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Skin Shield Oil
Skin Shield Oil
   This is an effective defense against insect bites especially mosquitoes. My godson, Kien Zian ...  
- Princess Louiza Rea
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100% Natural | DEET-Free | Safe for kids, pregnant and breastfeeding women

*P10 OFF on 100ml Skin Shield Oil

Shields up against dengue
Infused with soybean oil and eucalyptus oil for added protection, your trusted citronella insect repellent packs a powerful punch against mosquito-borne diseases.

Got soybean allergies or G6PD deficiency? No worries! Grab yourself a bottle of our G6PD-Friendly, Soybean-Free Skin Shield Oil.

Did You Know?

Dengue cases reported to DOH doubled in 2019. Protect you family with 100% natural DEET-free Skin Shield. Used in synthetic repellents, DEET has been linked to skin irritation, neurotoxicity and other health risks.

As Seen In: Spot.Ph: 10 Must-Have Bestsellers From Human Nature

Formerly known as Citronella Bug Shield Oil


Don’t forget to keep a…

- 100ml Skin Shield Oil at home where most dengue is transmitted*
- 100ml in your car, office and other places that you frequently visit
-  50ml in your bag to stay protected from Dengue that occurs year-round in the Philippines

Aside from providing protection from mosquitoes, our Skin Shield Oil works great as an everyday moisturizer, too! Plus, it’s safe for your kids so make sure to keep 1 in their rooms and 1 in their bags!

Reduce up to 25% plastic and earn more savings when you use our 100ml bottle to refill your 50ml bottle!**

HOW TO USE: Apply 2-3 pumps to the palm of your hand and rub onto exposed skin. We recommend reapplying every 3 hours, depending on physical activity and sweating.

*Source: bit.ly/DengueAtHome

**When you buy one 100ml instead of two 50ml Skin Shield Oil bottles.

Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Glycine soja (soy bean) oil, Cymbopogon winterianus (citronella) essential oil, Citrus sinensis (orange) essential oil, Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) essential oil, glyceryl caprylate (coconut, palm and glycerin derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Norlita (04/25/2021)

    This product is so excellent as we are living in rural area, I have been using this since 2011. My family, relatives and friends like it very much and they keep on asking me where to buy this product.
  • Faith (04/24/2021)

    My daughter has a unique skin type that only humanheartnature is best for her skin.
  • Joyce Mayrena (04/17/2021)

  • Princess Louiza Rea (08/13/2020)

    This is an effective defense against insect bites especially mosquitoes. My godson, Kien Zian and his brother, Daniel do not get rashes anymore. They can play non stop all day long!
  • HOLIDAY C. (07/27/2020)

    I am using this product since 2016 to my little one. It is really effective.
  • Edgar D. (12/07/2019)

    Use this everyday for my family especially the kids. It’s very gentle to the skin unlike the other brands and smells so good. And the best thing, it is very effective even if applied only once a day.
  • Maria Victoria Guevara (04/11/2019)

    Very gentle on skin. My son doesn't mind putting it on unlike other brands of bug spray. .
  • Jaja Oquinena (04/11/2019)

    Because of wide-spread dengue cases in our country, as a mom, i always make it a point to regularly apply mosquito repellant to my child. But the DEET content of chemically-prepared bug sprays always scares me! Finally, we now have Citronella Bug Spray! The scent is not offensive to the nostrils - unlike others you buy from the shelves. I feel so much better... Thank you, Human Nature!!!
  • MA WILHELMINA QUIMSON (04/11/2019)

    You get value for your money with this bug spray. A popular American brand of organic citronella bug spray of the same size costs 5 times more than this!
  • Karen Ann Frances dela Cerna (04/11/2019)

    I just got my first bottle just now, I tried it as soon as I opened my package. Its very gentle on the skin,unlike other products its not mainit sa balat at all.
  • Tom Salvosa (04/11/2019)

    We no longer have to worry about getting bug bites because of the Citronella Bug Spray. Besides protecting your skin from nasty bugs, it also moisturizes.
  • Yassi Dulnuan (04/11/2019)

    The moment my sister saw that this product is organic, she wasnt scared of spraying it to her 2 year old daughter! Lol. And seemed like my niece is loving the smell. She usually go ballistic everytime we put on something to her..
  • Aleth Agulto (04/11/2019)

    The kids use it. We use it. It's as effective as the commercial brands if not better. By the way, our dogs use it as well. Keeps away the fleas too!
  • sharon asparen (04/11/2019)

    it's really very effective in protecting my 3 year old baby's skin from mosquito bites. the citronella oil did not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. For those with sensitive sense of smell, the scent is just a little too odorous. EDITOR'S NOTE - we use pure Citronella essential oil in our Bug Spray, which has quite a strong smell. Other brands either use Citronella extract or they mask the Citronella smell with other oils, but both these approaches reduce the effectiveness of Citronella as a bug repellant. In times like these with lots of dengue, we feel it's safer to give maximum protection to your little ones :)
  • SHARON CLARKE (04/11/2019)

    very effective and safe! great for kids. really cheap for an organic product. a bit oily though - on a hindsight, a moisturizer at the same time.
  • Marie Claire Hernandez (04/11/2019)

    I really love this product! I got this from my office mate along with other HHN products. I have been having rashes on my calves for quite some time now and this product not only shooed away the mosquitoes, but it also made my rashes magically disappear! I also love how it made my skin silky smooth now.
  • sharon asparen (04/11/2019)

    after using this product for 9 months, I noticed that my 3 year old baby's skin became smoother and her scars truly lightened. I do not use any product for her skin and on her insect bite scars (not even lotions), except for this citronella spray,and I just concluded that the citronella not only repels the mosquito, but most importantly makes my baby's skin softer and surprisingly removes the insect bites scars!
  • Lee Montealegre (04/11/2019)

    This bug spray rocks! I don't only use it on my skin but I also use it as a room spray instead of using other commercial bug sprays. The scent is pleasant.
  • Pamela Joy Mariano (04/11/2019)

