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2-in-1 Men's Face Wash
2-in-1 Men's Face Wash
   I have combination/oily skin and before using this, my face gets really oily upon waking up. The ...  
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99.99% Natural | Hypoallerenic

Cleansing without compromise
Get a clear, clean complexion with the deep-cleansing fusion of bamboo charcoal and bamboo scrubs that rids your skin of dirt and oil without drying your face.

Great for your skin & health
✓ Synthetic fragrance-free
✓ Paraben-free
✓ SLS/SLES-free
✓ Non-irritating and safe for sensitive skin

Safe for our planet
Heroes don’t destroy the planet just to look good! This face wash is biodegradable and free from environmental pollutants such as SLS/SLES and plastic microbeads.


Step. 1 Apply to wet face and massage. Rinse well with water. Use daily.

Step. 2 Add regular exercise to your daily habits, too. Exercise pumps up the blood and invigorates the body, helping you score clear, good looking skin. Not only will your skin look better, your body will get toned too!

Pro tip: Healthy skin plus toned body - trust us man, it’s a good formula to get plus points from your lady.

aqua (water), decyl glucoside (coconut-derived), glycerin (vegetable-derived), sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), sodium gluconate (sugarcane-derived), dehydroxanthan gum, levulinic acid (plant-derived), Bambusa arundinacea (bamboo) stem powder, charcoal (bamboo-derived), Luffa cylindrica (sponge loofah) fruit powder, Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) leaf essential oil, Origanum vulgare (oregano) leaf extract, Mentha viridis (spearmint) leaf extract, Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) leaf extract, phytic acid (rice bran-derived), p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • April Neliz (02/12/2020)

    Bought this for my beau and he loves the cool and refreshing feeling, he asked for another bottle today :)
  • Mike (12/05/2018)

    This product is really good for oil control and provides a matte finish for a few hours after washing my face. However, it does dry my face which contradicts its product description. Still, I purchased another bottle after finishing one but for traveling purposes only as it is very handy and could dry out pimples in an instant. I won't suggest this product to be used daily due to its skin drying components. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Mike! Thank you for purchasing our Oil-Fighting Face Wash for Men. We also value your feedback and you can rest assured that we will consider your comments for the future development of our Men's Care line.]
  • Ralph (08/22/2018)

    Very effective in cleansing my face. It has that cooling sensation that you are looking for when cleaning up. However the bottle is very hard to squeeze at. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Ralph! We're glad that our Oil-Fighting Face Wash for Men works for you. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Rest assured that we will consider your comment for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Roselle (02/21/2018)

    Binilhan ko asawa ko ng hhn facial wash for men. Yung may bamboo charcoal scrubs. Unang gamit palang sabi niya sakin ang sarap daw gamitin dahil maaliwalas sa pakiramdam after niya maghilamos. Inamoy ko nga yung facial wash amoy peppermint siya. Pag naubos daw bilhan ko daw ulit siya. Mas okay daw gamitin kaysa yun ****** facial wash niya.
  • Lorenz John (01/19/2018)

    I love this product, it feels cool and refreshing and i noticed that it really lessen the oiliness of my face. My only issue is the bottle itself as it is hard to squeeze but still i’m into the result :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Lorenz John! We're glad that you loved our Oil-Fighting Face Wash for Men. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the packaging. Rest assured we will consider your comment for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Alvin (12/15/2017)

    I love the product. However, the bottle is hard to squeeze. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Alvin! We're glad that you liked our Oil-Fighting Face Wash for Men. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Rest assured that we will consider this for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Neneth (11/20/2017)

    I bought this for my husband and he liked it except I noticed he is removing the bottle cap every time he uses it. I tried it myself and noticed that the bottle is hard than usual that I cannot squeeze the product out of it. Much better if you can change it to a pump bottle. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Neneth! We're glad that our Oil-Fighting Face Wash. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the packaging; rest assured we will consider this for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Roxy (05/19/2017)

