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Rescue Balm
Rescue Balm
   I love the combination of Tea Tree and Lavender - another product I love from HHN. It has a pleas...  
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100% Natural

Comfort and Calm
A thin layer of this balm can help ease minor skin discomforts

Potent yet gentle
Tea tree has germ-fighting properties while lavender is known to help relieve pain and swelling.

Natural and safe
Only the purest natural ingredients: free from synthetic fragrances, petroleum-derived ingredients, parabens, mineral oil and other harmful ingredients


Spread a thin layer of Rescue Balm over scrapes and small bumps. It also helps provide relief from itchiness and helps reduce skin inflammation and discomfort.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Cera alba (beeswax), Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf essential oil, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) stem essential oil, tocopherol (Vitamin E)

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  • Joyce Mayrena (04/17/2021)

    This is so unbelievable! The motorcycle muffler burn my son Joaqui got totally healed and there's NO UGLY SCAR OR MARK LEFT. This is the only product I used 3x a day after every wash from the time he had it until it healed. Gazillion stars for this!
  • Yoshino (12/10/2020)

    Just bought this recently and wanted to try kung effective siya. I must say effective talaga siya. I have skin allergies and every time na inaatake ako ng allergy ko, i use it and sobrang nakakarelieve siya ng itchiness and napapabilis niya din mapawala yung redness and bumps.
  • Emerlinda B. (08/04/2020)

    I'm using this for almost 3 years, it's good for itchiness, scratches, rashes and for massage, very good for muscles and joint pain. Good also for wound. love this product. i will give 5 hearts for this.
  • Joy (05/20/2020)

    This is my alternative to the lavender oil when it comes to scratches or wounds. Same effect when it comes to the healing process and I also gave to my niece who has a lot of marks from insect bites. Hers noticeably lightened.
  • Emcee (05/18/2020)

    I am not a fan of organic products but I tried this one to have a cheaper and safer alternative for my child. I used it for an insect bite and it's much better than the chinese metholated balms. Her insect bite subsided in 2-3 days without dark marks.
  • Zharina (08/24/2019)

    I bought Rescue balm because it was recommended by our pediatrician. It heals scratches fast. It has a pleasant smell and my baby loves it.
  • Diane G. (08/08/2019)

    I have skin asthma and usually get allergies from seafoods (which I still eat haha) so whenever I get some irritations or skin bumps, I immediately use this! I even applied to weeks old scars and it slowly lightens my scars!
  • I (03/25/2019)

    I love it, because it can really ease the itch from insect bites or whatever rashes Mania air brings. The scent is very light and it is not greasy. Di ka magaamoy matanda. :D However, marami akong kalaban kasi my niece and nephews get it whenever they have kati-kati, "gamot" daw nila ang rescue balm sa kati-kati because they find it very very effective.
  • Ma Tria Salve (03/21/2019)

    Really effective for calming and healing my itchy skin, especially on my feet--without scars.
  • May Ann (02/17/2019)

    When my son got his right leg burn from the motorcycle muffler, I immediately applied the rescue balm and it really healed and have'nt leave any scar. Amazing!
  • CHARVET (09/25/2018)

    It is really useful for bugbites
  • Shar (09/10/2018)

    The only regret I had was not buying the larger tub :) Rescue Balm really does live up to its name as it has become my go-to balm should I have new bumps, rashes, or scratches. This is very important for me as I currently have a 8-month old rescue cat who shows his love through playful nips and scratches. (We're working on it!). So having a rescue balm to help with the healing of my old tiny scratch wound helps a lot.
  • Bevz (07/27/2018)

    Whenever my daughter gets mosquito bites or rashes (due to allergies), naturally she scratches them, and if scratched too hard, she would get nasty scratches on her skin. Thanks to the Rescue Balm, as it prevents her from scratching further. :) It also helps lighten darks spots caused by accidental scrapes. Iwas peklat! So effective!
  • Mary Ann (04/27/2018)

    Indeed, this product really rescued my blisters due to Oil splats from cooking fried fish. Easily healed! Awesome Awesome!
  • Dianne (04/05/2018)

    This is a must-have in my bag, it calms my skin whenever I get red itchy bumps. No more kati-kati! :D
  • Annalyn (04/04/2018)

