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Smoothing & Nourishing Hair Serum 50ml
Smoothing & Nourishing Hair Serum 50ml
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100% Natural

Superfood for Your Strands
Why settle for junk when you can feed your hair nutritious, plant-based oil?

Nourish your hair to good health with this super serum packed with essential nutrients. It helps restore overall hair health with a rich and potent blend of oils from avocado, soybean, sunflower and broccoli seed that acts as hair vitamins and antioxidants.

Protects Tresses
✓ Effectively and naturally shields hair from daily stressors like heat, pollution and the elements without blocking all the good stuff.
✓ Helps make hair beautifully healthy by penetrating each strand to moisturize from the inside out, unlike silicone, which could coat your hair to give superficial shine but might block nutrient absorption.

Styles Strands
✓ Fights frizz and flyaways
✓ Adds shine
✓ Leaves hair more manageable, tangle-free and silky-soft

Treat Your Tresses Day or Night
✓ Protect hair from styling stress, heat and the elements
✓ Leave on overnight for intense nourishment

Note: You may still receive our Smoothing & Nourishing Hair Serum in its classic packaging while supplies last.


1. Use on dry or damp but not soaking-wet hair.
2. Take half-a-pump of Hair Serum and spread on your palms and between fingers.
3. Comb your fingers on your strands from the ear level, down to the tips. Make sure you avoid the scalp area.

Tip: To use as a leave-on overnight treatment, cover hair with a satin cap.

caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut-derived), dicaprylyl ether (vegetable-derived), Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Glycine soja (soybean) oil, ethyl alcohol (sugarcane-derived), Brassica oleracea italica (broccoli) seed oil, fragrance (all-natural), Persea gratissima (avocado) seed oil, olus (vegetable) oil, glyceryl caprylate (coconut, palm, and glycerin-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Caroline (09/06/2019)

    The instruction says to apply this after the hair has dried, but I had trouble when doing this, so I followed one review saying she applied this while her hair is still wet and it works for me. My frizz is tamer.
  • Trisha (07/03/2019)

    HOLY GRAIL!!❤️❤️ Grabe ever since highschool ako until I finished college and now working.. THIS IS THE ONLY PRODUCT NA NEVER NAWALA SA BAG KO❤️ THANKYOUSOMUCH HUMANNATURE FOR FIXING ITS PACKAGING
  • Rachelle Ann (04/02/2019)

    as a dealer here are some of there comments: mary- ng hair serum mas gusto ko sya compared dun sa previous na ginagamit ko kasi aside from the fact na mabango siya hindi sya sticky so far maganda nman yung effect nya sa hair ko.
  • Bobby (09/15/2018)

    Great hair serum overall! I tried a day with applying on damp hair and wearing throughout the day and after 30mins of drying time, my hair looked and felt healthy (has a matte, healthy look). I could comb my hair easily and surprisingly, i was shocked because i know my hair has a hard time combing through but thanks to this, it became less of a hassle. Obviously if you sweat you lose bits of the serum so I suggest you try to stay away from heat or anything that involves sweating. I have dry thick/coarse hair and I give you my recommendation on this product! I hope they make a different hair serum specifically for my hair type so that I know even without using it (after a day/night of using it), the day after it would feel smooth, less dry and less frizzy. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Bobby! We're glad that you liked our Smoothing Hair Serum. We also appreciate your feedback about creating a different serum for coarse hair. Rest assured we will take this into consideration for the future development of our natural hair care line. Thank you!]
  • Robin (08/01/2018)

    Keep this product forever! My replacement to my regular drugstore hair oil. Love the smell!
  • Anne (07/18/2018)

    Perfect serum for naturally curly hair! I just apply 2 pumps while my hair is still dripping wet, then scrunch with a cotton shirt, then airdry. I get perfect curls everytime!
  • CIENAREN KAYE (06/08/2018)

    Okay 'to sa akin kasi all natural. Ang gusto ko lang din maimprove sana yong packaging nito. Yong container. Dahi naglileak talaga. Need ko pang palagyan lagi ng scotch tape pag umoorder ako kasi nga maglileak. Sana maimprove na ang container. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello CIENAREN KAYE! Thank you for purchasing our Smoothing Hair Serum. We also appreciate your feedback about the packaging. Please rest assured that we will consider your suggestion for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Samantha (03/21/2018)

    makes your hair so healthy. i apply it at the ends and it tames my hair.
  • Aia (10/24/2017)

