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Powder Detergent 1000g

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- Felyn
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100% Natural | No Harmful Chemicals | Dermatologist-tested

Tough on dirt
Effectively remove dirt and stains from clothes, towels and linens, and keep them smelling fresh with no harsh chemical residue or fabric stiffness with this all-around detergent.

Gentle on skin and the earth
✓ Derma-tested non-irritating & safe
✓ Fragrance-free & colorant-free
✓ Free from bleach & optical brighteners
✓ Biodegradable and non-toxic
✓ Locally-sourced coconut cleansers
✓ Free from phosphates & chlorine that damage water ecosystems

Save money & time
With 100% plant-based foaming and cleansing agents, using our genuinely natural detergents require less water usage during the rinse cycle, cutting down your rinsing time, lessening your electricity usage. Using them have also been found to reduce water consumption by one-third. And as our natural detergents keep colors vibrant and leave clothes soft, no need for fabric conditioner. How’s that for savings?


Washing Guide: Sort your laundry into lights, darks, and whites to keep those colors from mixing. For hand washing, pour and dissolve in the water just the right amount of tough lovin' powder your laundry needs. For machine washing, follow our handy-dandy measuring guide! For stains, soak fabric for at least an hour. No laundry's too tough for our love!

Please carefully follow your garment care label instructions.

Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, aqua (water), sodium coco fatty alcohol sulfate (coconut-derived), sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, potassium cocoate (coconut-derived), decyl glucoside (vegetable-derived), sodium lactate

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Marites Daguinod (08/10/2021)

    Nakakatanggal ng stubborn stains. Kahit yun mantsa sa mga old rags namin sa bahay nawala nun ibabad ko for 1 hour using this product.
  • Elaine Mesina (06/08/2021)

    A few or many years ago I tried their first version of powder detergent but it left my clothes smelling bad specially in the armpits area, so I was discouraged to buy it again. This year my doctor recommended that I switch to organic products, so I decided to give this a try, to my surprise my clothes smelled clean even after I put them overnight, I also use the liquid detergent but thought that the powder version suits my clothes since I sweat a lot. I will use the liquid version for bedsheets, pillow cases etc. I felt safe and satisfied. I don't care if it only has a subtle scent, what matters is that it's safe for my body and family.
  • Au (03/25/2021)

    I love this powder detergent because it’s really gentle on my hands/skin but really cleanses clothes, kahit soiled cloth diapers. Nagamit ko na to sa mano-manong paglalaba, di siya harsh sa balat unlike another local eco-friendly powder detergent I’ve tried. Also, kahit more than 24hrs maiwang nakababad yung damit, di sila bumabaho unlike commercial detergents. Lastly, kahit isampay sa loob ng bahay ang mga damit, di sila nag-aamoy kulob.
  • Hannah Elisha (08/18/2020)

    Whitens and brightens our whites. Sinubukan ko to ng pakamay na laba, hindi mahapdi sa palad gaya ng ibang sabon-panlaba, yung mga dekolor nabuhay yung kulay.
  • DESE LEA (08/12/2020)

    First time to use and it exceed my expectation. A Power detergent. This is what i am looking for.
  • Raphonzel N. (04/30/2020)

    We have been using this for more than 5 years now. It is still the best especially for expensive and sensitive fabrics. Well done!
  • Mike (10/30/2019)

    Great product, love the smell and cleanliness after using this washing powder.
  • Getty (07/10/2019)

    I super love this powder detergent! Since it is 100% natural, I don't have to use softener and bleach, plus less water consumption when rinsing! I save money while keeping our skin healthy and at the same time helping save our environment!
  • Maychelle (06/29/2019)

    The first time of using this powder detergent, i noticed that it is really soft on hands, cleans well and i can see that my white shirts have brigthen. It also saves my time kasi madali banlawan.
  • Chanel (06/07/2019)

    One of my favorites. I use it to wash all of our clothes including my baby's! Hindi nagkakaron ng rashes and irritation ang baby ko unlike those other brands.
  • Allyn (01/25/2019)

