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4-in-1 Natural Cocomutt Shampoo 400ml
4-in-1 Natural Cocomutt Shampoo 400ml

   This is the best dog shampoo I've ever tried on my dog! Even my dog does not have any objection...  
- Shiena
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99.25% Natural

Healthy pup pampering
Lather your pup from snout to tail with Human Nature 4-in-1 Natural Cocomutt Shampoo! Made with Philippine coconut nectar, sunflower and avocado oils, our natural pet shampoo gently moisturizes fur, helps soothe skin discomforts, and keeps their coat shiny and irresistibly snuggly with cruelty-free, nontoxic pet care. Purr-fect for pussycats and other furry friends, too!

✓ Moisturizing for softer and shinier fur
✓ Helps soothe skin
✓ Mild and gentle
✓ Safe for puppies and kittens

Absolutely "fur-ee" from toxins
✓ Paraben-free
✓ SLS/SLES-free
✓ Synthetic fragrance-free
✓ Dye-free

Available in a zesty 100% Natural Tangerine Scent

Human Nature guarantees the strictest standards for naturalness, human and animal safety and environmental responsibility in this product, with ingredients from biodegradable, renewable resources and microbial safety up to 100x higher than industry standard.

While washing your pet, take your time massaging the neck area and ears, they’ll love that too! Just as with washing babies, be careful not to let any shampoo get into your pet’s eyes.

aqua (water), sodium cocoyl isethionate (coconut- derived), decyl glucoside (vegetable-derived), Persea gratissima (avocado) seed oil, Cocos nucifera (coconut) nectar, Citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) peel essential oil, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, Cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass) essential oil, Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (guar) gum, olus (vegetable) oil, tocopherol (Vitamin E), sodium lactate (plant-derived), sodium gluconate (plant- derived), benzoic acid (plant-derived), dicaprylyl ether (plant-derived), levulinic acid (plant-derived), sodium levulinate (plant-derived), glycerin (plant-derived), xanthan gum (plant-derived), citric acid (plant-derived), p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived), phytic acid (rice bran-derived), potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Jennifer (07/04/2021)

    The only shampoo na hiyang for my dog. No dandruff. No rashes. Reduced the itchiness. My dog smells good, hindi amoy aso.
  • Sheryll (02/12/2021)

    This shampoo makes my dog's fur so white and shiny. I hope you can make a bar shampoo version of this as the liquid shampoo is easily used up.
  • cristelle kaith (04/15/2019)

    This is the only doggy shampoo that doesn't mess with my dogs hair color and it has a cheaper price compared to the other dog shampoo. two thumbs up for this product. other thoughts on furry kind:
  • Anna (04/15/2019)

    It doesn't smell as great as other dog shampoos out there, but I love this product for the following reasons: 1. It made my dog's fur smooth and glossy after just one bath. 2. My dog's skin isn't as irritated as it was before. 3. It helped clear up his dandruff problem. 4. We noticed new fur growing on the bald patches on his skin after we started using this shampoo on him.
  • Jen Riazon (04/15/2019)

    My labrador puppy, Max uses this shampoo. He loves playing with water, whatever that kind is and results in doggy odor. The shampoo has a very light tangerine scent which effectively removes doggy-odor and stays very light that it doesn't bother the uber-sensitive olfactory glands of my pet. Perfect! =)
  • MIles (04/15/2019)

    I use this for my two Chihuahuas. Leaves their fur super soft without needing to leave it on for 10 minutes. I'm so glad that bath time is so much faster, easier and safer with this product. Hope you can have other scents and an anti tick and flea variant soon.
  • Angel (04/15/2019)

    Used this on my golden retriever after she started having rashes from human shampoo (bad idea!). The rashes immediately went away and her fur is softer than ever! Hope you sell bigger bottles para cheaper.
  • Crissy (04/15/2019)

