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Natural Baby Wonder Oil 100ml

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Powder Love 99.99% Natural
Tangerine Dream 100% Natural

Baby's skin soother
A few drops of this premium grade sunflower oil can help calm itchiness and small skin discomforts.

Gentle clean
Moisten a cotton pad with this wonder oil to clean baby's ears, belly button and skin folds.

Ideal for infant massage
Infant massage is crucial for baby’s development: it aids in healthy weight gain and helps lower stress levels to promote a stronger immune system. The natural lavender-chamomile scent helps relax your little one for a more peaceful slumber.


Have you tried the “I Love U” massage on your baby? This technique can comfort your baby and help ease symptoms of colic:
1. Trace the letter I down your baby's left side.
2. Then trace an inverted L, stroking across the belly along the base of her ribs from her right side to her left and down
3. Trace an inverted U, stroking from low on the baby's right side, up and around the navel, and down the left side. 

Source: How to Massage a Baby, www.parents.com

Natural Baby Wonder Oil in Powder Love:

Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut derived), glyceryl caprylate (plant-derived), parfum (fragrance, all-natural)

Natural Baby Wonder Oil in Tangerine Dream:

Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride (vegetable-derived), Citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel essential oil, glyceryl caprylate (vegetable-derived), parfum (fragrance, all-natural)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Nemia (12/16/2019)

    I've been using this since my baby was an infant and now she's 2 and a half. We applied it after changing her diaper and it prevents rash amazingly!
  • Teresa Cabaddu (10/10/2019)

    A must have for kids from 0yo to probably their lifetime. I am using this oil myself. I loved both scents!
  • Novs (11/22/2018)

    I have been using the Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil on my baby whenever he got insect bites and it heals and lightens the bite marks fast so I am quite hesitant to try this new product. But anyway, I tried it because I'm so loving the baby powdery scent. I have been using it for 3 days as my son's after bath moisturizer (and as mine also!) and i'm equally impressed as how it works on his skin - moisturizes, heals and lightens insect bites in a zap!
  • Jean Louie (11/22/2018)

    I love this this product. It really works on my baby's diaper rash :)
  • Chekaii (11/22/2018)

    i was the first one to use this wc i bought for my 2 kids :) i have mosquito bites on my legs wc really was so itchy..so when my package arrives i immediately (well after checking if my orders were complete)put oil over my insect bites..it relieved d itchiness i was feeling so i guess it works hehehe :) will be using it on my kids before bath tym kc i put oil s likod n chest nila :) Godbless HHN
  • Mary Grace (11/22/2018)

    It really works well on diaper rashes and i also applied it on my daughter's dried prickly heat rashes on the back and in just two days the rashes disappeared and my daughter's skin is better than ever! You can't feel the roughness on her back after using the HN baby oil! It's really a great product. You can use it in any rashes without worrying that it might be harmful to your kid. It's also mild so no worries about burnt skin. And sobra tipid gamitin. It's worth every cent.
  • Rona (11/22/2018)

    I love this product. I use this right after taking a bath, before drying my skin. It leaves my skin soft and supple all day long. Plus, I really like the scent.
  • rowena (11/22/2018)

    i would say its a miracle...just after 2 days my daughter insect bites was really healed...unlike before it end up like nangingitim then scar agad..but with this nawawala agad...thank you hhn...5 star for this...
  • Nina (11/22/2018)

    My toddler has very sensitive and dry skin. She has occasional attacks of eczema, too. I keep her skin moisturized to control her eczema and so to avoid having to use steroid creams in her. This product is really good in keeping the skin moisturized. I apply this on my toddler 3x a day and it really helped control eczema attacks. It's great for after bath or any time of the day since it is non-greasy.
  • Margarette (11/22/2018)

    My mom always told me to put oil on my baby's skin... and I'm not worried if my baby's skin will react as I know that this is 100% natural! This also helped sooth my baby's scalp as he used to have cradle cap. I also love how soft my hands feel after applying oil on my baby! :-D
  • Patricia (11/22/2018)

    This product is simply amazing. Not only it prevents diaper rash it also heals my son's insect bites and skin allergies. For me, it works well as a hand and cuticle moisturizer!
  • Gem (11/22/2018)

    My daughter and I love this product so much! We use this as our after bath oil. I hope you would change the bottle cap though, so it would become more user friendly. I think a pump bottle would be better or even lids like the ones on your shampoos. It tends to become messy when opening/closing the cap. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hi Gemma! We’re happy to know that you love our products and thank you very much for your suggestion. We promise to keep on improving our products so we can also keep our customers happy. :)]
  • GrishD. (11/22/2018)

