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Special Offers

Special Offers

₱ 895.00
Sea your skin glow with vitamin-rich lato!
₱ 720.00
Sea your skin glow with vitamin-rich lato!
₱ 500.00
Sea your skin glow with vitamin-rich lato!
₱ 434.50
Get clearer skin in 7 days* with the power of tea tree!
₱ 470.00
Clear pores. Ultra-smooth Skin. 3-in-1 care.
₱ 315.00

Keep your skin moisturized from morning 'til night! Get your daily dose of moisture during the day with our Day Moisturizer that's packed with 15 essential vitamins and minerals for ultra-hydrating feels. Prep your skin before slumber with a spritz of our Night Moisturizer infused with jojoba oil for a nourishing sleep.

₱ 369.50

Take your skincare routine to the next level with nature's anti-oxidant! 

₱ 389.50

Stay naturally hydrated with moisture boosters powered by nature! A moisturizing must-have!

₱ 369.50

Say hello to nature's solution to oily skin! 

₱ 199.50
Get a hint of color and nourishment in one soothing lip balm. A feel-good blend of cocoa butter, beeswax and all-natural plant oils keeps your lips soft and moisturized through the day.
₱ 369.50

Experience the Miracles of Sunflower Beauty Oil Dare to go bare with our Beauty +PLUS Deodorant Stick.

₱ 694.75

Get deep scalp cleansing with this 2-step detox regimen

₱ 774.75

Say goodbye to dandruff with our Men's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo supercharged with PureProtect Actives that effectively eliminates dandruff and dirt. For a powered-up dandruff protection, use it with our Pure Jojoba Oil that effectively brushes off stubborn flakes and relieves itchy scalp.

₱ 824.75

Give your hair salon care treatment everyday in the comfort of your own home with our Professional Salon Care Shampoo and Pure Jojoba Oil.

₱ 584.50

For truly beautiful hair that's touchably soft and healthy.

₱ 269.50

Experience naturally healthy cleansing and leveled-up freshness down there! Our Feminine Washes are infused with aloe vera and cooling actives that help soothe your intimate area. Stay comfy and protected from odor and itchiness during your period with our Red Days Natural Feminine Wash.

₱ 269.50

Earth-Loving Femme Care

Here’s a gift that your pocket and your planet will love! Get P20 off when you buy 100ml Protection for Red Days Feminine Wash plus 35g Natural Feminine Wash Bar.

₱ 349.25
Indulge your hardworking hands and feet with our most intensive moisturizer, Hand & Foot Salve.
₱ 759.50

Wrap your little one in goodness with our Natural Baby Wash filled with the calming blend of rosemary, lavender, and chamomile extracts. Cleanse your baby's essentials without worry of harmful chemicals with our Natural Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleansing Powder.

₱ 329.50

Turn bathtime into a bubble-filled adventure minus the plastic bottle! Bust germs and grime with our plastic bottle-free Kids Natural Shampoo Bar that helps keep your little ones' hair healthy and clean. Our Kids Bath Soap is infused with Philippine coconut oil and naturally hydrating glycerin which gently cleanses the skin without overdrying.

₱ 520.00

Always have a touch of calm and comfort within reach

₱ 450.00
Fill your home with natural & nurturing remedies.
₱ 604.00
Tried and true blends carefully crafted for your health and wellness.
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