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Peppermint Oil 30ml
100% Natural
   This product really helped stop ants from entering my home. The relaxing scent it leaves is a w...  
- Chia
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100% Natural

Keep ants at bay
Repel ants in a safe and natural way by putting 2-3 drops of Natural Peppermint Oil on surfaces like kitchen sinks, countertops, window sills and doorways where ants pass through.

Freshen your home
Peppermint Oil's minty aroma is strong enough to freshen large living spaces.
✓ Refresh musty upholstery by mixing Natural Peppermint Oil with baking soda and sprinkling on furniture before vacuuming.
✓ Mask odors by sprinkling a few drops on cotton balls and keeping them in laundry bins.

Our Natural Peppermint Oil was formulated for home surfaces. Please do not apply directly on skin. If you are pregnant, hypertensive or have epilepsy, consult with your physician prior to use of essential oils.


Ants, away!

Apply droplets on the paths ants often take, like on your dining table or along doorways. Keeping the droplets there makes the peppermint scent more effective in masking the ants' pheromones – the scent they use to find their path from nest to food source.

Mentha piperita (pepermint) leaf essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) leaf essential oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride (vegetable-derived)

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  • Eirene (10/22/2020)

    After transferring to our new place, we found ants all over nooks and crannies. Then i discovered this wonder oil, it has really worked like magic. I mixed 20 drops of it with water and alcohol and sprayed away! Plus its all natural, non toxic to pets, and it really smells good! Love it!
  • Ella (09/30/2019)

    Super effective in warding off ants inside our home. I add around 20 drops of this oil to a 100 ml of water in a spray bottle. I also use this to freshen odorous rooms/closets along with tea tree oil. My only suggestion is to indicate the percentage of dilution in the packaging. This information will be helpful for those who are adjusting the concentration of the oil according to their intended use.
  • Ann (01/01/2019)

    Pwede syang air freshener din kasi the scent is strong. Nakakarelax ung scent nya. I bought it as an ant warder. Oks naman sya kaso mabilis din bumalik ung mga mga langgam. Matipid naman gamitin so pwede na din.
  • Kat (10/11/2018)

    I initially bought this oil as an ant warder but I find it to very effective in shrinking my lipoma on my back. I know I'm not supposed to apply it directly on my skin but I did not have any adverse reaction. I am applying it directly on the lipoma twice a day for 2 days and it visibly reduced in size. I hope you come up with more essential oil products because I find human nature products more effective than the imported essential oils.
  • Jemima (07/21/2018)

    I use this to wipe down our table and I also place cotton balls on the edge of our windows. So far, the ants stay away from our table and where the cotton balls are placed. I also wipe down the sides of our walls and doors. It’s a tedious task to do, but at least it works. I just need to repeat this every week. The only negative comment I have for this is that it triggers my asthma when i use too much (I use another brand of essential oils and their peppermint doesn’t trigger my asthma at all). [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jemima! We're glad that our Peppermint Oil Ant Warder. We're also sorry about your experience regarding your asthma being triggered. Please note that our Peppermint Oil Ant Warder has not been tested for use by people with such conditions and we do recommend that you discontinue use if symptoms persist. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at Thank you!]
  • Tin (02/03/2018)

    I don't know why other buyer works to them but with me it doesn't. I bought last week and I feel so excited about it. At first, I put a few drops on our dining table where ants use to stay and rub it just to spread the oil on the table but when I woke up, though I can still smell the oil, still there are ants. On the next day I put about 5 or more drops of oil on a little cup, it just freshens our home but no effect on ants because my husband left the box of bread on the table just a few inches of the oil and after an hour I open the box my bread has full of ants. Am I doing it right? I'm giving 3 stars coz it freshens our home and relaxes me though [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Tin! Thank you for purchasing our Peppermint Oil Ant Warder. We recommend that you apply droplets of the oil directly on the path ants take without rubbing the oil on the said surface. Please note that ants eave a certain scent called pheromone, they follow the scent left behind by their leader reason why they also fall in line. The trail leads from the nest to the food source. Our Peppermint Oil Ant Warder helps because it helps in masking the mentioned scent. I hope this helps. Thank you!]
  • LORY LYN (09/07/2017)

    This is a great product! In just a few drops, talagang nawala ung mga langgam sa pinto namin, sa cabinet at sa sampayan namin. And the scent is so relaxing.
  • Lydia (07/23/2017)

    do we have any product i can use to get rid of aphids and other pests from my plants?? and i hope we come up with a no scent dishwashing liquid as my son is too sensitive that he gets stuffy nose when its his time to do the dishes.. hehe..thanks
  • Catherine (06/08/2017)

    Soooooo obsessed with this peppermint oil <3
  • Pao (04/24/2017)

    This product is very effective. I love it!
  • Mavis (01/31/2017)

    the perfect pair for my reed diffuser and revitalizer...very affordable and potent as well
  • Chia (01/25/2017)

    This product really helped stop ants from entering my home. The relaxing scent it leaves is a welcome bonus. My home isn't just ant-free; it also feels like a spa. It's a bit hard to apply, so I mixed several drops of the oil with the Cool Burst Hand Sanitizer. Now, I have a very handy anti-ant spray that smells terrific. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Chia! We're so glad that you loved our Natural Peppermint Oil. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Rest assured that we will consider you comments into consideration for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
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