural formulations. You may also want to try our Acne Defense Solution Gel (http://humanheartnature.com/buy/index.php/acne-defense-solution-gel.html) to help you treat breakouts naturally. I hope this helps. Thanks for your support, Mary Anne! :)]
  • Mary Anne (11/01/2015)

    I started using this product together with the toner and the day & night moisturizers. I like how mild it is and the scent is lovely. My skin feels smooth and supple after every wash. I was just wondering why I've been having break outs lately. I don't know which causes it. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Mary Anne. We're so glad that you liked our Nourishing Facial Wash. Breakouts can be caused by several factors such as lifestyle, diet, and stress, and hormonal changes. While our face care products are natural and safe, it's still possible that your skin is sensitive to some of our ingredients especially if you recently made the switch from chemically-laden products to natural ones. Some users find it easier to transition by using one product a time until their skin adapts and they can use a entire system of products. You may want to try using our Acne Defense Wash for one week, and follow it up with our Balancing Face Toner only if you don't have an adverse reaction. After another week of using these two together without breaking out, you may include the Acne Defense Solution Gel to your regimen. I hope this helps. Thank you!]
  • JANNIELE (10/22/2015)

    Luckily, I got this product as a gift. When I tried using it, it worked wonders to my face. After every wash, my face becomes supple, radiant and nourished. This is definitely a must-have product for women and is essential for daily beauty regimen!
  • JW (08/27/2015)

    I have bought Balancing Wash and Toner before but the beads of the wash is harsh for my acne prone skin.. and after that I never tried another HHN facial cleanser again.. But again, this past few weeks, I was very hesitant to buy this Nourishing Wash for I have read the reviews especially the ones that have oily skin and acne prone skin like mine.... So I tried to bought the small bottle first, it was very mild and not so bubbly when used smells like a bubblegum too! Very nice and effective for my skin type! And you know what! There was not EVEN ONE PIMPLE that appeared on my face straight this week of using this wash!! BRAVO!!! Im so happy! Because everyday when I wake up there's always one pimple that pops out my face, I was already using a GMO free product which is the dermaE skin cleanser with glycolic acid and plant marine extract.. it is also PH balanced and mild too.. But I guess, that expensive cleanser was not meant for me and my money.... So happy I tried this Noursing "Miracle" Wash... Super affordable yet very very effective! Pls dont ever change its formula and pls dont discontinue this product! :D
  • Conelisa (08/12/2015)

    At first, I thought this facial wash from Human Nature is just the same as the facial wash products from other organic brands that I tried. But the first time I used HHN Nourishing Facial Wash, I fell in love with it already. This is how I can describe its mildness: I can wash my face with my eyes open - yes, even as I lather it on the actual eye area without getting irritated! I think no other product can be that mild yet so effective. When I ran out of stock and forced to use soap again, my face feels different as t becomes dry again.
  • demographictarget (06/22/2015)

    I've been using this product for more than a year and I've been very satisfied with the results. I use this as a morning cleanser after taking a bath. I've been looking for a non-foaming facial wash for my acne-prone skin, specifically one that that has a pH between 4.0 - 5.5. This product has a pH reading of 5.0, so I'm glad to say that this product fits the bill. I find it to be non-stripping, an excellent way to start the rest of my facial routine during the day.
  • MARY (04/28/2015)

    All I can say is I can't do without this facial wash! I use it twice a day and my skin has been smoother compared with my previous chemical based facial wash. I'd stick to this. I love the scent too.
  • Ross (04/28/2015)

    I run out of my facial cleanser so when I go to the supermarket to buy one I passed by the HN stand. I just bought the smallest bottle to try this product. I was surprise because after my first use I noticed my face ( which is super sensitive) doesnt feel any tingling and tightening feel. And I notice that my face doesnt get oily anymore even after long hours. You see my problem with my face is after applying anything on it ..mild toner, moisturizer etc.. it's like reacting and my pores get biger. But with this product I notice my pores were tamed. I am so happy I discovered this cleanser. Now I ordered the biggest bottle to my officemate who happens to be a HM dealer. I guess the reason my face doesn't react to this product is because the ingredients is 100% natural. The price is also good since this a very competitive product to the commercial high end cleansers seen on the market today.
  • Mels (04/02/2015)

