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Comfort Balm
Comfort Balm
   This product is super effective as it removes my headache immediately. My fave companion. So l...  
- Maria Rita Carla
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100% Natural

Best for: relieving stress, dizziness and minor body aches

Breathe in peace
Let the good vibes from this peppermint, eucalyptus and bergamot balm melt away the tensions of your daily hectic lifestyle.

Be well
A whiff of this balm helps ease stress and relieve dizziness. Keep a jar handy for a quick soothing remedy for headaches and minor muscle soreness.

Natural and safe
Only the purest natural ingredients: free from synthetic fragrances, petroleum-derived ingredients, parabens, mineral oil and other toxic ingredients

Formerly known as Soothing Balm


Soothing 101:

1. Rub a little product onto palm, lift hands to your nose, take a deep breath and let good vibes flow.
2. Or, massage onto desired area and let waves of relief wash over you.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, beeswax, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Mentha piperita (peppermint) essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) essential oil, Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) essential oil, Citrus bergamia (bergamot) essential oil

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  • Ivy (11/18/2021)

    I really like this product.. I massage my temples with the soothing balm and I also put some of it under my nose. It's keeps me relax and it also helps me sleep soundly. My only comment would be the consistency of the balm because it is very soft. Nevertheless, I really love this product and its scent.
  • Tea (11/18/2021)

    Loved the smell of the balm, though after the balm jar fell, the cap broke good thing it didn't totally got broken i hope you use a more durable and flexible cap and also the jar. More Power! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Tea! We're so thrilled you love our Balm for All Seasons! We're sorry to hear about your broken cap - this is actually the first time we're encountering this. We'd be happy to replace your Balm with a brand new one and take your packaging suggestion into consideration :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon. Thank you! :)]
  • organicaddict (11/18/2021)

    Super love this product! Love the minty scent i bring it anywhere i go. Hope we can improve the soft consistency of the balm.. but i really love it! Thanks to HN for having this item! Nice packaging too. Bought this item for my friends! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi! Thanks for your great feedback! Our Balm for All Seasons has a soft, easy-to-apply consistency because it does not contain any synthetic hardeners :) We're so happy you love it and thank you for sharing the goodness!]
  • Monaliza (11/18/2021)

    Just started using mine...fresh from the delivery box. After trying it on...i put it on the itchy booboos of my 1yr old...then when my baby accidentally dropped the plastic cover...it easily broke. Hope you can improve the cover packaging. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Monaliza! Oh no, we're sorry to hear about your broken cover! We'll be more than happy to offer you a free replacement for your soothing balm so that you can continue to enjoy it this season :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon! Thank you.]
  • zar (11/18/2021)

    I really love this but it melted easily. I've been storing it only in my room but it melted and left a hole in the middle - the balm went to the cover. I want to buy more but if I get the same result when it gets here then I'll have to pass. I've informed but no words of replacement. I'd still recommend this to others though.... but not as handy as I expected as it melts and the container gets oil/messy outside. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Zar! Our Balm for All Seasons does not contain any synthetic hardeners, which is why it may be softer in consistency when compared to commercial chemical balms. Most users enjoy our soothing balm without any problems in consistency as its texture makes it easy to rub it on skin and between palms to take in relaxing whiffs. :) However it needs to be stored below 35C. If your room is hotter than that, you can try keeping it in the refrigerator when it's not in use. :) Do let us know how it works for you! :) Thank you!]
  • Jennifer (11/18/2021)

    Just got my 1st balm and used it for my sore shoulders and it worked. I love how it smells. I love that this has beeswax and essential oils and organic ingredients. I'm an advocate an an addict for organic products. I just love this. I'm ordering 5 pieces more. I think I can save myself from paying for a massage. This is my favorite! :)
  • Patrice Mae (11/18/2021)