    The most effective bug repellent I've ever tried. Even the DEET mosquito repellents don't repel other bugs. In my experience, this does. I love being in the outdoors and going to the beach and to mountains, and this hasn't failed me in all those situations.
  • Blesilda Adlaon (04/11/2019)

    I love how economical this product is. I just put one spray on my palms and stroke my hands all over one child's body. With three children to protect from mosquitoes, this product is great for our family.
  • Neriza Pacheco (04/11/2019)

    Citronella Bug Spray is so effective! It has very strong smell though but I don't mind. Plus it is very affordable. I love it!
  • Aissa Flores (04/11/2019)

    I have the 50mL version of this and so far, it has keeped the bugs away brilliantly. The scent is unmistakeably citronella, some people might not like the way it smells but I don't mind at all so long as the bugs are kept at bay. My only complaint is that the 50mL comes in a drop dispenser and not a spray! I hope they make it as a spray too since it is after all a "bug spray" as the title says! Editor's note: Thank you for your feedback! We'll send you a personal email on this concern.
  • Jennie Lecaroz (04/11/2019)

    I tried a lot of repellant for my son but this is the only product that actually works for him. I am so happy with your Citronella bug spray. The scent is mild - which my son gives 2 thumbs up! since he's the one using it :). It absorbs well to his skin and it's not heavy and hot. Also, I noticed that his old mosquito bite marks seems to lighten and disappear gradually. He so love your product that he actually put it on himself and doesn't leave the house without applying it. Thank you HNN for this brilliant product :))
  • Jessica Tirado (04/11/2019)

    This definitely keeps the bugs away AND keeps my skin really soft. The scent is really strong though and it's not exactly a "spray" as it comes in a pump and not an atomizer. All in all, it's a great product and will definitely buy again once I run out.
  • Myla (04/11/2019)

    Really effective. A small drop covers a big skin area already so there is no need to apply so much. The scent reminds of the lemongrass tea that I used to purchase from Geofarm in Pangasinan. I am now a little accustomed to the strong scent and but family members and some friends who are still not used to lemongrass are bothered by the scent.
  • ARNEL (04/11/2019)

    Been using the Citronella Bug Spray since I was introduced to HHN. Seven Stars for insect protection!
  • Ehmzy (04/11/2019)

    This was one of the products I tried when I first learned about HN. It's main purpose is to keep my baby from pesky mosquitoes and bugs especially at night. The scent actually makes her relax and I noticed from day one that she sleeps easily after applying it to her exposed skin. I'm using this personally also as I seem to be a bug and mosquito-favorite even in my teenage days. I love it.
  • raChe (04/11/2019)

    I put a few drops on our oil burner and the scent fills our room. My husband and I love its scent :)
  • raChe (04/11/2019)

    I put on a few drops on our oil burner and the scent fills our room. My husband and I love its scent.
  • Fidelle (04/11/2019)

    I bought the big bottle about a week ago. I love the scent and its bug-repelling ability. I'm a big fan of VCO and a big hater of mosquitoes (I've had dengue twice) I kept it in a cool dark place but the scent is now gone. Sayang! It now smells like rancid oil. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for your feedback Fidelle, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience. This is the first time that we've had such report, as our Citronella Bugspray remains to be among our bestselling product, people just rave about this product, it has become a household item. Our Customer Service Team shall contact you immediately to investigate on this and we will be more than glad to refund or replace the item for you. :) ]
  • Neldz (04/11/2019)

    It is September 3 and it says that it is not available as of time..just want to know when will the product be available. Thank you! [ EDITOR'S NOTE: The bugsprays are expected to arrive hopefully on September 15, we apologize for the wait, and thank your. for your patience and understanding :) ]
  • Norie (04/11/2019)

    i always put this on before going to bed. super effective. i am mosquito worry free! =D
  • Grae (04/11/2019)

    I wouldn't choose this if you have a sensitive sense of smell, because citronella has quite a distinct piercing aroma. But this is very effective and now that it's dengue season, I always protect myself with this. Also, just a small amount goes a long way! Mosquitoes just get a whiff of this and they won't even attempt to get close to you. Must buy, that's why it's all sold out!
  • Katrina (04/11/2019)

    Safe and effective, even for babies. :)
  • Katrina (04/11/2019)

    Safe and effective even for babies.
  • Grace (04/11/2019)

    My youngest son really loves this bug spray. He isn't bothered by the smell. He even reminds me to apply it before he goes to bed. He really likes how I massage him with this oil. Now, it is part of our nightly bonding routine.
  • Michelle (04/11/2019)

    This was the first item I bought from Human Heart Nature ever (and got me convinced to be a dealer). It's effective in repelling mosquitoes, especially at this time when dengue is in season. The citronella scent may come as strong to some, but it takes getting used to. I love this product, I'm buying one again!
  • Wilma (04/11/2019)

    The citronella bug spray also work effectively on bedbugs. We put the oil on cotton and apply them on the four sides of the bed closest to the mattress and corners of the bedpost. Saw the bedbugs drop dead on the floor after a day or two. Truly an amazing product!
  • Berna (04/11/2019)

    hi congrats for a great product - HNN bug spray and lotion.. i'm really not sure how effective it is because i got mosquito bites even ryt after applying it when i took a jeepney ride.. however, its the only organic repellent i've tried and so far my family was spared from dengue scare in our town. To date, 5 have died.. My husband also loves putting it on before hitting the gym, he says he gets to sweat real good! I hope you can make this and other HNN products in refill packs esp 100ml -300ml prod so we won't have to throw bottles everytym.. also, please make avail your bug lotion in bigger volume- daling maubos ng 50ml... Congrats for a great product - protecting peoples' lives from the threat of Dengue. Congrats also for a very commendable efficient, friendly and fast on-line service.
  • Josephine (04/11/2019)

    Pros: buying this would be for a good cause, natural Cons: scent was just really overpowering
  • Beryl (04/11/2019)

