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Hair Care

Hair Care

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Experience pure scalp and skin relief with the goodness of Pure Jojoba Oil and ease into a new sense of real comfort.

86% experienced reduced dandruff in just 14 days based on a panel test conducted from April 27 to May 17, 2016.

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A universal symbol of memory, sprigs of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) were thought to help keep one’s senses focused and alert with their invigorating scent. Rosemary oil has also earned a reputation as a traditional tonic to help boost the growth of healthy hair. 

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For truly beautiful hair that's touchably soft and healthy, sometimes shampoo just isn't enough. We’re here to help you get soft, smooth, sleek hair with our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner. It's made with some of nature’s most intense moisturizers, avocado, sunflower and soybean oils, that condition and nourish the hair. A final touch of virgin coconut oil gives your hair a healthy shine, without the chemicals.

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Chemicals in regular conditioners can make hair fall worse! Protect your hair with our Natural Strengthening Conditioner. Hydrolyzed wheat protein helps fortify the hair to reduce both breakage and hair fall while a rich fusion of sunflower, avocado and soybean oil keeps the hair healthy, soft, and shiny.

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Formulated with kaolin clay, this nourishing hair wax provides a medium hold with a matte finish for a fresh and polished look. Quick to style and easy to rinse, our versatile Hair Shaper offers a range of looks to keep up with even the most patriotic lifestyles.

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Give chemically-treated hair the care it deserves with a natural blend of moisturizing and protective ingredients that keeps your hair color vibrant, strengthens it against heat, and improves its elasticity