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Marine Caviar HydroMiracle Face Cleanser 100ml

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98.93% Natural

Superbly Hydrating

Charged with powerful latô—a vitamin-rich seaweed that thrives around the beautiful, tropical island of Bohol in the Philippines.

Glisten with Refreshed Skin

✓ Energizes and helps renew skin with nutrient-rich oligoelements
✓ Promotes a plump, dewy complexion with antioxidant polysaccharides
✓ Helps even out skin tone by lifting away dry, dead skin with fine bamboo exfoliants

82% experienced smoother, softer, better-hydrated skin after first use.*

Did You Know? Latô is one of the longevity secrets of centenarians highly active in Japan.** Help preserve your skin health with natural hydrators found in our Marine Caviar HydroMiracle Face Cleanser.

* Based on a self-assessment test of 33 female respondents
** Source: Buettner Dan, The Secrets of Long Life, National Geographic Magazine, 2005, pp.2-26


Massage a button-sized amount onto your face. Rinse thoroughly.

aqua (water), sodium cocoyl isethionate (coconut-derived), decyl glucoside (vegetable-derived), stearic acid (vegetable-derived), glycerin (coconut-derived), glyceryl stearate SE (vegetable-derived), Caulerpa lentillifera (lato) extract, Bambusa arundinacea (bamboo) stem extract, coco-glucoside (vegetable-derived), glyceryl oleate (vegetable- derived), citric acid ( vegetable-derived), tocopherol (Vitamin E, vegetable-derived), hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate (vegetable-derived), xanthan gum (plant-derived), levulinic acid (plant-derived), sodium levulinate (plant-derived), parfum (fragrance, all-natural), phytic acid (rice bran-derived), menthol (plant-derived), p-anisic acid (plant-derived), sodium benzoate

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  • kitTie (08/09/2021)

    If I may add, I got my first tube free when I bought the night elixir, also one of my faves. I'm glad I got that, now will definitely add this to my routine.
  • kitTie (08/09/2021)

    I love how soft my face feels after washing. It definitely is moisturizing. One of my faves!
  • Daphne (06/12/2021)

    i really wanted to try it, but im a little worried about the micro beads. As im not a fan of everyday exfoliation. Hope that, they could come up with a version of this without the beads. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Daphne. Thank you for purchasing our Marine Caviar HydroMiracle Face Cleanser. We appreciate your feedback; rest assured our team will be informed of this so that they may consider it for future development of the product. Thank you. Should you require further assistance, please feel free to message us at customer.service@humanheartnature.com and we'd be happy to assist you. Thank you.]
  • Jhosa (04/18/2021)

    As much as I wish I could give this product 5 stars, unfortunately for me, it only gave me breakouts. I thought this would be friendly with my sensitive skin, but I was wrong. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jhosa. Thank you for purchasing our Marine Caviar HdyroMiracle Face Cleanser. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Please be advised that while our Marine Caviar HydroMiracle Face Cleanser is made with natural ingredients, it is primarily formulated for dry skin. You may want to try instead our Nourishing Facial Wash to help cleanse sensitive skin. Should you have further concerns, please email us at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you.]
  • Joyce (04/17/2021)

    I fell in love with this product. It's really friendly to my 43-year-old face skin. It's not harsh as it deeply cleans my face because of its fine bamboo exfoliants. Even if I use it twice a day, the natural lato doesn't dry my face.
  • Princess Louiza Rea (08/13/2020)

    This is indeed a refreshing facial cleanser! Its definitely A Must Have! I'm super thankful to my sister, Precious for sharing this to me.
  • Clauie (02/05/2020)

    This is the best and most suited facial cleanser I have used, ever! I just found my perfect match!
  • Sims (11/05/2019)

    I love this product! It sloughs off dead skin cells gently. The cooling effect is a plus too!
  • Maria Theresa (10/10/2019)

    I like that it’s not like the typical facial wash that bubbles and dries the skin. It’s like lotion that’s non-greasy and washes off very easily. The bamboo exfoliants were a pleasant surprise!
  • MSS (09/24/2019)

    the foamy texture plus that mild scent makes this so luxurious. loved it on the first try. a little caution though for those with SENSITIVE/dry/mature skin. this has micro bamboo beads, not a lot, probably the least per ounce i've tried, that said i would not recommend this to be used daily. but if you can't help it, apply to your face with very gently hands, no rubbing. i really do wish they come up with a no-bead version of this. this will be great in the mornings when the skin has rested. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello MSS! We're glad that you liked our Marine Caviar HydroMiracle Face Cleanser. We also appreciated your feedback regarding the scrubs. You can try alternating the use of this product with our Hydrating Creamy Wash which is also made for dry skin and is enriched with moringa. Thank you!]
  • Cha (09/22/2019)

    I'm so amazed by this product! Makes my face so soft and smooth.... Hope this product stays in your list for a long time.
  • Julie (09/16/2019)

    I do really enjoy using this product!
  • Carolyn Joy (09/05/2019)

    I love how soft and supple my skin is after using this product. The micro beads do not abrade the skin so it's safe for everyday use. I use this in the morning and I noticed that my face isn't that oily anymore.
  • Ritchelle (08/20/2019)

    At first use, it did not disappoint me at all, my skin feels superbly soft and refreshed. Ticked this as one of my fave in HHN.
  • Jacqueline G. (08/15/2019)

    Amazingly magical....super love it...light, refreshing, cooling...what a way to jumpstart the day and what a way to calm and refresh you before getting a good nights rest...
  • Gella (08/12/2019)

    I love this product! My skin feels very nice after washing. Will keep repurchasing.
  • Bev (08/12/2019)

    Calling all girls, sis, besh and moms. Grab this product before ma out of stock. Love the micro beads na, the scent and most of all after just one wash or kahit na first time mo ginamit. You will see and feelthe result. Soft, supple, clean and moisturized skin. True to its label -HydroMiracle Facial Cleanser. Caviar, at a very affordable price! Another must have for women.
  • JESI (08/03/2019)

    The scent is so good. I wish to have the same scent and benefits in a day moisturizer.
  • Rina (08/03/2019)

    One of my favorite products! The scent is just right and it's very relaxing. My skin is more soft and supple. I can't wait for the next line of products with caviar!
  • Geraldine (08/02/2019)

    This facial wash is amazing! Cleanses and doesn't dry your skin. Love the gentle scrub of the microbeads. Another new fave from Human Nature.
  • Myriam R. (07/22/2019)

    I love this product, the first time i used it my skin feel so soft, more radiant and feel so clean because of the micro-beads. Even i used it morning & night, it's safe and non drying because of the the super natural lato
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