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Nappy Cream 50g
Nappy Cream 50g
   This nappy cream is effective for baby's diaper rash and even mild 'bungang araw'. It relieves ou...  
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100% Natural | Fragrance-free

Rash-free, naturally

Keep your little one dry and comfy with every nappy change:
✓ Protects skin from wetness with kaolin clay and titanium oxide
✓ Coconut oil moisturizes
✓ Nourishes skin with antioxidant Vitamin E
✓ Fragrance-free and water-resistant

Did You Know? Digestive enzymes and ammonia found in baby’s wet diapers cause rashes and makes irritated skin even more sore. Prevent diaper rash by applying nappy cream at every diaper change to protect your baby’s delicate skin from the contents of their nappy.

Apply onto baby’s clean, dry bottom after every diaper change.

Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, hydrogenated castor oil, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, zinc oxide, Cera alba (beeswax), glyceryl caprylate (plant-derived), tocopherol (Vitamin E)

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  • Grazy (05/06/2021)

    I have been introduced to Human Nature products by my sister-in-law when I had my second child in 2018. I wasn't keen on using organic products before having this notion of it not being effective but this nappy cream in particular was my game changer. My baby started using this when she was a few months old until now that she is 3 years old. We make sure that she is never left without it especially her bumbum is very rash prone due to that she's kind of a hefty baby too and she is always gets the skin in her legs rubbing on each other. I owe it to this nappy cream that my baby and myself was saved from those cranky days brought to her by her rashes. And true to form, happy baby is indeed a happy mommy too. I highly recommend this! My sisters who takes care of my baby always asks to ensure that this is in stock as its part of my baby's after bath regimen❤
  • Katrina (11/02/2020)

    I second the motion, it works indeed
  • Paula Marie (02/23/2019)

    I love this product for my daughter. Me, being a first time mom, will surely recommend this. It really works. And it is very affordable.
  • Joana (01/29/2019)

    I love this product on my baby. As a newborn i did not put anything on his bumbum before putting on her diaper. so eventually she developed some rashes. But after applying this nappy cream on her the rashes were gone in just a dew days. So now I always apply this on her to avoid any rashes. Very effective and very safe for babies’ skin! Highly recommended! Thank you human nature.
  • JOY (07/31/2018)

    I love this! I use this at night to protect my baby from getting rashes. But whenever i forgot to apply this or she suddenly have rashes(even red patches on her thighs from skin asthma) i use this on my baby and apply liberally. The next thing i know her rashes are gone! Its very effective, and sometimes its like it have this instant effect. And its safe for my baby too since its made of natural ingredients. I once forgot to close this tightly and then found my baby with cream all over her arms and legs. She cant get it off so she cried lol. I just laugh at her and took a photo. I didnt panic cos its organic!
  • Kristine Ruby (02/13/2018)

    I like this product for my baby girl. She is "hiyang" to it and I like that it has a creamy and thick texture.Non-greasy and easily washable (on the hands) after application. Please develop a smaller packaging like that of the 10 g Soothing Balm line (or make it 20g). The 50 g packaging is quite bulky for travel. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Kristine Ruby! We're glad that our Natural Nappy Cream works for your daughter. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the packaging. Please rest assured that we will consider it for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Chermalyn (01/28/2018)

    This is a great product safe and effective as well as natural and toxic free the only downside is that it’s so hard to apply so instead of making diaper change easy it’s become a hustle. Please please please do something about this i really love your products and advocacy. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Chermalyn! Thank you for purchasing our Natural Nappy Cream. Please note that our Natural Nappy Cream does not contain synthetic ingredients that while may make it more spreadable can also be harmful to the skin. Nevertheless, we will consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Angeli (05/24/2017)

    i swear by this product its really effective! when i see my baby is starting to have rashes i just apply it then the next day its gone! please human nature i hope you will also make more baby products like for insect / mosquito bites! thank you for making such good organic products at affordable price [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Angeli! We're so glad that you loved our Natural Nappy Cream. We also appreciate your suggestion about a baby-safe insect repellent and we'll definitely consider this for the future development of our natural Baby Care line. Thank you!]
  • Anna Patricia (01/08/2017)