    I was a bit apprehensive when I used this on my baby. But when I tried it a lot of times...I am hooked! I use this oil before and after my baby takes a bath. I also use it in her bum everytime I change her nappy and she has not had any episodes of skin rashes since!
  • girlygirl (11/22/2018)

    I've been using this oil instead of lotion for almost three months already. It does a great job of moisturizing my skin plus i love the scent.
  • Jennifer (11/22/2018)

    smells good. my baby and i are using this for our hair. the smell lasts long. i also use this for my back - kontra lamig. :)
  • Jennifer (11/22/2018)

    my three year old has sensitve skin i am using only hhn products for her from lotion, oil to kids wash. i also use this for her curly hair. she smells so good. my baby's skin now is smooth without the rashes from commercially made products claiming that they are hypo allergenic. thank you hhn!
  • Cath (11/22/2018)

    been using this product on my baby before and after bath, also whenever she gets insect bites and rashes. the smell is nice, not overwhelming at all. I hope you will soon have this on larger bottles, like 200 or 500 ml similar to the other baby products? :) thanks HHN!
  • Lr (11/22/2018)

    This is one of my favorite products! I use this as a body moisturizer instead of lotion. I love the smell and how light it feels despite that it's oil. My son loves it too. Human Nature, you definitely nailed this product!
  • Rosa (11/22/2018)

    This product helped massively during my baby's meconium phase! Not only did it keep diaper rash at bay, it helped greatly with the diaper change clean ups!
  • Stephanie (11/22/2018)

    this is definitely the best baby oil i've used for my little one. it's all natural and very effective on my baby's cradle cap :)
  • Celeste (11/22/2018)

    Hi. I love this. I've been using this one since my baby was a month old and she's eight months now. I use this on her after i put on the HN baby lotion and when i change her nappy's. Very useful when there are rashes or insect bites on my baby and my 6 year old son. Sometimes use this one when i ran out of sunflower beauty oil. That's why i always order before i ran out of stock. :)
  • Beverly (11/22/2018)

    I used this on my little one on her body and she had an allergic reaction. It took a week for the rash to fully heal. I wont be using this again on her. I wonder if the lotion would have the same reaction to her? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Beverly! We're sorry to hear about your experience. While our Natural Baby Wonder Oil uses only 100% natural ingredients and we very rarely get complaints about it (I think yours is the first we've had like this), it's still possible for some babies to be extra sensitive to certain ingredients. We would like to investigate your experience more and offer you a replacement or refund for your purchase to make it up to you. The lotion is an entirely different formulation, so it should hopefully be okay. We would recommend trying just a little bit on your baby though at first to be on the safe side. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :)]
  • Eileen (11/22/2018)

    Product expired too fast, noticed that the lid was turning yellow and it turns out it was already expired :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Eileen, we're sorry to hear you got an expired product from somewhere. We've checked our records and it doesn't seem you bought this from us - perhaps from a supermarket somewhere? Nevertheless, we always are committed to ensuring you get the best quality products - especially for your little one! - so we hope you'll let us make it up to you by offering you a replacement for free. Our Customer Service team will be in touch.]
  • AkoCDarna (11/22/2018)

    so love this product! i use it as an after shower bath oil :p and as a hair moisturizer. love how it keeps my curls. just a suggestion on the packaging though --- wish the new packaging will come in a flip-top cap instead of a screw-type cap just like the other products cause i always drop the cap tsk tsk.
  • Nathalie Joy (11/22/2018)

    It works and my daughter loves its scent! Full review here: http://blackshirt13.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/human-nature-natural-wonder-baby-oil/ [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you so much for this fantastic review, Nathalie! We're so thrilled that Francine loves our Baby Wonder Oil as much as you do! We hope you two get to try our Baby Wash and Lotion as well :) Thanks again!]
  • anabel (11/22/2018)

    I used this product on my daughter after every bath but to my dismay, she got allergic reactions/rashes ;-( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Anabel! We're sorry to hear about your daughter's experience. Our Natural Baby Care line offers the purest, mildest, and safest genuinely natural care available. It's also dermatologist-tested and proven safe for babies - so it's very rare that we receive reports of irritation. It's possible that your daughter may be sensitive or allergic to one of the natural ingredients in the product. We will look into your concern with utmost urgency and offer you a free refund, exchange, or credit for your product. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :) Thank you!]
  • Fely Rose (11/22/2018)