    Very nice shampoo, my dogs are pomeranians and shih tzu's( long coated breeds) and it's great for their skin and coat. One of my poms had dull coat and this shampoo helped moisturize his dry dull coat My shih tzu's coat is much more manageable too. My hands feel soft after bathing my dogs so I know this shampoo is gentle and has a great moisturizing effect :-)
  • Nicole (04/15/2019)

    I used this shampoo for two of my Dachs and their coat is so shiny and smooth! We at the household also noticed that it gets rid of fleas and ticks. Maybe it's because of the orange and lemongrass oil? Superb product and definitely stocking up. Just ordered 6 more bottles!
  • SHIENA (04/15/2019)

    This is the best dog shampoo I've ever tried on my dog! Even my dog does not have any objection and loves it as much as I do. I also love that it takes the odor away for days, considering that it is mild and natural. Just hoping you'd come up with an anti-tick and flea formula soon. :)
  • Rachel (04/15/2019)

    As much as this is my collaborative pet product with the incredible Human Nature, I have to say how much I love it more than ever! I've seen miraculous results after several washes:- bald patches grow new fur, hot spots disappear, itchiness is relieved, dull fur starts to glow, flakey skin improves, fur becomes incredibly soft, doggy odour disappears. I'm convinced dogs love it just as much as I do - I'm not faced with a distressed animal struggling to leave the tub. They say a dog's nose is 10 million times more sensitive than ours so they must know. It must be a real treat to have a 100% no harmful chemical bathing experience :) Well done Human Nature on your terrific formula!! Looking forward to more kinds of Furry Kind! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you so much, Rachel! We couldn't have done it without you :)]
  • Adrian Val (04/15/2019)

    This pet shampoo really makes our dogs' fur so soft and silky, like they've used conditioners. But the downside is the lack of bubbles. I hope coconut fatty acid sulfates (CFAS) can be added up to this later. Also that it doesn't have antiparasitic component. So, our dogs switch back to the usual pet soap. Though this pet soap sounds natural because of madre de cacao, I still doubt its naturalness because it doesn't seem to disclose key ingredients.Also, it's a sheer fact that terms like "natural" and "organic" are freely used in the market. My final thought? I hope you can come up with an all-natural pet cleansing bar with madre de cacao and other natural antiparasitic components. It would be really nice to share with our dogs the natural goodness I enjoy with your cleansing bars. Good luck! :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Adrian! Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to hear that your dogs love our Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo. Its current formulation is 96.4% natural, the remaining 3.6% being comprised of a safe surfactant alternative. You'll be happy to know that we are working to release a new formulation that contains CFAS by early next year so that your dogs can enjoy a bubbly bath, too! We completely agree that the terms "natural" and "organic" are used too loosely in the commercial market, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that our formulations are genuinely natural and 100% free from harmful chemicals. We follow strict standards set by the US Natural Products Association to guarantee the integrity of our products. You can also be assured that we state every single ingredient in all of our products to maintain transparency and encourage our customers to develop the habit of reading the label before buying any product :) Lastly, we understand that ticks and fleas are a concern for every pet owner, and we will definitely look into a natural antiparasitic pet product :) Thanks always!]
  • MARICAR (04/15/2019)

    It's my first time to try out this product for my dogs and I'm pretty amazed that my shih tzu - Molly, who's been itching this past few months, lessened her scratching as soon as she used it. We're still observing our other dogs and we hope it would also work well with them. :) Good Job HHN!
  • JHo (04/15/2019)

