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Pure Jojoba Oil 30ml
Pure Jojoba Oil 30ml
   Before, my saving grace is a medicated dandruff shampoo, because of the super itch and huge flake...  
- Angel
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100% Natural | Hypoallergenic

Recommended for:
✓ Relieving dry and itchy scalp
✓ Controlling oil
✓ Soothing and moisturizing dry, irritated or acne-prone skin

Potent scalp soother
Effectively reduces stubborn flakes and relieves scalp itchiness: 96% of users experienced reduced dandruff in less than 5 weeks *Based on a self-assessment test conducted among users.

Powerful skin saver
Helps soothe skin irritation with its powerhouse of germ-fighting properties

Suitable for all skin types

Because jojoba oil is so similar to skin's sebum, it is absorbed well and works naturally with any skin type, leaving no greasy residue

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Note: You may still receive our Pure Jojoba Oil in its classic packaging (brown bottle) while supplies last.


For hair:

1. Massage coin-sized amount onto clean and dry scalp for 2-3 minutes.
2. Tuck hair into a shower cap and leave on for 10 minutes. Alternatively, wrap hair with a towel and leave on overnight.
3. Wash off with Clarifying Shampoo.
4. Use twice a week for optimal results.

For skin:

1. For skin irritation: To help soothe irritated skin, apply 2-3 drops twice daily.
2. For dry, itchy skin: Gently massage the oil onto affected area until it is at least partially absorbed. Apply thrice daily.

Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil

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  • Hannah Elisha (08/15/2020)

    calmed my acne-prone skin overnight!
  • Kiery (10/28/2019)

    I use it for my hair, face, and body. Plus, it's not greasy and doesn't clog the pores. I love it!
  • MARIE LLOYDA (10/05/2019)

    Ive always had issues with dandruff , but with jojoba applied on the scalp after every bath, it greatly helped with flakes and itchy scalp.
  • Ella (09/30/2019)

    I'm so glad to find a local manufacturer of jojoba oil! I add a drop of this to my night moisturizer and my face is soft and well-hydrated until I wake up the following morning. I also add a few drops of jojoba to my cc cream or foundation for an additional glow whenever I'm wearing makeup.
  • Muriel (07/08/2019)

    This oil is amazing! Constant application to underarms at night erased the bumps and chicken skin while whitening it at the same time! This is a must have! I use it also if I sometimes have dandruff due to stress. It's a wonder oil!
  • Jacinta Eve (10/18/2018)

    This is totally good for hair growth and moisturizing skin! awesome!
  • Bevz (07/27/2018)

    My husband and I have tried and experimented on a lot of anti-dandruff products, but HHN's Pure Jojoba Oil did the trick and did it long term! So easy to use, and so good for my hair, too! It also helps to soothe itchy skin when we have allergies. :)
  • Teri (03/09/2018)

    I tried using this for itchy scalp and occasional flaking. I followed the instructions which included washing my hair with the Clarifying Shampoo. So far I was satisfied with the initial result after one use. It’s moe tedious than just using an ordinary dandruff shampoo, but I guess it’s safer because I know I am using a naturally derived product.
  • Grace (01/25/2018)

    This one is superb. Very effective. Muchas gracias ☺
  • Kate (01/14/2018)

    This product is a miracle. I've had a bad case of dandruff for 2 years, idk maybe because of stress or the shampoo & conditioner I've been using. So I tried switching to Human Nature's Salon Care shampoo and conditioner because my hair is keratin and color treated. After washing my hair, I applied jojoba oil every night (I didn't know twice a week lang pala until I read the beauty tip section haha!), and LO AND BEHOLD, MY SCALP DOESN'T ITCH ANYMORE AND THE FLAKES LESSEN FOR JUST 1 WEEK OF USE!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! I'm just wondering, will my dandruff be forever gone after one bottle? Or is this part of my beauty regimen? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Kate! We're glad that you loved our Pure Jojoba Oil. As for your question, since dandruff can be caused by different factors (stress, product buildup, pollution, etc.), it is possible for dandruff to recur. As such, you may keep on using our Pure Jojoba Oil to help maintain a healthier scalp. I hope this helps. Thank you!]
  • Jacqueline (12/30/2017)

    I don't usually leave reviews for products, but I felt it necessary for this one because it really is effective. My teen cousin had this scalp problem for years, but got worse when he was seen by a dermatologist and was given medications to "treat" his scalp, spent at least P5k for consultation and medications and a bottle of shampoo, It worsened his condition to the point that he had what seemed like dried glue on his scalp and it's so visible that his classmates and teachers even noticed, but we continued using the medication hoping it was gonna go away soon, but it was really a nightmare. i told him to stop using it and just bear with the itch for a while, while i look for alternatives. I tried using regular, OTC baby oil but didnt make much difference. I was so desperate... then i thought to try to go natural and found this product. I ordered online and when the product arrived a week later I couldn't wait to put it on his scalp. We left it overnight. The next day I asked him to shower and OMG, all the white dry stuff that looked like glue came out! (It's an understatement to call it dandruff. That's how worse that got). Three months of treatment did nothing, but this oil TREATED IT OVERNIGHT. I'm still using it on him coz there are still some rashes and a bit of dandruff left but he says it doesnt itch anymore. I feel so relieved that he'll be going back to school after the holidays looking and feeling better. I'd give this product a million hearts for the rating if I could ^_^
  • Charisse (11/29/2017)