    I have been using my son's HHN babywash or at times the HHN charcoal soap. I did not have any problems as I believe HHN only offers a safe, mild and effective products. Upon reading the reviews on this one, I purchased it not for my hubby but for me. I have been using the grace cream, elixir and Sunflower luxe for a month now and I saw great skin improvement but adding this... My skin went smoother...and I feel like with the scrubs it allowed all the products to be easily absorbed by my skin. I also noticed there is no white/blackhead buildup on my nose, not to mention no major oiliness. I am loving this product
  • Sonel (05/18/2017)

    This is my all time fav facial wash! I've been buying expensive facial wash for acne and no one have worked but this one never fails me. I got very very oily skin since 16 years old and this really helps reduced the oiliness on my skin as well as removed and prevent acnes on my face. I became an advocate of human nature because of this product!
  • GERLY (03/07/2017)

    We love everything about this face wash... Lalo na ung pang matagalang effect. Hindi madaling mag oily face unlike other brand especially during summer
  • Nina (01/25/2017)

    I bought this for my husband as a gift, and he absolutely loved it! He said it feels cool and refreshing. I know that he really likes it because I can see him using it everyday.
  • Cin Eve (01/17/2016)

    The new packaging is totally better and refreshing! it goes with the organic message we are trying to spread! kudos to HUMAN NATURE! much love to you guys! and I've been dying to try this! I can't wait to try it.
  • Faith (11/06/2015)

    Hi, guys! I really love this amazing product. Yeah, I know I am a woman and this product is for men. Haha. I bought this for my boyfriend and I bought the balancing facial wash for me (which did control my oily t-zone), but I ran out of my facial wash and I didn't want to use a chemically induced facial wash so I tried using this and OH MY GOSH did I forget my name! :) I used this for about a week and my pimples were GONE, my blackheads and whiteheads on my t-zone were almost gone! I absolutely love it! A while ago, I just purchased 2 more extra bottles. :) P.S. My boyfriend also loves this. His skin is much oilier than mine, and has more blackheads but with just a week or two of using this day and night, his blackheads are almost gone too. He never uses any other product aside from this, although he sometimes uses a few drops of my overnight elixir at times he feels he needs some moisture. Pft. Men! I know, right! :)
  • Lee (06/22/2015)

    Hello! I really love this facial wash, even if it's been advertised as a men's care product. I have pretty oily skin that ruins my make-up throughout the day and I decided to buy this facial wash when none of the other oil-controlling ones I'd been using were working. Needless to say, it's been perfect! Used with the balancing toner and your moisturizers, my face stays soft and oil-free the whole day! I also really love the menthol that leaves my face feeling nice and tingly and refreshed. I just have one problem: I've been using this less than a week now and I had a few zits pop up on my t-zone. Is it normal to break out a little bit when you first start using this? It's my first time using a HN facial wash - I've been using St. Ives for a couple of years now. Is it just my face adjusting? I hope so, because I really love this product. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lee! We're so glad you love our Pure Strength Oil-Fighting Face Wash! You're right - many women use (and LOVE) it too! Regarding your concern, pimples can be triggered by a number of factors, such as hormone levels, stress, lifestyle, or diet. We recommend that you stop using the product first and observe your skin for a few days. You can also contact a dermatologist who can help you determine if you have any sensitivities to natural ingredients. If after this, you continue to experience this reaction, do feel free to contact customer.service@humanheartnature.com right away and we'll gladly help you out :) Thank you!]
  • Cristina (05/23/2015)

    I had a breakout due to hormonal imbalance (chin, mouth area, jaw) and i tried so many products, even some really expensive vitamins. One day, i just ran out of facial wash and this was one of my unsold items so i just grabbed it and the very next day my skin was looking radiant even my husband noticed. I have been a loyal user since then. Just a suggestion, repackage it to a unisex line because I wouldnt have bought it personally bec of it being part of your men's line.
  • Chai (03/21/2015)

    I super love love this! Hope u can make a toner too.
  • Darwin (02/22/2015)

