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₱ 249.75

Let little ones learn about loving the earth with less litter. Our plastic bottle-free Kids Natural Shampoo Bar busts dirt and grime while keeping hair clean and healthy-looking!

₱ 69.75
Delight in a spritz of freshness as you bid bacteria goodbye. Keep your hands protected with this formula clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs.
₱ 199.75

A concentrated blend of essential oils and floral waters to help ease you into sleep.

₱ 10.00

Christmas is here so we packed our latest magalogue with affordable gifts you can give your loved ones while supporting local businesses!

₱ 249.75

Removes impurities, fights flakes and energizes hair & scalp minus the plastic bottle!

₱ 199.75

Soothe ngilo without the compromise!

₱ 275.00
A multitasking clay mask for clear pores and ultra-smooth skin
₱ 149.75
Pamper your hardworking palms, soles and heels with this powerful blend of natural plant emollients: miracle moisturizer sunflower oil, skin-renewing avocado oil, soybean and coconut oils, and aloe extract
₱ 259.75
Keep salon-treated hair gorgeous and help keep color vibrant with our genuinely natural formulation that’s absolutely free from harmful chemicals.
₱ 359.00

Invite nature into your home and office with these pure essential oil diffusers. Created with ingredients selected carefully from nature, Aurae Natura brings the goodness of a spa experience to any dwelling.

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