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Acne Defense Solution Gel 20g
Acne Defense Solution Gel 20g
   This product surely is effective! I applied this product on my pimple on my forehead and after 3 ...  
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99.99% Natural | Hypoallergenic

Clear skin without the risk

Get clearer-looking skin without the harmful side effects of chemical treatments. This potent blend of tea tree oil and pimple-fighting actives penetrates the skin to help crack down on breakouts and dry out blemishes.

Fewer pimples in 7 days*
In an independent 7-day clinical trial, fewer pimples were observed on 76% of Acne Defense Solution Gel users compared with only 26% of Popular Brand B users and 29% of popular Brand P users.

Be acne-free in three!
Step 1: Cleanse your face with Acne Defense Facial Wash.
Step 2: Apply Acne Defense Face Toner using gentle swipes.
Step 3: Boost your acne-fighting skin care regimen by dabbing Acne Defense Solution Gel on target areas.

Did You Know?
Antibacterial tea tree oil helps speed up the healing of pimples while calming redness and irritation. (Source: Pazyar, N., et. al. 2012).

*2-week independent clinical study on users of Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel and users of popular chemical acne treatment brands 

Note: You may still receive our Acne Defense Solution Gel in its classic packaging while supplies last.

Make sure skin is dry. Dab (don’t rub!) a thin layer of the gel on the affected area using clean fingers. Best used twice a day after toning.

Use as often as needed. You can also keep pimple mini-mergencies at bay by carrying it around in your purse or storing it in your medicine cabinet as a quick, handy first aid solution.

aqua (water), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf essential oil, levulinic acid (rice/corn-derived), glyceryl caprylate (coconut oil, palm oil and glycerin-derived), glycerin (vegetable-derived), dehydroxanthan gum, zinc lactate, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived), phytic acid (rice-derived)

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  • Vee (06/09/2021)

    Hi I've been using the acne defense trio for a week now, but instead of healing my acne got worse. ☹️ [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Vee. Thank you for purchasing our Acne Defense Solution Gel. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help in any way that we can. Please know that acne may be caused by varying factors. It is also possible that while our Acne Defense Solution Gel is made with no harmful chemicals, some users may be sensitive to any of its natural ingredients. We recommend that you stop usage of the product if the adverse reactions persist. It is also best to consult with a dermatologist to help rule out the cause of acne and to learn more about treatment options. Should you require further assistance, please feel free to message us at customer.service@humanheartnature.com and we'd be happy to assist you. Thank you.]
  • Joyce (04/17/2021)

    The best pimple/acne buster! Even my teenager son Aery loves this because it keeps his face flawless, making him confident because he's pimple-free in this period of his life.
  • Cath L. (03/12/2021)

    I enjoy Human Nature products but based on my personal experience, the Acne Defense Solution Gel didn't agree with my skin and gave me a terrible breakout. It was my first time trying a tea tree oil based product, so not sure if tea tree really smells a certain way, but this smelled very chemical. I got really bad breakouts in the spots that I put it on. It was the only thing I changed in my routine and it gave me an aggressive breakout that's been taking weeks to heal. It must have reacted badly with something else in my skincare routine or been too strong. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cath! Thank you for purchasing our Acne Defense Solution Gel. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Please be advised that while our Acne Defense Solution Gel is natural and doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, it is possible for some users to experience adverse reactions to certain ingredients including tea tree. As such, different users may experience varying results. Should you require further assistance, please email us at customer.service@humanheartnature.com so our team can help you. Thank you.]
  • Rea Cyril (12/21/2020)

    not sure why but this did not work on my son's acne problem. it did not work at all like it controlled the number of acnes on his face that they made it standard that he should have these number of acnes on his face or else one of his pimple will get so red and big. we are currently trying if the tea tree essential oil will works for him because that one really worked on my acnes really really good that i spent time reviewing it too because i really liked it and works really good. by the way he uses this along with the other products in the set [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Rea. Thank you for purchasing our Acne Defense Solution Gel. Please be advised that while our Acne Defense Solution Gel is made with natural ingredients and tested safe, it is still possible for different users to experience varying results. It is best to consult with a dermatologist for professional advice on how to address skin concerns. Should you require further assistance, please email us at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you.]
  • Kamille (05/24/2019)