    I bought this balm as a Christmas gift for myself together with the hair serum and other items. I am VERY happy with this product. I had flu after the holidays, and this balm was my best friend. The scent was soothing, but it did not hurt my nose unlike other mint balms. One request though- maybe you would want to consider adding a variation of scent. Something like aromatherapy. I would love to buy all! :D Hehe more power HHN.
  • Mary (11/18/2021)

    We had a pot as a gift from a friend. We tried using it as an alternative to a commercial vapor rub when I was sick. It's actually very soothing especially when put under the nose because of the mild minty scent and feel. I just hope it had a thicker consistency and it comes in a bigger pot. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Mary! We're so happy to know that our Balm for All Seasons takes such good care of you. Our soothing balm's texture may not be as thick or as solid as commercial brands because it does not contain any synthetic hardeners. However we are open to exploring future formulations and bigger packaging :) Thanks!]
  • AUBREY (11/18/2021)

    Used it as soon as I got my hands on it, and I'm starting to get addicted to the smell, hehe. I rub a little bit on my temples and the nape of my neck before I go to sleep and I feel instantly relaxed.
  • chloe md (11/18/2021)

    I got this balm as a gift from my friend but didn't use it yet because i still had some leftover tigerbalm to finish. But shortly i discovered I was pregnant! I'm in my 1st trimester and am having morning sickness. I decided to try this out since it's organic and chemical free. Whenever a wave of nausea and headache would hit me I would rub some balm on my forehead, temples and nape. I would sniff it out from the canister too and I would instantly feel better and its the only thing that works for me. I bring it everywhere with me. I am so grateful for my friend who gave this to me and to HHN as well for coming up with is. Thanks!
  • Irish (11/18/2021)

    I love love love this! Really great for when I'm not feeling well. The smell picks u up. A little on my temples and headaches disappear. A little on my chest, neck and nose for when I'm feeling stuffy due to the cold weather. Also use it for back rubs. My daughter loves it too, she has one in her school bag as well. Just not so happy bout the plastic used as the cap cracked when i tried to close it tightly. I'm sure i went overboard with it, but seeing as how i always keep one in my purse and i'm afraid it'd drip, it would be great if i can tighten the cap without the plastic getting cracked in two (the sticker did keep it together, barely). Meanwhile, the consistency is perfect for me too, unlike what others say, it makes it easier to spread or rub on, without pulling or tugging on your skin, especially when using it on the face. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Irish! We're absolutely thrilled to know that you love our Balm for All Seasons! It's definitely the perfect consistency to massage onto skin and between palms. We'd like to offer you a free replacement for your balm with a cracked cap so that you can continue to enjoy its natural wellness. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thanks so much!]
  • JOANNA (11/18/2021)

    My whole family loves the balm, even my 3 year-old says it is nice because it is not too strong or too hot. It is just that I think the jar material, especially the cover, should be changed into a more durable one as the jar cover broke when the jar fell. I do hope the jar material can be improved as we'd like to continue enjoy using the balm without without having to worry if it falls. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Joanna! We're so happy to know our Balm for All Seasons takes such good care of your family, even your 3-year-old! We're sorry to hear about your broken jar and we would like to replace it as soon as possible to make up for it. We'll definitely take your suggestion into consideration in evaluating future packaging options :) Thank you so much! Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :)]
  • Gladys (11/18/2021)

    I'm now 6 months pregnant and this balm really soothes my back pains and my mood swings. I love its' peppermint smell-it doesn't smell like the usual liniments or balms out there "na amoy pang-matanda," haha. I do hope you improve it's jar packaging or consider packaging it in tube form. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Gladys! We're so pleased that you love our Balm for All Seasons! We appreciate your packaging suggestion and can take it into consideration :) Thanks!]
  • teza (11/18/2021)