    Performance for me was average. I used only a small amount because it made my hair limp and oily. My worst complaint is the packaging -- it is not leak-proof so the bottle must be kept upright all the time; not travel-friendly. On the positive note, I like the scent plus the fact that it is 100% natural. Please improve the packaging. A spill-proof flip-top cap would be better than the pump. Also, I hope HN considers making a hair styling product in cream form like hair polish. Thanks. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Aia! Thank you for purchasing our Smoothing Hair Serum. Please rest assured that we will consider your feedback into consideration for the future development of the product as well as its packaging. We will also take note of your suggestion on creating a hairstyling product in cream format. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • JeSsie (10/02/2017)

    I dont know if the product does not work on my hair. I really have a frizzy hair this doesn't tame though it gives me shiny hair that looks healthy. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello JeSsie! Thank you for purchasing our Smoothing Hair Serum. We also appreciate your feedback and we'll definitely take this into consideration for the future development of the product. Thank you again for your support!]
  • Cheska (09/20/2017)

    When I cut my hair into pixie, I used this as an alternative to hairspray to keep my hair in place kasi mukha siyang sabog. The serum helps my hair stay in place and doesnt make it too stiff. But when my bangs started growing, and the serum reaches the sides of my face, it feels oily already. I would love if you have like a natural hairspray or gel or wax (that guys use) to keep the hair in place because those available in the market are a bit harmful if used daily. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Cheska! We're happy that you liked our Smoothing Hair Serum. If you wish to keep bangs in place, we recommend that you try our Natural Hair Shaper for Men--it's also made with natural ingredients and offers medium hold and a matte finish. I hope this helps, Cheska! Thank you.]
  • Alyssa Adrienne (08/14/2017)

    This hair serum maintains the wavy locks and shine on my hair. I love that this serum has no harmful chemicals!
  • Heather (07/29/2017)

    Controls my frizzy hair and gives it a healthy shine. I apply it on damp hair , less greasy that way. The scent takes a while getting used to but it isn't bad
  • Ba ngs (07/21/2017)

    I went to trinoma -beauty bar to buy hn shaving cream but sad to say, they didn't have the stock, so i bought this hair serum, i immediately tried it and im so happy with the result. It kept my hair super smooth and frizz free. But i noticed that HN product at beauty bar was way more expensive . I bouth this hair serum for 250. I went to landmark and it's only 199.75...
  • Raphonzel (07/19/2017)

    LOVING THIS! My husband, daughter and I use this once a day, everyday! No more dandruff, dryness and itchiness. Oh yeah, it also reduces our hair fall esp for my husband. He can't go to work without putting this on. Thanks HN!
  • Keeshia Earl (07/04/2017)

    The product works great, but it left my new hairbrush smelling funky. :/ [EDITOR'S NOTE" Hello Keeshia Earl! We're glad that our Smoothing Hair Serum works well with your hair. We also appreciate your feedback about the scent. Kindly note that since our Smoothing Hair Serum is 100% natural, exposing the contents to elements such as direct sunlight or everyday dirt can risk contamination faster than hair serums that contain synthetic chemical preservatives. We recommend that you also washing your hairbrushes regularly to help keep the and your hair and scalp clean. Thank you!]
  • Ann (06/23/2017)

    The only PRO....silicone-free. Most are CONS unfortunately. My hair is very short, dry, and damaged so I thought of trying this serum and compare it with the other ones I have. One pump and my hair always end up greasy. The texture is runny. One pump is like too much for the length of my hair. I did not notice any difference on my hair at all. I will just stick to the Sunflower/Rosemary oil hair ritual. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Ann! Thank you for purchasing our Smoothing Hair Serum. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. As your hair is very short, we recommend that you use only half a pump of the serum when styling your hair. Kindly note that our Smoothing Hair Serum contains sunflower, avocado and soybean oils which is why its thicker than Sunflower Beauty Oil. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Rachell (06/17/2017)

    I love this product. It is very light and non-greasy. I've been using this for a month now. I used to have a frizzy and dull hair but now it is incredibly healthy and shiny. Thank you HHN.
  • Sheen M. (05/31/2017)