    This acne solution gel is really effective, although it takes a few days to really dry out your pimples. It's a great alternative from the chemically-packed acne solution gels in the market.
  • Lyn (04/12/2019)

    I used it for the first time, medyo mahapdi siya. Ganun po ba talaga un effect? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Lyn! Thank you for purchasing our Acne Defense Solution Gel. The stinging effect is caused by the tea tree working on the acne and is a normal effect of the ingredient on the skin. Do let us know how the product works for you by sending us a review soon. Thank you! :)]
  • Ma Tria Salve (03/21/2019)

    Love it! Whenever I get pimples during my menstrual period, this product calms them, reduces swelling, and eventually heals. Along with my daily face care routine using Balancing Facial Wash and Toner, pimple scars lighten and almost disappear. I plan to complete my Acne Defense product line to maximize their benefits. Thanks, HN!
  • Gherr (08/28/2018)

    It's really effective. It works fast on my pimples on face. When I have few pimples before or after my period, I use this acne gel. After 1-3 applications, my pimples get dry. After continuous application, pimples are gone. Thank you HHN!
  • RENCE (08/27/2018)

    First time to use a HHN products and I am impressed with the result. I've been using this for 2 weeks, yung mga pimples ko unti unti ng nawawala. My problem now is my red acne marks and scars. Any suggestions po to get rid this red acne marks and scars? Thank you. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Rence! We're glad that our Acne Defense Solution Gel works for you. As for acne marks, you can try using our Pure Rosehip Oil to help minimize the appearance of scars and other blemish marks. Thank you!]
  • Sheena (08/02/2018)

    I've been using this for 3 days now, and I can say that it helps to flatten out my pimples. Is it alright to use this twice a day? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Sheena! We're glad that our Acne Defense Solution Gel works for you. Yes, you may use the product on target areas twice a day. As with all products, we also advise customers to do a patch test first before using the product extensively or more frequently to help rule out adverse reactions. Thank you!]
  • MARY GRACE (07/03/2018)

    It cured my eye stye. Whenever I had eye stye, it took me months before it will get smaller and then totally gone. For me, eye stye is just like pimples so I tried to put acne defense solution gel on my eye lid on the area where there is stye. After a week or less than a week, the stye popped out and my eye lid healed without any scar. I also tried this on my son’s boil and it did the same thing as the stye and pimples.
  • Gigi (06/11/2018)

    If there was only 1 product that I could buy from HN, I would DEFINITELY pick this one! This REALLY works! I have pretty bad acne due to hormonal changes and this little fella never fails to tame them without drying my skin or making it feel stretched and burnt (salicylic is way too harsh for me). It's effective and truly fast acting! The amount of product is just right too. A little goes a looong way! The packaging is brilliant as well (I recycle the bottles for my moisturizer and other creams). Such an awesome product!
  • Raphael Jan (04/19/2018)

    I'ved tried many products before that promises to clear and lessen my pimples, but they did not work for me. One day when i was looking for some of my face wash that i used before, i notice the Oil Fighting Facial Scrub, i decided to read all the ingredients and i am shocked about the fact that its all natural so i decided to try it, I saw a big difference after using it, then my curiosity on Human heart Nature brought me to this products. This product together with the Acne Defense Facial Wash, and the Oil Fighting Facial scrub for men do really made a big difference in my oily and acne prone skin, in just 3 days i noticed that my pimples is dry already and my pores do really became small. My classmates then notice that my face really brightened. I am so thankful on this product cause it brings my confidence back. I am looking forward to try all your products especially your Acne Defense Toner, it's really worth it.
  • Maria (03/23/2018)

