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Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation Refill 7.5g
Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation Refill 7.5g
   I could say that so far this is the best foundation ever! And to give me an extra healthy glow, I...  
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100% Natural | Vegan | Talc-free

Airy & blemish-free
Cover up imperfections with the medium to high coverage of lightweight rice powder, bamboo powder and Vitamin E.

Beauty for less
This refill lets you keep looking gorgeous without needing to shell out much. Pop in a new pan and sponge using your current compact.

Actual color register may vary depending on the pigmentation of your skin.


Beautiful skin is essential for beautiful base makeup. To achieve a perfect base, use a moisturizer before applying foundation. This makes the foundation last longer and fit well on your skin. After applying your makeup, spritz on RoseDew Mist to help set your makeup and prevent it from flaking off.

mica, zinc oxide (CI 77947), stearic acid (vegetable derived), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), magnesium myristate (vegetable-derived), silica, caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut oil-derived), lauroyl lysine (amino acid-derived), Oryza sativa (rice) powder, magnesium stearate (vegetable-derived), Bambusa arundinacea (bamboo) stem powder, dicaprylyl ether (vegetable-derived), glyceryl caprylate (coconut, palm and glycerine-derived), tocopherol (vitamin E), farnesol, linalool (+/-): iron oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Iriz Kay (01/23/2019)

    I've been using this since 2013 and I never change since then. What I love about this product is how natural look it gives on my face and it doesn't clog my pores. So, though I use this everyday I never had any breakouts. Also, I dont need to retouch, so even this cracks I can still use this at home. I just use a brush so it will not cake even though I use moisturizer.
  • Jobeth (03/19/2018)

    With this product, you don't need to use concealer anymore. With the leading brand, I used to put concealer first in order to hide my eye bugs. When I started using this, it saves me time and money for not using concealer anymore. Also, there's no need to retouch several times. One slight room for improvement though is that - it easily breaks when you drop the whole thing. Once it's broken, you won't be able to use it anymore because it will turn into a crashed compact :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jobeth! We're glad that our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation works for you. We're also sorry about your experience with the cracking. Kindly note that since our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation is 100% natural, it does not contain any synthetic binders found in most makeup products. This is also explains why our powder compact tends to crack versus other commercial brands. Nevertheless, we will definitely consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • PHILLINE (02/13/2018)

    Hi!I am an advocate and I recently sold one to my loyal customer. She initially had a feedback that when she was about to finish the foundation, it cracked. There were lots of spills, but she still ordered a refill. Then when she opened the package and was about to transfer the content to the foundation container, it cracked a bit and a portion became powder. She loves the foundation and have praises for it, but we are wondering why the foundation cracks easily. Please can you enlighten us? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Philline! Thank you for purchasing our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation Refill. We're sorry about your experience and we'd like to help you in any way that we can. Kindly note that unlike synthetic foundations, our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation does not contain any synthetic binders which is why they tend to break faster than commercial brands. Nevertheless, we will consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Our Customer Service Associate will get in touch with you to provide further assistance. Thank you!]
  • Honey Mae (10/12/2017)

    I've been using Vanilla and I'm amazed at how it blends with my face perfectly. I have a combination skin type but this product successfully controlled the sebum in my face. And I'm giving this foundation another thumbs up for its ability to keep my face looking fresh even after sweating from a zumba session. I've never been this satisfied before. I have some concern, though, about the compactness of the product, it easily breaks and gets messy at times. But overall, I am a fan. Thanks, Human Nature! [EDITOR'S NOTE: We're glad that you liked our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Vanilla, Honey Mae! We also appreciate your honest feedback regarding the powder. Kindly note that our since our mineral foundation is 100% natural, it is formulated without the use of synthetic binders like many commercial powders have. As such, they tend to break faster than non-natural makeup. Nevertheless, we will consider your feedback for the future development of of our mineral makeup line. Thank you for your support!]
  • ROMINA (10/05/2017)

    I've never used a synthetic mineral foundation after trying this product. Love it, even if it breaks sometimes. The caramel shade is perfect with my morena skin tone. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Romina! We're glad that you loved our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation. We also appreciate your honest feedback about the compact. Kindly note that our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation does not contain any artificial hardeners which is why they tend to break faster than synthetic brands. Nevertheless, we will take your feedback into consideration as we continuously develop our mineral makeup. Thank you!]
  • Jeraldine (02/02/2017)