    I love using this to keep mosquitoes away. The smell is okay with me because I used to have an insect repellent that smells like this. However, my coworkers hate the smell.. Hehehe.. They thought I was a walking insect repellent. (I don't mind anyway)... I hope there can be other scents...
  • Michelle (04/11/2019)

    This is the first-ever HHN product I bought, which was during the dengue scare. What I liked about it is that it's safe for babies (like my daughter) because it does not have DEET. But once the scent wears off, my daughter is once again susceptible to insect bites. Re-application is needed (it's stated in the bottle anyway). I don't mind, though, because I've seen how effective the product is. My in-laws say it smelled like manzanilla. I guess it's because of the lemongrass or citronella. But it's fine with me anyway. I have some empty bottles of the Bug Spray... is it possible to return it to you so they can be recycled? Thanks! [Editor’s Note: Thank you for the product review, Michelle! Yes, you may return the empty containers to any of our offices. This will support our local recycling program called “Balik-Bote, Bigay-Buhay”, and the proceeds will go to our partner GK communities.:) ]
  • Sandee (04/11/2019)

    this product really works! Initially, I only use it as mosquito repellent but I recently discovered that it is also good to prevent roaches. Just a small drop in a cotton ball will make those roaches stay away. Really, really love this one!
  • Stephanie Te (04/11/2019)

    My mother-in-law gave me this organic bug spray for my baby since i'm very much aware for dengue, i always use this regularly on him
  • Loriel Alexis (04/11/2019)

    I sooo love this product. My son seems to have inherited my sensitive skin. My mom bought him a mosquito repellant a year ago and his skin became dry, especially sa legs. Since then, I became afraid to use other mosquito repellants so i opted to buy the mosquito patches (which are a bit expensive). My husband's aunt recommended this to me. My son is now protected from mosquitos and at the same time, i dont have to worry about his skin drying! I don't mind the smell, my son's mosquito repellant before does not smell good. I just hope you could launch a much more bigger bottle. I don't think the 100ml will last long because me and my son is using this product.
  • Joanna (04/11/2019)

    The citronella smell doesn't bother me. My 10 year old daughter loves the smell. This is safe and effective. One user shared to me that it is also effective in getting rid of lice and keeping them at bay.
  • Norman (04/11/2019)

    The most important human nature product for me since I have been hit by dengue twice! This is the best mosquito repellent I have ever used! Good job!
  • HANNA (04/11/2019)

    thank you so much HHN for this bug spray, i have searched long and far to find an organic insect repellent that will be safe to use on my baby, before she has this dark spots on her legs due to insect bites, it doesn't look nice but more than that i'm scared of what illness those bites might bring, now i'm more confident and my baby girl's legs doesn't have dark spots, the bug spray is her best buddy :-) AND thanks to the citronella bug spray, i became an HN advocate, dealer and user, congratulations and more power!
  • Justine Aviella (04/11/2019)

    Having a baby really turned my world upside down! She has also been the favorite food of Mr. Mozzy (mosquitoes!) I've tried everything to protect her from them, from insecticides, to electric mozzy mat to mosquito nets! but all of them are not effective! I was introduced to HHN by my aunt and I found Citronella bug spray... and it was really effective! Thanks to HHN my daughter can now be safe from Mr. Mozzy's bites!
  • Jeni (04/11/2019)

    a friend introduced this bug spray to me for my kid. and didn't stop until i found this site. been using this product for a year now and it is proven to be effective and safe. love the smell too.
  • girlygirl (04/11/2019)

    I've used this for more than a week to protect me against insect bites. I think it is effective against mosquitoes but not that much against fleas. I also must say that the scent is too strong but i don't know if this factor contributes to its being effective.
  • Luisa (04/11/2019)

    This is the first HHN product I bought, since I usually go out during late afternoon, I needed protection. I love the citronella scent so much I use this as a protective "air freshener" by putting small amounts on my window curtains :) makes my room smell wonderful! It's also safe for little kids.
  • Joan (04/11/2019)

    I really love this product. i used this for my baby. noon kasi ang dami niyang kagat ng lamok.pumapanget skin niya.i tried off kaso may nabasa ako na may masama siyang ingredient.i had a hard time finding insect repellant for my 6 month old baby.then i saw a flyer about human nature and i tried this product. i was amazed kasi pati yung marks nung kagat ng lamok nawala. ngayon 10 months na siya. 2nd na yung gamit niya and we will continue using this.
  • Riza (04/11/2019)

    I used this for my kids,especially nowadays that Dengue is "USO",before we used to put patches on them but still my kids had mosquito bites,my eledest used to play with it and little that I know she is no longer protected,I checked this stuff online and tried it and it really works. My youngest's skin is very sensitive but when I apply this ,her skin became more softer. I highly recommend this product to moms for their kids and they can also use this to protect themselves. Loved it so much. Thanks Citronella Bug spray for protecting my Girls even if am not around.
  • Rhoda (04/11/2019)

    I've tried all other organic insect repellants in the market. I was so obsessed with finding the "right" one for us because my daughter had dengue a few months ago. Our yaya said that since we started using this, my kids had less bites! I'm going to stick to this one!
  • Grace (04/11/2019)

    I've been afraid of using chemical insect repellants since I know that they contain strong chemicals that might hurt my skin. But I am very prone to mosquito bites and this product is super effective and affordable. I can now sleep in peace.
  • Mavis (04/11/2019)

    it's natural... it's safe... it's effective... what more can i say... keep it up!
  • Christine (04/11/2019)

    I love the smell of this product. It's has a fresh scent and the best part of this is the insect repellent factor. Unlike the popular branded mosquito repellent lotion which has an overpowering smell, this one is very light ad citrus-y. I use it for my baby who sometimes gets bitten by bed bugs and it worked wonders. I also apply this to him before he plays outside the house and it's very effective.
  • Kara (04/11/2019)

    I love that you have this, I mix it with rose water for a lighter formula :)
  • Michelle (04/11/2019)

