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Deodorizing Foot Spray for Men 100ml
Deodorizing Foot Spray for Men 100ml

   Excellent! More confident in removing my shoes in shared rooms (hotel, airbnb) when I’m trave...  
- Horeb
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100% Natural

Stamp out stink
Tea tree oil combats odor-causing germs and deodorizes your hardworking feet.

Supercharged boost
Soothing aloe extract brings your feet back to life when you’re ready to drop. A refreshing kick of cooling peppermint re-energizes you when you need to keep going and going.

No baddies
✓ Paraben-free
✓ Synthetic fragrance-free
✓ Triclosan-free

Smell no more!
Stinky feet aren't caused by sweat itself, but the bacteria that break sweat down for food when your feet don't dry properly. So after deodorizing your feet, make sure they're dry before you put on your footwear.


Shake well. Spray directly onto legs and feet and massage until you feel the cooling sensation on your skin. Use it before you put on your shoes in the morning, after you kick them off at night and anytime in between.

ethyl alcohol (sugarcane-derived), aqua (water), triethyl citrate (plant-derived), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf essential oil, Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) leaf essential oil, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) stem essential oil, menthol (plant-derived)

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  • MAREFE (06/19/2019)

    My husband tried using this and we were both amazed at how it worked instantly after first use. He sprayed it in the morning after bath and wore rubber shoes the whole day. When he took off his shoes after work at 5, voila! No smell! And he said his feet still felt dry and cool.
  • REY (02/18/2019)

    My feet sweat a lot which became a problem to me. I've been using milcu and other foot products that could help me but none of them worked until I found this product. It made my feet dry and leaves no damage to my skin at all. Super quality at a decent price.
  • Mike (12/05/2018)

    This is by far the best foot spray I've ever tried. I've never purchased other brands after trying this one. Unlike the other brands available in supermarkets, this product doesn't leave those white powdery stuff when it dries. The best part is the scent. I hope a smaller size will also be available for traveling.
  • Peter Paul (04/27/2018)

    refresh my haggard and lonely feet with this foot spray =]
  • Green (03/05/2018)

    A lady here! Initially purchased for my man but forgot to give it so I just used it instead. This is the best! Works very well for my feet that are always confined in a closed shoes. No more unpleasant smells that clings on my shoes and socks. Also soothes my tired feet before I go to bed.
  • JASPER (11/22/2017)

    I know that this product is for men, but I also use it. Initially, I bought it for my husband. I tried it and it feels cool to the feet. So, I kept on using it as well. The product is very economical. One bottle lasts for two months.
  • Horeb (11/11/2017)

    Excellent! More confident in removing my shoes in shared rooms (hotel, airbnb) when I’m traveling with friends. I even use this as deodorizer for my coat and jeans and even on my skin for instant cooling effect.
  • rac (03/24/2017)

    Highly recommended! however the container leaks, i hope you can improve its packaging. i always have to keep and store it separately in a sealed plastic to prevent leaking during travels. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello rac! We're glad that you liked our Deodorizing Foot Spray for Men. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging; rest assured that we will consider it for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Daneee (10/01/2016)

    I purchased one for my boyfriend! He said it's very effective. No more smelly feet after long hours of wearing socks. It's also matipid. One bottle can last for more than two months. :) His cat also likes its scent. Buti nalang its organic and non-toxic to animals. Hehehe.
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