    This product is good but it melted when I placed it inside my bag. Oil spilled outside the container. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Annalyn! We're glad that you liked our Rescue Balm. We're also sorry about your experience with the product melting and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Kindly note that our Rescue Balm is made with natural oils and does not contain any synthetic binders. As such, the product tends to melt faster than most balms in the market. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Jo Ann (03/29/2018)

    This product relieves pain and skin redness when applied to minor burns and cuts that you get when working in the kitchen. It also lightens pimple scars. A truly all-around balm.
  • Kristina Yvonne (02/27/2018)

    It relieved itchy bumps around my bum. Great product!
  • Frances Mia (02/19/2018)

    I'm currently pregnant and for some reason, my nipples started cracking. I know this is not a nursing balm, although I still tried it since I'm in desperate need of a natural remedy. Not only did it helped to heal my skin, but it also lightened ny areolas (which darkened as a side effect of pregnancy). I hope you can explore making a nursing balm, so I can also try once I deliver. I am not sure if the rescue balm is safe for actual nursing mothers since there's a chance for babies to swallow the product. In the meantime, I'll just continue to use it while waiting for the baby. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Frances Mia! We're glad that our Rescue Balm helped in healing your skin. We also appreciate your suggestion to make a nursing balm and we'll consider it for the future development of our natural baby care line. Please note though that our Rescue Balm has not been tested for such function which is why we don't recommend that you continue using it on your nipple area when you start breastfeeding. I hope this helps. Thank you!]
  • Kristine Ruby (02/13/2018)

    I love this balm so much! I use it even on baby's small skin discomforts such as insect bites and the redness would go away. She would stop scratching her skin a few moments after application. Truly works wonders!
  • Grace (11/02/2017)

    Amazing product. Had my back tattooed in Kalinga and I used this for my wounds. It minimized the itching. And I think it also helped my wounds to heal faster.
  • Felicity (10/16/2017)

    This is the most effective of all HHN products. Lavender + Tea tree can be called Magic duo! It does all the works- zits, cuts, blisters, insect bites... its a wow all gone overnight or in a day! Superb product! More power HHN!
  • Sam (06/13/2017)

    Amazing product. had a hugeeeee bite on my eyebrow yesterday and i put rescue balm right away. in a minute, it lessened redness right away. even i was surprised because what kind of miracle balm is this.
  • Lora-Lee (04/05/2017)

    Love this for my toddler and I always make sure I have it stocked at home - it's small but a little goes a long way! It's great for insect bites and scars from small wounds.
  • Veronica (03/07/2017)

    We've used this on cuts, burns, insect bites, and even to help speed up healing of wounds from different accidents all with the same fantastic result. I also used it when I got shingles and it helped dry down the painful, itchy rash in less than two weeks.
  • MAE ANN (01/16/2017)

    At the onset of a pimple I tried applying rescue balm and indeed the next day it disappeared. Now I always keep the product in my purse to prevent a zit or two and for skin irritations as well.
  • Anna Patricia (01/08/2017)

    Balm smells really good! I apply it on my baby's insect bites and they don't get inflamed and leave a scar. Also, I gave one to my friend who went on a cruise. He said that this balm been "to the rescue" when he got dry skin. :) Just one issue with it- it kind of melts when the temperature is rather hot. Otherwise, when the day's temperature is fine, I have no issue with this. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Anna Patricia! We're so glad that you loved our Rescue Balm. We also appreciate your feedback on the formulation. Kindly note that our Rescue Balm does not contain any artificial hardeners which is why it melts easier compared with other commercial balms. Rest assured that we will consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Gertrude Joy (10/15/2016)

    I was really skeptical about this product at first. However, I became a fan of this product after I used it on my baby's thighs to get rid of the itchiness caused by insect bites. It's also effective in soothing diaper rashes. I make sure that I have one at home.
  • JOSELIE (09/28/2016)

    I was accidentally spilled on boiling water on my thighs. I immediately was it with flowing water then applied Rescue Balm and you know what? My burn didn't blister and healed immediately! I am so thankful to this balm bec if we don't have this my burn might have landed on the hospital!
  • Monette (09/11/2016)

