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₱ 660.00

Fill your home with natural & nurturing remedies.

₱ 590.00
₱ 520.00

Always have a touch of calm and comfort within reach with minty Comfort Balm with eucalyptus and bergamot for relief from stress and dizziness, and relaxing Rescue Balm with lavender and tea tree for a quick remedy for small skin discomforts.

₱ 594.75
₱ 574.75
Keep your household and toxin-free with our Tea Tree Oil and Liquid Detergent!
₱ 1344.75
₱ 1324.75
Keep your household and toxin-free with our Tea Tree Oil and Liquid Detergent!
₱ 295.00

Tea tree oil is a commonly used all-around remedy and disinfectant. A handy and effective natural foil to bacteria, mold and mildew, it enjoys widespread use as a safe alternative to harsh cleansing ingredients.

₱ 295.00

Rich and lemony with subtle wood tones, citronella oil enjoys widespread use as insect repellent and deodorizer. This uplifting scent is an excellent deodorizer for closets and kitchen cabinets, and can help keep storage spaces insect-free.

₱ 295.00

There may be no cure for the common cold, but eucalyptus and its distinctive cool, crisp scent can help clear a stuffy nose and soothe headaches. Eucalyptus oil is also often used to enhance a soothing massage for tired muscles and joints.

₱ 295.00
Antioxidant-rich rosemary oil has a well-deserved reputation as a tonic to help strengthen and thicken hair.
₱ 245.00

Lavender's elegant herbal scent is used to create a relaxing atmosphere to help pacify fussy infants, freshen up laundry, and impart a sweet fragrance on skin.

₱ 245.00

Sweet and tangy, warm and comforting, orange oil can help soothe gas discomfort, and its bright, sunny fragrance is also known to perk up your senses.

₱ 350.00

Keep your home clean and fresh naturally with our new Natural Peppermint Oil and help repel ants in a way that's safe for you and the environment.

₱ 99.75

Let the good vibes from this mint balm melt away the tensions of your daily hectic lifestyle. This fusion of peppermint, eucalyptus and bergamot helps relieve stress, dizziness and body aches.

₱ 99.75

A thin layer of this balm infused with lavender oil and tea tree oil helps comfort little bumps and scrapes on both kids and adults.

₱ 219.00
Unwind and experience nature's healing and pampering miracles in these massage oil blends of calming lavender, orange and lemongrass, or rejuvenating eucalyptus and rosemary.
₱ 199.75

A concentrated blend of essential oils and floral waters to help ease you into sleep.

₱ 359.00

Invite nature into your home and office with these pure essential oil diffusers. Created with ingredients selected carefully from nature, Aurae Natura brings the goodness of a spa experience to any dwelling.

₱ 299.00

Apicuria Oral Spray is a special blend of Harlika Pure Honey, propolis and natural herbs that can help with minor mouth and throat irritation, relieve cough, soothe canker sores and fight bad breath.

₱ 1099.00

Soothe the strain on your neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles with this 100% herbal pillow shaped to rest comfortably on your shoulders while you work or relax.

₱ 689.00
Soothe tired eyes with this 100% natural aromatherapy herbal pillow perfect for your pampering sessions at home and road trips.
₱ 789.00

Bring comfort and relief any time it’s needed with this versatile and compact herbal pain-away pillow to help ease joint aches, rest stiff wrists, and relax tired muscles.

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