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Moisturizing +PLUS Conditioner
Moisturizing +PLUS Conditioner
   Great product! Tames my super frizzy hair, even in humid weather without weighing it down. It's a...  
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99.43% Natural

Best for:
Wash ‘n’ wear frizz-free hair

Don’t let your hair get frizzy even when you’re busy! Weather-proof your hair day in and day out with the power of +PLUS and NaturSilk technology that makes hair smooth, manageable, and healthy-looking.

+PLUS 3x more potent honey-derived anti-frizz agent *vs Moisturizing Line Shampoo
+PLUS 2x more moisturizing actives from plant-derived oils and aloe vera


Double the frizz-fighting factor by using Moisturizing +PLUS Shampoo


Make peace with frizz!

Step 1: Cleanse your hair with our Moisturizing +PLUS Shampoo

Step 2: Restore lost nutrients with our Moisturizing +PLUS Conditioner

Step 3: Indulge your hair in a nourishing treat with our Natural Hair Revival Coco Mask weekly

Step 4: Give your hair a healthy shine with our Smoothing Hair Serum

3 Kinder Frizz-Taming Techniques
1. Brush before washing. Natural bristles lift protective oils from the scalp to the strands.
2. Don't rub with your towel! This worsens frizz. Just squeeze excess water from locks.
3. Tone down the heat. If you can't avoid hot styling tools, partially air dry to minimize moisture loss.

Tip for extra scalp care: Remove scalp and hair buildup with our Natural Clarifying Shampoo

aqua (water), cetearyl alcohol (vegetable-derived), cetrimonium chloride (vegetable-derived), hydroxypropyltrimonium honey, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, parfum (fragrance, all-natural), cocoglycerides (coconut-derived),  capryloyl glycerin/sebacic acid copolymer (vegetable-derived), diheptyl succinate (vegetable-derived), Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, Citrus limon (lemon) fruit essential oil, levulinic acid (plant-derived), sodium levulinate (plant-derived), glycerin (plant-derived), p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Dan (06/13/2021)

    This is really effective. It would be better though if you have a 1 liter bottle.
  • Theresa (05/24/2021)

    My daughter and I love this, both of us have wavy hair. Please make 1L bottle for this one. :)
  • ANNELYN (04/14/2021)

    Love this. I hope there is available 1 liter of this conditioner.
  • Anne (04/14/2021)

    I've been using this for almost 2 years and i love it. I hope there is available 1 liter of this scent.
  • Mikee (07/27/2020)

    Definitely an upgrade from the original moisturizing conditioner. The scent is weird but it's not really something you can't get used to - it's mostly natural products after all. From using the Moisturizing conditioner and then trying this one out, it's still not the best conditioner for my hair but it does the job.
  • Jo (10/06/2019)

    I have thick, wavy hair and I used to rebond it because I can't control it. My hair has this thing where it's softer after I sleep. With Moisturizing plus shampoo and conditioner, I just wash my hair before sleeping, no need to blowdry before leaving the house. It's not shiny as comercialized products does to your hair because there's no chemical to give it the fake shine, but my hair feels soft and light despite the volume. The smell is so refreshing too. Even my 6 year old loves it because it makes her hair so soft and even straighter. I just hope you can make a pump bottle because we're having a hard time squeezing the conditioner from the 400ml bottle.
  • Cat (09/12/2019)

    Loved your hair products. I have been using this variant along with its tandem shampoo since it was launched last year. It made my hair healthier and shinier and grows fast too. The only downside of this product is the scent, it smells weird to me. The shampoo smells great but the conditioner?, idunno. And oh the new packaging gives me a hard time dispensing the product and it sucks especially if you're rush in the morning for work. I hope you bring back the pump type. Great product that delivers. But the new packaging is a no. :( hope you do somethin bout this. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for purchasing our Moisturizing +PLUS Conditioner, Cat! We also appreciate your feedback regarding the packaging and the scent. Rest assured we will consider them for the future development of the product. Thank you again!]
  • Kristine-Ann (08/05/2019)

    The conditioner is creamy and smells really good. After using this I observed that my hair was really smooth but I really hated the bottle, its hard to squeeze and my thumb suffered from severe muscle pain. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Kristine-Ann! Thank you for purchasing our Moisturizing +PLUS Conditioner. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the packaging. Rest assured that we will forward it to our Hair Care Team so that they can consider it for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Cla (08/02/2019)

    I have shoulder-length wavy hair with thin strands, but it's always frizzy no matter what product I use. Tried this conditioner and it didn't disappoint! It kept my buhaghag hair tamed and smooth. Love the refreshing scent as well! I can now go out with my hair down and worry not about bad hair days.This will definitely be a staple in my hair care routine.
  • Mary Grace (07/30/2019)

    love the product. your best conditioner by far . but i really hate the new 400 ml bottle. it's hard to dispense the product [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Mary Grace! We're glad that you loved our Moisturizing +PLUS Conditioner. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Rest assured we will consider this for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Bobby (07/30/2019)

    For a conditioner that is all natural and cheaper compared to other brands (that sells 100% organic products), this is DEFINITELY worth your buy!! I'm a guy who has very thick/wavy/coarse hair and I've always wanted a conditioner (that's not like sunsilk, dove, and those famous commercialized brands) that lessens my frizz, making it smoother, and more moisturized without the harsh chemcials. If some can relate, my hair type is the most difficult to manage especially when you grow it out (I look like a bush, yes, my friends and family said that). Now, ever since I've compared this over their other moisturizing line, this totally beats the previous line (moisturizing line w/ the +). After using this for a long time, this made my hair less dry feeling, smoother, and less frizzy! Comparing this to those commercialized ones, you should stop using those and switch to this if you need that smooth, frizz free hair!!! The value of product you get with this is extremely worth it. I leave this in for 10 minutes (I've tried using it for 5, not much change but with 10 minutes, my hair is way way smoother and less frizzy). I'm giving this a 5/5 because unlike other conditioners I've used in the past, this over-thrones it. My mane is tamed and it looks natural than before and feels amazing! Quality over quantity.
  • Aviva (01/14/2019)

    My curls love this super thick and creamy conditioner! Along with other steps in the curly girl method, the Moisturizing Plus conditioner gives me defined curls without weighing down my hair. I love the green tea and lemon scent, too. Please don't phase out this product, ever!
  • Alexis (10/08/2018)

    I love that it's thick and feels like an everyday mask for my unruly hair. It tames my curls and leaves my hair smelling fresh! I love it!
  • Vanesa (09/08/2018)

    great product
  • Marie (08/17/2018)

    Great product! Tames my super frizzy hair, even in humid weather without weighing it down. It's almost like getting a hair treatment. I love the scent too.
  • Ernee (08/15/2018)

    At first, I was kind of disappointed with my first use because it left my hair sticky and stiff, which made me discontinue using it for a few days. But after giving it another try, and after continued use, it made my hair look healthier and shinier! The scent is even a major plus!
  • Maria Rizza (07/29/2018)

    Super creamy plus ang bango nya talaga. Fresh lemon and green tea, i really love it. Napansin ko mas soft and shiny ang hair ko. Hindi ko na ito ipagpapalit. :)
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