    I no longer have cystic acne thanks to my salycilic acid facial wash. But every now and then, I'd get small pimples. I use this acne gel, after the balancing toner every night. On the first night of dabbing a little to the pimple, the yellow pus would surface on top the next morning. On the second night of application, the pimple would completely dry up the following morning. I give it 5 hearts because it really works!
  • Louïse (03/23/2018)

    I applaud this product! This is hands down one of the effective product I've used in my entire search-for-the-perfect-skincare-products phase! I like the consistency of the product, and my cousin told me that products with real tea tree and aloe vera gel works. I put this on my recurring zits and in just two days, it's gone! I also put these on the areas where I notice a bump (because my face is pregnant with pimples) and it fades away for just two days! Beats all of the high-end acne treatment spot I used (and splurged on) for the past year. Thank you HHN for such amazing product! I would like it if you also create facial mask sheets, eye creams, or moisturizer with SPF on it that are purely organic since it's hard to find organic eye creams, mouisturizer with SPF and facial mask sheets around PH. (just a suggestion)
  • APeng (03/13/2018)

    I bought this from a dealer last January this year at Boracay Island. Gusto ko lang itry kasi ang lalaki ng pimples ko. Grabe!!!!! As in!!! I have super duper sensitive face. Pag may nilagay akong bago sa mukha ko, kinabukasan magbbreakout na ko nyan. Super effective nito saken kaya nga nagpamember na ko for personal consumption ko.. March na ngayon, ubos na ganito ko kaya nag-order na ko ulit.. I really need this talaga lalo na I have ukay store. Ako yung taga bukas ng bulto.. Ito panlaban ko sa dumi talaga.. Salamat talaga kay ate na nagtitinda ng Human Nature procucts sa Boracay..
  • Ginger (02/19/2018)

    Hi! I just bought this from one of your resellers last week. I already used a lot of commercially available spot treatments but they are not very effective. I am so happy I bought this product because it significantly reduces the size of my pimples overnight! Thank you so much, HHN!
  • MARY GWYNDELE (01/31/2018)

    This helps me lessens my acne breakout when i'm super stressed and whenever my red visitor is coming.
  • NOREMAE (12/06/2017)

    Amazing product! Got acne on my face for more than a week. Thanks to this, it was gone in just 3 days!
  • zhummer (11/03/2017)

    This product is 100% legit, I just bought this because it is less expensive than the centella gel which I'm using for my pimples. Lately I've been having cystic acne by using the acne defense toner specially on my chin and near my nose, some break outs on my cheeks so I bought this one since I'm loving the natural product of HN and it works wonder on my skin just for one day some of the pimples on my cheeks was dry however the cystic acne on my chin doesn't dry up yet it was minimize. I'm still waiting for the complete effect of this product after using it for 3 days or the next succeeding days. As of now I'm giving it 4 hearts since it's gentle for my skin, hopefully this is really the answer for my cystic acne that's giving me a headache for over a decade now since I'm really having some issues with hormonal acne. Keep it up HN. love the rest of your product specially the purifying scrub<3
  • Jamie Alea (10/13/2017)

    This is truly effective! It usually takes one week or more for my pimples to fade away. But, by dabbing this product on my pimples, the pimples are less noticeable in a few days. Thankful I tried this product.
  • Maiza (10/05/2017)

    This products is true to its claim! It amazingly dried up my pimples after a few days. I applied it morning and night and zits were gone! I super love this product. I use it together with acne defense facial wash and toner. But I guess this regimen does not work on blemishes/dark spots. That's the next problem I need to fight on. Nevertheless, I truly admire Human Nature for creating an amazing product for ladies like me who often have stubborn pimples. More power and God bless! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Maiza! We're glad that you loved our Acne Defense Solution Gel. We also appreciate your feedback regarding blemishes and dark spots. Kindly note that our Acne Defense Solution Gel has not been tested to diminish dark spots. If you wish to address such skin concerns, you may want to try our Pure Rosehip Oil. Many of our customers raved about how our Pure Rosehip Oil has helped them improve the appearance of skin that's been affected by acne scars and dark spots. I hope this helps, Maiza. Thank you!]
  • Tet (09/28/2017)