    Super love ng mama ko 'to kasi mabango at nadadala nia kahit saan kasi handy.laking tulong din ng product na 'to sa baby ko nung time na inasthma sya,d ko kc alam kung pano sya pakakalmahin kaya naisip ko na ipahid sa leeg nia pababa 'gang sa dibdib at likod,presto,kumalma sya magdamag at mahimbing matulog.thank you hhn!yung packaging lang sana mas matibay kasi nabagsak ng baby ko kaya nabasag ang takip nia. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Teza! We're so happy that our Balm for All Seasons takes such good care of you and your baby. We're especially glad that you had it on hand when your baby had an asthma episode. Thank you for your suggestion, we can definitely consider it in evaluating our packaging options. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon to address your packaging concern :) Thank you so much!]
  • Ria (11/18/2021)

    The smell is nice. I use it when i have headache. It relieves me and makes sleeping more relaxed when used at bedtime.
  • meg.a.heart (11/18/2021)

    I'm glad you were able to come up with this kind of balm. It helps relieve my stress and headache, helps my husband when he has colds, and my kids get quick relief from itchiness and swelling when they get insect bites. The bonus is this is so much more affordable than the organic brand I used to buy before you have this. Though there are a few ingredients which I really miss from the old salve I used to have - lavender and chamomile, and I really wouldn't mind paying just a bit more if you would please be able to add these lovely ingredients to this balm. Thanks a lot for making these natural products more affordable and accessible to us! Cheers!
  • Jacinta Eve (11/18/2021)

    This is my life saver! in times of stress and hardship this balm just sweeps me off my feet and makes me feel so much better. Everyone should have one! Enjoy the relief and soothing scent!
  • Anne Marie (11/18/2021)

    This helps me with my sinus headaches! Read my full review here: http://choosehumannature.blogspot.com/2014/03/balm-for-all-seasons-review.html <3
  • Vanessa (11/18/2021)

    I was very excited to give it to my mom because she is dependent on mint/menthol balms for her dizzy spells and respiratory ailments. Though the scent is very inviting and cozy, the balm is a bit sticky though and its "heating effect" could be improved. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Vanessa! Thank you for your kind suggestion. We're so thrilled your mom loves our Balm for All Seasons. The consistency makes it perfect for rubbing it between palms for inhalation and for soothing minor itches. We appreciate your suggestion and will definitely consider it for possible future formulations :) Thanks!]
  • Benj (11/18/2021)

    The smell is so good compared to a famous chinese brand...but common complain from me and my clients is that the plastic cover easily breaks. I hope that the container's durability will be improved, especially that the price is considerably higher than commercial brands. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Benj! We're so thrilled you and your clients love our Balm for All Seasons! We appreciate your feedback and can definitely consider it for future product improvements :) Hooray for natural wellness! :) Thanks!]
  • Adrian Val Olonan (11/18/2021)

    I love this balm! The peppermint scent is so soothing! It smells so good unlike the usual Chinese ointments. I hope the tub gets rebooted. It looks fragile. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Adrian! We're so thrilled you love our Balm for All Seasons! Our packaging has been tested and found sturdy, but we'll definitely consider your suggestion in evaluating possible packaging improvements in the future :) Thanks!]
  • Jufel (11/18/2021)

    I love its smell, very soothing not only for me but also for my baby. Helps relieve colds and cough, though product does not promise it can be an alternative to otc products. So far so good. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jufel! We're so pleased that our Balm for All Seasons works so well for you. Many medicated over-the-counter products can contain harsh chemicals like petrolatum, which can be contaminated by carcinogens. We wanted to steer clear of these potentially harmful chemicals, so we created our soothing balm with nature's most soothing ingredients to bring you and your family only 100% natural wellness :) Thank you!]
  • Nicole (11/18/2021)