    Randomly bought a small bottle this at a grocery in a province one time and my only regret is not buying the bigger bottle. A really great product! I would alternately use it with the balancing facial wash. Will buy a bottle ASAP...
  • ash (02/20/2015)

    love this facial wash! it doesn't clog my pores and it's good for my sensitive skin and it's hydrating as the name suggests! ;)
  • Elvie (12/03/2014)

    this wash did not trigger my dermatitis at all- I think I finally found the perfect face wash for me. I will definitely reorder. now that I got HHN face care products- my C-T-M regimen has never been this good. :)
  • Elisa (09/13/2014)

    My skin is oily and the balancing facial wash wasn't suited for my skin as I have breakouts after one week of use. However the Nourishing Facial Wash just suits my skin perfectly! One week of use and my skin doesn't react and it leaves my skin moisturize as well. I do get some acne here and there but I don't think it is related to the wash. I will have to see how it goes as I use it but for now I am excited to finally switch to a healthier facial wash. :)
  • Anne (08/14/2014)

    I always read reviews before using facial products, and one of my friends recommended this facial wash. At first, I have no doubts to try this one because she said it was 100% natural. So, i bought the 50ml just to know if it will work for my face, and then voila! after 1week on using, nag-improve and nabawasan ang pimples sa mukha ko! I love this because it doesn't irritate my skin plus I also love the scent because it smells like bubblegum. No. 1 tip is that, you need to know what skin type you have for you to choose what's HN facial wash is best for you ;)
  • Johanna (08/05/2014)

    I'm using this for washing off my make up, the best make up remover that nourishes my face. Love the smell too.
  • Cheska (07/27/2014)

    I have an oily skin and I have overly sensitive skin. Back in the day, I have many pimples and it worsened to acne. I went to the derma, and it lessened the pimples. but I would still have one or two especially during or prior to my period. When I started using HHN's tomato wash, in less than a week, I feel my skin glowing and it looks pinkish enough especially my cheeks that I didn't have to use blush ons. My face started clearing up, and I haven't had pimples ever since. Just one in like three months or so. And my scars started fading. I've been using this product for a year now and I'm 101% satisfied! Please do not change the formula HHN!
  • Gerson Orven (07/10/2014)

    This product is good, it cleans out my skin thoroughly and it somehow whitens and shows me my rosy cheeks. Very nice.
  • Berni (07/07/2014)

    I was used to buying really expensive products as I'm quite picky and cautious when it comes to my face. I was really amazed because this nourishing wash - tomato extract was as good, and much much better than some of expensive ones at a fraction of a price! It works really well with my combination skin and it doesn't have a drying effect no matter how frequent I use it. I actually am sharing the bottle with my 12 year old daughter as she's now in a stage more prone for breakouts. I have started using it as well with the toner of the same variant. I have stopped buying the more expensive brands and have made this product a staple in my daily regimen - and I plan to do it for a long time. Imagine the savings! Thanks HHN!
  • paula (06/15/2014)

    I love this facial wash. It is mild and it doesn't trigger my skin asthma.
  • liz (04/10/2014)

    good for sensitive skin! makes my skin soft and smooth.
  • Trisha (03/12/2014)

