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Tea Tree Oil 30ml
Tea Tree Oil 30ml
   I'm using this on my pimples as spot treatment. My pimple dries faster! I just want to say THANK ...  
- Mara
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100% Natural

Recommended for:
safe, natural cleansing for the skin

Purifying remedy
Tea tree helps ease fungal skin concerns, cut down on acne and deal with body odor.

If you are pregnant, hypertensive or have epilepsy, consult with your physician prior to use of essential oils.

Elevate your plantita & plantito status with our guide to genuinely natural oil recipes! Download our Wellness Recipe Book here.


Dry Scalp Relief
Add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to Clarifying Shampoo and mix well. Use as often as needed and rinse thoroughly.

Foot Purifier
Clean feet thoroughly, especially between toes. Apply Tee Tree Oil directly to the feet, and then dust with cornstarch to absorb excess moisture.

Body Odor Buster
Combine a few drops of Tea Tree Oil with warm water in a spray bottle and spray on odor-prone areas such as the armpits and feet. Make sure to dry your skin thoroughly afterward.

caprylic/capric triglyceride, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf essential oil

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  • Rea Cyril (12/21/2020)

    i love this product! this is how i use it to clear my acne: after washing my face i will drop maybe 5 droplets of the oil on my palm and then i will dip mg finger on it and apply directly on my stubborn acne whether it is about to pop, still shy, still small or already prominent it just dries off the acne but my skin isn't. just the acne and if i do this at night, the next morning the dried acne, dont know what's the name of the thing, you know the hard yellowish that sits on top of the acne when it dries off (which for some reason i got the habit of flattening it out in between my 2 thumb nails , TMI sorry) and then if it was a big acne it will gets smaller and if it was already small its gonna be gone and it doesnt leave a dark spot or mark that it sooo hard to get off! i tried this on my face for a but few acnes and then when i know that it is safe on the skin, i asked my son to also use this since he got more acnes than me and i will keep you posted if this cures his really really stubborn acnes!
  • Joy (05/20/2020)

    I use this a spot treatment for occasional pimples (instead of the acne gel) and I'm constantly amazed by how fast it dries up the pimples in a pain-free and natural way. I have yet to explore its antibacterial properties.
  • Ella (09/30/2019)

    I always see to it that I never run out of tea tree oil ever since I learned about the antimicrobial properties of this wonder oil. What's great about the HHN tea tree oil is its ready-to-use formulation. I use this as spot treatment for pimples and as antimicrobial additive in our detergent, dish washing liquid, and surface cleaners.
  • JM Darlucio (08/19/2019)

    I vouch for this product. It is half the price and triple the size of the tea tree oil I usually buy from a popular brand. This cleared my acne, I use it generously directly on my acne, I mix it with my facial moisturizer I even add drops of it in my alcohol spray. My all around antiseptic lifesaver. For long term acne sufferer like me, give this a try! You have nothing to lose! Thank you for making this HN!
  • Geraldine (07/15/2019)

    I have tried a lot of deodorants before but this is the essential oil/deodorizer that topped it all. I mix this with my deodorant spray and voila, removed the smell from my armpits. 2 thumbs up!!!
  • Jem (04/12/2019)

    I love this product, it makes my pimples heal faster. I used it together with acne defense product of HHN. Ty HHN.
  • Chris (03/17/2019)

    I put tea tree oil on my face after cleansing and use it also to my laundry. Very effective!
  • SM (03/10/2019)

    This product's a winner! So many uses! I use this on the last rinse for my baby's clothes. Smells so clean and sanitzed! No harmful effects on my baby's skin! MORE IMPORTANTLY I don't experience b.o. anymore! I had a strong b.o. before that nothing can make it go away huhuhu I'd been let down several times by deodorants in the market except for Milcu but Milcu makes my pits wet all the time :( SOOO I tried HHN TTO. I put some on my pits before using Milcu or other deos et voila! NO MORE B.O. GOODBYE BASKIL JABAR! Saved by this product!! SALAMAT HHN!
  • Kayel (05/02/2018)

    This is a multipurpose oil for me and my whole fam. It is a must have oil for my pimple/hormonal acne treatment, I also noticed that it minimizes my pores and I'm not sure how and why but I dab a drop of it in my whole face every night. I also use this in our diffuser mixed with peppermint oil for refreshing and air purifying effect. I also mix several drops of it with water in a spray bottle and spray it on my scalp for dandruff treatment and for my kiddos body before taking a bath and it successfully prevents the "asim" smell on them.
  • Gelie (11/07/2017)