    Wow, I so love the smell of this Rescue Balm, plus it really works! My twelve year old son got "bungang araw" or some sort of skin irritation (he got from excessive sweat and heat by playing basketball) from his neck all the way to his back. I applied a thin layer of Rescue Balm for 2 days, and to my surprise, my son's skin irritation ("bungang araw" / "butlig") were all gone. Thank you HHN for coming up with this product.
  • Amy (08/12/2016)

    It's a must haves for all the mom's like. Specially with my 2 malilikot na boys.. heals bumps, scratches, wounds, even insect bites easily.. but 1 have a question, natutunaw kc sya sa room temp. Is it ok if i put in the fridge? Thanks.. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Amy! We're so thrilled that you loved our Rescue Balm. You can store the Rescue Balm in your fridge to keep it solid but please note that it would soften again when you keep it in room temperature. I hope this helps. Thank you! :)]
  • Ivy (08/09/2016)

    This is a staple in our family kit - for minor itchiness and skin irritations. The smell is also very soothing to the senses.
  • Rhia (08/07/2016)

    This product is soooooo effective. I would give 10 stars only if I could. Super effective in healing wounds kahit yung mga sobrang laki na sugat.
  • John (07/18/2016)

    i use this product as my acne spot treatment and it really does wonder in healing/drying new zits faster.. but i think its not effective as my previous purchase of HNRB (old design tub), my recent purchase of HNRB (new tub design) does not effective as my previous HNRB plus it has now grainy texture which bothers me when applying.. but still i will give 5 points for unharmful way of treating my zits which stand out on other acne spot treatment.. by the way im using it now with HN acne solution gel to double up power.. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello John! We're so glad that yo loved our Rescue Balm and that it helps you dry up pimples. We also appreciate your feedback on the texture. To ensure the quality of the product, kindly note to store your Rescue Balm in places with temperatures not exceeding 35 degrees Celsius. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you very much for your support! :)]
  • Benie Abuton (07/17/2016)

    My family uses this whenever we have insect bites or rashes. I strongly recommend this if you're bitten by a cockroach, rescue balm stops the inflammation and redness just after 1 application.
  • Jacinta Eve (05/23/2016)

    This helped eliminate my baby's diaper rash in less than a week and the balm lessens the redness and swelling of insect bites in just a few minutes after application.
  • Apriel (05/05/2016)

    i have seborrheic dermatitis and if the rashes on my face gets a little bit out of hand i use this balm along with HNsunflower oil then eventually my skin would calm down..
  • Bernadette (04/15/2016)

    Very nice and effective product! This is my favorite HN product so far. I carry one with me all the time.
  • Tedi (04/06/2016)

    If you have the patience to apply this on your scalp, and NOT on the hair (because it would feel oily on the hair when you sweat, pero pag sa anit na-a-absorb kagad), then it makes a great treatment against dandruff. Added bonus that it smells like I used an expensive French brand of shampoo.
  • Grass (04/06/2016)

    Applied this balm on my niece's mosquito bites that turned nasty (red and with pus) that were taking too long to heal, just to try if this will help. After two days, the wounds dried up and healed fast! :)
  • Michelle (04/06/2016)

    One of my favorite and the best HHN products I have used! It works wonders on removing the itchiness of insect bites, relieves muscle aches accompanied by a little massage of course and when you feel nauseated just smell away and its gone! I have it with me all day everyday!
  • Bernadette (04/06/2016)

    My favorite product...very!effective
  • chey (04/06/2016)

    This product worked effectively on my daughter's dry, chapped lips.
  • Lizzie (04/06/2016)

    I had my leg burned by hot water last year. I got this rash that has become swollen and irritated ( bumps and scaly ) and I tried different ointment, moisturizers, lotions and oil. I even have it checked by doctors but all of those products never addressed the bumps and redness but only lessen the itchiness but when i bought HHN rescue balm last week of April and tried it and I can feel that not only the itchiness was gone, the rash was beginning to lessen. just a week of use i can see the massive difference and no more redness no more scaly skin. I will continue to use this and hope the burn will subside and totally heal. and what's good about this product is the price its super affordable. I am a fan of HHN products.
  • Allyn (04/06/2016)

