You’re probably reading this in the comfort of your own home: fan on blast, your favorite snack within reach and in your most comfortable non-office wear. Working remotely has been a privilege to many since the COVID-19 outbreak and while most companies have implemented a work-from-home policy, keeping productivity on track can be quite challenging.

But really, how do we make the most of the situation?

Here are 5 tips for working efficiently inside the most underrated place in the world: our home:

1. Start your day with a prayer.

Spend some daily quiet time to reflect and talk to the Lord. By making this number 1 in your to-do list, you’re not only giving Him your best time but also allowing Him to take over the rest of your day… including staying focused in all that you need to do!

2. Create a workspace.

If you haven’t found your spot yet, don’t consider your bed or the sofa as the perfect alternative for your regular work area. No. Instead, work on a desk. If you don’t have one, your dining table works just fine as it helps you maintain good posture and avoid distractions, procrastinating and ~:*Netfilx and Chill*:~ during your working hours.

3. Continue with your routine.

Yes, that means your regular office day routine. Wake up at your normal work time, take a bath and get dressed (or not unless you’ll be video-conferencing your bosses!) Taking cold showers increases norepinephrine hormones, making you calmer, more vigilant and focused. Human Nature Body Washes effectively lift away not just dirt and grime but also your mood with their skin-loving natural goodness and energizing scents! Start work on time and take your breaks like how you would normally do. This way, you can easily stick to your schedule and pacing.

And since you’re staying at home until who knows when, it’s also the best time to free your pits from synthetic chemical build-up and undergo underarm detox!

4. Prepare for disruptions.

So you’ve organized your to-do list and might have crossed out some items already but here comes the inevitable: distractions. The kids are screaming, the dishes are undone, the dogs need to be fed and the list goes on… 

Getting up from your chair can reduce negative health effects from too much sitting. Taking “movement breaks” also reboots your mind (just like your computer!) and helps you become more creative.

5. Keep in touch with your colleagues.

If you work in a team, check in regularly and share the status of your work. Offer help to others who need an extra hand and let them know if it’s you who need their support.

While most of us are staying in to keep the virus out, we must exercise our focus and concentrate on the work that needs to be done. During these times, we should not let fear be greater than our faith. Knowing How to Deal with Stress During a Crisis helps us become more conscious of what we welcome into our minds and bodies.

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