    We super love this product! My baby had rashes all over his face and body when he was 3months old. We were advised to use a very pricey lotion, cream and soap by his pedia but it did nothing to heal the rashes. I searched the internet for organic baby products and thank God i found human nature. We used the baby wash, lotion and oil from you guys and we saw the result after a few days. The rashes disappeared and since then we only used human nature for him. He will be turning one this November. I also use the oil as anti rash when changing his diaper.
  • DocRenz (11/22/2018)

    I bought the entire baby line of HNN even before my baby was born. I then gave this oil to the Yaya and instructed her to use it on his diaper area instead of whatever creams or powders being sold in drugstores. My baby is now a chubby boy of 3 months, and he has yet to develop any redness or diaper rashes. My only complaint is that the bottle cap can get lost easily, and is difficult to replace especially with oily fingers. A flip-top cap or something similar would be great.
  • fran (11/22/2018)

    I use this oil as a body moisturizer. It has kept my skin thoroughly moisturized without the greasy after feel the past few weeks that the air has been a little chilly and dry. and surprisingly it has also kept my back smooth and pimple-free =)
  • Hannah (11/22/2018)

    My baby and I truly love this product. We've been using it since her newborn stage and now that she's a year older, we love it even more. It keeps her skin soft and subtle and doubles as my makeup remover if I ran out of it. Thanks to your company for making quality yet affordable products that's safe for my baby and the environment. Kudos!
  • SHERYLL (11/22/2018)

    I love using this product from new born to date (my baby is now 1 year old), I used this every diaper change and no rashes was noticed. I also applied this on her hair and I noticed that her hair is smooth, manageable and kumapal pa ang hair nya. I even recommended this to my sisters son and her baby na dating manipis lang ang hair, gumanda from the time she started using this oil. Even sa insect bites and kung anu ano pa I put this oil and its really a miracle oil. Good job HNN team.
  • Lianne (11/22/2018)

    We've used this product for our bunso since she was a newborn and we have nothing but absolute love for it! She's a chubby little one, and wonder oil keeps the folds of her skin from getting irritated. Also, her bum is soft and smooth because this has kept her from getting rashes. The fact that it's cloth diaper friendly is a plus point. The one time she got redness on her bum, from using a certain brand of disposable diapers, one thin layer of wonder oil made it go away immediately. We've never gone without it since! Also, it's great for massaging her, our eldest, and us parents too. We adore the baby scent and the fact that it's gentle. The biggest advantage of wonder oil, for us, is the sunflower oil content! Our sensitive skin scars and darkens easily, but a quick rub with a small amount of this oil lessens irritation from insect bites and other boo-boos, considerably lessens the scarring, and visibly lightens existing dark spots. Not just for baby, but for kids and adults too. Yay for wonder oil!
  • Apple (11/22/2018)

    I use this baby oil on my underarm instead of the Sunflower Beauty Oil (because I like the baby oil's mild scent) before I sleep. The next morning, my underarm is softer and lighter. Hope you can also come up with a natural baby powder :)
  • Kat (11/22/2018)

    I bought almost all HHN baby line (exceptmthe nappymcream as it was kind of expensive). My baby is now 1 month and we've been using HHN lotion, wash, and this oil. The 3 are perfect combination! The oil is very effective, my little one has a few insect bites and I used it on the area and inflammation was gone. Scratch due to,finger nails gone as well. The best baby oil ever! Only feedback is the cap/cover, it's quite difficult to open/close the bottle specially if you have a squirmish baby. Can you please enhance the bottle? Perhaps similar to your massage oils? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Kat! So glad you and your little one love our Baby Care line! :) We can definitely take your packaging suggestion into consideration :) Thank you!]
  • Raphonzel (11/22/2018)

    This is a product my child has used for 2 years now. It is good for her skin and it smells wonderful. With this product I know my child is not getting any toxic stuff on her skin!
  • Bel (11/22/2018)

    I have been using this baby oil as my lotion for months now and I love how effective it is. My skin is smoother. I hope it comes in bigger size also.
  • Tes (11/22/2018)

    nahigad ung 7month old nephew ko tapos sobrang nagkakamot na kaya ung lola pinahiran sya ng Wonder Oil na ito hoping na mawala man lang ung kati. The next day, nawala lahat ng pantal at kati ni baby! Para lang daw nagdahilan! Super bumilib sila sa product na ito kaya pati ung isang tita nakikipahid na din. Hahaha! By the way, I gave the set of baby products as a gift to baby when he was born. Super WONDERful talaga tong oil na to!
  • Liza (11/22/2018)