    Since this was first launched and I wrote two reviews here (which didn't get published, because I gave it 2 stars), I'm glad that the consistency has changed. Compared to before, the product stays solid, even in a very warm room. I echo the reviews written that this product is very soothing, especially when applied ito aches and pains. I use this whenever I get a migraine too. On a side note, I would like to ask that HHN would show some transparency and honesty to ALL clients who take the time to write truthful reviews about your products and not just publish reviews that give 4-5 stars (in order to increase product sales). It's not fair and it just shows a lot of bias. This is not the first time it has happened, mind you. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Nicole! We're so glad you love our Balm for All Seasons :) Regarding your concern, please know that we do indeed publish honest reviews, both positive and negative ones. Oftentimes negative reviews contain issues which need to be addressed urgently - in which case we must first get in touch with our customers personally to resolve their concerns in the most efficient and comprehensive way possible. This may sometimes cause delays in publishing, but we assure you that it is not our practice to hide any negative reviews from the public. As per checking our online review history, we do not have any past record of the 2-star reviews you're referring to. May we know when you sent them in? It's possible that they did not get through to our system due to a glitch or downtime we experienced. If this was the case, we truly apologize for the inconvenience. We, too, highly value transparency in everything we do at Human Nature and we would like to assure you that we want you to have the best experience with our products as well as our company :) If you would like to resend any of your past reviews, we will make sure that they are published accordingly :) Thank you for your understanding!]
  • Lara (11/18/2021)

    This is so effective on insect bites, so happy :) I used to have marks from insect bites that last almost a month. But when I used this balm, no marks at all :) so conscious with the marks before. Effective on headaches as well.But please please improve the container my balm and my mom's are now both broken :( I cant bring it anywhere. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lara! We're so glad you love our Balm for All Seasons! We're sorry to hear about your packaging problem, though, and rest assured we're currently looking into our packaging. In the meantime, we would be happy to replace your broken Balm for All Seasons so that you can continue to bring it wherever you may need its soothing goodness :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon! Thank you!]
  • Ivy (11/18/2021)

    Balm for All Seasons just makes my insect bites disappear. I can apply a little bit on the affected area and just forget the bite. I feel instant relief. The smell is fragrant, but not overpowering and it fits right in my purse. It's inexpensive and works really well on those pesky bites. This product is irreplaceable.
  • Larissa Leen (11/18/2021)

    A friend of mine's been ordering the Balm from me since it was launched. Yesterday, she told me that she still loves it, only that it has a grainy feel to it. When I used mine this morning, I also felt the grainy texture. It's as effective as it has always been though. Ü. Oh and yes, the packaging easily breaks. I'm sure you're already looking into these concerns! THANKS! [EDITOR'S NOTE: We are, thank you Larissa! The grainy texture may have formed due to the balm being exposed to heat and cold, but it shouldn't affect the quality of the product.]
  • Pearl (11/18/2021)

    Yesterday I had time to check out your page again and I saw the All for season Balm, and was convinced by the testimonies to try it out. So, as soon as I logged out I went to your store and purchased one. I tried it and WOW! I had a good night sleep. Which I haven't had since I started working. Thank's to Human Nature and you came up with this balm. It is indeed the Balm for all season. Hope you can have a bigger version of it.
  • Lora (11/18/2021)

    Just got our first balm today. We all love it, even our 2 year old and especially my husband! However, please please please make a variety without peppermint! So many HN products have peppermint oil in it and my mother's asthma is so sensitive specifically to peppermint and other fragrances. She cannot use it and I can't even use it if I'm around her. More unscented products please, and balm or lipsticks without peppermint and we'll buy and use so much more. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lora! We can consider exploring more unscented products :) Thanks! :)]
  • CheChe (11/18/2021)

    I sometimes experience headaches and stomaches which are beyond my control because of pregnancy. All that can be done was bear the discomfort because medications are contraindicated, even balms and oils. During my 8th month when I decided to convert into a Human Nature user, one of my initial purchases was the Balm for All Seasons. I started using this for headaches, it really helps soothe the pain. Even without discomfort, I use the balm when I have difficulty sleeping and lo and behold, the relaxing feel it has makes me sleep longer than usual. I love the grainy texture of the balm and the natural minty sensation it gives off. Definitely better than those commercial brands. :D
  • Francis (11/18/2021)