    I've been using this foundie for almost 4years now. I so love it and really works well with the sponge it came with. This really stays for hours and it does not turn my face oily or cakey. However today, my newly refilled compact accidentally fell on our office carpet floor from my desk and to my surprise it was like pulvoron. It all went out from the compact like it was just molded on the pan without any adhesive or something to make the powder stick onto the pan. Just sad. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Jeraldine! We're so glad that you loved our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation. We're sorry about your experience with the powder and we'd like to help in any way that we can. Kindly note that our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation does not contain any synthetic hardeners which is why they tend to crack easier than commercial powders do. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Tem Carlo (03/18/2016)

    Hello, Gooday, Gusto ko lang sabihin ang ganda ng services nubg human nature sa may commonwealth quezon city, yung babaeng naka salamin hehe I don't know her name but she is really professional I love their services, very understanding <3 I really love human nature products, this is my lifetime products. Thank you so much <3 Love lots!!! Po God Bless [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Tem Carlo! Thank you for your wonderful review. We truly appreciate it. We're so glad that you enjoyed your experience at our Flagship Store in Commonwealth. Feel free to drop by anytime you feel like shopping for goodness or just to sit down and have a nice, warm cup of coffee. Have a nice day! :)]
  • Tem Carlo (03/17/2016)

    I really love this, kalabili ko lang siya last week at nakaka apat na beses palang akong gamit nakaahinayang tsaka ko na nabasa yung review kaparehas din nangyari sakin nasira siya at kumalat sa bag ko :(( sayang dpat di siya alisin sa box para di masira nakakapanghinayang sana maka avail din ako ng free refill nasakin pa yung box at kabibili ko lang siya, naisip ko na hndi ko na siya aalisin sa box after ko gamitin at lalagyan ko ng lock yung box para protected siya, sana matulingan niyo po ako sa may commonwealth quezon city po ako bumili :(( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Tem Carlo! Thank you for purchasing our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation Refill. We're sorry about your experience and we would love to help you. Our friendly Customer Service Team will get in touch with you soon ro provide you further assistance. Thank you!]
  • Dylan (01/12/2016)

    I've used the more expensive powders from MAC and Shiseido, but Human Nature's mineral foundation in Honey matches my skin perfectly. I wish you guys could create a liquid foundation version with the same shade. That would be a dream come true! Keep on creating awesome products! :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Dylan! We're so thrilled that you liked our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation. We also value your feedback and we would definitely consider this for future expansion of our makeup line. Thank you so much for your support! :)]
  • JoAnne Denise (12/11/2015)

    I absolutely love this foundation! This is supposed to be a review, but let me share a tip for all you beauties who had cracked foundation: mix it with isopropyl alcohol (if you have 99%, like for cleaning makeup brushes, that's great, but if you don't, plain old 70% will do) to make a paste, then shape it back in the pan. Let it dry for at least 24 hours, and voila! It's usable again! :-) There are video tutorials all over the internet to solve this. So, dry your tears, and stop wasting precious product and money. :-) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello JoAnne Denise! We're so thrilled that you loved our Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation. We also appreciate the beauty tip you shared with us. Kindly remember though that we cannot guarantee the efficacy of our products when you mix them with synthetic ones. Also, in order to avoid contamination and to assure that the quality of our products are preserved, we advise against transferring our products into a different container. Rest assured that we constantly looking for more ways to expand our pro-environment efforts. Thank you so much for your support, JoAnne Denise! :)]
  • Myrna (08/18/2015)

    Thanks for bringing back my toffee foundie. Love it to the max, having found the perfect shade for my skin. True, it cracks especially when I've used about 3/4 of it already, but I just transfer it to another container and use it ala-loose powder type. Just happy you made toffee for morenas like me :-) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Myrna! We’re so happy that you love our Toffee Foundation! We’re all about bring out the natural beauty of Filipinas, whatever your hue. Because our pressed powder is 100% natural, the natural binders we use may not be as strong as chemical binders; however, they are definitely safer, healthier, and better for your skin than those synthetic foundations! Rest assured we are currently researching natural makeup binders that are as strong as chemical binders, minus the health risks. Thank you again!]
  • Janniele (09/12/2014)

    For the first time that I used this product, I was truly amazed and delighted by the result on my face. It made me compare it with my other previous compact powders and foundations. I could say that so far this is the best foundation ever! And to give me an extra healthy glow, I paired it with the natural day moisturizer. Now my face has long-lasting freshness and is very soft to touch. I don't even need to reapply many times in a day because it already gives me a matte finish look. The product does not just makes me feel good, but it is also very beneficial for me because it is natural and safe.
  • Dyan (06/23/2014)