    This is my favorite of favorites. It works like magic when I apply it neat (and kuso) on very dirty socks and dirt-stained biker’s jerseys. I’ve never found a detergent so effective like this one. I only rinse my laundry once so I get to save water. I’m also happy that it’s environment-friendly. Another plus, it doubles as our all-purpose cleaner - for countertops, toilet, floors, slippers. Very economical talaga.
  • FerFer (10/01/2018)

    I don't usually do hand wash, since I am allergic to most detergent on the market, but this one is great, I didn't have an allergic reaction afterwards. It's mild, but really does the job. Also makes the clothes soft, no need for fabcon anymore (tipid). Only down side is, it doesn't mix with water easily, you have to pre-mix it before putting on the washing machine. Overall, great product! ❤
  • Risa (08/07/2018)

    I love this detergent! It's tough on stains yet gentle on skin! :)
  • Raphonzel (03/09/2018)

    2015 to present date 03/09/2018...still using HN products! This is one of my favorites. Love this on my clothes especially those with delicate fabrics. Thank you! I'm proud to be Filipino and a buyer & user of HN products!!!
  • gwenny (11/27/2017)

    My first impression was, para syang perla in powder form. Mabilis lng banlawan. And my clothes don't smell bad afterwards. Hindi ngbabalat yun kamay ko afterwards, kahit pa nakalimutan ko mglagay ng lotion. I like this product
  • Frances (11/23/2017)

    I tried this detergent because I've been trying to shift to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Really impressed with its stain-removing ability which i haven't experienced with my past detergents. I love that it's not perfumed and our clothes seem softer after washing and drying. Hoping you can release a bigger sized one or even offer refilling to have less packaging waste. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Frances! We're glad that you loved our Natural Powder Detergent. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Rest assured we will consider it for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Maria Katrina (09/24/2017)

    Id normally have irritation with other brands. With this, i dont :)
  • Wren (07/08/2017)

    I like that it's chemical free but I wish it would come with some scent like lavender or lemon. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Wren! Thank you for purchasing our Natural Powder Detergent. We also appreciate your feedback on the scent. Please rest assured that we will consider your comments into consideration. In the meantime, you may wish to try adding a few drops of our Lavender Oil to your final rinse to give your clothes a fresh and calming scent. I hope this helps, Wren. Thank you!]
  • JOANNA (05/16/2017)

    I've been using HN Detergent Powder for a few years already and I am a satisfied user. Effective in removing dirt and stains. If clothes are soaked overnight with these won't smell bad the next day. I just got a fully-auto washing machine and I'm having problems with white residue left on all the dark-colored clothes. I need help to solve this problem. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Joanna! We're glad that you liked our Natural Powder Detergent. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the residue. If you're soaking colored clothes overnight, we recommend that you use less powder to minimize the residue. Alternatively, you may also consider shifting to our Natural Liquid Detergent and use it when soaking dark clothes. I hope this helps. Thank you!]
  • Cherry (04/24/2017)

    We tried it and quite satisfied with the performance in cleaning stains and dirt. But my suggestion is, can you add more bubbles. There is this psychological thing that more bubbles it's better. And it will also make the powder more economical, because we need not add more powder if we see more bubbles. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cherry! Bubbly lathers are usually caused by synthetic foam boosters that don’t actually play a role in dirt removal - and as you pointed out, they only give the illusion that they clean better than if they were less foamy. Our 100% natural powder detergent has no synthetic foam boosters & may lather a little less than chemical brands - but it sure does the cleaning job effectively while being healthy for your skin and the environment :)]
  • mae (04/24/2017)

    I have always love HHN products and the addition of the 100% natural POWDER detergent is just great. The liquid detergent is good but the powder variety is more efficient to use (not-heavy) and a lot cheaper. It's very effective in cleaning clothes plus non-drying to the skin. Best of all, it feels good knowing i'm not harming the environment while using it. Good job HHN! <3
  • Immaculate (04/24/2017)

    I used the powder just recently to wash our weeks' laundry and I noticed that it really is tough on stains if you soak the clothes first (I soaked mine overnight). When the clothes dried they feel like I used fabric con, they are quite soft so I enjoyed folding them!:) BTW, I used half the m. cup of the liquid Tough love to add some scent to my laundry but if you want stronger scent, maybe you get to use half powder, half liquid.
  • chekaii (04/24/2017)