    I have just use this cocomutt shampoo on my chow chow, i really love the sweet smell of tangerine while massaging the shampoo on his fur. Even the bathroom still smell sweet after his bath. His fur becomes shiny and more manageable. One thing that i have noticed is i have to use more shampoo than normal because it has a poor lather. But i will still use it for my dog, it's really the gentlest, sweet smelling shampoo i have used for my chow chow. Highly recommended to dog owners who really care! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jho! We're so thrilled you and your chow chow love our Furry Kind Cocomutt Shampoo! Unlike most pet and chemical shampoos, our Furry Kind Shampoo does not contain surfactants like sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, which are known to cause that bubbly lather but are actually considered irritants linked to carcinogens! We steer clear from these harsh chemical sulfates to give you and your pet the safest love and care, without the health risks. We're so glad you love it and we hope your chow chow tries out our Furry Kind SunShine Serum after bathing to gently detangle and deodorize his cuddly coat! Thank you so much!]
  • Marie Ann (04/15/2019)

    Furry kind cocomutt shampoo has help preventheat spots on my mini dachshund and mini pinscher. And it has helped keep them smelling good longer unlike other more expensive shampoos.
  • ABBY (04/15/2019)

    I've used this product on my dogs when it came out and I'm happy to report this product is compatible with their skin/fur. My dachshund used to have this skin disease but doesn't anymore and I partially attribute that to this product. Obviously, will keep on it using it.
  • MGE (04/15/2019)

    I've been buying this for my two Chihuahuas for a while now and though they still hate being given a bath, bath time is made easier for those who are giving the dogs their baths because of the fresh smell! Also, it makes my dogs fur soft and shiny, and the shampoo lasts a while. Like some of the other reviewers here, I'm looking forward to a version that has better lather.
  • Gerson Orven (04/15/2019)

    This is a good one! My Shih Tzu smells good and it gives her hair a natural shine and beauty. My dog is black and she looks damn beautiful coz of this shampoo. Great product!
  • Arlene (04/15/2019)

    My English Bulldog used to have dull hair, and her skin is super sensitive prone to rashes when I use the wrong shampoo, so I have a hard time searching for a shampoo for her (trial and error) until I tried this and it really suit her skin - no reaction / rashes. And she isn't as smelly as before, and her coat is now shiny! Great product for my bulldog.
  • CheChe (04/15/2019)

    Used this on our pomeranian Rajah. Initially he bathes with medicated shampoo that could eliminate flees and the such, but the long term effects of shampoos like that might deem harmful to him...which was the deciding factor to switch. I also didn't want to give him long baths because he easily get the chills, so I was thrilled when I noticed it gets rinsed off fast. His fur was also noticeably softer and the tips started to shine. That and knowing that all the ingredients used are safe and organic is enough for a two paws up from Rajah as well as a hands down from me! :) If only you had other scents aside from tangerine, like strawberry or coconut then it would be perfect.
  • Zadie (04/15/2019)

    I have a 4-month old puppy and I was encouraged to buy this due to the positive reviews on here. Well, I wasn't disappointed. The scent's nice and I don't know what it is that you put in your formula, but my baby is calmer now during bath time as if she's under a spell :) Before getting this product, I used this popular blue anti-flea and tick soap on her and she would keep running around which made bath time a struggle for both of us! But not anymore--now she just sits calmly and lets me massage the creamy shampoo on her. At times she would try to shake it off and some of the lather would splash on me, even on my face, but I didn't get any allergic reactions whatsoever so I know it is gentle. Contrary to some of the comments, I actually like that it doesn't suds up too much because I usually bathe my pup in the bathroom and rinsing off the lather off of her and the bathroom floor is now a breeze compared to using the soap--which means less water is wasted trying to get the bubbles to dissolve or go down the drain! Suggestion: I hope you can come up with a de-tangling formula that can benefit longhaired breeds like the Yorkie.
  • Chenille (04/15/2019)

    I have tried using this last weekend. My dog's hair became very soft and silky! Smells like tangerine when still wet, but no scent when the hair is dry. Will definitely recommend this to my friends who have pets!
  • JW (04/15/2019)

    I've been using this product to my Chinese Sharpei dog who had lost almost his fur due to demodecosis and now gradually there are tiny bits of hair growing from his paws, legs, and body! He also loved the orangey scent of the shampoo compared to those chemically treated soaps we've been using and been recommended by our VET! The shampoo although not that soapy or bubbly is still very effective to my dogs skin and makes it soft and silky! Much better too if you use the Sunshine Serum after bathing!
  • Eug (04/15/2019)

