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All Deals

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Get ahead of the summer heat! Stay protected from the sun's rays and cool your skin down at the end of the day with a relaxing shower session.

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Make sure your little one's ready to for the world by giving him genuine love and protection with our natural baby products!

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Bare bright, beautiful skin day in and day out with the best preventive skin care in town!

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Feel the difference of a deep-cleansed face with our Pore Cleansing Brush and the right superfood found in our facial washes to keep your skin healthy and glowing!

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Wake up to visibly radiant and softer skin. 9 ActivOil Nutritives carefully curated for their revitalizing and antioxidant properties work deep into the skin for intense overnight moisturization.
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Nourish your skin's enduring radiance with nature's purest, most potent ingredients. 92% noticed an improvement in skin firmness. 88% experienced more radiant skin.

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Escape the summer heat with a spray that faces freshness like no other!

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Give the gift of 25 miracles with the scent of spring. Just add P5 to any Sunflower Beauty Oil Bloom purchase and you'll get a limited edition gift bag!

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Always have a touch of calm and comfort within reach with minty Soothing Balm with eucalyptus and bergamot for relief from stress and dizziness, and relaxing Rescue Balm with lavender and tea tree for a quick remedy for small skin discomforts.

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Treat and restore severely dry and damaged strands to lush softness everyday with our Daily Hair Treatment, and spritz way sun sweat wit our Hair Mists which will rehydrate your locks and banish the funky odor!

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Be ready for anything and stay fresh daily with this trusty feminine care tandem.

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Take the city out of your skin with a creamy clay mask that defends skin from the visible effects of aging caused by daily exposure to air pollution. Powered by NaturProtect Actives bamboo charcoal, moringa seed oil, bentonite & kaolin clay, natural Vitamin E and passion fruit seed oil.
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Moisturize after cleansing and toning for all-day resilience against harmful free radicals.
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Wash away skin-damaging pollutants with our Pollution Defense Face Cleanser. Non-drying and ideal for daily use, this refreshing cleanser is infused with the goodness of NaturProtect Actives.

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Be acne-free in three! This three-step regimen is infused with the power of tea tree oil to effectively reduce the appearance of pimples while being gentle on your skin.

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Get results without the risk, whatever your skin type. With genuinely natural cleansing and toning, mix and match to get the skin regimen that works just for you.

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Give skin the gift of round-the-clock moisture during the cool, dry months. Prime and nourish skin with moisturizer before sleeping and during your morning skincare routine with our Day Moisturizer and Night Moisturizer.

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Care to bare your best hair! Cleanse your hair and scalp thoroughly and get bouncy locks with our Clarifying Shampoo, and tame unruly strands with our rich Smoothing Hair Serum.

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Say yes to stress-free tresses with our Natural Hair Revival Coco Mask and fragrant Hair Mists!

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Kiss away dry, chapped lips with our Natural Lip Scrub that reveal softer, smoother lips with the rich medley of sunflower oil, jojoba oil and beeswax.

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Bloom with hues that give every woman their well-deserved care. Our Made to Bloom Lipsticks are lovingly crafted to flatter every Filipina with the nourishing goodness of cocoa butter and passion fruit oil in a creamy matte finish.

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Be touch-up ready with every swipe of these pigment-rich natural makeup that can go from desk to dinner.

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Give your skin gentle cleansing and keep it moisturized with our cold-pressed, all-natural Scented Cleansing Bars.
Available in Powder Love, Lemon Zest and Lavender-Mint scents

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Love your skin better with our richest, creamiest Healthy Lotion yet that’s rich in cocoa butter, avocado, sunflower, and soybean oils and 12 nutrients and antioxidants that skin soft, smooth and healthy-looking.

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Take a handful of goodness with our skin-loving, earth-friendly handy dandy duo.

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Give your hardworking hands and feet lavish treats: slather on the goodness of our new Hand & Foot Salve 30g. Choose any three from Vanilla Peach, Rose Bouquet, Luscious Strawberry and Invigorating Eucalyptus and you have a pretty nifty gift to share! 

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Give new parents something to smile about: a complete bath and baby massage kit for their precious little one.

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This complete baby bath and massage kit in a sweet and tangy vanilla-orange scent makes a thoughtful baby shower gift for new moms and dads.
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Give new parents something to smile about: a complete bath and baby massage kit for their precious little one - with 100% no harmful chemicals that can harm baby's delicate skin. Our Baby Care Starter Set is now available in mini size!

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Remove tough dirt and stains from baby's clothes, cloth diapers, towels and linens. Fragrance-free and easy-to-rinse, our natural coconut-based cleansers leave no residue that may irritate baby's delicate skin.
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Build your kids’ healthy habits with these naturally-made wonders for school boys and girls. Talk about fun and excitement minus the germs!

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Lather your pooch from snout to tail with the purest, gentlest, safest care. Made with coconut-derived cleansers and nutrient-rich plant extracts, this shampoo leaves your pet's fur so much softer, fluffier and irresistibly snuggly.
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Lather your pooch from snout to tail with the purest, gentlest, safest care. Our Cocomutt Shampoo is made with Philippine coconut, sunflower, and avocado oils, this shampoo conditions your pet's fur to be much softer, fluffier and irresistibly snuggly!

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Experience the touch of pure relaxation with nature's finest ingredients in a non-greasy, skin-nourishing sunflower oil base.

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A blend of citronella oil, eucalyptus oil and orange oil drives mosquitoes away without harmful DEET while sunflower seed oil helps keep skin moisturized. This formulation is free from soybean oil so it's safe for kids with G6PD deficiency.
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Your all-access tickets to genuinely natural goodness is finally here! Give the perfect gift to your friends and loved ones with Human Nature Gift Certificates! Gift Certificates are available in P200 and P500 denominations. 

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Fight scalp buildup and from your hair with Bamboo Charcoal shampoo, made with purifying bamboo charcoal that strips away dirt and impurities without drying your scalp

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Fight dirt and impurities and refresh your skin and hair with our supercharged shower combo, Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo for Men and Oil-Fighting Face Wash for Men.