    I used to use plantex powder detergent and its good and cheaper but then since i am a loyal patron of hhn i tried this together with the liquid soap. It cleans clothes though unscented unlike the old organic brand i use so i thought of mixing it with the liquid soap and voila citrus scented clothes and softer clothes and satisfaction met i just hope you would consider making bar soaps too and fabcon thanx hhn
  • Wheng (04/24/2017)

    I'm a first time user of this product I'm so amazed with what i have experienced. i used to get wounds when im doing the laundry using other detergent powder and after washing our clothes my hands become dry. that's why i hired a laundry woman. Now, im an expectant mother and im starting to prepare the things for my baby like baby clothes, cloth diapers, caps and socks, baby mittens, blankets and soft towels. i bought tough love through your online shopping. i told myself i will try this product and see what will be the effect of it on our clothes and on my hands. so i soak baby's caps,socks, mittens and soft towels for an hour and after that i wash all of it. amazingly i finished all of it without having any wounds on my hands and it leaves my hands so smooth. im so happy talaga that i have found a detergent powder that is really tough on cleaning my baby's clothes but gentle on my hands. Thank you hn for creating this kind of product. God bless you all as you continue to make natural products that can really help us and our environment.
  • Christina (04/24/2017)

    i guess this is my most favorite HHN product. Tough Love is just the right name. Tough because it can remove even the stubborn stains, just soak your clothes first and Love because it is very kind to your hands. As for me, this powder detergent actually lathers well. I am really enjoying using this product as much as I now enjoy handwashing my delicate clothes. =)
  • Adrian Val Olonan (04/24/2017)

    It's nice that Tough Love powder detergent is all-natural, primarily Philippine-sourced, and cleans without the drying feel. But I guess coming up with a floral-scented variant would be a plus. But about the price? It's an ouch for a 1kg for P199.75. Other brands sell similar quantities for half the price. I think that you should highly prioritize this for mass production, alongside with the other Tough Love products. I mean, everyone wears clothes and everyone uses uses utensils. Thus, Tough Love transcends market segmentations, I guess in terms of environmental advocacy, the home care deserves more spotlight than the Overnight Elixir and Sunflower Beauty Oil combined. It's like if Tough Love products would manage to sell competitively alongside other brands, I can sell to 5-10 households. Then, if there are approximately 3,000 HN dealers nationwide, that would be 15,000-30,000 households helping to alleviate aquatic destruction. Just my two cents worth. Anything can happen. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Adrian! Thank you for your feedback. Human Nature was the first brand to strive to make natural products affordable and we promise you, we work hard at it every day! Most brands do not list ingredients on their detergents, so it's impossible to really know what's inside even if they claim to be natural. Ours is genuinely natural (with the ingredients listed to prove it!) and is priced as low as we can possibly make it for. You're right that there are some brands selling at lower prices, but we don't believe they are genuinely natural. It's really not possible to make effective natural detergents for less than we sell at. You definitely make a good point in saying that if all households in the Philippines traded in their chemical cleansers for Tough Love Detergent and Dishwashing Liquid, then it would have a massive positive impact on our marine life. We share this vision with you and we are always looking for ways to improve and make our products accessible to all Filipinos. We truly appreciate your feedback and we will definitely take it into consideration. Thank you so much!]
  • Genevieve (04/24/2017)

    I love Tough love for being effective in cleaning, easy to rinse and gentle on my hands. Plus, for being loving on our aquatic life. But there are two things that would make me love it more. (1) if it would be fragrant enough to fight the sweaty smell in adults' clothes. I've noticed that those super sweaty clothes did not smell good even after washing. and (2) if it will be cheaper. This may convince my mom to give this product a try. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Genevieve! Thank you for your feedback. Since we don't include phthalates in our Tough Love 100% Natural Powder Detergent, its scent retention may not be comparable to that of chemical brands in the market; however when you use our detergent, you steer clear from the reproductive health risks associated with phthalates. For heavy stains and awful smells, it is recommended to soak the clothes longer - usually a day or two. You can also add a cupful of our Tough Love 100% Natural Liquid Detergent to add some scent to it :) As a social enterprise, we price our natural detergents as low as we can to make them affordable for the public, yet competitive enough to provide our partner communities with a sustainable and dignified income so they can grow with us. Our detergents may not be as cheap as commercial products, but we can proudly claim that our formula is GENUINELY NATURAL and effective, and it gives you amazing value for your money. :)Thank you!]
  • Dyan (04/24/2017)