    I have mixed emotions regarding this serum. I have a curly thin hair. I love that this serum prrotects my hair and makes it soft. It also tames my frizzy curly hair making it look neat, however it kind of gives a "wet look". I do not have thick hair locks so it makes my hair look thinner. I actually bought this because I do not want to use the curl defining hair lotion that I have which has a lot of chemicals. It's just that sometimes I had to switch back to using it because it gives more volume to my hair. Please Human Nature please create a hair serum that ALSO gives volume to one's hair. Thank you so much! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Sheen M.! Thank you for purchasing our Smoothing Hair Serum. We also appreciate your honest feedback regarding the product. Please rest assured that we will consider your comment as well as your suggestion to make a volumizing hair serum for the future development of our Hair Care line. Thank you!]
  • Jyas (04/24/2017)

    i LOVE this hair serum! it tames the frizz and makes my hair look smooth and healthy, without making it greasy or clumpy. the mild scent is great too. thanks HHN for such a fabulous product! :-)
  • Agnes (04/24/2017)

    This product is very good. It tames my frizzy hair instantly! Very light and not greasy at all.
  • Rosa (04/24/2017)

    I have wavy and mildly frizzy hair and this hair serum does the most amazing job! Since I have long hair I apply a full pump of the product all over my damp locks. Once dry, my hair stays bouncy but smooth and frizz free. I love that the mild scent complements the vanilla scent of the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner too.
  • Rosa (04/24/2017)

    I'm not normally a big fan of hair serums since my hair tends to frizz but is generally on the oily side. But I decided to take a chance on this one given how well all the other Human Nature products have worked on me. I must say I was not disappointed at all! My hair was wonderfully tamed and smelled great too--perfect match for the Vanilla Moisturizing Shampoo. :)
  • Agnes (04/24/2017)

    Best ever! I have tried other brands before and it makes my hair looks greasy. This product is so light and de frizzes my hair instantly. Great way to tame your frizzy hair. And smells good too!
  • Joy (04/24/2017)

    Usually, after 3days of using hair serums my skin breaks out in pimples and eczemas. After a month of using HHN's Natural Smoothing Hair Serum, I am proud to say my skin did not react negatively. Plus my hair is shiny and frizz-free. I also like that it deepens the black color of my hair.
  • Grace (04/24/2017)

    Great product!!!! Now I have an alternative to Vitress :)
  • Deb (04/24/2017)

    This product provides instant taming to frizzy hair. The only drawback is that it does not wash off easily. I find that I need to use more shampoo on my hair (sometimes I shampoo twice) just to get a lather and get that 'clean hair' feel again. But overall a better alternative to silicone/dimethicone hair serum products.
  • Jane (04/24/2017)

    One of the best products of HHN that is perfectly fit for my buhaghag hair, kasi kahit anong shampoo and conditioner gamitin ko, buhaghag talaga. Pero dahil dito, nakakapaglugay na ako ng hair ko. Super Love it!
  • DemographicTarget (04/24/2017)

    I use this right after I take a bath and before I apply my TIGI Curl Amplifier. I'm glad that this serum is silicone-free. That means less buildup and more volume for my naturally curly hair. Also gets rid of frizziness in a snap! I also apply this before hitting the swimming pool every weekend. Good Job again HHN! :D
  • Sela (04/24/2017)

    Superb product! I've been using this from launch day until today :) I felt the difference on my hair, it makes it more soft and healthy but not greasy. 1 bottle goes a long way, 1-2pump is all you need. More affordable way to maintain healthy and beautiful hair than regular salon treatment for hot oil or hair spa.
  • mila (04/24/2017)

    i really love this product! when i started using this, i said goodbye to buhaghag hair. it makes hair smooth and shiny. and i really love the scent!
  • Sheryl (04/24/2017)

    This is the 3rd day that I've used this and this is also the 3rd day that I've lasted an entire day without tying my hair up. This hair serum really does the job of smoothing my hair and making it frizz-free. I LOVE IT!
  • Jacinta Eve (04/24/2017)

    I've got thick black "frizzy" hair and ever since I've been using HN hair serum my hair has been really frizz free and it feels and looks so naturally soft, straight and shiny! I feel even more happy knowing that the serum is all natural!. I love it!
  • Marge (04/24/2017)

    I stopped rebonding my hair when my scalp was badly inflamed and flaking, after all those weekly and monthly treatments. To manage my wavy and frizzy hair, I use anti-frizz serums which contribute to my scalp problems. When I tried this, my hair behaved that I don't need to style it. I also use this at the ends of my hair. People thought I had digital perm but it's just my natural wavy hair! I can't go without hair color and so far, this helps my hair look shiny and feel soft - and it seems to prolong the color. I just wish it smelled better.
  • Maikah Sabrina (04/24/2017)