    Would you consider creating a variation of the Balm specifically for insect bites or small wounds? Similar to this one, but add lavender and tea tree oil or turmeric to the mix? Love it, but would love variety even more. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Great suggestion, Francis! Our Balm for All Seasons can be used on insect bites, but we can definitely consider expanding our variants :) Thanks and glad you love it!]
  • Jarelyn (11/18/2021)

    I had allergic dermatitis when I try to relieve my itchy throat using this product. I might have not used it correctly though. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jarelyn! We're sorry and quite surprised to hear about your experience as this is the first time we've encountered this kind of reaction to our Balm for All Seasons. We'd like to look into your concern immediately and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon! Thank you!]
  • Janice (11/18/2021)

    I like this product. It's a subtler substitute for vapor rub. Quite soothing when I had cold and cough. Unfortunately, the cap tends to crack. Mine lost thread and the sides broke off. I have a cap less balm right now. Do you have an extra cap I can purchase? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Janice! We're so glad you love our Balm for All Seasons! Although we're sorry to hear about your broken cap. This is a packaging issue that has been brought to our attention and we're currently working on addressing it. We don't sell the caps alone but the good news is we can replace your product with a brand new one to make it up to you. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you!]
  • Jamine (11/18/2021)

    My baby and I are mosquito attractants, and I jumped on the opportunity to try this product, and its soooo effective, the bites and itchiness vanished! You just have to be careful when you get from the bottle. The product tends to be so soft that on my first time, I almost scooped out the whole thing. However, I'm so relieved to finally find an alternative to hydrocortisone, since any form of steroid is just not good for the baby. Thank you so much for this product. I loved it so much I gave it away for Christmas. :-)
  • Tedi (11/18/2021)

    I bought one around October and it's in my bag for those emergencies when I suddenly feel an oncoming headache when commuting in hot weather then entering a freezing mall/office. Since the onset of the ber months, I have noticed that I always wake-up to an itchy throat - you know the type that is halfway to becoming a sore throat but I try to keep away by drinking lots of water. Because one of the main ingredients of this balm is VCO, and I already use VCO as my nightly moisturizer, I thought I might as well use the balm around my throat. I find it nice that I am not rushing to gargle warm water in the morning, and that the premature wrinkles on my neck caused by the skin folding due to the double chin is less prominent. This is a very nice product and I hope you also create balm versions of your heritage oils for us clumsy people (uh-oh! Was that the glass bottle that crashed on my floor) who are not so adept at using a dropper. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Tedi! We're so glad you love our Balm for All Seasons! We're sorry to hear about your broken Heritage Oil though. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you out. In the meantime, we'll be sure to use your feedback to evaluate our packaging :) Thank you so much!]
  • Runaru (11/18/2021)

    This is one my favorite products of hhn. The name speaks for itself! My son (20mos old) knows how to open caps because of this. (In a positive and negative way, negative in a sense that when he opens the product, he rubs it anywhere in his body and he is smelling it like what we are always doing.)Lol! I am keeping stocks in our fridge because this product goes out of stock always here in our place (Iloilo). Thanks!
  • Eeza (11/18/2021)

    I have dark spots on my face after getting chlorine burns all over from swimming in overchlorinated water, and I bought this product hoping it'd diminish if not eliminate them. I did not expect it to work the morning after. My skin was tighter, smoother, and the marks were lighter. Another product that delivers. HHN is yet to disappoint. Thumbs up!
  • Lianne (11/18/2021)

    We love this product! It smells like candy and is really soothing. It works for itchy insect bites and for immediate headache relief. A godsend for people like me who get bad headaches and motion sickness at the most inopportune times. It also relieves stuffy noses and itchy coughs and is gentle enough for babies. Truly an all around balm that is a must have for any family!
  • Kiara (11/18/2021)

    Works great on my muscle pains after a long day of work, on minor skin irritations and illnesses like colds, migraines, and my kids love it too!
  • Rei (11/18/2021)