    My old face wash was great, it reduced my pimples and my blemishes, but i always hated how my face gets oily even immediately after washing. So i searched for new products and found this face wash (I did not try the balancing facial wash since this one has better reviews and i don't like scrubs). I love how it's 100% organic. It actually reduced the oiliness of my skin and left my skin feeling smooth (as long as you leave it on your face for around 15 mins before rinsing). However, i've noticed that my pores are more visible. It also does nothing to clear my acne marks. I'm not sure if I'll stick to this one or go back to my old face wash. I think i'll just wait until i'm done with my 50 ml bottle. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Trisha! We're glad our Nourishing Facial Wash works so well for addressing your oily skin. While we do not have any pore-minimizing products, we do recommend following up your facial wash with our Nourishing Face Toner to help restore the pH balance of your skin and prep it for moisturizing. A good moisturizer like our 100% Natural Day Moisturizer also helps provide a smooth base for make-up, so you finish with a smooth flawless base. For acne marks, we highly recommend our Sunflower Beauty Oil, which has been found to help lighten scars from pimples and smoothen skin. For best results, we recommend using it on target areas daily and nightly :) Hope this helps! Thank you!]
  • Minty (03/02/2014)

    I appreciated the tomato facial soap particularly during the cold season when my naturally oily face became dry and rough. I used it and until now I have not switched to other soap because despite the season getting hotter,my face still looks glowing with the tomato soap. It compliments my skin and has given a nice glow and healthy tone to my skin. Thank you, HHN.
  • Elle (03/02/2014)

    I really like it! It has a nice scent too. The little spots on my face are slowly vanishing, and my pored are tightening too. It's not really creamy in texture but i only need two drops for my whole face. I can literally feel 'little beads' coming out of my face. Must be the dirt. I didn't really have pimples on my face but I bought this to clean my face. I barely wash my face with soap or any cleanser. This did not irritate my face at all! My blackheads aren't that noticeable anymore :) Great cleanser. The results were fast and noticeable.
  • Patricia (11/26/2013)

    I switched from balancing facial wash and toner to the nourishing line and I've been using it for over a week now. Im not happy with the results, I have pimples all over my face since the first day i used it, but i gave it a chance and continued with the product. and every time I apply the toner, it gets a bit sticky. I thought that this line would maintain my smooth skin since ive been oily before and the balancing wash really helped my skin. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Patricia! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Nourishing Facial Wash is suitable for normal to sensitive skin. However, you mentioned that you have oily skin and so we would recommend that you stick with the Balancing Facial Wash, which you said really helped your skin. Our washes are all formulated for specific types of skin and it's best to stick with the one which was made for your skin type. We'll happily exchange your Nourishing Wash for another Balancing Wash if you like :)]
  • Kharie (10/07/2013)

    I love using natural skin products especially Human Heart Nature's. I truly appreciate how HHN discloses the ingredients of their products absolutely without any apprehension. I bought and already using the HHN's Nourishing Facial Wash in no more than two weeks. My face is squeaky clean, soft, and smooth after wash. However, I notice the sudden appearance of whiteheads on my face since then. I'm just worried if it's an allergic reaction. I hope it won't lead to future breakouts. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Kharie! Thank you for your great feedback! There are many possible causes for the sudden appearance of pimples, such as changes in lifestyle, diet, hormones, or even stress. But because we want you to have the best experience with our products, our Customer Service would be happy to get in touch with you to look into your concern and learn more about your experience :) We'll get in touch with you soon! Thanks :)]
  • Suzanne (09/09/2013)

    I was looking for a facial wash to use in between using HHN's facial scrub but unfortunately, this facial wash has triggered my eye allergies. I stopped using it and the allergies stopped too. I ordered this item twice and my husband had to remind me that during the first time, it caused the allergies which I obviously forgot. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Suzanne! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Nourishing Facial Wash is formulated for sensitive skin, but it's possible that you're just not compatible with it for some reason. We want you to have only the best experience with our products so we would like to make up for your experience by offering you a free exchange, credit, or refund for your bottles of facial wash. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thanks!]
  • samantha lorraine (09/02/2013)

    I'm on my sixth day using this facial wash. My face after washing became superrrr smooth as in SMOOTH minus the oilyness and dryness.. And I notice my little bumps and darkspots on my forehead and cheeks slowly disappearing..no breakout experienced. plus I like the fruity candyish smell of it.. currently love this facial wash! I'll also gonna try the toner. HHN, please make moisturizer for this one. :)
  • Maria Elizabeth (08/30/2013)

