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Posted on March 18, 2020

How to Deal With Stress During a Crisis

Needless to say, this year has been quite eventful so far… and it’s only March.

With all the disasters and outbreaks happening right now coupled with political, social and economic unrest, there’s no doubt we are living in anxiety-filled times. 

Feeling off-balance and disoriented?

Here’s how we can take care of ourselves in this time of uncertainty:

1. Maintain a sense of routine as much as possible.

Get up, shower and get dressed. While it’s tempting to stay in bed the whole day doing nothing, it’s important to create and maintain a schedule to feel a sense of security. 

2. Get some morning sunshine (through your window).

Sunlight exposure helps improve mood and focus by boosting the serotonin levels in your body. Also known as the “happiness hormone,” it makes you feel calm and alert. So slow down, breathe in and open your windows to let the light in.

3. Avoid excessive exposure to media coverage.

Just like viruses, feelings (such as panic and fear) are contagious so limit news exposure and make sure to only follow credible sources for important updates. 

4. Keep yourself busy.

Instead of obsessively scrolling through social media in fear of missing out, keep yourself occupied by organizing your closet, creating your own music (or podcast) playlist, dancing in your living room, watching movies or reading books. Not sure how to catch up with your reading goals? Why not start with The Bible aka the bestselling book in history? This way, you won’t just get informed, you’ll also be inspired.

5. Stay in touch with your family and friends.

While it may be disappointing to hear that so many events and gatherings are being canceled, there is a public health reason for these measures. Keep your distance while keeping in touch with your loved ones by reaching out through video chats, text messages and phone calls.

6. Give essential oils a try.

A natural remedy to relieve stress and anxiety, aromatherapy has been used since ancient times. This natural solution promotes feelings of calm and relaxation by stimulating areas of the brain that are responsible for our emotions.

Ready to start your wellness journey? Delight in a multitude of natural benefits in every bottle and find comfort in quick, effective fixes found in Human Nature's wealth of essential oils.

For an uplifting yet relaxing effect, enjoy Orange Oil’s cheerful yet comforting scent. 

For quick calming relief, rub a few drops of Lavender Oil over your temples and pulse points to help soothe your senses.

For headaches and common colds, Eucalyptus Oils cool, crisp scent helps clear a stuffy nose and soothe headache symptoms.

For stress-induced stomachaches, massage a mixture of Rosemary Essential Oil and a carrier oil onto your tummy to create a gentle digestive discomfort soother.

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