    I reviewed this product in my blog at http://www.behealthyandwell.com/2012/08/product-review-human-nature-citronella.html Check it out.
  • Delma (04/11/2019)

    perfect protection, specially for my kiddos...I used it for a year now...
  • SheMi (04/11/2019)

    It's effective but I'm not a big fan of the oil. so instead of putting it on my skin I placed some on the wall near my bed and some on the mattress and TADA! no mosquitoes that night during brown-out! no need to use mosquito coils. hahaha
  • Maria Esperanza Fatima (04/11/2019)

    Some people are turned off by the smell but I love this better than the more popular mosquito repellant brand. I also put this in my oil burner and it acts dual purpose as a mosquito repellant and an odor eliminator for our rooms.
  • Sheila May (04/11/2019)

    This products is the best! I use this to shoo away ants too! I spray it on to a cotton and wipe it on table surfaces, kitchen sinks, etc. And i observed that the ants really repell away from it! I recommend this to my buyers all the time! :)
  • Raissa (04/11/2019)

    I love this product! Comes very handy and safe for kids.
  • Fannie (04/11/2019)

    i only have used this product once.used it on to my 6yo daughter and to my special child sibling..and works great on them.we dont mind the smell as we're already used to the scent of manzanilla from the oldies. but after a minute i tried it on my arms..i got this itchy reaction that it actually left "scratch marks" and actually triggered my asthma.had an asthma attack and need to use our nebulizer to help me feel better.dont know if that was the effect of the scent or the oil itself.but no reactions came from my daughter and sibling...but one thing's for sure..not using this again on me..too bad.. it would have been no.1 on my list. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Fannie! While we're glad to hear that our bug spray works well for your daughter and sibling, we're very sorry to hear about your own experience. It appears your skin may have been hypersensitive to one of the ingredients in our bug spray. We would like to retrieve your product investigate this issue immediately. We will be happy to offer you a free replacement, too :) Our Customer Service will be in touch soon!]
  • CHRISTINE ANNE (04/11/2019)

    I hope you will still continue to produce the one that has no soybean oil and eucalyptus oil. My niece and a lot of babies now are born with G6PD deficiency, they are allergic to soybean oil. Thanks. "[EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Christine! We're sorry to hear that. You'll be happy to know that we still have some of our original Citronella Bug Spray formulation for you to stock up on - please do get some of that and store it in the refrigerator if you'd like to extend its shelf life (it will turn solid while cold but don't worry). When you completely run out, please remind us about this email and we'll see if our R&D team can create a few more bottles of the original formulation in the lab just for you :)]"
  • Ana (04/11/2019)

    I have the original formulation w/o the soybean/eucalyptus oil, and it's very effective in keeping my skin mosquito-bites-free. during those times when I don't spray this on, I discovered that it's still effective --- after applying it on the mosquito-bitten area the swelling and redness decreased, the area stopped being itchy after a while and most importantly I didn't get permanently scarred :-) I'm excited to try the new formulation with the added ingredients.
  • ANNABELLE (04/11/2019)

    This is a response to the review that my sister sent dated May 13, 2013. My sister Christine Anne, wants to say thank you and that she appreciate that you will produce the original formula just for her baby. Thank you and God bless!
  • cathy (04/11/2019)

    I asked a friend to buy your products online since I don't have a paypal. I purchased BUG SHIELD, SUNFLOWER OIL and LIP BALM...the product has a good effect from the first day I use it. I love how the balm keep my lips soft, supple and moisturize all day. The oil based products too they are light to my skin and not sticky it is also noticeable that it keeps my skin radiant. However, I need to make sure that the sunflower oil and the bug shield are in standing position in my bag because if not it will spill inside that makes a big mess. I checked for how many times that maybe I kept it loose but it is close so tight. So I suggest for you to check the pump of your packaging its the only that I have and now i just my [oils] at home. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Cathy, we're glad that you enjoyed our products, and are very sorry to hear that the packaging of the oils you got weren't secure. Thank you for letting us know about this! As you may be aware, our customer's satisfaction is top priority for us, so please let us make up for your spilled products with replacements. Our Customer Service team will get in touch with you soonest.]
  • chekaii (04/11/2019)

    the first one we used was the lotion then this the oil based which i find more effective and has lasting effect :) i tried it myself when the power went out here in our place and uhwell mosquito attack despite having our doors and windows screened.. i usper love it for my kids' safety especially during dengue outbreak but i cannot let my kids bring this at school because of the mess it brought the one time my eldest brought it :( please have it sealed properly and no leakage for worry and hassle free travel :)
  • Vanessa (04/11/2019)

    I have the original citronella formula and have been using it for so long on my daughter. It has been very effective in wardingg off mosquitos. I hope the new formulation remains the same because I have ordered 2 bottlea just yesterday. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Vanessa! Thanks for the positive feedback! Our new 100% Natural Bug Shield Oil has an improved formulation with soy bean and eucalyptus oils for a better scent and enhanced protection against mosquitoes :)]
  • cristine (04/11/2019)

    love the smell of this product and it's all natural content. but the label says apply every 2-4 hours. is it safe to apply/re-apply on babies (10 months old) around 4 times a day for an all day protection? also, i hope there will be a formulation that will last longer hours for an all-night protection against bugs... [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cristine! Yes, this is safe to apply and reapply on 10-month-old babies. For longer lasting protection, we're always working on looking for natural ingredients that will protect for longer. For now though, we recommend that you apply immediately before sleeping. Since there is not much activity at night and the temperature is cooler, it will last longer than in the daytime when the wearer is active. We can't guarantee yet though that it will last all night so we recommend the use of mosquito nets - still the safest way to protect your family at night :) Thank you!]
  • Riza (04/11/2019)

    I was amazed by this product, cheap and yet super effective! I used this to my 7 month old baby and ever since he used this bug shield he didnt get any mosquito bite.Thanks human nature!
  • Dianne (04/11/2019)