    My baby never got a bad case of diaper rash but whenever I see her bum getting a little red, I just apply this on at night and the following day, her bum is back to normal.
  • Jhaz (10/30/2016)

    Super great product. At first I was hesitant to use this but i had no choice coz my baby have a diaper rash and my pedia prescribed a product that was so hard to find. Desperately I saw this product at supermarket and buy it. And after 2 days of using this on my baby bottoms the red diaper rash really gone.. no marks at all... Super thanks HHM for this superb products.. really a must have for a mommies
  • Kaycee (07/24/2016)

    This nappy cream is effective for baby's diaper rash and even mild 'bungang araw'. It relieves our baby from pain and itch because whenever he has a diaper rash and we'd wash him, he'd cry of pain. He would stop after applying this cream. And I'm glad it's not made of harmful chemicals.
  • Maria (07/08/2016)

    This cream helps my 2-year old daughter who is suffering from skin asthma. I use it together with HHN Sunflower Oil. Works really great!!
  • Psyche (07/02/2016)

    I so love this nappy cream! Aside from diaper rash, I also used this to get rid of the mosquito bites. It really works for my baby. Happy mommy here!!
  • Michelle S. (05/24/2016)

    I'm a 20-year-old and this helps a lot with my eczema flares, which I've had for months now. Yes I use diaper rash cream on my arms and legs. It's an unpopular remedy for eczema sufferers like me. I'm also using baby wash, oil, and lotion. I love this but if you could make an even better eczema product then that would be amazing and will save a lot of babies/adults from the dangers of topical steroid. I'm willing to collaborate if needed. <3
  • SHERYLL (03/21/2016)

    Protects my baby's skin from diaper rash and irritation. Thumbs up for this!
  • Karina (09/25/2015)

    My newborn didnt have any rash since i used this cream. Great product!
  • Cha (08/26/2015)

    Hi like this product a lot, i hope you can market it on smaller sizes, say 10grams like that of the soothing balm so it will become more handy for moms on the go. I feel it is too "big or bulky" to bring on a short trip. Thank you.
  • Anne (08/17/2015)

    I was excited to buy this product coz if it's good review, but it did not work on my baby's nappy rash. I've been using it on my baby for almost a month now but her rashes are still there. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Anne! We're sorry to hear that our Nappy Cream did not work for your baby. We recommend halting its usage for now and observing how your baby's skin responds to the change. You may also consult your pediatrician for a professional opinion and advice. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you out in any way they can :) Thank you so much!]
  • Angela (05/11/2015)

    Received one as a gift from my baby's ninang. It indeed protects my baby's skin from diapy rash and irritation. Awesome product!
  • beann (03/10/2015)

    it works! my baby has no diaper rash
  • Van (01/21/2015)

    I am so glad to use this product on my baby since his birth 3 months ago. He never had diaper rash with this cream. I also use it on his underarms and neck on days when it's humid/hot that he sweats. It seems to soothe the irritating effect of the sweat on those areas. My baby's comfortable, plus I'm confident that I'm not exposing him to harmful chemicals. I've been using the Natural Baby Wash and Baby Oil on him, too. Thumbs up to this natural nappy cream!
  • Jane (10/29/2014)

    I was looking forward to the nappy cream - not because I had a baby or a skin condition that needed a nappy cream. I was eyeing this as a face primer! So I excitedly ordered it on its release date. Tried it on my face and to my surprise, this is fast becoming my favorite day moisturizer! It feels like a sticky paste - if you're familiar with mineral or physical sunblocks, you should feel at home with the cream's texture. Spreading is a bit difficult because the cream grabs onto the skin really well and maintains its sticky and almost stiff texture. But the results after are wonderful! It evens and smoothens the skin a bit - hello natural primer! And the stickiness? If you use powder foundations, this could be your new bestfriend! My liquid foundation went over it with no problems. So far I've tried this several ways over: serum-nappy cream-sunblock, serum-sunblock-nappy cream, nappycream-sunblock, sunblock-nappy cream. The result is dewy skin, not matte, that is neither oily or shiny! Surprisingly even if it's really thick, it doesn't clog my pores. I have oily-combination sensitive skin. I'm really loving this cream!
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