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Orange Oil 10ml
Orange Oil 10ml

   I use this to counter seasickness when travelling. One whiff brings instant relief. :) Also cal...  
- Junelyn
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100% Natural

Recommended for:
natural skin refiner

Helps firm skin and minimize large pores.

If you are pregnant, hypertensive or have epilepsy, consult with your physician prior to use of essential oils.

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Skin Refiner
Massage 1-2 drops on skin to help refine desired area.

Relaxing MassageGently rub a few drops of Orange Oil between your fingers to warm the oil. Place your fingertips on your temples and slowly massage, starting from the ends of your eyebrows, circling up towards your hairline and back down again.

Stomach Comforter
Rub Orange Oil in a circular motion over your abdomen 2-3 times a day to help comfort  and soothe a restless tummy

Wind Down Warrior
Strung up after a long, hard day? The scent of Orange Oil can help you wind down. Roll it over your temples and pulse points and breathe in the calming scent. PRO TIP: When you're ready to sleep, use Lavender Oil to help you drift off to a relaxing slumber.

Perky Pick-Me-Up
On days when you feel gray and dreary, roll some Orange Oil on your pulse points and temples.

Peppy Workout
Dragging your feet at the gym? Roll a few drops of Orange Oil on your pulse points before your workout to perk your mood up.

caprylic/capric triglyceride, Citrus sinensis (orange) peel essential oil

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  • Rea Cyril (01/12/2021)

    there was never a claim through my research that you can use thus on your armpit and i also dont know if it is just a placebo effect but i actually use this as a deodorant or stuff i put on it. i use 5 drops of this on each of my armpit. sometimes i mix five drops of this to five drops of coconut oil and apply it all over my armpit. and i do this through out this lockdown pandemic era and i noticed that my armpits are whiter and smoother and ll of those burns from wax were healed. so again i am not sure if i am using this product correctly but this works really good on my armpits
  • Ysabl (03/28/2018)

    Really effective in both suggested uses! Perks me up in the morning, and really does help relieve bloatedness (I have hyperacidity).
  • Monaliza (01/26/2018)

    Waiting patiently for HHN to come up with essentials oils fit for diffusing :) I love HHN! Kayang kaya ng Pinoy yang makisabay sa mga Essential Oils craze!!! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Monaliza! We're glad that you loved our Orange Oil! We also appreciate your suggestion. Rest assured that we will consider your feedback for the future development of our Wellness Oils. Thank you!]
  • Lou (09/13/2017)

    I just received the orange oil today and was excited to use it, it smell so good, and i love smelling it on my pulse wrist, so relaxing, i would use it my stomach as im having some acidity sometimes, but something bothered me when ive read the Caution in the box, do not use if pregnant, have epilepsy or have high blood pressure, i am having a maintenance for high blood pressure, just wondering why its not good while having high blood pressure? My blood pressure seldom gets high , can i still take this orange oil? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Lou! We're glad that you loved our Orange Oil. As per our R&D Team, our the orange essential oil used in our Orange Oil has GRAS status (generally regarded as safe) and that there is no proven study on the use of this essential oil is linked in anyway to hypertension. Nevertheless, we would still recommend that you consult with your doctor to help rule out any adverse reactions. Thank you!]
  • MARITES (08/25/2017)

    Truly, this orange oil helps relieve gas pain and bloatedness, also for stomachache.
  • JUNELYN (09/29/2015)

    i use this to counter seasickness when travelling. one whiff brings instant relief. :) also calms my stomach when i roll it on my tummy whenever i feel bloated.
  • EDZ (11/30/2014)

    This is my first choice amongst all of the heritage oils since im usually experiencing abdominal colic and discomfort so i gave a try and bought 1.it's very effective coz as u roll on a few unto ur stomach u will feel an instant warm sensation, thus aiding for abdominal muscles to relax.in addition, the zesty scent is really addictive, energizes my senses and makes me wanted to apply it unto my nostrils haha... funny but it's true! :) HHN, this is truly a blessing this yuletide season...
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