    This is a great product. I wasn't expecting this to control my frizz being an all natural product but it did! I was amazed. It also made my hair softer,smoother,and shinier. Plus it smells nice! :) I bought this last week at Shopwise and on the bottle it says that the expiration date is on Oct. 24, 2014. How long is the exact shelf life of this serum? Was this just an old stock that I got? Just wondering. Thanks! Love this product! :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maikah! We're so thrilled you love our 100% Natural Smoothing Hair Serum! Our natural products generally carry a shelf life of 1 year. Your product should still be good to use up by the date stamped :) Thank you!]
  • Lanie (04/24/2017)

    I have straight but really damage hair because I colored it recently. Last month, I bought HHN's hair serum in the hope that it can help my hair and I wanted to try an organic product just to test if it can really help. I apply it at night because it makes my hair heavy and greasy if I put it in day. After washing my hair, I can really feel the difference! My hair's smooth and healthy looking. Now, I can honestly say this hair product is awesome although I don't use it to tame frizzy hair but it has really helped restore my damage hair.
  • Adrian Val Olonan (04/24/2017)

    From sticky waxes and nasty-smelling hairsprays, I've finally found nature's answer! This Hair Serum is so good for styling! It's not greasy, sweet-smelling, and truly nourishing. Better keep up the price at 199.75, please! But I really hope you can release a natural hair wax this 2014. :)
  • Lovellyn (04/24/2017)

    I love this product! I just wish you'd use a container that doesn't leak. I put it inside my bag once and unfortunately, the contents leaked out of the bottle, damaging my leather bag :-( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lovellyn! Oh no, we're sorry to hear about your Hair Serum leakage! This is not a usual occurrence so we're quite surprised. We would like to retrieve your bottle for investigation and offer you a free replacement to make up for any inconvenience. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon :) Thanks!]
  • Maricel (04/24/2017)

    i hope the price will not increase...love this hair serum
  • Arlene (04/24/2017)

    I have a straight hair that is slightly unruly and I don't go for rebonding or relaxing because I get a lot of hairfall from those treatments. This is why I simply use hair serums to put my strands in place. I have been using another brand which works well for me but I am a fan of Human Nature's all natural products so I tried the smoothing serum when it came out. Unfortunately, it is too heavy for my hair. I've tried reducing the quantities I put on my hair but at the least amount that it did not make my hair look oily or wet, it also didn't have an effect on managing my unruly strands. So now I am back to my previous brand, which is unfortunate because I would really rather go for an all-natural formulation :( On the good side of it, I have friends who have curly and really frizzy hair who tried the HN serum and it worked pretty well for them :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Arlene! Thank you for your feedback. We're happy that our 100% Natural Smoothing Hair Serum worked so well for your friends, though we're sorry to hear that it didn't work so well for you. While it's formulated to help tame frizz and nourish your hair from the inside, its effectiveness may still depend on your natural hair type. If you would like to continue to enjoy the naturally nourishing benefits of our 100% Natural Hair Serum, it also doubles as an overnight hair treatment to help restore your strands with hair-essential nutrients as you sleep. Simply rinse it off with our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo in the morning and you're ready to hit the town :) Our Customer Service would like to get in touch with you to learn more about your experience and help you find the products that work for you :) Thanks so much!
  • Mj (04/24/2017)

    Reading Arlene's review reminded me to write something about this product as we had the same experience (the serum is too much heavy or sticky for my hair when used all day, so I stopped using). But then seeing suggestions from the editor of this page, I did try using it as an overnight hair treatment, and it works really well! I've been using it for over a week only but I can already see the results. My hair used to be frizzy, but currently I am enjoying much of it as the ends are now soft and wonderful to touch. Indeed it is worth a try!
  • Cecile (04/24/2017)

    I really like the product! It was recommended by my friend who has a very sleek, straight long hair. She has the nicest hair in our work! And I having curly hair and frizzy most of the time! I love the effect since it really tamed the frizziness of my hair. I use this as my treatment every other night for two weeks until the contents leak in my bag :( it was also a leather bag and the scent of the serum is still there. ;(( it was really heartbreaking that the contents was also empty after two weeks of use. Good thing I still have two SBO. I check the bottles and they are really loose :( i hope you could do something with your bottles. Even my brother who is also curly loves this serum since it makes his hair super soft to touch! Overall, it made my hair smooth, soft, frizz free and manageable! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cecile! We're so glad you love our Smoothing Hair Serum! We're so sorry to hear about your leaking bottle :( We'd like to make it up to you and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon :) Thanks!]
  • Stephanie (04/24/2017)