    Contrary to other reviews, I love the scent. It smells like aciete de manzanilla which is quite relaxing to me. Me and my baby have been using this. It is really effective. and since this is organic, I know that is safe to use for my baby. thank you HHN for producing this wonderful product. It gives you a feeling that your precious child is safe from dengue.
  • belle (04/11/2019)

    it used to be really trying every time i apply anti-mosquito lotion to my 5 year old son as he doesn't like the feel on his skin and would always run away from me. however, when i tried this on him, he seems to like it and would often remind to put this on him before we go out of the house. the same thing is true for his baby brother. they like it so much they don't complain even if i apply this on them at bedtime. i also tried placing a few drops on my oil diffuser and it left our bedroom smelling good! instant katol too! :-) my husband has allergies to eucalyptus and i feared that my kids would have a reaction too, but they did not. both of them are also G6PD deficient but were able to tolerate this formulation with no reactions whatsoever. am definitely stocking up on this and recommending this to all mothers out there! :-)
  • Bernadette (04/11/2019)

    I have a client who (1) was offended by the smell of eucalyptus now that it was added to the new formulation, (2) found out that his son is allergic to eucalyptus. He was loyal to the old formulation. But he no longer wants to use the new one. Since the old one was already effective, I wonder why HHN had to change the formulation. I thought it was only the packaging that changed. I was also surprised by the new smell. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Bernadette! We're sorry to hear about your customer and his son's experience. We reformulated our Bug Shield Oil to include eucalyptus oil and soybean oil for improved protection against mosquitoes and to provide a better scent. While it is the strong scent of the oil that keeps mosquitoes at bay, we understand that some people may not be too keen on it. We're very sorry to hear about your customer's son's allergic reaction, and we will get in touch with you immediately to facilitate a refund or credit for his Bug Shield Oil. The good news is that we plan to create small batches of our original formulation Bug Spray soon for customers who are allergic to soybean oil or eucalyptus oil so that they won't have to worry about dengue. We will keep your contact information on record and we would like to request for your customer's contact information, too, so that we can get in touch with you once we have a batch of our original formulation :) Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we do hope your client continues to try our products!]
  • Maybelle (04/11/2019)

    I bought two bottles of this but was really disappointed since I still get bitten by mosquitoes within an hour of application. Tried increasing the amount applied to double and they are still biting on the exact places I put the oil on! In contrast, commercial lotions and sprays with deet are effective even when applied to clothes, so it's really disappointing because I was applying this directly to my skin. I like the scent but I don't know if others around me are keen on it. They always mention that they can tell that I'm wearing the product. I want to sell the other bottle but I would be embarrassed if it doesn't work. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maybelle! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our 100% Natural Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil was formulated to provide effective protection against mosquitoes through its scent. Ever since we started selling our original formulation Citronella Bug Spray, it's been a bestseller - and now feedback has gotten even better with our new formulation. However we understand that different people may react to products differently, especially with topical skin products, due to differing body chemistries. Together with our R&D team, we'd like to help you understand why our Bug Shield Oil didn't work for you, despite following the instructions for reapplication. Rest assured we would also like to offer you a refund, exchange, or credit for your bottles if you are unsatisfied with them, so no worries. Our Customer Service team will be in touch with you soon :)]
  • Adrian Val Olonan (04/11/2019)

    The Bug Shield Oil transcends your skin. This can be Nature's answer to deadly (got it right!) pesticides! How? Get a spray bottle, fill it with 2/5 Bug Shield Oil and 3/5 tap water. Just always shake before using for the pump to atomize the suspension. What's next? The mozzies and roaches go away. They slow down. That gives me time to vanquish the vermins! Hahaha!! Nothing beats the natural! And a hell lot safer too!
  • Karen (04/11/2019)

    My 9 months old baby is a mosquito magnet. Weve tried a bunch of repellent (off lotion, citronella patch, citronella pellets, citronella over oil burner etc) which unfortunately didn't deliver well. I came across this product in a supermarket and gave it a try. It has a strong smell of citronella which doesn't fade easily. Light on skin although its oil (a plus!). I didn't need to worry if she ingest some of it since its 100% natural (Win!) Super effective at least on my patootie. We'll definitely repurchase ♥ [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Karen! Thank you for the awesome review! We're so happy that our 100% Natural Bug Shield Oil works so well for your baby. We would recommend, however, that you make sure the product doesn't get too near her eyes or mouth, as babies are still very sensitive and this was not formulated or tested as a food-grade product :) Thank you!]
  • Liz (04/11/2019)

    This product is the very reason why I decided to be a dealer. I was looking for an insect repellant that is safe yet effective. And this product meet my expectations. Also, matipid gamitin cause it's oil based. Thank you HHN.
  • Zhang (04/11/2019)

    mas gusto ko yung dati, this one is not as effective compared to the old one. when i used the old citronella spray, mosquitoes hates me, pero this bottle parang d man ako nag-apply, :( pinapak ako ng bongga.. hope you bring back the old bug spray.. thank you [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Zhang! Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that our 100% Natural Bug Shield Oil doesn't work for you. We improved its formulation by adding additional active essential oils and we maintained the same concentration of citronella so it should give you stronger protection against mosquitoes. We normally recommend that you apply it to every inch of exposed skin, and then reapply it every 3-4 hours for maximum protection, especially if there is a high density of mosquitoes in your area. We would like to get in touch with you to determine the cause of your concern and if possible get back your bottle to test it. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon to help you out :) Thank you!]
  • Rexelle (04/11/2019)

    I really love using this product, considering the fact that it is not harmful to skin of any age. It is very effective as well, and oh... the best part, I love the smell! I am happy with this product because you are not just protecting your family from mosquitoes, you are also helping the environment, the poor, and the Philippines! Keep it up!
  • Pauline (04/11/2019)