    I used this tea tree oil in making my own deodorant and mouthwash and IT WORKED! It helps to protect me from unpleasant body odor and bad breath unlike any commercially made products. I just hope you come up with smaller bottle as I am using very few drops and I'm afraid that big amount of my TTO will just expire. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Gelie! We're glad that our Tea Tree Oil works for you. Please note though that our Tea Tree Oil has not been tested for internal use and we don't recommend ingesting the product or using it orally. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the packaging and rest assured that we will consider for the future development of the product. Don't worry though as our Tea Tree Oil has a shelf life of 19 months. Thank you!]
  • Kimih (06/24/2017)

    Effective on cystic acne! I love HHN's Tea Tree Oil. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. This helps hasten the healing of cystic acne. I only need a few drops to heal stubborn acne. It also minimizes the inflammation and itchiness of my mosquito bites. Unfortunately, it has a strong herbal scent but it is tolerable.
  • D (06/11/2017)

    I bought this product because I wanted to use this as a spot treatment for pimples. I've been using another tea tree product that I absolutely love but I wanted to switch to this because I found out that this is much cheaper. I tried applying it on my pimples but upon contact with my skin I felt that the formulation was too runny and felt too oily compared to the other tea tree product I've been using. I felt that the tea tree oil was too diluted (the smell was faint) and there was too much of the first ingredient on the list - caprylic/capric triglyceride. Also, it didn't sting when I applied it on my pimples, which I found odd because I know for a fact that when you apply tea tree oil on your skin you should feel a slight "stinging sensation." I wish they will consider changing the formulation and make the tree tree oil stronger (but still safe for topical application of course). Don't get me wrong, I really love Human Nature products and I love how they only use natural ingredients in their products; but sad to say, I really didn't like this one, specifically for spot treating pimples. It's a good thing tea tree oil has many other uses or else this would definitely have been a waste of money. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello D! Thank you for purchasing our Tea Tree Oil. We also appreciate your honest feedback and we'll definitely consider it for the future development of our Wellness Oils. Kindly note that the reason why we combine natural tea tree oil with a carrier oil is to make sure that it may be safely used for topical application. If you wish to treat acne, we recommend instead that you try our Acne Defense Facial Wash and Acne Defense Solution Gel. I hope this help! Thank you.]
  • Jane (04/26/2017)

    I was a fan of tea tree oil for monthly breakouts. Note that in cases of moderate to severe acne, it won't work :( You will need stronger stuff and a visit to the derma. But for monthly breakouts, a cystic pimple here and there, this is adequate. What I didn't know this oil can do was treat nail fungus. My mom had a bad case of nail fungus due to a bad pedicure. She was prescribed with Canesten (?) but literally months had passed and her nail was not getting better. I was worried so I looked it up and was horrified to learn it was contagious! So I read up on possible natural remedies and one suggestion was applying tea tree oil to the affected nail and toe. I always have a bottle so I applied several drops on her bothersome big toe. By then her big toe nail looked like it was a part of the Grand Canyon, thick and grossly discolored. Worse, the skin surrounding her infected nail was discolored too. Behold, after just one application the next morning the skin around her toe nail almost went back to normal. 2-3 days later, skin was normal looking again! 3 weeks later most of the infected nail has come off! So if you have a bad case of nail fungus, try this! Also I mix it with SBO : 1 part tea tree oil and :3 parts SBO - serves as my home deodorant :)
  • Lora-Lee (04/05/2017)

    Another tee trea product that has failed me :( Tea tree why do you hate me? I have yet to find a tea tree product that actually helps with pimples. I only get 1-2 a month but they tend to be in very noticeable spots on my face so I am desperate for something to dry them up fast! I first tried the Acne Spot Gel (didn't help either) and graduated to this hoping the concentration of tea tree will make a difference. I also read somewhere that it should work on warts so I have been trying it on this 1 wart but after several weeks there is no difference. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Lora-lee! Thank you for purchasing our Tea Tree Oil. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Kindly note that while many users have used our Tea Tree Oil to treat acne, results may still vary depending on the user's skin, the bacteria present on the skin and how deeply it has penetrated the skin. Some people respond faster to ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Ki (03/05/2017)

    I have moderate acne. I bought this product because I've read this can be used to dry pimples. I applied it last night and when I woke up this morning all of my pimples are dried. Thank you, HHN!
  • JOSIEPHINE (03/02/2017)