    Love this product, soothing but not oily. It smells like candy mint. My daughter loves it too. My mom wants one and I recommended it to my colleague. Will be ordering again soon.
  • Cerise (11/18/2021)

    It helped me get rid of the itchiness in my throat due to allergy rhinitis, thus, saving me money from buying medicines.
  • Andrea (11/18/2021)

    Since I am very fond of minty products, this is probably one of my favorites from HHN. It definitely lives up to its name. I think I like this better than the HHN Eucalyptus Oil. Now I get to relax on stressful days or when I'm having a hard time sleeping. So many other relieving benefits as well. You get your money's worth in this small balm. I highly recommend this! You'll surely love this--coz I did!
  • Hazel Mae (11/18/2021)

    Relieves itchiness from mosquito bites and a good sniffing balm for nausea. When I first tested it on counters, I can clearly smell the bergamot. But when I bought one, all I can smell is the mint. I like bergamot scents so I like the essential oils balanced.
  • Dinna (11/18/2021)

    Great pick-me-upper anytime of the day. Soothes my throbbing temples during migraine attacks. Unclogs stuffy noses, and it performs so much better than the more famous commercial vapor rubs out there.. Melts easily when rubbed into the skin but isn't greasy. Thank you, HHN, for such a fantastic product!
  • Dianne Grace (11/18/2021)

    Just bought it and already loving it! It easily cure my stomach ache and nausea in just a minute. Thumbs up to this product. Gonna buy wonder oil, rescue balm, dishwashing liquid and specially the powder detergent which is now out of stock here in iloilo..
  • Cho (11/18/2021)

    I love this. But you need to make a bigger pot! I go through this stuff every two weeks and it would be great if it came in a larger size.
  • Kim (11/18/2021)

    I love this balm, just as much as I love all the other HHN products that I regularly use. I only wish that the packaging it came in was more sturdy. My balm fell on the floor and the lid shattered! :( I can see a crack on the container itself too so now I have to be really careful not to drop it anymore or else it will also shatter and waste the balm :(
  • Adie (11/18/2021)

    This balm is really relaxing. Plus the minty feeling is not too strong but I can still feel it on my skin. I apply this on my temples and the minty feeling doesn't hurt my eyes unlike other balms I used. :)
  • Catherine (11/18/2021)

    Fantastic product! The 10g pocket friendly size is very handy, easy go-to when headache and flu attack. A dab on the temples also help keep calm before bedtime. I hope we can improve the packaging though. Mine broke after 2 weeks of use. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Catherine! We're so glad that you loved our Soothing Balm. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging and we'll definitely consider it for the future development of the product. Thank you very much! :)]
  • JOSELIE (11/18/2021)

    I have two babies, one is a two yr old and a 3 months old and they got sick at the same time with colds and asthma like cough. It was a nightmare experience when i have to tend to them at the same time. So i use soothing balm with alcamporado and rub it on their back and chest and thank God they slept very soundly with no coughing during the night! I live that its not that maanghang on the skin so it ok to use with my babies! Thank you HHN! ♥
  • Kristel (11/18/2021)

    I love this product and its smell because it really relieves stress and dizziness. One time I and my friend were traveling for over an hour already. I was dizzy and I almost vomited. I applied this in my temples and nose and it made me feel better. Thank you Human Nature!
  • Gertrude Joy (11/18/2021)

    Not so much a fan of this product. I bought it because I'm used to smelling something minty and putting something on my temples while studying. I wish it had stronger smell. Also I wanted the minty feeling to last longer. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Gertrude Joy! Thank you for purchasing our Soothing Balm. We also appreciate your honest feedback; please rest assured that we will consider your suggestions into consideration as we develop our Wellness line. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Carla (11/18/2021)