    Picked up this product as it was recommended by a friend plus I trust the brand... unfortunately this is no longer the case as within less than an hour of application, I was bitten by two mosquitoes. Needless to say, I'm extremely disappointed and I feel scammed. Not recommended. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Pauline! We're sorry to hear that. We're quite surprised as we've received tons of positive reviews about its ability to offer strong, all-natural protection against mosquitoes. Just as with chemical mosquito repellants, it does need to be applied to every inch of exposed skin, especially if there are a lot of mosquitoes in your area. We would like to get in touch with you to determine the cause of your concern and if possible get back your bottle to test it. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon to help you out :) Thank you!]
  • Andee (04/11/2019)

    I have been meaning to purchase this product. And I wasn't disappointed! It's really light on the skin compared to a regular lotion so I only use minimal amount but it's still just as effective. I used it both on my 4 month old and 2 year old daughters. I even use it for myself! Plus, I didn't realize it has sunflower oil that healed my 2 year old's eczema from a while back! I just super love this product! :)
  • DocRenz (04/11/2019)

    Both my sons are mosquito magnets, but my 2-yr-old is worse. We have several brands of bug repellent lotion but none of them work very well. I bought this to try, both as a dealer (I test products first before recommending them to others) and as a Mom looking for a safe and economical alternative to commercial brands. Unfortunately, although it seemed to protect my 4-month-old, it didn't protect my eldest just a few hours after application, and despite the very strong smell. He ended up with >15 bites on his legs just playing in the sala and front yard!! I told the Yaya to reapply it every 2 hours, but if it happens again, I'll regretfully have to tell my customers not to get this one. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi DocRenz! Thank you for your feedback. Both our 100% Natural Bug Shield Lotion and Oil were tested for mosquito repellent efficacy and both were proven to work very well with customers. We normally recommend that our Bug Shield be reapplied every 2-4 hours, however frequency of re-application will still depend on the activity of the person. Sweating tends to wash away the product from skin, especially if a towel is used to dry off perspiration. Sweating also releases a characteristic odor which attracts the mosquitoes. For more active kids like your 2-year-old, we recommend more frequent reapplication. If the play or outdoor area has lots of mosquitoes, you can re-apply our Bug Shield every hour. There's no need to worry about frequent re-application because product is 100% safe and kid-friendly :) Hope this helps!]
  • Maureen (04/11/2019)

    I applied about an hour, I got two bites of mosquitoes. I hope this will help to improve your products. Also, the scent fades easily. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maureen! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our 100% Natural Bug Shield Oil has been found to work very well especially in mosquito-populated areas, but we understand that its effectiveness may vary with other factors like differing body chemistries. We're always open and striving to provide you newer and improved products and we'll definitely take your feedback into consideration :) In the meantime, our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to learn more and help you find the products that work for you :) Thank you!]
  • Marianne (04/11/2019)

    product is really helpful in preventing mosquito bites... and have a very nice aroma that very refreshing and calming too
  • Maybelle (04/11/2019)

    First of all, I love human nature products. I've used so many and they're very effective. So I bought two bottles of these, and gave them a try for a while now... But no they are just not effective. Just a while ago I applied four pumps to my legs, and after about 10 minutes, I saw a mosquito biting me exactly on the area I put it on. Four bites in under 30 minutes. I decided I'll stop being in denial - it doesn't work for me. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maybelle! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Bug Shield Oil is one of our bestsellers and it truly protects users against mosquitoes naturally. We understand, however, that there are other factors that can attract mosquitoes, such as body chemistry and clothing. We'd like to learn more about your experience and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you!]
  • Andrea (04/11/2019)

    This stuff really works! I sometimes burn the oil over a candle and it really keeps mosquitos away! Amazing product made naturally! Feels so safe to use :)
  • Lianne (04/11/2019)

    I understand that it requires more frequent reapplication as commercial mosquito repellents, but for now, I find that's not the case since our bunso doesn't sweat and move around as much. We, adults, have to apply more but I'm fine with that since a little of the product goes a long way. That's the thing I love about the oil formulation: it doesn't run out as easily as the lotion, even with the frequent reapplication. 3 drops for each of bunso's extremities is good as gold. However, I wish the packaging can be improved. The pump bottle is leaky, especially when tilted, even for just a small period of time. It's too bad because I can see a lot of pooling around the pump mechanism and the cap as well, even if it's just shaken a little bit. We've taken to unscrewing the pump and getting a few drops on the palm of our hands instead to avoid the leakage around the pump mechanism. However, extreme care must now be taken because the product might spill when the pump is unscrewed. Also, because the oil is so easily absorbed by the skin, I find that one pump is too much to apply on one area but I can't apply it to other parts of my body because I have to rub it onto one. [I hope that made sense]. Overall, it does what it promises to do for me and my family, and we'll continue to use it. However, we wish the packaging could be improved. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for this comprehensive review, Lianne! We're working on making sure the packaging causes less spills. :)]
  • Abi (04/11/2019)

    My son is now 4 years old, and all these time this is what I use to protect him from bugs.
  • Glowee (04/11/2019)

    its so effective to get rid off mosquitos...but then it has a very strong smell thats so unpleasing…I'm worried if that smell is safe to my child... I hope you can do better scent…but same effectiveness [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Glowee! We're glad our 100% Natural Bug Shield Oil works so well for you! It's actually the scent, which is mainly attributed to citronella oil, that is effective in repelling mosquitoes. Don't worry, our repellent absolutely free from harmful chemicals :) Thank you!]
  • Toni (04/11/2019)

    Hello! Im an avid HHN user and I really like this Natural Bug Shield since it's very effective against mosquitoes and the smell is nice. What I don't like about this item is that it has a short period of time before the expiration date. I am not sure if an old stock was given to me (as I don't usually check the expiration before) or it's just that it has a limited and short period of use. I purchased this around May 2014 and much to my surprise, I see that had already expired last Sept. 20, 2014. The bottle I have is almost new and unused. I hope you can work on this. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Toni! We're so glad you love our 100% Natural Bug Shield Oil! Our products carry a shelf life of one year and they are most effective before their expiration date. We'd like to look into your concern about the bottle you received and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon :) Thanks!]
  • Robelyn (04/11/2019)