    Just recently, i had skin rashes near my private part due to use of sanitary napkins. I bought HHN Red Days feminine wash and HHN Tea Tree Oil. After using the feminine wash, i applied the oil directly to my skin. I was really amazed because i felt relieved instantly! No more itchiness & the bumps due to rashes went dry & has disappeared. I am super satisfied with the results!
  • Mara (01/25/2017)

    I'm using this on my pimples as spot treatment. My pimple dries faster! I just want to say THANK YOU to the beauty consultant who did my facial mapping for introducing this product to me. I forgot to ask her name... :D
  • Acelleb (10/06/2016)

    Wow this tea tree oil is amazing. I have been suffering from impetigo (mamaso) for a couple of weeks. Tried all the doctors advice like oral antibiotics, ointments etc and still not cure the impetigo. Luckily i found in internet the many uses of tea tree oil and thank goodness HHN for bringing this oil in PH at such a good price. After applying this oil. My impetigo is cured in a couple of days. From now on, I make sure i have supply of this oil incase i got another flare up of impetigo.
  • Emil (07/30/2016)

    I have oily skin and acne prone skin....i really love this product it reduces my breakouts about 50% i think it would be better if you can increase the concentration. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Emil. We're thrilled that you loved our Tea Tree Oil. We also appreciate your honest feedback. Kindly note that the concentration of our Tea Tree Oil was meant to be safe for topical application which is why the concentration is not very high. Thank you! :)]
  • Mylene (06/28/2016)

    For the past couple of weeks, I've been having extremely itchy and dry scalp, thus, extreme hairfall as well. I read that Tea Tree Oil can be combined with shampoo to lessen itchiness. So I tried putting several drops of HN Tea Tree Oil to my favorite shampoo, shook it well, and VOILA! Instantly, my scalp and hair felt better and after that first wash, my scalp wasn't itchy anymore, my hair felt silkier and my hairfalll immediately reduced by more than half! I'm asking my father to put Tea Tree Oil to his itchy skin because for a long time now, he had been scratching like crazy! He had been using imported creams to reduce the itchiness but it always comes back. I hope it helps relieve his discomfort. I'll definitely recommend HN Tea Tree Oil to all of my friends and family members.
  • JOANNA (02/24/2016)

    Just wanted to share my family's wonderful experience with HHN Tea Tree Oil. It really works as a very good underarm deodorant better than the HHN deo roll on and deo stick. It also worked on my daughter's sty, I would use a small cotton ball and put a couple of drops of the TTO and apply it to the sty gently. Thanks HHN!
  • Cin Eve (01/27/2016)

    I put one drop of tea tree oil to HN night moisturizer and it works in controlling my breakouts! Plus my skin gets moisturized. Great deodorizer and I will stock on tea tree oil especially with the baby on the way! Just right, perfect!
  • chekaii (08/19/2015)

    I tried using this as a deo since i was never happy with the result in using HHN's deo and hesitant to try the deo stick... Due to hot and humid weather we have, i hated the ua smell i have. and i gave this a try and it worked no more funky smell :) i wanted to try using it with RHO unfortunately it broke na huhubels... keep it up
  • Adrian Val Olonan (08/17/2015)

    I've read this is a native plant of Australia but spread all over the globe and it's nice that it can grow here in the Philippines and can be sold at a Filipino-friendly price. This is truly great. Very badass in neutralizing odor, especially in smelly shoes and laundry pile. If I got a pimple, I apply a drop, spread it evenly, and problem solved. I just don't like the vial though. Be careless and much of the oil may spill. If you're familiar with the fictional anti-aging serum Regenerate from the teaser of "Resident Evil:Apocalypse", the vial looks slender and there is a pump of it. Just don't like the dropper though.
  • marie (08/11/2015)

    I have a mole that is growing and it is starting to bother me because it is near my nose (it looks like a dirt). So I already asked derma clinics how much is their mole removal service. Then I tried searching over the net if there is a natural way to do so, and I read that tea tree oil is one. So I tried applying it regularly like 3x a day and it worked like magic. I am now mole-free. :D
  • Jan Kathleen (07/27/2015)