    I thought this is a lip balm and right after putting it on my lips i realized it's not. I love the cooling sensation on my lips though. :)))) I love this because i really like minty oil for my head and bodyaches. So happy i found this. Goodbye katinko!
  • Mavis (11/18/2021)

    that cooling effect...it's almost like applying the Cooling Leg and Body Cream.
  • Lora-Lee (11/18/2021)

    I hate riding in cabs and other people's cars - the smell is something I can't stand. When I do have to commute this balm has been a lifesaver - helping with the nausea and dizziness I normally feel during car rides. It does melt fast so it's not a good idea to keep it in your travel bag. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Lora-Lee! We're glad that you liked our Soothing Balm. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the consistency. Our Soothing Balm's texture may not be as thick or as solid as commercial brands because it does not contain any synthetic hardeners. Rest assured that we will consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Rica (11/18/2021)

    I used this as a massage oil. I loved it because it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy. The oils are absorbed into the skin and leaves a glow. I prefer this now because it is less messy [no oil marks on the blanket] and just a little goes a long way.
  • Daniza (11/18/2021)

    This is one of my favorite HN products. I love the smell so much - so relaxing and soothing. I use this whenever I feel stressed or when I have migraine.
  • ROMINA (11/18/2021)

    This product is my lifesaver from bad smells, nausea, asthma and other unpleasant situations. I can't live without this product in my purse.
  • Melissa (11/18/2021)

    This has been a lifesaver. I have asthma and this helps with making breathing easier whenever I have an attack. Whenever I have colds too! What I do is I take a small bit of product, put it in one of my palms, and warm it by rubbing my hands together. Then I cup my hands around my nose and mouth and take deep breaths. Works like a charm every single time. Shared my balm with a colleague when he was bogged down with colds and he loves it too! Good job, HHN!
  • Ana Asteria (11/18/2021)

    I am so in love with this. This is one of my favorite HHN products! I swear I'll go paranoid if I don't have this with me in my bag, along with the Rescue Balm. These are truly lifesavers, especially when travelling. The only downside to this product is the container. I got a new one and it already has cracks all around, and I swear I didn't even drop it, and it's even tucked safely in one of my pouches. I worry the cracks would worsen with constant opening and closing of the tub. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Ana Asteria! We're glad that you loved our Soothing Balm. We also appreciate your feedback about the packaging. Please rest assured that we will take note of this for the future development of our product. Thank you for your support!]
  • Annalyn (11/18/2021)

    Super relaxing
  • JHOANNA (11/18/2021)

    Truly a must have! A lifetime partner. A gentle rub at my temples plus at the back of my ears makes headache manageable! The show must go on!
  • Catherine (11/18/2021)

    Really helps when you feel like ur going to have colds! Just rub it on your neck, then ull feel better. Plus, when ur dizzy or having a headache, just the smell of it, soothes you.
  • Beverly (11/18/2021)

    My daughter was bitten by an insect and the part was swollen. I was scared it might get worse. So I applied the soothing balm. Wow! In the morning the swollen reduced. She did not feel any pain or itch. Only two days the swollen was gone. Thank you human nature. I am so glad I stock up on this.
  • Mike (11/18/2021)

    Is there a way that the "warmth" or heat level could be increased. Nevertheless the product is still a good substitute for the mainstream balms. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Mike! We're glad that you loved our Soothing Balm. We also appreciate your feedback on the mint intensity. Please rest assured that we will consider your suggestion for the future development of our Wellness line. Thank you!]
  • Maria Rita Carla (11/18/2021)

    This product is super effective as it removes my headache immediately. My fave companion. So love it. :)
  • Carol A. (11/18/2021)

    Have it in my bag always..
  • Gyzelle Niel (11/18/2021)

    Relaxes my head and mind. Big help to have a goodnight sleep but it melts so fast. So i need to keep it far from heat.
  • Gyzelle Niel (11/18/2021)

    Right touch of mint.
  • Sheila Faith (11/18/2021)

    Love the smell and the relief it gives from skin irritations and insect bites!
  • How would you rate this product?*
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