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Skin Shield Oil G6PD-Friendly 100ml
Skin Shield Oil G6PD-Friendly 100ml
   As a mom to a G6PD deficient child, I am very happy that HHN has finally decided to keep the orig...  
- Dulce Amor
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100% Natural | Soybean-free! Exclusively for G6PD Deficiency

Bugs & dengue begone!

A blend of citronella oil, eucalyptus oil and orange oil drives mosquitoes away without harmful DEET while sunflower seed oil helps keep skin moisturized. This formulation is free from soybean oil so it's safe for kids with G6PD deficiency.

Did You Know?

Dengue cases reported to DOH doubled in 2019. Protect you family with 100% natural DEET-free Skin Shield. Used in synthetic repellents, DEET has been linked to skin irritation, neurotoxicity and other health risks.

Formerly known as Citronella Bug Shield G6PD SAFE (no Soybean)


Keep a small bottle of the Natural Skin Shield Oil G6PD-Friendly on hand when on the go – when camping, hiking, or on picnics. You can be sure of having a safe trip without leaving behind any toxic chemicals!

Reapply every 3 hours, depending on physical activity and sweating.

Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, Cymbopogon winterianus (citronella) essential oil, Citrus sinensis (orange) peel oil, Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) essential oil, glyceryl caprylate

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  • Ella (09/30/2019)

    A must-have! Everyone in the household is using this to be safe from mosquito-caused diseases.
  • mommy tracy (08/01/2019)

    we've been using the original citronella bug shield oil on our son and i'm very much happy with the results. he doesn't get insect bites anymore. the best thing now is that H♡N already has G6PD deficiency safe version. i'm excited to try this one on my son as he's G6PD deficient. thanks H♡N. :)
  • Dulce Amor (08/01/2019)

    As a mom to a G6PD deficient child, I am very happy that HHN has finally decided to keep the original formula. This product is truly effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay. And the best thing about it is that it is natural. Thanks so much HHN! :)
  • Winlove (08/01/2019)

    Yey!so glad to know that you have a G6Pd Def. friendly Bug spray.Was using this one until recently. Nay:-( because my husband bought the other kind since its the one the girl had given him(in Human Nature Cainta) and it has Soya oil.i guess he should have clearly asked for the old one or this one since its ok to use (have a G6pd def. baby). [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Winlove! Our original formulation G6PD Deficiency-Safe Citronella Bug Spray is currently out of stock. But no worries, we'd be happy to offer you a free replacement once it's restocked. If you prefer, Our Customer Service can get in touch with you to offer you free credit for your product, which can be used to purchase the G6PD-Deficiency-Safe Citronella Bug Spray once it's back in stock :) We'll be in touch! Thanks!]
  • Chesko's mom (08/01/2019)

    We've been a loyal user of this product not only because my son is G6PDD but we believe in its effectiveness :)
  • Edith (08/01/2019)

    Effective mosquito repellant especially for kids. A must have for mothers. :)
  • Meighton's Mom (08/01/2019)

    The scent may be strong upon application (that my mom initially thought it would not be ok for a baby to use) but will eventually wear off. Me, my husband, niece and baby use Bug Shield for a year now and we believe in its efficacy. I apply bug shield to my son consistently. Thumbs up for this product and now HHN also carry the soy-free variant which is ok for G6PD babies/individuals.
  • MM (08/01/2019)

    I'm already using this and my baby, it seems that mosquito don't afraid with the smell. I still have mosquito bites all over my arms.. :-( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello MM! Thank you for purchasing our Bug Shield Oil G6PD-Friendly. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to assist you further. To help optimize protection from mosquitos, kindly reapply our Bug Shield Oil every 2-4 hours. I hope this helps, MM. Should you have further questions, please feel free to call us at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Maria Angelica (08/01/2019)

    At last!! I found something that is suitable for my G6PDD baby!! I've been looking for a G6PD safe bug repellant for a long time. If it's not for my sister that is a fan of Human Heart Nature, I wouldn't even try to look at your store. I'm definitely going to buy one of these!! I'm already a fan and loving your products! P.S my sister uses H❤N's Natural Deodorant and Sunflower oil and told me that it already has a very good effect on her! God bless H❤N!!
  • Pia (08/01/2019)

    Hi, this is a great product, I personally use it. My son is also g6pd defecient, but one thing about this product is it contains eucalyptus. They say aside from soybean, children with g6pd must avoid menthol/eucalyptus products as well. Can you clarify this please? Thank you. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Pia! We're thrilled that our Bug Shield Oil G6PD-friendly works for you and your son. As for your other concern, kindly note that the eucalyptus we use on our Bug Shield Oil is 100% pure natural essential oil and that the product doesn't have any added menthol or mint ingredients, making it safe for G6PD patients. I hope this helps, Pia! Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you! :)]
  • Hydee (08/01/2019)

    Year 2013 when my eldest son wasconfined due to Dengue stage 1. Since then I never missed to buy this Bug shield oil. I always have stock in case of emergency plus I share this also with my nieces and nephew. Really worth it!!
  • Verma (08/01/2019)

    With the growing case of Japanese Encephalitis, it's inevitable for moms like me to get worried. And outdoors is my tot's happy place, so I have to ensure they're protected. Thanks to Human Nature's Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent, it keeps me at peace whenever we're out. It's 100% natural, so worry no more! Tested and guaranteed. A must have too for travelers!
  • Hydee (08/01/2019)

    using this since 2012
  • Marie (08/01/2019)

    Hi . Just want to share. I got this from http://www.usingeossafely.com/essential-oil-blend-safety-know-the-essential-oils-in-blends/ Eucalyptus Globulus- do not use on or around children under 10 due to 1,8-cineole content. 1,8-cineole has been known to cause breathing issues in young children. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Marie! Thank you for your inquiry. You'd be happy to know that we only use the maximum dermal limit for Eucalyptus globulus in our Bug Shield Oil G6PD-friendly variant which means it is safe to use on children. I hope this helps. Thank you!]
  • CIENAREN KAYE (08/01/2019)

    Mas okay ito kesa sa ibang insect repellant dahil hindi ito mainit sa balat. May iba talagang hindi nakakaappreciate ng amoy nito, pero ganon talaga. Dahil all natural.
  • Joanna (08/01/2019)

    Love the smell and how chemical-free it is <3
  • Ritse (08/01/2019)

    I love and I'm one of the happy user of this HHN Bug Shield Mosquio Repellent. It smells so good and also moisturize my skin since its an oil. As a single parent, I want my 2 kids to be protected against dengue, so they also uses it daily.
  • Mary Joy (08/01/2019)

    I love Human Nature’s Bug Shield. Using this since 2015. Gustong gusto ko din ung amoy nya.
  • Sharko's Mom (08/01/2019)

    Been using Bug Shield on my son since he was 2, he's 7 now. I love how gentle yet very protective it is on his skin, no irritation too. This "Citronella Oil" as we call it is still and will be part of our household far long.
  • CYNTHIA P. (07/30/2019)

    Best-seller.Safe and effective.
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