    I love this! I've been using it for almost a week now and my face feels softer than before. It also does a great job of controlling the oiliness. I have combination/oily skin and before using this, my face gets really oily upon waking up. The whiteheads that are usually on both sides of my nose are gone, probably because of the scrubs which exfoliate the face. So far, so good! Currently, I'm using this with the balancing toner and day/night moisturizer. I hope that you could soon expand your men care product line to include toners and moisturizers. The one I'm using now smells very "girly."
  • Michelle (02/14/2015)

    I have blogged about the health benefits of activated charcoal recently (http://www.behealthyandwell.com/2015/02/activated-charcoal.html) and in the course of my readings I came across the skin-detoxifying and skin-brightening effects of charcoal, and so I tried this charcoal face wash. It works like a dream for my oily, acne-prone skin. Thank you for making this!
  • Tedi (12/19/2014)

    I was hesitant at first to order this since my bestfriend said "hindi kami friends" and preferred the soap version instead. Still I ordered it because I love minty stuff. when it first arrived, I noticed that there are some white sediments, reminiscent of your bamboo and elemi wash which i found too abrasive. On first use, i shook the bottle vigorously to disperse the white sediment. It was black foam when I squirted it out and I think the shaking semi-melted the white particles, so it's more massage-y instead of abrasive. I love the tingly, wake-me-up feeling I get when washing my face with this, and my face feels less itchy than it usually does by the end of the day. So, lesson: we have different skin types so don't be afraid to try despite the label and a few unfavorable reviews, otherwise you might miss out on something really great.
  • Quennie (11/24/2014)

    I've seen reviews wherein this product is also used by women so I bought it as well. I love its cooling and refreshing feel on my face especially after a really long day. But it doesn't really "deliver" on controlling oil in my case maybe because I really do have excessive oily skin.
  • Christma Joy (11/07/2014)

    I so love this product! ♥ Thank You HHN! :'>
  • Dyan (09/26/2014)

    I'm sure I'm not the only lady who's using this product for her Acne/Oily Skin..... It is very effective in controlling shine and oil in my face. And I also notice, that it helps control breakouts. ... My boyfriend uses it , too and we're both very happy with the result. I have a suggestion to HHN team to please create a bigger container of this, ideally with a pump so that it's easier to use... I'm petite and I find it inconvenient to always have to squeeze the bottle to get a tiny bit of the product. I hope you consider this . Thanks and More Power!
  • ren (09/23/2014)

    this is my new face wash as a replacement for my balancing facial waash i like it a lot cause that cooling sensation every wash. and i think nakakacontrol talaga sya ng oiliness. so far naman wala pang breakouts. :)
  • Paul (08/23/2014)

    I love how it cools my skin and gives me that long-lasting freshness. I also use your night moisturizer for almost a year now and it didn't fail to give me that soft glowing skin.
  • Paul (08/23/2014)

    I love how it cools my skin and gives me that long-lasting freshness. I also use your night moisturizer for almost a year now and it didn't fail to give me that soft glowing skin. Thanks for this superb innovation. I just hope you guys can also come up with a shaving cream to complete my pogi regimen.
  • Binky (06/14/2014)

    I know it's for men but I couldn't resist the scent. I've tried other facial washes but this one works for me. Thank you Human Nature for one great invention!
  • Kei (06/14/2014)

    HUGE thanks to all the female reviewers below! If it weren't for you lovely ladies, I wouldn't have thought of trying my now HG cleanser! <3 I have sensitive/combination (that's a bit more on the oily side)/acne prone skin (despite being way past puberty). The wrong thing on my face can cause rashes or breakouts so I'm usually very cautious when trying out new skincare products. I do a lot of research on ingredients and check a ton of reviews before trying something out. For a long time, I've been stuck with high end ones and have to order them online which comes out very expensive. I just felt like I didn't have a choice because of how picky my skin is and it has been such a hassle. Can you imagine how happy I am right now for discovering something so affordable and so accessible that I'm able to buy it in a store that is just walking distance from where I live??? Lol, talk about a complete 180! I am really glad I took the risk of trying this out! This cleanser removes my makeup well and I also use this to scrub my face with a facial brush on days I need to exfoliate. It doesn't ever make my skin feel tight afterwards. Oh, and I love the smell and the minty feel on my face! It smells exactly as though I'm washing my face with Halls lemon or Max honey-mansi candy haha. So invigorating. HHN, please don't reformulate! :-S I am officially in-love with this cleanser and this brand. Ladies with similar skin type and issues, I highly recommend you give this one a try!
  • Juhn Bob (04/29/2014)