    Does wonders on my skin! :D
  • Maria Genova (08/26/2013)

    Hi all! Tried this for two days and I got small bumps in the contour of my face. I'm quite disappointed kasi it says na pwede sya for normal and sensitive skin. So I stopped using it today and bumalik na ko sa dati kong facial wash. :( On the other hand, I really love your Sunflower Oil, Bug Shield lotion, berry bliss lotion, and the flame tree lip balm. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maria! We're sorry to hear about your experience. While our products are natural and much less likely to cause irritations than commercial chemical face care products, it's still possible for some people to be sensitive or allergic to natural ingredients. Our Nourishing Facial Wash is formulated for sensitive skin, but perhaps you are sensitive to one of the natural ingredients in its formulation. It's also possible that since you only used it for 2 days, your skin may be adjusting to its natural formulation. We recommend that you try using our facial wash less frequently for the first 2-3 weeks and monitor the results. We want you to have the best experience with our products, so if after this trial period you find that you are unsatisfied with our product, we would gladly refund/exchange your product. We are happy that you love so many of our products and we would like to help you find the right products that work for your face, as well. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon! :)]
  • GraceyLove (06/24/2013)

    Non-drying and does not leave residue on face. :) I'm using my hubby's facial wash. I signed up to get more of HHN products. :) This is a favorite. It has a nice smell and clean after feel. :) Thank you.
  • JaneQ (06/11/2013)

    It's crazy that I only tried this recently. I use a different product on my face and when my skin asthma sneaked up on me out of nowhere I had to use those ridiculously expensive soap bars you can only buy from the derma. I'm allergic to Cetaphil so I was on the hunt for a wash that was mild but could still clean. I was fine with the soap from my derma but my wallet wasn't. I've been ordering this wash for my friends who order HHN from me. Out of frustration I ordered a trial bottle for me and eureka! Hello, best facial wash ever?! Why was I ignoring you all this time?! To make a long story short, this is a gem of a wash. It cleans without drying the skin. I use this to wash the cleansing oil off my face. The gel-like texture is interesting, it reminds me of the feminine wash (haha!). Skin is clean, not dry and its mild enough for me (I have skin asthma, although I didn't use this at the height of my rashes but after my skin has calmed down or returned to it's normal and non-flaky state). For reference, I have combination to oily skin.
  • celine (05/08/2013)

    My skin is quite demanding when it comes to choosing the right cleanser: I need something that would clean my skin thoroughly cos I apply makeup daily. However, it also has to be mild enough for my extremely sensitive skin. This facial wash does the job! It's mild, refreshing, and cleans really well! My new favorite cleanser!
  • Rowena (04/30/2013)

    i used to use the hydrating wash for my dry skin, but i would get mild breakouts. when i switched to this, my breakouts stopped and my skin feels soft and smooth. good job with this one!
  • Arla (04/05/2013)

    I think the Nourishing Facial Wash is a good product. My skin felt really clean and soft after washing. However, I had to discontinue my use because of the tiny red bumps that appeared on my face (mostly on the forehead) since I started using it. I used it for about a month thinking that my skin might have just been adjusting and the bumps will disappear eventually. I have sensitive skin, so I am used to my face looking red after washing. I was just sad about the bumps. Despite what happened, I'm still giving this a thumbs up. I liked how my skin felt with this facial wash. It just wasn't perfect for my skin type (which is totally understandable). :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Arlaj! Thanks for the positive feedback and we truly appreciate you giving our product a try. We hope you continue to try out our other products until you find the one that suits your skin type best. We'd be happy to offer you a replacement for your facial wash for one that's more suited to your skin type. Our Customer Service will be in touch :)]
  • Myrtel (03/17/2013)

    I used to have a super dry, flaky skin. Whenever i put powder, my face becomes worse, like when my imperfections are more visible. Pimples and red spots are coming too, so i was so worried. It's a good thing that i discovered this nourishing facial wash! After 2 days, my skin was so soft, just like when i was a baby! no signs of break-outs too! cheers for this product! <3
  • Janice (02/15/2013)

    i have tried all your facial wash variants and loved it! actually, using one as a body wash. i love your products and your ideals : ) i already changed most of my stuff to HHN. i wish you can come up with a body wash, toothpaste, etc.
  • Eloisa (02/13/2013)