    I've researched about the benefits of tea tree oil since 2013. I'm glad that HNN offers this special oil at a cheaper price and a bigger variant compared to other brands. The tea tree oil combined with the baby oil cured my hadhad and athlete's foot. Beats buying anti-fungal creams! Today, I made a deodorant like one of the commentators here mentioned. Gosh and it worked like magic! And my skin wasn't irritated compared to when I was still using tawas powder. I would like to suggest that you consider making a tea tree soap. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jan Kathleen! We're so glad you love our Tea Tree Heritage Oil! You'll be pleased to know that we've just launched our NEW All-Natural Deodorant Stick! It has natural tea tree oil to fight odor-causing bacteria and sunflower oil to help lighten underarms, so we're very excited for you to try it out! You'll also be thrilled to know that we're very close to launching a tea tree cleansing bar as well - so do stay tuned to that! Thank you so much!]
  • Carol (05/25/2015)

    i was hesitant to buy this at first because it really smelled like a bathroom cleaning product. but i tried all the things mentioned by other reviewers and this product really works wonders. to add, i used this a final rinse to my laundry...clothes and bed sheets came out smelling fresh and clean. i also put a few drops in a spray bottle to disinfect and clean surfaces around the house, i put it in my air cooler to get rid of the stale smell of water. i havent tried putting it on pimples and warts but will definitely experiment on that! Am buying my second bottle... [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Carol! We're so thrilled that you're loving the many uses of our Tea Tree Heritage Oil! :) For pimples, you can try our Acne Defense Solution Gel as it contains additional pimple-fighting actives other than tea tree oil to fight acne. While we haven't tested it on warts, our Tea Tree Heritage Oil contains 15% tea tree essential oil - the maximum dermal concentration suitable for topical application - and we've received one successful report from a customer who found it to be effective in keeping her wart-free. As with all products, we recommend doing a patch test first to ensure you are not sensitive or allergic to its natural ingredients before using it regularly :) Thank you!]
  • Allyn (05/11/2015)

    I have a pimple prone skin even at age 40. Because of this I stopped using Human Nature day and night moisturizers, doing so my skin became dull and fine lines started showing up again. I decided to try this precious bottle of Tea tree oil and mixed (1:1) 1 drop to 1 pump of Day/Night moisturizer and finally made me pimple, whiteheads, blackheads free, as i revitalize and nourish my skin. I also added a few drops to my HN dishwashing liquid solution, HN hand soap foaming solution (handsoap diluted in water and transferred to a foaming pump bottle) and to my liquid detergent for that Anti-Bacterial boost. Finalmente! Solution to the obstacles of green living!
  • Tedi (04/08/2015)

    The first time I bought this was way back in December 2014; my hands were partially bandaged because I could not stand the pain from wart cauterization and could not finish the treatment because the attendant was making rude comments and her hands kept "slipping", burning other parts of my hands, since I was only using a voucher and not paying in full. Most online articles and videos say that the teatree oil warts treatment takes about 3-6 months, so I was pleasantly surprised that my hands were wart-free in less than a month. I did not even have to cover them with band-aids, and used about 3-5 drops like hand lotion 2-3 times daily. So many aesthetic centers should be scared of this tiny bottle.
  • Raphonzel (03/17/2015)

    Excellent for getting rid of b.o. I apply a few drops directly on my underarms and for 12 hours no b.o.! No rashes too! I have been using this for ten days now. I think this will be my permanent deo. No more commercial deo for me! Thanks HN!
  • Michelle (01/10/2015)

    I used this oil in DIY-ing my homemade underarm deodorant. Click here for the recipe -- http://www.behealthyandwell.com/2015/01/natural-homemade-deodorant-with-tea.html Works so well in preventing body odor. I have also been using it as a household cleaner and deodorizer. I will be making a mouthwash with this as well.
  • faye08 (01/03/2015)

    I use this product for my hormonal acne and it dries up my pimples. I also use pure rosehip oil for my scars. Its also good for open wounds. This is a great product.
  • EDZ (11/30/2014)

    I used to apply the pure rosehip oil in my underarm but im pretty conscious that i might smell coz it hasn't antibacterial properties, but since tea tree oil has arrived i tried to apply a single drop to every 3 drops of pure rosehip oil when applying it in my underarm.so far, for 2 weeks of using, never did i get smelly, no irritations as well. I'm also using this to clean my leather bags which were stored for a long time that has white patches and it's really good.shiny and clean, good as new leather bags... :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi EDZ! We're so glad you love our natural oils! While our Pure Rosehip Oil is safe for the underarms, our Tea Tree Oil is not intended for use on the underarms due to its strong scent and the sensitivity of the underarm skin. We're glad you've found a natural way to clean your leather bags, though! Very resourceful indeed :) Thanks and have a great day!]
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