    Very effective! my niece is safe from insect bites as well as from harmful chemicals. It smells nice too!
  • Arnida Faye (04/11/2019)

    I use this product every night to keep me away from bugs but unfortunately bugs are still biting me and so I discontinue use for awhile . After a month I use the Bug Shield again and it worked for me. Now Im using it but I still have to light up citronella candle or spray citronella on my room. One thing that made it worked for me is not to wear dark clothes or not to put clothes near your bed because it is where the mosquitoes are attracted to. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Arnida Faye! Happy New Year! We're glad our Bug Shield Oil works for you now. For extra protection against mosquitoes, you can also try lighting up an oil burner using our Citronella Heritage Oil :) Thanks!]
  • Det (04/11/2019)

    This is my all-time favorite HHN product! It's economical, safe and effective for me and my kids. I bought so many of these last Christmas and gave them as gifts (plus other stuff) to my friends and relatives because I wanted them to appreciate too the Filipino ingenuity of creating an all-natural anti-mosquito.
  • Loey (04/11/2019)

    nag apply ako ng nito sa arms and legs ng daughter ko every 2-4hrs. pero kinagat prin sya ng lamok.. gusto ko yung smell nya kasi matapang and alam ko hindi na sya dadapuan ng lamok dahil sa amoy pero pinapak parin daughter ko :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Loey! We're sorry to hear about your daughter's experience. Our Bug Shield Oil has been found to work very well especially in mosquito-populated areas, but we understand that its effectiveness may vary with other factors like differing body chemistries and sweating. We recommend applying it on your daughter every hour to see if things will improve - since it's 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals, you don't have to worry about any harm from frequent reapplication :) In the meantime, our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to learn more and help you find the products that work for your family :) Thank you!]
  • Mels (04/11/2019)

    When I went to the beach, I had a lot of insect bites -- niknik bites I think they are called -- particularly on my legs! It looked so bad that it looked like I had chicken pox all over my legs. The next time I went, I bought this and applied it all over my body. Happy to report that I had no more bug bites! This is definitely a must have for me, especially during my beach trips or whenever I go somewhere that is mosquito prone. Very economical too! I am not a fan of the scent because it is too strong, but I'm letting that pass since this product really WORKS!
  • yda (04/11/2019)

    I started using this when my son was just a 1 year old. and it did work for him, its also safe :) my son is 6 yrs old now. I have been using this for years! its really effective and good for him. I used it from his hair, face all over the body...no rashes at all, it suits baby skin :) thank you for making this product :) i feel relax and calm and assured that my son wont have insect bites coz of this :) and it never failed me for almost 5 years now! :)
  • twinnie (04/11/2019)

    this product is really effective. my toddlers have mild impetigo and prone to insect bites. after applying this to them after a month or so, i have noticed that the wounds have healed and the insect bite marks/rash were gone. now they can wear shorts and dresses because they are free from insect bites and with continued use their scars have lightened as well...
  • Rosanovah (04/11/2019)

    I am glad that I have found this product since I learned that my daughter has an allergic reactions to mosquito bites this repellent help us a lot not only shielding her skin in mosquitoes but also helps lighten her bite marks though the scent is too powerful nevertheless its effective and safe for my toddler,,, affordable... 100%natural,,, best part help fights poverty,, your shop in Santana Grove is lovely,, Godbless ,,,More Power
  • Rodalie (04/11/2019)

    My daughter has skin asthma so her skin is really sensitive and requires a lot of care. I am not able to use just the usual insect repellent on her skin because most of them are causing her blisters and I find them rather too strong for her skin. I'll try the DEET-Free lotion today and hopefully it is as good as this one! :)
  • Charina (04/11/2019)

    I love this product! It's not that heavy to the skin even if it's oil. The scent is strong but I think it's tolerable. When my son had Dengue, his pediatrician suggested to use a mosquito repellent. I then showed this to her and surprisingly that this is also the product she use for her daughter because it's very safe. Glad to know that what I use are also being used by doctors :)
  • Racquel (04/11/2019)

    when i used it on my son for the 1st time, nagkaroon sya ng rashes in the area where i have applied it. the rashes are still there for 3 days now. =( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Racquel. Thank you for purchasing our Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil. We're sorry about your son's experience and we'd love to provide your further assistance. Our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you soon to help you. Thank you!]
  • Marie (04/11/2019)

    Purchased this 2 days ago and used it on my daughter and the next day she had an insect bite. I used it again on her yesterday and she had another insect bite today. I don't think it's that effective - sad to say. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Marie! Thank you for purchasing our Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Kindly note that the efficacy of our Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil can last between 2 to 4 hours which means you would need to reapply to stay protected from mosquitoes. Its wearing off also depends on your activity which means you would need to reapply after sweating. In addition, our Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil has been tested on mosquitoes only and not on other insects. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 224-2223 or email us at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Marian (04/11/2019)

    I'm a big fan of the scent and I like that it doesn't have that sticky feel. It's also gentle on the skin. I can even pat some of the leftover oil in my hands to my son's face. Only problem is that its insect repelling properties is short-lived. You have to reapply every 3-4 hours. But I'll still be buying this again instead of products with DEET.
  • Abby (04/11/2019)

    Really effective against bugs esp mosquitoes. Has a strong scent but tolerable and my siblings even like it. Just need to apply every 4hrs, to maintain its efficacy.
  • Madj (04/11/2019)

    I used this on my son's skin especially when he is in school or outdoors. Gladly, it works on him and he doesn't have an irritating reaction on it considering that he has a super sensitive skin like mine. Though, the scent is really strong but its ok as long as its effective.
  • JUNELYN (04/11/2019)

    my baby's yaya used it on her rashes on her neck down to her breast..we didn't know what caused it and was so itchy according to the yaya..our neighboring helper told her to use my baby's bug shield oil as it cured her athlete's foot..I didn't believe it as what I know is that its job is just to deter mosquitoes from biting us..so the yaya tried the bug shield oil on her rashes..it stopped the itchy sensation and caused the rashes to dry up and turn dark..days after, the dark skin fell off and revealed new skin..just discovered a new use for the bug shield oil but not sure if a dermatologist would actually approve it..
  • Michael Jay (04/11/2019)

