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Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Php 370.00

Sink your teeth into sweet and healthy chocolate chip, double chocolate oatmeal, and white chocolate cashew mini-cookies and trade your usual snack for chewy, homemade goodness!

Php 59.75

Celebrate your love for our country with a refreshing drink made especially for nation-builders! The Bayani Brew Classic is an all-nutritious, all-delicious, all-Filipino beverage brewed from lemongrass and pandan leaves with a hint of calamansi. Grab a few bottles today and share the goodness with your favorite bayanis!

Php 170.00

Tickle your taste buds with preservative-free, guilt-free goodness of all-natural, high quality ingredients found in this chewy, homemade snack!

Php 160.00

Feast your taste buds on sweet and healthy chocolate chip, double chocolate oatmeal, and white chocolate cashew mini-cookies and trade your usual snack for chewy, homemade goodness!

Php 195.00
Heap sunshiny goodness into your breakfast bowl and snack pack with this delectable all-Filipino twist on granola, made with rolled oats, nuts, and dried fruits infused with the healthy sweetness of coconut syrup. Enjoy it with yogurt, milk, or sprinkled on desserts!
Php 219.75

Add sweetness to your favorite drinks and desserts without the unwanted calories with Sweet & Fit Stevia Food Supplement Powder.

Php 280.00

Make your best-loved drinks, desserts and even dishes a little sweeter with a healthy and delicious cane sugar alternative.

Php 350.00
An all-natural medifood supplement that bursts with vitamins & minerals, and more amino acids than animal protein, vegetables, or even bee honey. It helps fortify the immune system and fight diseases, helps soothe rashes and skin breaks, and has a low glycemic index ideal for diabetics’ blood sugar management.
Php 99.75
Savor the richness of pure coco nectar and fresh coconut milk. This 100% natural, sweet and creamy coconut spread is a delicious and healthy alternative to most commercially-available spreads. Pair it with piping hot toast, biscuits, pancakes, or suman!
Php 184.75
Craving that PB&J fix? Give yourself a healthy taste of home with First Harvest Peanut Spread. This honey-sweetened and all-natural peanut spread is hand-ground by nanays at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm.
Php 189.75
Your already yummy peanut spread is now made even more special with a pop of pinipig to add texture that will surprise your taste buds and make your double-deckers more scrumptious.
Php 149.75
Indulge your palate with the luscious sweet and salty treat of First Harvest Salted Coco Caramel, and relish in every spoonful the richness of Asian heritage recipe that is coco jam.
Php 290.00

Delight your taste buds and your heart with Theo & Philo's rich cacao now blended with the creamy texture of crunchy peanut spread!

Php 359.75

A warm cup of this fragrant, antioxidant tea is all you need to fight the blues. Jumpstart your day or wake up a sluggish afternoon with its healthy, sweet-spicy kick!

Php 369.75

Made with an indulgent blend of cacao and raw coconut sugar, this lush concoction will make you crave more than just one steaming cup.

Php 450.00

Savor premium hand-picked 100% pure Arabica coffee beans from the Cordillera region, each batch hand-roasted to bring out their deepest flavor and aroma.(Strength: 6/10)

Php 350.00

Did you know that coffee trees act as a flavor sponge, absorbing scents and flavors of plants within a distance? That is why coffee grown from different provinces have their own unique flavor. Kape Maria lets you taste the richness of local coffee by sourcing beans from different provinces all over the Philippines.

Php 350.00

Start your day right with a piping hot cup of this exquisite blend of Arabica, Robusta and Excelsa coffee that supports local coffee farmers!

Php 360.00
Sit back and enjoy the deep and strong taste of dark roasted premium Arabica coffee beans. Each purchase contributes to the scholarship fund of GK Sibol School in Pampanga.