    I mix it with a drop of elixir oil (or daily moisturizer) to make a liquid foundation base. Then, cover it with one layer of the powder foundation. I'm generally happy about this product because I'm confident that it's safe, 100%natural and it NEVER made me breakout (Very important cause i have acne-prone skin)>...i heard that rice powder is also good for controlling wrinkles(?).. It gives just slight or moderate coverage (it doesn't cover much skin discolorations/scars - i need to use a concealer for that-) BUT for the unblemished part of my face, the skin looks velvety smooth, and the pores are not visible. I look nice in photos, and family and friends compliment my skin.....
  • Ria (05/05/2014)

    I am fan of your mineral foundation (vanilla). You can track in my history of orders that i have been patronizing it quite a few times. My last two orders though have brought me disappointment which i couldn't bear anymore. I don't remember being able to finish the whole foundation because it always breaks. My second to the last one broke only after three uses. My last one broke when i just opened it. I am a little frustrated because i really like it but it's not working, it breaks easily. I am really conscious about what i put on my face so i particularly prefer your product. Please enhance its formulation to make and keep it compact and solid.May i request for a replacement please? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ria! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Cracking is a challenge that all makeup companies face, more so for a natural makeup brand like ours because we steer clear from harmful chemicals and synthetic binders. We use only natural binders to ensure that our makeup is 100% natural, and while these binders may not always be as strong as chemical binders, you can be certain you are putting only the safest makeup on your skin. Rest assured we are constantly working hard to improve our formulation because we really want to give you world-class quality makeup. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon to investigate the lots of your foundations and offer you a speedy replacement :) Thank you so much for all your support :)]
  • ghel (04/03/2014)

    I'm half-way through my first refill but oh no! It cracked half-way through. I still finish it though, because I love the foundation. My morena skin looks great in the Honey shade and the result is not cakey or too "made up". I use it everyday after my moisturizer and I noticed I don't need frequent "retouch" unlike before when I used just the face powder.I love that they have refills! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ghel! We're so thrilled that you've found your perfect match with our 100% Natural Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation in Honey. Cracking is a challenge that all makeup brands face and it's particularly tricky because we only use 100% natural powder binders. But that doesn't stop us from giving you the best and safest natural care available - you'll be pleased to know that we're currently working on a stronger powder formulation. You can definitely look forward to it :) Thank you!]
  • jane (02/14/2014)

    i love hhn foundation! the only problem is that it cracks at easily. so to avoid wasting the product, i put it in a loose powder container with a sifter. problem solved! =) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jane! We're so happy that you love our 100% Natural Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation. We're currently working on making our mineral powder and foundation stronger, so we'll definitely keep you posted :) Thanks!]
  • Pamela (12/26/2013)

    Hi! I already bought two refills but it makes me sad since I can't consume it all because of the cracks, and it breaks easily. But I really love your product! It blends to my skin perfectly!=) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Pamela! Cracking is a challenge many foundation companies face, especially with a natural formulation like ours that stays away from chemical powder binders in order to ensure that your skin gets on the safest natural care. We're currently working on improving our formulation and exploring natural binders, but here's a tip that most natural makeup junkies swear by: Once you begin to hit the pan or experience a few cracks, transfer the content into a clean and dry jar, give it a good shake, take your kabuki brush and voila! You can now use it as a loose powder and continue to enjoy its perfect blending quality til the end! :) Let us know how it works for you!]
  • Joana Dianne (10/24/2013)

    i love this foundation from the very beginning. it really makes my face stay fresh for hours.. however, i have concerns and frustrations, because i just received my package last Oct 17, delayed for more than 3 days due to courier problems. I haven't used the refill until now because i was finishing my last foundation. however, when i opened the box of refill this morning, i noticed some mild cracks, but i did not give too much attention to it and i carefully transferred it to the container, then i put it inside my kikay kit. Then, here's the annoying part, it cracked and since the container have holes for the puff, my kikay kit is full of foundation powder. when i opened the foundation, it is cracked :( i am so sad because i haven't used it for such a long time and i can't use it now knowing i paid for it in full price and this is what i get. :( :( i love your foundation, no doubt about it, but it cracks so easily.. i don't know if it was because of the delay in delivery or how it was packed but somehow, the mild cracks i saw progressed and made a mess. Please do something about this. :( it was still new, and i just transferred it today [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Joana! We're sorry to hear about your cracked foundation. We would like to get in touch with you to determine the cause of the cracking. Our foundation has undergone stress tests, drop tests, and transport tests, and it passed all of them. However, we understand that cracking is sometimes a challenge that natural products face particularly because unlike chemical foundations, we do not use synthetic binders because of their health risks - so you can be assured that our mineral foundation is 100% natural and safe for your health. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our products and we’ve already begun to work on making our 100% natural foundation stronger and even better. We would like to offer you a free replacement for your trouble and we hope you continue to support our natural products :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon!]
  • Maria Carmela (08/22/2013)