    I have hormonal imbalance and in the last 2 months, my breakouts got worse. I tried this product and in less than a week the results are phenomenal. Together with the wash, the duo is unbeatable. To prove how effective, I applied it the first time there is a pimple and in 2 days the pimple is dry then the mark start to fade thereafter. For smaller pimples, it dries up overnight. I am excited to try the toner. Now I am no longer worried despite having hormonal imbalance. Thanks HN for this product!
  • Alyssa Adrienne (08/14/2017)

    Dab and Gone! I call this my Miracle Aid for my break outs (usually on my red days!). I have searched and used a lot of pimple fighting serums/creams and this is the only one effective for me. Gone in just days!
  • Jacinta Eve (07/25/2017)

    I have to say, it doesnt sting as much as it used to. last time i used this was 2014. now 2017, well, my pimples are less itchy. thats about it. hope it improves more. it doesnt eliminate as fast but it controls.
  • Macy (07/17/2017)

    I bought mine from the HN branch here in Davao and it is the only thing I've tried that has really worked on my acne scars!! It took a week before I could see any significant results but really worth it!
  • JAMAEA MARIE (07/15/2017)

    This gem wipes off all my breakouts overnight!
  • JAMAEA MARIE (07/15/2017)

    I cannot live without this gem! I usually have breakouts before my monthly period and one dab magically wipes off the pimples from my face.
  • Rejane (05/26/2017)

    This is really effective. I use this every time I see a bump on my face. Just after three days, it will slowly diminish and be gone. It doesn't leave any ugly scars on it and it is very economical since you only need small amount every application. Thumbs up!
  • Ma. Carmen (05/19/2017)

    We tried using this for plantar warts. Amazingly, the warts are gone. Used it twice a day and let it air dry. In about 2-3 weeks the warts disappeared!
  • Nica (05/09/2017)

    Product really works overnight to reduce redness & inflammation of pimple. Best apply to erupting small pimple bumps -- it will heal overnight.
  • Rhea Mae (04/25/2017)

    Let's say that I am technically a vain person who is very conscious when it comes to skin care. The big enemy I have is having pimples. Pimples is actually normal as it occurs if women have their monthly period, stress or hormonal imbalance. I was a maxipeel user and I can tell that the product of Splash Company is effective however there is a peeling on the skin which makes it very delicate to use on a minimum bases. Last March 2017 I've had an acne/pimple problem in my face and I was very alarmed since I am not used in having big pimples. Hence, since I'm a already an advocate, I've tried to use this product. I was a user before of salicylic contained product like Dr. Wongs, Catialis ointment and even Celeteque, but to no avail.. Yet, thanks goodness I've tried this product. For just 3 days, my acne totally dried up and for the next two days the acne is totally gone with less scar and sometimes, nothing at all! Thanks to the tee trea oil ingredient.. I'm so blessed to have this product with me. Though it's quite expensive but it's worth it. Trust me. And oh, don't forget HN users to use sunflower oil as well prior putting the formula on your face and after every time you wash. I can also send you pictures if you want to see the before and after results. Thanks HN and keep up the good work! :) <3
  • Alphonso Louise (04/18/2017)