    Been using it, does absolute wonders for my split ends. Definitely feels light on the hair as well and helps in taming those flyaways. Only wish it came in a bigger size so I could have more! Great product and so much better than all those overpriced split-end "removers"! :)
  • Eliza (04/24/2017)

    This serum works wonders, unfortunately it comes in a bottle that leaks. :( I'm scared to put it in my bag when I'm traveling, and I'm hesitant to wrap it as a gift. I hope Human Nature can figure out a way to fix this, because the packaging is a letdown for such an amazing product. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Eliza! We're sorry to hear about your leaking bottle. While most of our customers enjoy our Hair Serum without any problems, this issue has already been brought to our attention. Rest assured that we are currently looking into our packaging and we will be more than happy to make it up to you. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you right away! :) Thanks so much!]
  • EWAGO (04/24/2017)

    At first, i find it quite costly but when ive tried it i realized this is alot affordable compared to other brands. With just a very small amount (1 squirt) you can turn your unruly and not so shiny hair to a perfect hair day. I really love applying this while my hair is still moist after bath. I also recommended it to others. The only thing that ive notice which is nothing to question with regard to the product itself is the bottle. Even i already wiped excess oil from its top cap there's still some leak,im not sure if it really is.but still im happy with this HHN product :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi EWAGO! We're so glad you love our Smoothing Hair Serum! It's definitely a must-have for good hair days. We're sorry to hear about your leaking bottle, though. We'd like to look into your concern and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon :) Thank you so much!]
  • Quennie (04/24/2017)

    So much! It smells good and leaves my hair in place but not oily like Professor Snape's hair. Need I say more? I just love this thing.
  • Jacinta Eve (04/24/2017)

    Many thanks to this serum my hair is starting to recover! me and my best friend love how our hair becomes so manageable,smooth and strong all day long. we walk together at school with the same great hair thanks to this! :D please do make a bigger bottle of this!
  • Mel (04/24/2017)

    When they say 1/2 pump is good for your hair, they mean it. Was very surprised that the quantity was able to take care of my long hair making it look less frizzy.
  • Raphonzel (04/24/2017)

    My husband uses this on his short, curly and hard to shape hair. He has been using this product for almost two years now. this is his favorite product from HN. We need to order this regularly because my husband cannot go out without putting it on his hair. Kudos HN!
  • Michelle (04/24/2017)

    I love this better than your sunflower oil as it does a far better job of taming frizzes without weighing the hair down or making it greasy. It smells better too. I use it as leave-on, as overnight hair treatment and as a quick hair fixer during touchup and travel. Best of all, I love that it is all-natural. I blog on healthy products at http://behealthyandwell.com
  • Ceti (04/24/2017)

    Super love this product. I always have it with me and is ok for daily use. I have naturally straight hair and had a digiperm. Straight stay straight (no frizz, light, non-greasy) and my curls stay bouncy. This is also the only hair serum that I've tried that is not itchy. For additional conditioning, I gave my hair another pump at night before going to bed.
  • Josephine (04/24/2017)

    this is one of the best hair product I tried ! :) and I'm so satisfied about the result it lets my hair bounce naturally and thats not all it also protects my hair from dryness. Thank u HN ! I Super Love this Product!!!
  • Josephine (04/24/2017)

    this is one of the best hair product I tried ! :) and I'm so satisfied about the result it lets my hair bounce naturally and thats not all, it also protects my hair from dryness. Thank u HN ! I Super Love this Product!!!
  • Patrice Mae (04/24/2017)

    I love this reformulated version. Hindi na oily yung hair :) I will repurchase once I run out of stock.
  • CHARISSE (04/24/2017)

    Because of this product, I have learned to love my naturally wavy hair. The only downside is the leaking bottle. The same goes for the bottles of sunflower oil and bug shield oil. I could not bring them with me when i travel because I'm afraid the leaks will mess up my bags or pouches. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Charisse! We're thrilled to know that our Smoothing Hair Serum helped you appreciate your wavy hair! On the other hand, we're sorry to hear about your leaking bottle. Rest assured we're already looking into this packaging issue and we hope to resolve it soon. We'd like to get in touch with you to learn more about your experience and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon! Thank you very much!]
  • Eeza (04/24/2017)

    I had doubts about buying this product because I already have the sunflower oil which I use not only on blemishes and dark spots but on my hair as well. I was pleasantly surprised though because I found that this product actually spreads better than the sunflower oil and doesn't make my hair appear oily like the sunflower oil sometimes does. It made my hair super soft and manageable. Another win for HHN.
  • Hyacinth (04/24/2017)