    Before this product, we were using prescribed cream medicine for my son's skin rashes on his knees and ankles which cost pretty much 5x of a pot of rescue balm. We tried to use this as an alternative and we were rescued from high cost and it is more effective in treating those skin rashes away. So thankful to have this rescue balm☺
  • Teacher Binks (04/06/2016)

    I bought my summer essentials a day before my co-teachers and I went to Caramoan for our yearly summer trip. The 45 minute from the port caused some of my friends to get sun-burned while some got sun-burned after too much exposure to the sun. They applied it on the affected areas and they instantly felt better. They continued to apply it for 3 days and it helped speed up the healing process. This is now part of my emergency kit. :).
  • LuvNiks (04/06/2016)

    Using this was recommended by a friend for some scars that were taking a while to heal and were always dried up. This sped up the process and my skin is a lot better now than when it was untreated! I'm also prone to keloids and this product helped in my skin/scars not forming keloids as they are wont to do. I would definitely recommend this to anyone I know.
  • C.LOPEZ (04/06/2016)

    I use this on my baby's mosquito bites and after a while the redness is gone. I also use this on my husband's back rashes and in the morning it's all dried up. No more redness and itchyness. We love this balm. We love human nature.
  • JOMAI (04/06/2016)

    I love this product. Usually I use Baby Wonder Oil to treat my son's insect bites that swells up to 3 days then eventually would blacken if he scratches them. I tried the Rescue Balm the next time he had insect bites and (voila!) in less than 24 hours the swelling reduced and even if he scratched them, the affected area did not blacken. Now before he plays outside I put HHN's bug shield on him and in case he has insect bites, I treat him with the Rescue Balm immediately.
  • Rei (04/06/2016)

    I bought this for my kid because her skin is sensitive and prone to insect bites. I searched about tea tree oil and lavender and I found out that "Applying products to the skin that contain tea tree oil along with lavender oil might not be safe for young boys who have not yet reached puberty." Can you please explain this further. Thanks. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Rei! Thank you for your inquiry. While there are people who are concerned about the effects of some essential oils on hormones, there is no sufficient evidence that specifically links lavender oil and tea tree oil to breast growth in young boys. Moreover, because our Rescue Balm is applied thinly on affected areas of the skin, it would be very unlikely for it to penetrate the blood mainstream. As with all products, if you are concerned about allergies or other sensitivities, we recommend consulting a medical professional and doing a patch test first before using any product regularly. Hope this helps! Thank you!]
  • Andrea (04/06/2016)

    I love the combination of Tea Tree and Lavender--another product I love from HHN. It has a pleasing scent and it works wonders! I use it in any skin irritation I may have and it sure does a great job. I highly recommend!
  • Cayo (04/06/2016)

    I found this product to be great for healing and preventing feet blisters. I tried the petroleum-jelly-trick before, but I think the rescue balm has better results. :)
  • Lecarg (04/06/2016)

    This is my favorite HHN product! I have a very bad case of hand eczema and I use this product whenever I have a breakout. I also apply this to my 7 and 3 year old daughters' skin rashes. Also good for insect bites. It is good to know that all ingredients are natural. The smell is a plus. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Rescue Balm to anyone. I always have a stash in my bag and at home.
  • Anna (04/06/2016)

    This is really great!!! Used this on my kids itchy rashes/bumps or insect bites. It works wonders! I even tried using it on my kids' wounds that do not get well when using povidone iodine (because it makes the wound itchy and more prone to scratching). In 3 days time, it completely healed!
  • Kathleen (04/06/2016)

    I used this when I had Chicken Pox, I was 25 then and worried about scars since my skin wasn't like a child's anymore. I finished about 2 jars that time and now, I don't have any scars left. Very happy and content customer.
  • SHERYLL (04/06/2016)

    Been using this quite some time now... its proven and effective for me and my family. Perfect to carry around for unexpected irritation due to insect bites. There was incident one time as my husband got home from work he see my child's back has an itchy red bump and swelling. He immediately put Rescue Balm to affected areas and after an hour it the swelling and red bumps is gone. It sure does a great job!
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