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Goods & Gifts

Goods & Gifts

₱ 199.75

A concentrated blend of essential oils and floral waters to help ease you into sleep.

₱ 359.00

Invite nature into your home and office with these pure essential oil diffusers. Created with ingredients selected carefully from nature, Aurae Natura brings the goodness of a spa experience to any dwelling.

₱ 299.00
₱ 249.00

Sprinkled with uplifting messages and words of encouragement, we hope this journal inspires you to plant new goals and celebrate joyful milestones.

₱ 598.00
₱ 395.00

Give goodness in Human Nature Gift Boxes!

₱ 1495.00
₱ 749.00

Write down your stories and organize your notes according to your taste with our Thrive Journal

₱ 689.00
Soothe tired eyes with this 100% natural aromatherapy herbal pillow perfect for your pampering sessions at home and road trips.
₱ 299.00

Shop for produce and dry goods with these handmade and reusable cotton bags from Habi! Each pack of 5 contains bags in varying sizes which you can use for shopping, storage and even for traveling.

₱ 1099.00

Soothe the strain on your neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles with this 100% herbal pillow shaped to rest comfortably on your shoulders while you work or relax.

₱ 789.00

Bring comfort and relief any time it’s needed with this versatile and compact herbal pain-away pillow to help ease joint aches, rest stiff wrists, and relax tired muscles.

₱ 299.00

Apicuria Oral Spray is a special blend of Harlika Pure Honey, propolis and natural herbs that can help with minor mouth and throat irritation, relieve cough, soothe canker sores and fight bad breath.

₱ 999.00
High-quality leak-proof cloth diapers that help prevent diaper rash. Reusable and washable, they are easy to care for, economical, and most of all, environment-friendly.
₱ 15.00

Pack your bundles of goodness in boxes that inspire love for our country and our environment.

Dimensions: L 25.5cm x H 7cm x W 20cm

₱ 20.00

Pack your bundles of goodness in boxes that inspire love for our country and our environment.

Dimensions: L 36.5cm x H 10.9cm x W 26cm

₱ 200.00

Your all-access tickets to genuinely natural goodness is finally here! Give the perfect gift to your friends and loved ones with Human Nature Gift Certificates! Gift Certificates are available in P200 and P500 denominations. 

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