    I like this facial wash for my oily skin. It did not prevent pimples but I like the non-irritating effect on my skin.
  • FatHeart (03/31/2014)

    I totally agree with one of the previous reviews about this product- i'm a girl yet i loved it! The first time i washed my face with Pure Strength facial wash i had to close my eyes haha.. I just had to enjoy it, weird and true! It relaxes me and i breathe deeply to take the experience up a notch... I'm in love with this one!
  • Rica (03/16/2014)

    I bought this because of its scent. I've tried all of your facial washes and this one is the best. I know it is for men, but I just love the way it cleans without drying my face. In 3 weeks I've also noticed smaller pores. Now the entire family uses it.
  • Jinky (03/11/2014)

    im a lady and i can say that this product works wellon my face!! i tried a lot of facial wash to control my oily skin but this is the only one that shows significant effect i just 4 days, i can see my less oily face, my pimple marks are starting to get lighter, i just so love the scent that i use a lot of amount... will buy a bigger bottle soo.. :) i hope the effect will just continue until i reach that "no-break out skin" thanks human nature!
  • Cris (02/04/2014)

    A buyer who purchased this through me last month, contacted me today in Facebook about the alarming breakout on his skin. He also said that he immediately stopped using the facial wash. He was satisfied in the beginning as his face felt very clean after using this product. I thought it was doing well until I got his message today. Please get in touch with him directly about this experience. He's using sunflower beauty oil as per my recommendation as well. As I thought, it would help to lighten up the pimple marks on his face. Thanks. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cris! Oh no! It sounds like your customer may have been sensitive to one of its natural ingredients. We'll be sure to get in touch with you and your customer to help him out. Thanks!]
  • Rexelle (11/18/2013)

    My youngest brother has an oily and acne-prone skin. He bought this product from me and really loves it. I receive positive feedbacks from him. He is using the Sunflower Oil and the Black Diamond Cleansing Bar as well! My family is now a certified Human Nature product user.
  • Ness (11/15/2013)

    I bought this facial wash for my boyfriend. He has very oily skin and has a lot of blemishes. When he tried it, he liked the cool feeling on his face, it was refreshing daw. He tried washing his face twice at one time and some blackheads were removed. I hope a bigger size comes soon since he finishes a 100ml bottle in three weeks time.
  • Anab (10/26/2013)

    love this facial wash by HHN. yep! this is a lady speaking :) i just finished 1 - 50ml bottle and 1 - 100ml bottle and just got another 100ml bottle yesterday :D i use this together with Natural Baby Wash (for initial cleansing at night) and lightly massage Pure Strength Face Wash to finish of the cleansing. well, i should say it works well for me :) + the cooling is SO relaxing :D
  • Tinee (08/08/2013)

    I've been receiving rave reviews from my costumers and my sons. It has been great on their skin as it combats oil. I noticed that both of my sons have clearer skin after using this. They love the refreshing minty feeling after washing their faces.I just wished that HHN produce this product in a bigger size, say 200mL? More power! :)
  • Ria (08/06/2013)

    My son uses this facial wash for about 4 months now. It controls the oiliness and helps in preventing break-outs especially that he has entered puberty stage. I also use it, alternately with the black bar. I hope you can come up with a bigger size like a 200ml. Thanks much!
  • Maria Reilina (07/30/2013)

    Ok I know it says it's for men and I'm not one, but there are cases that men's products work better on women and this is one of them (aside from the Black Diamond Cleansing Bar). My skin is so oily that I end up washing my face 2-3 times a day and that includes when I'm at work. But since using this facial wash my skin is less oily and my skin smoother.
  • RJ (07/18/2013)