    I gave this to my boyfriend's mom , and she told me that it's really really good in removing dirt especially the white uniforms of her grandson were super white and clean after machine wash. ** I also use the powder myself but I hand wash my clothes. SO it's great to know that this is 100% chemical free, I feel safe and comfortable that it gets into my skin . One thing that I noticed though is the scent. It gives a somewhat 'different' smell to my clothes after they get dry. So maybe, HHN can improve and add some natural (Chemical-free) scent to it like the one in the liquid detergent. Because of the same reason too, I'm trying out the liquid detergent. I've been liking their citrus scent in other HHN products like the "hand spray" (it reminds me of "Nenuco" the baby cologne of course, minus all the chemicals).THanks HHN! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Dyan! Thanks for your fantastic feedback! We're so happy to know your families love and trust our Tough Love Detergents :) Our products do not contain long-lasting synthetic fragrances due to their associated health risks; this may distinguish them from chemical detergents in terms of aroma. However we are open to exploring new naturally scented variants :) Thank you again!]
  • Michelle (04/24/2017)

    We needed a mild detergent for my baby girl's stuff and Tough Love had good reviews, so we decided to try it. However, the moment we switched to this detergent, my husband started getting rashes and itching all over. After we ruled everything else out, we figured it was the detergent causing his troubles. We switched back to our old detergent and the itching and the rashes stopped. I was surprised because TL is supposed to be organic and thus, I assumed, hypoallergenic. We still use TL for our little one's clothes and cloth diapers though. As much as I'd like to have just one detergent for the entire household, I guess it's just not possible. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Michelle! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Tough Love Powder Detergent is 100% natural and fragrance-free, and while it is definitely much safer than chemical detergents, ""natural"" does not necessarily entail hypoallergenicity - it's possible that your husband may be hypersensitive to one of our natural ingredients. We subject all our products to irritation tests before launching them, so we're quite surprised to hear about his reaction. We'd like to learn more about your experience to determine the cause and help you out. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :) Thanks!] "
  • Keilah (04/24/2017)

    This is quite effective in removing stains. However, I think it would be better if you came up with a scented variant, as some clothes doesn't smell newly laundered after. Thanks! :)
  • Patrice Mae (04/24/2017)

    It may not be foamy as other commercial detergents, but it does a great job in cleaning. What's more, I only have to rinse once or twice and it's good to go. Napakatipid sa tubig at oras.
  • Ria (04/24/2017)

    At first I thought the price was too much for this product, until I gave it a try. Amazingly, doing the laundry is not a huge chore anymore because Tough Love stands by its name: a small amount of powder is tough enough to remove stains on my clothes and cloth bags. What works for me is soaking the clothes first for not less than 10 minutes; even without the ‘heavy work’ yet, Tough Love already did the work for me. The water turns dirty after a few minutes of soaking, so there’s no need to put too much effort on washing the clothes. The product is true to its promise to “ultimately save time, water, and electricity”, which really gives me the worth of my money. What I like best is the idea that a simple act of doing the laundry is already my participation in caring for the environment. This product is highly recommended!
  • Karen (04/24/2017)

    Thank you so much for keeping this fragrance free. I really can't stand the smell of regular laundry detergents! And there are people who are sensitive to fragrance, even the all-natural kinds. Please continue to keep a fragrance free option, even if you do decide to start making this with a fragrant version. I hope you can also make fragrance free options for your shampoos, soaps, and other products.
  • Rebecca (04/24/2017)

    I am glad that Tough Love Natural Powder Detergent is Fragrance-Free and gentle on hands. I have skin asthma and scented products often trigger hives (skin rashes) as well as rubber gloves or latex medical gloves because of the powder they put in it. Tough Love answered both my concerns. I can now wash my clothes using bares hands. I wish Human Nature will consider selling it in sachets for a lighter weight inside my hand carry luggage during a short trip or travel (even while on a short vacation or business travel, I still prefer to wash clothes first and avoid placing used clothes inside the luggage). The airport is quite strict. They checked the content when I transferred the detergent inside a small plastic bottle container. I just thought if my favorite natural detergent is already in a sachet with a label Tough Love Natural Detergent then it will save me time for inspection at the airport. Thanks so much [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Rebecca! Thank you for your feedback. We can definitely take it into consideration :) So glad you love our Tough Love Powder Detergent!]
  • Raphonzel (04/24/2017)