    My dog's hair became soft and silky after using this! Her itchiness problem has decreased also. And her bath time is much quicker now because we no longer have to use conditioner to achieve soft hair. I give it 4 stars because I don't like citrus-y fragrances. Hope you can come up with a variety of scents in the future. But I'll keep buying this :)
  • Rachel Grant (04/15/2019)

    My dog's fur has never been softer since using Furry Kind Cocomutt Shampoo. Coconut oil creates shiny and silky fur in just one wash while gently and effectively removing dirt and doggie odour. Lemongrass oil helps remove fleas and ticks to leave your pet feeling fresh and itch-free. With all-natural ingredients that are good for us, bathing your pet has never been better!
  • EllieBelly (04/15/2019)

    My dog has the most sensitive skin condition and recently had to suffer the 'cone of shame' for months because of allergies. After treating her with vet-prescribed formulas for shampoo the itch went away but her fur got so dry and brittle, her skin was so dry. The first time I switched her back to just shampoo was using this product and it worried me so much she would have to wear her cone again. But to my delight, the shampoo was very gentle on her and did not cause any undesired skin or fur reactions. We;re very happy with the results, her coat has become healthy just like a pup's coat. She is a ball of happy fluff thanks to HHN.
  • Ellaine (04/15/2019)

    Thanks to this product as I have been losing hope with my choco lab. She has been shedding for over a year. I have tried different dog shampoos in the market as well as in vet clinics, name it and I have tried it but none of them helped. I have been spending a lot just to find the right shampoo for my dog then I came across this product and was ableto read good reviews so I gave it a try. It was the problem solver that we have been waiting for!!! We don't need to sweep the floor 5x a day just to get all those fur in the house. It was really a burden. Now, my dog has grown her fur healthy and complete unlike the other dog shampoos that we bought, the fur will grow back then after a week or two, there goes the heavy shedding again. Thank you human nature for this product.
  • Coi (04/15/2019)

    At first i was reluctant to try this because i'm skeptical if the herbs will do its purpose in cleaning up a dirty and soiled doggies than a chemically produced shampoo formulated for dogs until my officemate testified that it is indeed a very good shampoo for her dogs. I gave it a shot and true enough, it worked wonder for my dogs! Their furr was very soft and smooth. No need for a separate conditioner. The doggies odor had got rid off as well. My only concern is that the smell doesnt last very long. Lathering is never a problem bec all i do is pour a small amount of water while massaging my dog with shampoo and presto! It lathers again with just little suds. I recommend this to all pet parents. This shampoo deserves to be known worldwide. Thanks, Human Nature!
  • Bambi (04/15/2019)

    I've been using Furry Kind Cocomutt Shampoo for both of our dog, Ulan and our Siamese cat, Rajah since June 2016. I tried putting three drops of Lavender or Rosemary oil per shampooing and they are both free from fleas and ticks up to a three to five days (depending on their exposure with other animals in the neighborhood). Their fur become softer and smell-so-good. It gives a wonderful sheen on Ulan's short fur and fluffy touch to Rajah's short hair fur. They enjoyed the product as well!
  • Maria Katrina (04/15/2019)

    Im not afraid whenever my doggies would lick the shampoo whenever they bathe!
  • Cherry-Ann Amor (04/15/2019)

    This keeps my dog's hair really soft!!! Super love this <3
  • VICTORINO (04/15/2019)

    thank you
  • Lhime Lee (04/15/2019)

    The best shampoo for my babies. It's very good at doing its job to keep my fur babies clean. But what I love about this product is that it comes with a BIG BONUS - mild and gentle even for my sensitive babies. :D Hope you'll come up with a bigger size (pump version) for those with big family like mine. :D
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