    I've been using this since the start of this year, and so far I love how it makes my face happy :) however, I bought a refill just about a month ago, and I've already noticed a sort of line break on the right side of the foundation. I didn't mind this, though. But now, it turned into a big crack, and half my foundation is pulverized. Not such a great value for money since I have to replace it again soon :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maria! We're happy our foundation makes your face happy :) We're sorry to hear about your cracked foundation refill, though. Cracking sometimes happens because the foundation's natural binders that we use are not yet as strong as chemical binders, although they are definitely safer for your skin and health. We also noticed that when refilling your foundation, it helps to take extra care in removing the new pan from its packaging and pressing it into your compact, to prevent the pan from bending or cracking the foundation bed. In any case, we want you to have the best experience with our products at all times so we would be happy to replace your refill for free! Our Customer Service will be in touch :) Thank you!]
  • Pauline (07/29/2013)

    I was happy that it had a refill. But i was sad to open my foundation after transferring it to the foundation kit and see that it had a big crack on top. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Pauline! We're sorry to hear about your cracked foundation. We will see to it that you get to enjoy a crack-free replacement right away. While we've already improved the natural formulation of our foundation to minimize cracking, it's still a challenge using all-natural binders to keep the powder from cracking. We are however committed to perfecting our genuinely natural, genuinely good makeup. Our Customer Service will be in touch!]
  • chekaii (07/09/2013)

    Perfect all day coverage as much as i want to rate it a 5star the cracking issue stopped me from doing so nevertheless i sOoooooo love this d same i did with ur mineral powder ;-) why not try what others are suggesting make a loose powder instead [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Chekaii! We've improved our formulation to prevent cracking, but it may still happen sometimes because the natural binders we use are not as strong as synthetic binders in chemical cosmetics - but they are DEFINITELY better for your health and skin than those chemicals! We're in the process of researching stronger natural binders and we'll definitely let you know once we've hit the jackpot :) We're happy you enjoy our foundation and thank you for your positive feedback! :)]
  • Jye (03/18/2013)

    Yeah, i finally found my HG (Holy Grail) Foundation. It blends well with my skin and never clogged my pores! First foundie that when looked closely to mirror, i dont have these parang nakalitaw na whiteheads in my cheeks and nose! The thing is, it cracks easily. I understand that it doesnt have much binders to be compact. Since i cant do nothing on that, i just transfer it in a small powder shaker with sifter. I just use a powder brush to apply. I suggest to change its packaging from compact to loose powder type one and have a small container with sifter and a mini puff. Just like other mineral foundie. I hope if ever you will change, it will not affect the price... :)
  • Joyce (03/04/2013)

    I bought the original compact in caramel and found it was a bit dark for my skin, but was able to use it up by blending with the island shell mineral powder on top. After finishing the pan, I bought a refill in honey this time. It immediately cracked from just a little pressure from the sponge. I don't need a replacement, I'm a patient gal, but I do have a suggestion. Why not start repackaging the foundation in loose powder form in little jars instead, the way ellana and other mineral make up brands do, while you're re-formulating the natural binders? That way customers know to be careful with the containers and take the proper steps to lessen mess. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Joyce! We're sorry to hear about your experience but we graciously thank you for your understanding and patience as our awesome R&D team continuously strives to unearth natural binders that are as good as - or better than! - chemical ones. We chose the compact format for our powder and foundation because it was found to be the more popular and convenient format among Filipinas. However we'll take your experience into consideration when evaluating our makeup, so thank you for your suggestion! :)]
  • Tin (02/23/2013)

    I really love the way this HHN Foundation makes my skin looks fresh and glowing all the time... =)
  • Jessica (02/21/2013)

    Great since my old compact was still functional. Only area for improvement: tends to crack easily :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jessica! We'll be happy to replace your cracked foundation. Our ingredients are free from chemicals that can be harmful to the skin, which means that stronger chemical powder binders are not used. However, we're improving our formulation so that our natural binders can be as good or even better than chemical ones!]
  • Danielle (12/14/2012)

    It's my first time to use HHN Foundation and I love it! It blends well with my skin but I was disappointed when it cracked.
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