    I love using this product. However may pagkamahal pa rin sya for low income earning Filipino families. I know HN is doing its best to give the best price and quality to all, customers and your suppliers. For middle income earners I think ok lang ang price but again for the masses it's different. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Raphonzel! Thank you for your honest feedback. We're glad you love our Tough Love Powder Detergent. At its current price, it's actually most affordable brand that we are aware of for a genuinely natural product. The dangerous thing about using chemical detergents is that the manner and method by which they achieve the efficacy in removing soils and stains involve toxic chemicals. The risks that we put ourselves at whenever we use laundry detergents containing these harmful chemicals far outweigh the few additional pesos we need to spend for a truly and genuinely natural detergent. We continue to do all that we can to find ways to further lower the cost of producing Tough Love without sacrificing our ability to continue to pay the fair price for the partner farming communities that we have committed to help and break their cycle of poverty. Our vision has always been to make a genuinely natural detergent affordable for Filipinos. Thank you so much for supporting us through this endeavor :)]
  • Lianne (04/24/2017)

    We previously used a different detergent for our little one's clothes, but since reading rave reviews about Tough Love for washing clothes and cloth diapers, we decided to give it a try. No regrets there! It only takes a small amount to wash her clothes, and yet stains in her clothes wash away easily. She's at the age where she's increasingly mobile and adventurous and she's getting dirtier than ever, no worries about her clothes. I used to have to brush away stains even after machine washing, but no longer need to now that we're using Tough Love. It's funny, in a good way, that her clothes, cloth diapers, gauze and birdseye diapers, and towels are brighter and whiter now even if Tough Love has no optical brighteners. I don't mind the lack of fragrance, as her clothes still smell clean after line drying under the sun and fragrances tend to make us sneeze. The price, compared to other baby detergents we've tried, is okay. It also saves time and effort. We can be OC when rinsing baby clothes and cloth diapers, because absorbency might be affected, but we love how we are down to 3 rinses from 5!
  • Veronica (04/24/2017)

    I used to get so frustrated when every after laundry, I find white chalk-like stains on our clothes. With this, I don't have to worry about that. It would be better to have a scented version though. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Veronica! We're so glad you love our Tough Love Natural Powder Detergent! If you prefer a scented detergent, we highly recommend our Tough Love Natural Liquid Detergent - it has a fresh citrus scent :) Thank you!]
  • badeth (04/24/2017)

    I'm a loyal HHN user, but I had a bad experience with this product. I used this to wash my newborn's clothes. I experienced itching just right after my hands got soaked in the water with detergent. I ignored the itchiness and continued the handwashing. After doing the laundry, I noticed my hands got irritated and had some small cuts. I'm afraid to use this. If this irritates my skin, I think this will irritate my newborn's skin, too, when he wears the clothes I washed using Tough Love. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi badeth! We're so sorry to hear about your experience. Our Tough Love Detergent is 100% natural and dermatologically proven to be non-irritating, safe and gentle - even safe enough for delicate fabrics and baby's clothes! However, it is still possible to be sensitive or allergic to one of its natural ingredients. We would advise you to stop using our product for now while we look into your concern. Our Customer Service will get in touch with you immediately to help you out :) Thank you!]
  • JOANNA (04/24/2017)

    My daughter spilled strawberry juice on her blouse and it was stained pink. I dissolved TL powder detergent in water and soaked the blouse in the water with soap overnight. In the morning when I checked the blouse the stain was no longer there, I didn't even have to scrub it off!!! :)
  • remy (04/24/2017)