    This is a great product. After using this, my skin feels soft and smooth. I hope you could also make a product that could minimize pores as I've got big pores and they also get clogged if exposed to dust and smoke. I will now be trying the Balancing Facial Wash and the Balancing Face Toner. Will make a review on those two as well.
  • Becca (02/04/2013)

    I love this facial wash!!! I tried the Hydrating Facial Wash (moringa) before, but developed rashes on my face with that. I am so happy you came out with this tomato facial wash for sensitive skin! I use it with the toner for even better results. Please retain this product and do not change or phase it out. More power to you, HNN!!!
  • Becca (02/04/2013)

    I love this facial wash!!! I tried the Hydrating Facial Wash (moringa) before, but developed rashes on my face with that. I am so happy you came out with this tomato facial wash for sensitive skin! I use it with the toner for even better results. Please retain this product and do not change or phase it out. More power to you, HNN!!!
  • `Jollibee (02/03/2013)

    I just recently bought this facial wash to partner with my balancing toner. I am using it now for 3 days and no breakout. I am very cautious to what I use since I have very sensitive skin, this one do the magic, my face feel so soft after using it and I can feel it removed my dead skin cells. I also love the smell. :) thank you!
  • Wrenn (01/08/2013)

    Got our second package from HHN yesterday and I got this together with the strawberry purifying scrub. I just adore its scent! And it cleans up my face pretty well. Unfortunately, there was a slight drawback. The bottle was only 3/4 full despite it being tightly sealed and all. Didn't encounter that with the balancing facial wash. What's the matter HHN? Hope this doesn't happen again. We love your product quality but please also pay close attention to the exact quantity... [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for the wonderful feedback, Wrenn! We're sorry about the problem with the bottle, and our customer service team will contact you to replace it. Nothing but your complete satisfaction will do! Kindly wait for one of our representatives to get in touch :)]
  • Charmaine Kathleen (01/07/2013)

    This Facial wash works wonder same as with toner. Since this product came out (together with the facial wash), I switched to it (coming from using Balancing Facial Wash). Now, every time I visit my derma, they said that I have a clean, clear face & soft skin and my pimples marks are getting better. It puts glow in my skin (the blooming glow). Having this kind of effect makes me an effective endorser/dealer of HHN! Keep it up!
  • Aerielle (12/20/2012)

    First week of using it, I have to say that I love the smell! It doesn't smell like tomato though, but I like how it smells like fruit candy. It's easy to use and there is no problem with the packaging. I use this together with the night cream and day fluid(using the strawberry facial scrub occasionally) , even though I didn't buy the toner.. It doesn't have the matte feel I have when I'm using my pond's facial wash, even mary kay, I prefer it like that. ( I noticed that my whiteheads were gone, blackheads are still visible but that's not a big problem) I don't know if it's because of the facial wash or the moisturizing creams, but I love it! I love HN! I'm definitely going to keep it.
  • Marlene (12/06/2012)

    I love this facial was, my pores are less visible and my face less oily, great product!
  • Selle (11/29/2012)

    I am really happy with this product. I never thought it will be this thorough. First time I tried it, I used an astringent after just to check if there is any dirt left. Surprisingly, the cotton was clear! I love it. I will be ordering a bigger bottle. :)
  • Marian (11/16/2012)

    the first time I used it, ganda na kagad ng result. it tightened my pores and ngayon hindi na siya masyadong visible. I also use the toner. 3 days after using this facial wash and its toner nagminimize na kagad yung pimples ko and naglighten din sila. I'm so Impressed. My Tita started using it too and she loved it! I will recommend this to my partner since he has oily, acne prone and sensitive skin.
  • Abegail (11/05/2012)