    I had used this for more than a month. My skin type is combination And prone to clogged pores. Based on my observation this gel doesn't really absorbed by the skin, it is much like of an egg white when it drieson skin. I applied it first on a new forming pimple then after a day the pimple subsides but not all of my pimple gets the same reaction some got ripe(nahinog) like a pimple got whiteheads. And i tried using this with my blackheads and whiteheads, it just do nothing. In my conclusion would recommend this? Yes and No. Yes. There are different types of acne and in my opinion this is suitable for pimples most specially for newly form. And in addition a product may vary from person to person. No bec like what i mention i am prone to clogged pores and this one doesnt even make my skin shed/exfoliate dead skin cells causing my pores clogged. I almost put this one in the bin but my mind was change bec of the scent i gives me the relaxing feeling whenever i smelled it it's quite addicting!!! Maybe if you only have a glycolic night cream maybe derived from a sugarcane i would consider my self buying. A derma told me to use glycolic acid for my white and black head but derma products where a bit expensive to me [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Alphonso Louise! Thank you for purchasing our Acne Defense Solution Gel and for your thorough review. Rest assured that we will consider your feedback for the future development of our Face Care line. In the meantime, kindly note that our Acne Defense Solution Gel is designed for acne spot treatment only. If you wish to exfoliate prior to using the gel, we recommend that you use our Purifying Facial Scrub or cleanse your face using our Pore Cleansing Brush with your choice of facial wash 2-3x a week to help remove deep-seated dirt. You may also follow up with toning and moisturizing and then apply the Acne Defense Solution Gel on target areas. I hope this helps. Thank you!]
  • Christa (02/03/2017)

    I've always loved HHN products- from the sunflower oil which I use as my day and night moisturizer to the flavored lip balms and balancing facial wash and toner that helped me get rid of the oiliness in my face. When I finished my balancing toner, I tried the tomato nourishing toner but I started having small breakouts, good thing I bought the acne defense gel too. Although the pimples dried out in just 3 days, it left me dark marks that up until now is still here. It's sad because I stopped using HHN products because of these 2 products which were left in my beauty shelves since last year. But this morning when I saw my old tomato toner and the acne defense, I remembered how much I love using HHN products. I'm planning to give it another chance and is much interested to order the Overnight Elixir hoping that it could help me get rid of my dark marks from before. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Christa! Thank you for purchasing our Acne Defense Solution Gel. Kindly note that acne causes skin inflammation which in turn may cause dark marks during the healing process. These marks may lighten overtime but the time it would take may still vary depending on how fast a person's skin heals, or how severe the marks are. We recommend that you try our Sunflower Beauty Oil to help lighten dark spots or our Pure Rosehip Oil as a spot treatment for lightening the appearance of scars. I hope this helps, Christa! Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Shanniah Aubrey (09/10/2016)

    Hi! I used this product last night and I woke up with white residues on my face. The parts where I applied the product has the white residues. Is this normal? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Shanniah Aubrey! Thank you for purchasing our Acne Defense Solution Gel. The white residue left on your skin is due to the drying of the pimple brought about by the product. This is a normal occurrence and you can simply peel it off. :) Do let us know soon how the product works for you. Thank you! :)]
  • Anne (06/07/2016)

    Is it okay to use this with sunflower oil.. ill change my review once I got my own result.. thanks [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Anne! Thank you for purchasing our Acne Defense Gel and Sunflower Beauty Oil. You'd be happy to know that these two awesome products can be used together. After cleansing and toning your face, apply the Acne Defense Solution Gel on target areas. Once the gel is absorbed by your skin, apply an even layer of Sunflower Beauty Oil on your face as your moisturizer. Do let us know how this works for you. I hope this helps. Thank you! :)]
  • Nicole Therese (05/29/2016)

    My HN! This gel effectively reduces, then zaps pimples away! Love it!
  • MAY ROSE (05/13/2016)

    This product is very effective. It dries my acne in just 1-2 days of application. I really love this product. I already finished using my first bottle and now using my second bottle. and it really lessen my acne. So happy that i finally encountered an organic acne gel for my prone acne skin :) Thank you HHN for this product!
  • Nj (05/05/2016)