    I was first introduced to HHN by friend who is currently a dealer. I was having a bad rash on my chin even my dermatologist wasnt sure what was causing it. She had given me cream medications for it but nothing seemed to work. I had it for months already. When i first heard about Pure Jojoba Oil from HHN I quickly purchased a bottle since its a lot cheaper than my medications so what else have i got to lose then. After about 2 weeks of using it, the redness had reduced to 50% and by the 3rd week my rash was gone. Even after my rash has gone, i still use it as moisturizer. Its been giving me quite a natural glow. Feeling really great about my skin. Thank you HHN!
  • Caren (11/23/2017)

    Highly recommended for those who have dandruff.. I used it every night and within 2 weeks of using it, my dandruff is gone. Now, i use it every other night to maintain a free dandruff hair.. I suggest to use it before you sleep. ^_^
  • Gina (11/02/2017)

    Effective and all Natural!
  • Tet (10/27/2017)

    I had a really bad allergic reaction to one of the deodorants (not Human Nature product) I tried , it was too bad that I had to consult a dermatologist about it. The creams and medicines given was not effective and did not totally treat the problem. After the 2nd round of medicines, I tried this product with just pure hope that it will work. And in just a matter of days, the allergy subsided. When I finished the whole bottle, my underarm is smooth , with all signs of the allergy gone. Apart from that, I also noticed that I didn't have to use any deo at all, it sort of also improved my underarm's overall condition. Have I found this product sooner, I would have saved so much more money. Kudos Human Nature for creating this product!
  • Maria Katrina (09/03/2017)

    I have very bad case of dandruff where my scalp sometimes even bleeds. Shampoos of all kinds - antidandruff or not, only gives partial relief or even worsens my condition. This product really helps me and even gives me soft, smooth and manageable hair! It's really worth it. :)
  • Irene (07/29/2017)

    One of my fave HHN product. I section my hair into 5 parts and massage my scalp and viola dandruff gone. also, i had an itchy scalp due to hair dye allergy. I use this and so effective.
  • Carmen (06/17/2017)

    This product really reduces sclap itchiness and dandruff.Highly recommended.
  • Rhea (06/14/2017)

    I use this on my face in place of serum. I alternate this with the rosehip oil and my skin was smoother and brighter compared when I use sunflower oil. I love it. I hope that HHN will carry other face oils soon.
  • Julie (06/05/2017)

    I'm currently using this as I type. I can feel its effect in reducing scalp itch. however can I use it together with the Rosemary oil? Cause I wanted my hair to be free of dandruff but at the same time, longer. If so, how? I mean, must I use it sabay? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Julie! We're thrilled that our Pure Jojoba Oil. You my also mix a few drops of our Rosemary Oil to it and massage on your scalp to help make it healthier. I hope this helps. Thank you!]
  • Marie (04/18/2017)

    I just ordered my 3rd bottle. Yep, it definitely is doing its job. It lessens my scalp's itchiness and I'm seeing less flakes. Suggestion: please produce a bigger bottle for this product. Thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Marie! We're thrilled that you loved our Pure Jojoba Oil. We also appreciate your suggestion; rest assured we'll consider it for the future development of our Beauty Oils. Thank you!]
  • cathy (01/09/2017)

    very effective sa scalp ng baby ko
  • Rica (12/19/2016)

    This product is amazing. At first I was hesitant because I didn't want oil to weigh down my already damaged hair. But it wasn't greasy. It also helped heal my hair that was abused from coloring and styling. Definitely worth it.
  • Amy (11/21/2016)

    Genius! No need to use shampoo. My hair is softer, frizz free and my scalp feels a lot cleaner. I use before shower. An addition to my favorites list. Thank you HHN!
  • Iris (11/01/2016)

    This product has been effective. It reduced the itchiness of my scalp and my dandruff. I think it will be completely removed with continuous use so I am purchasing this product again!
  • Angel (08/16/2016)

    I've aways been plagued by dandruff flakes, especially when the season changes, like from summer then rainy season, or cooler months to summer season. Before, my saving grace is a medicated dandruff shampoo, because of the super itch and huge flakes, despite the shampoo drying my hair big time! Now, it's the first time that I used this jojoba oil, and followed the package instructions together with the clarifying shampoo. Wow! instant relief! Flakes have indeed remarkably lessen, no more itch, plus my hair felt moisturized, too. Thank you HN! Please never phase out this product, this is already part of my weekly regime and scalp maintenance.
  • Cielo (08/07/2016)

    Love this product. But i think it's more effective using on hair treatment rather than a night moisturizer.
  • Lime (07/30/2016)

    I really recommend this product...I have oily skin and i was amazed it makes my skin hydrated and less greasy. I use it b4 applying make up...and its very amazing...
  • Kathleen Joyce (07/29/2016)

    I love using this product. Sometimes shampooing leaves my hair dry but with this, I don't need to worry.
  • Jacinta Eve (07/19/2016)

    you feel the effects right away, smooth and hydrating :)
  • MB (07/19/2016)

    I recommend this to anyone who has dandruff and itchy scalp. I used it in my scalp once after showering. I followed the instructions in the label and left it overnight and it's VERY EFFECTIVE! I felt immediate relief! Almost no itchy feeling for a few days now and less flakes, :) It's now my favorite Human Nature prestige product! :D
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