    The scent is very appealing and the microscrubs do the job very well. I haven't had my face feeling this clean and invigorated. Definitely worth the try!
  • Pearl (06/28/2013)

    Being pimple-prone adolescents, I recommend this to my teenagers (14 & 13) as soon as it was announced. I don't see any traces of pimple or allergies or rashes on their faces. I tried using it too and it worked for me! Very economical since I only need 2 drops (literally!) to lather on my face. I hope you can come up with sachets (say two-week trial) that can be distributed to male colleagues for trial. Samples are very powerful especially when it work well. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Pearl! We're so glad that our Pure Strength Face Wash works for you and your family! We intentionally don't create sachets because of their negative impact on the environment. However our 50ml bottles make great samplers :) Thanks again!]
  • cj (06/08/2013)

    hi. i love the smell of this product. my hubby has been using this product for almost a week now, the scent is very pleasant, it has a cooling sensation but the thing here is, some pimples appeared on his face. i will just observe for now. i hope the pimples will disappear after my hubby empties the 50ml bot so that we can buy the bigger one, soon.
  • AJ (05/23/2013)

    Where can I buy this? I'm from Biñan Laguna. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi AJ! We don't have a branch in Biñan, but we do have a branch in San Pablo, Laguna! Here's their address: G/F G Square Bldg., Barleta St. cor. Malvar St. San Pablo City, Laguna. You can also contact them at the following numbers: (049) 503-1096 / 0922-8108627 / 0917-8343539 or email hn.sanpablo@gmail.com. Or if it's more convenient for you, you can always order online and we'll have it delivered right to your doorstep :) Thanks!]
  • Bettina (04/23/2013)

    Being a teenager, part of growing up are pimples ya? Lucky those who never had that problem. After using this product daily, my son's forehead cleared up. Not immediately but improved each day. Just how it is in nature. Slowly but surely. Thank you HHN!
  • Redtears15 (02/06/2013)

    This was initially given to my boyfriend as a Christmas gift from my friend. After a week of using it, his skin appeared whiter and clearer. He has sensitive skin and this product works well. I personally have not tried it because he does not want me to. Since he has finished the bottle and he is getting small pimples. I am buying him a new one now.
  • Boots (01/06/2013)

    I bought the Pure Strength facial wash and soap for my 13-year-old son and he loves them so much. And even if it's for men, I like to use the facial wash because it helps keep the oiliness down. It smells and feels good, too. I wish the bar soap would last longer though, and that the facial wash could come in 200 ml size as well.
  • Lorie (12/19/2012)

    Although it says it's formulated for men, I gave it a try and after the first use, I was extremely happy with it because my face stayed oil free for almost the entire day! I love this product!
  • Janet (12/16/2012)

    I let my husband try the soap and he liked it especially because of the minty sensation. Like most men he's not into lotions and moisturizing creams and so im pretty happy that the soap does not leave his skin looking and feeling dry. I just wish the soap would last longer. I use it when I ran out of my own human nature soap :-)
  • Red (11/08/2012)

    This facial wash is very effective in removing oil and cleaning my face. It gives a squeaky clean feel without the feeling of dryness and tightness. It is also very refreshing because of the added menthol in the product A must try for all men out there!
  • Eliot (11/01/2012)

    leaves my face oil-free yet moisturized. I also like the minty sensation that I get whenever I wash my face with this.
  • chekaii (10/30/2012)

    since my hub's coming i bought this one for him and boy it really is hiyang to him :) his skin was clearer and pores became smaller :) hope ud come up with moisturizer too as he is as kikay as me :)
  • Christine (09/20/2012)

    i know it say it's formulated for men, but when i read it's made of bamboo carbon, i thought i have to try it. and i'm happy to say i'm very delighted with the result! i've been using this for about two weeks now, and my face is less oily. i've been using those expensive 3-step products, but i think i can use this as an alternative :)
  • Brian (09/09/2012)

    Thumbs-up to this product! A must try! Tip: I'm using this along with the Elemi and Orange Toner.
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