    I love organic product so i tried this one. Use this last night but i feel itchiness afterwards. This is organic so this should be gentle on skin. I never encounter this with the other detergents i've tried. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi remy! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Tough Love Natural Powder Detergent is 100% natural and has been dermatologically proven to be non-irritating, safe, and gentle. While it is highly unlikely to cause irritation, it is still possible that some people may be sensitive or allergic to one of its natural ingredients, in the same way that people can be allergic to natural substances like bee pollen, nuts or eggs. In your case, we recommend that you first stop using our powder detergent while we get in touch with you to learn more about your experience and help you out in any way we can. Our Customer Service will be in touch soon :) Thank you!]
  • Lenji (04/24/2017)

    I wanted to use this for handwashing also but the detergent forms clumps which are too numerous to dissolve with my hands. So I just use this for machine wash and use the liquid detergent instead for handwash.
  • Felyn (04/24/2017)

    Like it's liquid counterpart, this one is also effective in removing stains. Our white clothes are more vibrant, it's really amazing. It's soft on clothes and it has a clean smell perfect for my allergic nose hehe
  • Ormisa (04/24/2017)

    I love using this products for my little one. . . i don't have to worry to laundry my kids stuff . . . . i love also the fragrance. highly recommended . . . .
  • Brendalyn (04/24/2017)

    This is great for a busy mom like me.. easy to rinse after washing and it can remove heavy stain if you soaked it... My baby's skin is safe from rashes, because I am using this detergent for washing my baby's diaper clothes... Thank you HNN for this product...
  • Alma (04/24/2017)

    I love this product. Super. I use this for my underwear and whites. Nice!!!
  • Jacqueline (04/24/2017)

    I love this product. We've been a long time user of this. I started using this when my little ones would get irritated skin from commercial laundry detergents. I switched to this Natural Detergent to wash their nappies and clothes. Now that they are a little more grown up, I thought that they would've outgrown their sensitivities. But when I tried using a laundry detergent bought from the grocery, my son started having hives! Had to rewash his clothes with this again. I am now a true believer that this product is safe even for our littlest ones! Thanks HHN for this!
  • Aprihl Rose (04/24/2017)

    I love this Natural Powder detergent! Matipid gamitin, maganda sa damit lalo na sa balat. No worries kasi chemical-free. Bumili na din ako nung natural liquid detergent to try next. I am confident na di ako madidisappoint in any of your product. Thank you HHN ! :)
  • Joy (04/24/2017)

    Definitely one of my favorite products! Even when there are instructions on the box, I hope that there'd be a reusable scoop that can be included in the packaging for easier measuring. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Joy! We're so glad that you loved our Natural Powder Detergent. We will appreciate your feedback on the measuring scoop and we'll definitely consider your suggestion for future development of the product. Thank you very much! :)]
  • Adel (04/24/2017)

    this being unscented is totally fine with me dahil ayoko din na humahalo yung amoy ng suot ko sa amoy ng perfume ko. what's important is the cleaning power. plus the long lasting "clean" scent. last i checked, we mainly wash our clothes to clean them, NOT to mask odors using synthetic fragrances. i don't know what's happening in the world now kung anu-anong unnecessary "technologies" na ang hinahalo sa mga laundry detergents. meron pa nung mga "motion-sense" daw. geeez.
  • CHE (04/24/2017)

    I love this product. I use the liquid variant before which is also nice but this is better in cleaning and in neutralizing smell specially when I oversoaked clothes. I hope you could improve the packaging though. I need to dry my hands whenever I add powder. Thanks. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Che! We're so glad that you liked our Natural Detergent Powder. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging. Rest assured that we will consider your suggestion into consideration as we continuously develop our Home Care line. Thank you! :)]
  • Raphonzel (04/24/2017)

    I greatly appreciate this particular product. I thought at first it was expensive. However, with proper use, one box of it lasted one month. We are three in the family. I use this for washing our clothes, heavy curtains, bed sheets, heavy towels etc, cleaning the toilet, bathroom and mopping the floor. Tipid siya. I don't need to buy a separate bleach and household cleaning stuff. Thank you!
  • Veronica (04/24/2017)

    This is the best detergent for heavy washing! I've used this for curtains and linen, and it really removes the dirt. I just leave it soaking for half an hour and it removes the accumulated dirt on it. I also used this to spot clean stubborn stains (ballpen marks, highlighter) and old stains (has been previously washed already) and it still managed to remove it! Such a believer of this product.
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