    Hi human nature i just have bought this product in rustans sharingla. The expiration date is on jun 7 2018. But i noticed that the packaging of the product i bought is old not like the same photo above. Is the product safe to use? I'm confused because of the packaging. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Hyacinth! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'd like to learn more about it so that we may assist you further. Our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you to provide assistance. Thank you. :)]
  • Claudette (04/24/2017)

    When I bought this product, I was skeptical at first of using it since I thought that it would make my hair oily but instead, it makes my hair soft and manageable! This hair serum is my HG to my wavy hair. Btw, the bottle leaks and I suggest that you change the bottle type like the facial wash since I can't control how much product I got when using the pump, it gives me excess product and got wasted. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Claudette! We're so hapy that you liked our Smoothing Hair Serum. We also appreciate your honest feedback and you may rest assured that we are constantly looking into more ways to improve our packaging. Thank you so much!]
  • Cayo (04/24/2017)

    I'm not sure what to feel about this serum. I've been using this for a week, and everytime I apply this on my dry hair using my fingers, it makes it static that I end up having more fly-aways. But at the same time, I like that it gives my hair the healthy-shine effect. It's sort of a "frizzy-sheen" on my hair. I'm still figuring out on how to make it work, though. I also like its subtle fragrance. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Cayo! Thank you for purchasing our Smoothing Hair Serum. To help lessen the "static" in your hair, apply one pump of the Smoothing Hair Serum on damp hair and use your fingers to comb and style. Do let us know how this works for you. Thank you! :)]
  • Pauline (04/24/2017)

    Hi! Is this product safe to use on the scalp? I've been thinking of combining it with castor oil and applying it on my scalp at night. I've been using this on my hair for a while now and it's really kept it soft and tangle free throughout the day. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Pauline! We're so glad that you liked our Smoothing Hair Serum. Since our scalp naturally produces oil, soaking it on our Smoothing Hair Serum may make your scalp oilier. Nevertheless, it is safe to be used on the scalp, as well as to mix it with castor oil. Do let us know how this works for you. Thank you!]
  • Monica (04/24/2017)

    i like this product. i use this regularly. I just hope it has a better scent. A citrus one perhaps.
  • JD (04/24/2017)

    I love the scent of the oil serum and how it softens more my already soft hair. I love the packaging label design as well. It is quite an expensive hair serum compared to other conventional serums like vitress etc. (because it's natural, I know). Since it is quite expensive, would be great if you can improve ASAP the packaging? Tried to bring it to my holiday at Thailand recently but when I was packing it, I noticed that the bottle leaked and the leak spread throughout the other things inside my kikay kit (talked about the hassle of wiping off the oil off from my other things). If you will improve the packaging, I'll give 5 stars. For now, I can only give 2 stars. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello JD! We're so glad that you loved our Natural Smoothing Hair Serum. We also value your honest feedback on the packaging. Please rest assured that we will consider your suggestion for the future development of the product. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Faith Camille (04/24/2017)

    I love this product! First of all the scent is kinda like a sweet bubble gum when applied but it eventually goes away as it dries. It makes my hair smooth and manageable. It feels light aswell. Tip: It is best applied on damp hair and please follow the instructions when it says PEA SIZED amount because thats all you really need to avoid greasy hair. Also, as an oil serum avoid putting too much on the scalp as it will drag down your hair, concentrate on the ends instead and again a Pea sized amount is all you need.
  • loren (04/24/2017)

    love this product. makes hair shiny and nourished pricey because its only 50ml it would be better if you will reduce the price.
  • Jak (04/24/2017)

    I just finish my 1st bottle, it made my hair shinier and I recently had my digi-permed done. My curls are more defined when I use this product. Though the fragrance has a faint unpleasant smell. BUT all in all, I like the product. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jak! We're so glad that you liked our Smoothing Hair Serum. We also appreciate your honest feedback on the scent. We'll definitely consider it for the future development of the product. Thank you so much for your support! :)]
  • Katrina (04/24/2017)

    I was skeptical at first because I've tried so many hair serums and oils. Yet another HHN product impressed me again. I have wavy to curly type of hair and it is also dry, I also use HNN moisturizing shampoo and conditioner on alternate days (yes, I don't shampoo my hair often) so I apply this on my hair every other day and it became softer and shinier.
  • Kristel (04/24/2017)

    I use this on my hair when I am in a hurry and I don't have much time to stay in the bathroom and use conditioner. It makes my long black hair shiny and less prone to breakage. It smells good too!
  • How would you rate this product?*
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