    I have an 8 month old son, and since the day he was born, I was using this product on him. It's my go to product for insect bites, rashes, dry skin, and I even put oil on his baby bum to prevent diaper rash! It is so effective that I haven't been able to use the Nappy Cream I bought just before I gave birth. The only concern I have is I hope it comes in bigger sizes just like the Baby Wash.
  • Anna Kathrina (11/22/2018)

    love this! been using it since bub was 1 month old--6 months now and still my fave to date!
  • Rei (11/22/2018)

    when I was pregnant my tummy was flawless but after I gave birth I dunno why but suddenly ang dami ko ng stretchmarks. I tried HHN baby oil since it has sunflower oil and in a week naglighten yung stretchmarks ko and hindi na siya super shiny nagblend na sa skin ko. also i gave some to my lola na may allergy sa legs because of lack of mobility sabi ng doctor nya normal na yun sa age at ayaw ng bigyan ng gamot pero in a week of using HHN oil nawala yung kati niya at hindi na nagsusugat.
  • Agnes (11/22/2018)

    I use this product for myself after bath as body oil and it never failed me and since then I rarely use any lotion because my skin never gets dry. I recommend this to anyone who has a very sensitive skin. I used to buy those expensive body oil but now this is my new companion during bath time. Thanks for this great product!
  • Cinny (11/22/2018)

    I love this, I'm pregnant and I'm on my third trimester, I use this on my rashes to stop the itchiness and to moisturize the very dry skin you get from pregnancy.
  • Jacinta Eve (11/22/2018)

    I use this on my two month old along with the baby wash. I see the effects within two days! The bumps on my baby's skin are lesser and they decrease in size, baby's got smoother skin and his complexion really improved!
  • Cristine (11/22/2018)

    This product is heaven-sent! I've been using this as a "lotion" to my 10 month old baby and this works wonders! My baby has so many scars due to mosquito bites and after a week of using this, i noticed that the scars lighten! I love the smell too!!! It's not sticky and very easy to apply.
  • JOSELIE (11/22/2018)

    I bought this for my 3month old baby. He was using the wash already however when i applied the oil, a lot if rashes appeared on his arms chest and legs. I am sure this is hypoallergenic and 100% no harmful ingredients but i dont know what happened. I stopped using it for now but my question is should have i continued using it for a few more days bec.he might have been just adjusting or with that he is already proven allergic? Thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Joselie! Thank you for purchasing our Natural Baby Wonder Oil. We're sorry about your experience and we'd be happy to help you in any way we can. Please note that babies are prone to heat rash (prickly heat) because their sweat glands are not fully developed yet. Applying on parts of the skin where babies sweat a lot, it is possible for rash to develop. We recommend applying only a thin, even layer of our Natural Baby Wonder Oil on your baby's skin to minimize the possibility of adverse reactions. I hope this helps, Joselie. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Mary Rose (11/22/2018)

    It really works for my baby's sensitive skin.. di na siya nagkakarashes.. i also use baby wash and lotion.. pero medyo pricey kesa sa gamit ko dati na nivea baby oil.. 200ml for ₱114 only.. samantalang 100ml lang tong sa HHN baby oil for ₱149.50 na.. kaya medyo nagdalawang isip din ako nun sa pagbili ko dahil sa price.. ehehe.. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Mary Rose! We're so glad that you liked our Natural Baby Wonder Oil. We also appreciate your feedback on the price; rest assured that we'll take it into consideration for the future development of the product. Kindly note that our Natural Baby Wonder Oil uses pure, premium-grade sunflower oil and does not contain any ingredients that can pose any harm to your baby. Thank you!]
  • Maricel (11/22/2018)

    I have a 10month old baby, I used this as his lotion after bath (using natural baby wash) and have never encountered any serious baby rash. And his skin is super smooth and supple.
  • Kimih (11/22/2018)

    Effectively controls underarm odor. No more BO. :)
  • Marian (11/22/2018)

    My daughter is already 4 years old and she's still using this oil together with sunflower oil. :) Since she's a G6PD positive baby, I choose to use only all natural products and so far human nature products never failed us :) I use this oil for her tummy and back and legs every after bath and before bedtime for her massage :) I hope you can make more scent like lavender. I'm so glad there's already tangerine scent available. I hope it's as effective as this one. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Marian! We're glad that you loved our Powder Scent Baby Wonder Oil. We also appreciate your suggestion on the new scent. Rest assured we'll consider this for the future development of our Baby Care line. Thank you!]
  • May (11/22/2018)

    I always have one since my child's birth....really works wonderfully as skin moisturizer and prevents rashes. It's also effective for insect bites :)
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