    Strong smell and when I came close to one person he/she is like a bug they keep a distance between me and them.
  • Iffe (04/11/2019)

    Best against insects and mosquitoes! great for babies, kids and adults.
  • Ethel (04/11/2019)

    Scent is too strong and feels sticky on the skin :-( i hope you can make one that is not oil-based and eucalyptus-scented. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Ethel! Thank you for purchasing our Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil. We do appreciate your honest feedback and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. If you still wish to continue using our Bug Shield Oil, we recommend that you apply a small amount of oil on your skin and spread it evenly. We also acknowledge your feedback on the scent we'll definitely consider it for the future development of the product. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Precious (04/11/2019)

    I use this on my baby and it's very effective
  • Adel (04/11/2019)

    i don't get why there are negative reviews here. this product works so well for me. hindi sya mabilis maubos kahit na i apply it LIBERALLY. some people might not like the oily feeling on their skin so they only apply a thin layer kaya siguro varying yung effects sa kanila and they don't get to maximize the full repellent power of bug shield. ako so far i'm not bothered by the stickiness dahil sa legs ko lang naman madalas ginagamit though i have yet to try applying it on a hot and humid day. the smell is totes fine as i'm pretty used to the citronella scent. just don't apply it immediately prior to eating kung ayaw niyo sya naaamoy habang kumakain. people who are used to commercial bug repellant brands might get overwhelmed by the scent at first when they make the switch. imo that's just a small sacrifice to make. anyway the packaging is beautiful as always!, doesn't at all look cheap! i just hope that they also come in spritzer/spray bottles instead of the "squirter" variant. minsan kasi tinatamad ako i-spread and massage yung oil with my hands especially when i don't want my hands to get greasy, so a spray/spritzer variant would defnitely come in handy dahil mas malawak yung surface na macocover in one pump. i could also use it when i want to spritz a little on my linens. you should really consider making this a spray type. the squirter is better suited for the travel-size hand sanitizers since the usual spritzer makes the alcohol evaporate too fast wasting a couple of sprays. and and did i mention how gloriously beautiful the packaging is? that green nature-themed bottle is a sight to behold. props! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Adel! We're so thrilled that you loved our Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil. We also appreciate your suggestion on the packaging; rest assured that we will take this into consideration. Thank you so much! :)]
  • laney (04/11/2019)

    My kids and I use this whenever there are mosquitoes at home or when we are out. My kids love the scent except for my husband who is not a fan of citronella scent. So we don't apply it inside closed room. I find it effective and i like it it because it uses natural ingredients and of course i trust this product because it is from human nature. I know hn products are really reliable, effective and made with tender, loving and care. That is why I support human nature - they are pro-poor, pro-filipino amd pro-environment.
  • Ayn (04/11/2019)

    Very effective in warding off mosquitoes! The citronella scent is a little strong so we typically use this only when we go outdoors and use another brand (with a creamy Eucalyptus base) indoors. We went hiking one time and mosquitoes are everywhere, but there was not one bite on my children.
  • LORY LYN (04/11/2019)

    I love HN Bug Shield Oil, i used this on every mountain I climbed especially when it is a major climb. When I say major climb, limatiks are abundant. Limatiks are blood sucking leeches that can be found in many forested mountains in the Philippines. I used to apply this oil, all over my body so i can prevent limatik bite and even in 3 days hike, i got zero bite. This is my life savior whenever i face my outdoor life. Two thumb ups Human Nature!!!!! :)
  • Lui (04/11/2019)

    Is this safe to use for a 2mo old baby? And is it better to use the oil or lotion? I am using this for myself, and its very effective! But I'm not sure if its safe for babies. I want her protected as everyone is in a panic about JE but she's too young to be vaccinated. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Lui! We're glad that you loved our Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil. While this product is 100% natural and generally safe for everyone, we recommend that you only apply it on your baby's clothes and/or beddings instead of applying it directly on her skin as baby's skin is more sensitive than adult's. I hope this helps, Lui. Thank you!]
  • JASPER (04/11/2019)

    I tried the mosquito repellent LOTION first but I switched to the oil. The oil is more economical compared to the lotion. The first thing that you will notice is the "natural" scent it has. Though after a while, the scent just disappears. This product works perfectly.
  • Roselle (04/11/2019)

    Very effective and matipid gamitin. Yung bug shield oil na inorder ko sa kakilala ko umabot ng 4 months bago ako umorder ulit. Saka gusto ko yung amoy niya. Di rin malagkit sa balat.
  • Mary (04/11/2019)

    Very effective sia. Sa lahat ng product ng HN eto tlga ung lagi kong binibili kasi nga safe sia at organic. Lagi din itong gamit ng mga bata dito samen sobrang effective hindi sila kinakagat ng lamok.. ask q lang po kelan ulit kau mag kaka stock? Thanks [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Mary! We're glad that you loved our Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil. As for the availability, we recommend that you use in the meantime either our Bug Shield Oil G6PD-Friendly variant or our Bug Shield Lotion while we do our best in hastening the resolution of our concern with the FDA. Thank you for your support and understanding!]
  • Mary Pauline (04/11/2019)

    This is my favorite HN product! ♥️
  • ely (04/11/2019)

    I used this product on my daughter and its very effective!! i want to buy another one but its not available.. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello ely! We're glad that you liked our Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil. You may also try our Bug Shield Lotion and our Bug Shield Oil G6PD-Friendly variant while the classic Bug Shield Oil is sold out. Thank you!]
  • Ritse (04/11/2019)

    I love and I'm one of the happy user of this HHN Bug Shield Mosquio Repellent. It smells so good and also moisturize my skin since its an oil. As a single parent, I want my 2 kids to be protected against dengue, so they also uses it daily. It safe to use since all ingredients are natural and organic.
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