    I tried this because of its tomato extract (rich in anti-oxidants).When I actually used and tried it, I was even happier because the scent is invigorating. No soap residue on my face after wiping and no allergic reactions too. Definitely only the good!
  • Mary (09/24/2012)

    I really love tomato extract nourishing facial wash! I only grabbed it in order to reach/complete the amount for the hybrid dealer's account. But when I tried it, I noticed a good effect on my oily facial skin. Thank you so much HHN.
  • Claire (09/23/2012)

    This is my favorite among the 3 variants! Hydrating Facial Wash is too gentle for me, while the Balancing was a little bit harsh because of the bamboo scrubs. I have super oily skin but this one makes wonders for my skin.
  • Clarisse (09/20/2012)

    I posted my skin care regimen for acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin at my blog. Human Nature Nourishing Facial Wash and Toner are part of my skin care regimen. I believe this post and review would be helpful especially to those who have the same skin type as mine. Please check my post at http://donyapoorita.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-skin-care-regimen-for-acne-prone.html
  • Katz (09/20/2012)

    I've only started using HHN products for five months, and I have to say, your products work like magic! Just been to a dermatologist the other day and he told me my skin was already PERFECT! I didn't know it was THAT good! Haha
  • Skylar (09/17/2012)

    I have oily skin and I've been using this for a month, I prefer this than the Balancing Facial Wash. Every time I use this it tightens my pores and my face brightens with a rosy glow. It also helped heal my pimples without that drying effect. Please don't discontinue this facial wash!
  • jowjoanna (09/17/2012)

    The best facial wash I ever tried! :) Nakaka glow pa ng skin.
  • Phoebe (09/13/2012)

    After just 2 weeks of using this face wash and toner combo, my pores are smaller and some of my old dark spots have began fading away! I love HHN!
  • MARLYN (09/04/2012)

    The new tomato toner and facial wash are better than the previous and the scent... really breathtaking i like it very much, definitely two thumbs up
  • Jennifer (08/04/2012)

    I had an allergic reaction to one of the facial products I used. To cleanse my skin I used this facial wash, and within a day, the redness disappeared and left my skin soft, not dry!
  • Christine (08/02/2012)

    I have oily, acne-ic sensitive skin and I tried both the balancing and hydrating line. The hydrating line doesn't work well for my skin while the balancing toner cleanses well though my skin gets aggravated by the beads. I was skeptical and afraid to use this new line, the nourishing wash and toner, because of my not-so-good experience with the two other lines (please consider my skin type. I'm not saying that the two other lines don't work. They work well for my mom and sister because we differ in skin type). It's been weeks since I'm suffering from a very bad breakout (cystic acne, very oily skin, open pores, very inflamed face!). One day I dropped by the Human Nature main branch at Commonwealth to buy a friend's order and the woman's intuition in me just made me buy the nourishing facial wash and toner in a snap. After a long story, here's the real review of the product: It's been just around four days of using this product and my skin doesn't react to it badly. My face doesn't turn red after washing and toning, my acne has calm down and some are slowly disappearing (yes! even the cystic ones!). I'm hoping my skin gets along with the nourishing line well forever! (:
  • Mavis (08/02/2012)

    i bought this initially for my mom but it seems that my father and sister are also in it. it was just the right formula for their skin types and the results were positive. it's not just refreshing but skin friendly as well as i'm trying to convert them into using eco-friendly and safe products. my dad even uses my facial scrub as well. i reckon he's more vain than me now =) thanks HN
  • cristelle Kate (07/27/2012)

    i love it, i love it, i love it. :) one of the best products of HHN. when im using this product it makes me think that im feeding my skin with good food. after 3 days of using it, it gives my cheeks a rosy glow. :) THANK YOU HHN.:)
  • Aletha (07/09/2012)

    My pimples dried up after first wash using this product. It was that fast and effective!
  • Joan (07/08/2012)

    Thumbs up for this new product. It was love at first use... and the 2nd... the 3rd.... really loved it! No sting or itchy feel that I usually get from other facial wash(es).
  • How would you rate this product?*
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