    I'm happy to say that this product works well on my face. I hardly experience any major breakout, even during my most hormonal days. I would say that this works better than my benzoyl peroxide based gel, which stings a lot but barely helpful in healing acne. I haven't tried this on a full-blown zit yet, so I'm reserving my compliments. But as far as prevention goes, this product is the bomb. It still smells like bathroom cleaner, but better than the acne defense facial wash since you don't have to put much on your face.
  • Vy (04/21/2016)

    Hi, this works very well for my face, I hope can you come up with spray bottle so I can use it for my back acne also. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Vy! We're so glad that you liked our Acne Defense Solution Gel. We also value your feedback on the packaging. We will surely consider this for future development of the product. Thank you! :)]
  • Trish (03/15/2016)

    Love this! I rarely have breakouts now. Pimples dry up in 2 days without blemishes!
  • Nicole (3/2/16) (03/02/2016)

    Used this for almost 3 days but stopped after seeing indented scars from whiteheads that were healed by this gel. A customer service representative told me that the scars will diminish after a few days. But my concern is that the scars are INDENTED, and I'm not quite sure if indented scars can heal after just a few days. Does anybody here have a similar experience? I just want a second opinion on this. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Nicole! Thank you for purchasing our Acne Defense Solution Gel. We truly appreciate your honest feedback. Kindly note that dark spots may develop after a pimple/acne because the area is normally red and inflamed. It is skin’s normal healing process and the dark mark will disappear overtime. The only time a scar would be possible to occur is when the pimple was poked or pricked. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Lani (02/15/2016)

    Very effective, been using benzoyl peroxide and other strong ointments but this one really works and gentle on the skin. First time in years to control hormonal cystic acne during period
  • C (12/31/2015)

    I really like the gel formulation. I've been using this instead of my Body Shop tea tree oil and so far it's been as helpful. I really like the small bottle for this one. I hope HHN comes up with 25 mL bottles for other products as well (like the toners and moisturizers). Or you can come out with a travel set :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello C! We're so thrilled that you liked our Acne Defense Solution Gel. We also appreciate your feedback on the packaging and we'd definitely consider it for future evaluations of the product. Thank you so much! :)]
  • Tonette (12/11/2015)

    I've been using HN shampoo, facial wash, toner, and sun flower oil for months now and all of them works well for me. Having a sensitive skin, I was just really glad I didnt have any negative skin reactions to it. Then I tried acne defense, but unfortunately I wasnt happy with the results. It left me dark spot on my chin! My friend told me maybe my skin was still "adjusting" to the product so the stubborn me decided to give it another try. But still, nothing happened.. What's worst is, it left me a big scar over my cheek bone! It's been there for 3months now the scar is still there. :( it's just sad... :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Tonette! We're sorry about what happened and we would like to learn more about your experience so that we may serve you better. Our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you to provide assistance. Thank you!]
  • Ann (12/04/2015)

    Got it as gift; will definitely purchase when mine runs out :) It's effective; puera usog :p Keep it up Human Nature! :D
  • Alex (11/29/2015)

    I just recently started using this product along with the acne defense facial wash. I read the instructions on the back of my facial wash days before I bought this and I mistook this for the toner. Thank God for my mistake. This helped a lot. The smell takes some getting used to, and it eventually grew on me. I even had convinced my brother to use this too since he has much more problems with his acne than me. Thanks for this! :))
  • Janice (10/02/2015)

    amazing! my pimples disappear fast : )
  • SJ (09/24/2015)

    Nothing short of amazing! <3 I recently had a breakout on my chin after getting my makeup done - must have been a bad reaction from the cosmetics used. I decided to try this since I'm loving other HNN products anyway. I applied it before bedtime, and I was utterly surprised by what I saw the next morning...the pimples were a lot smaller, almost gone! I'm not used to other "remedies" working so quickly and without any sting or side effects. Thanks Human Nature! Will keep this handy and share the great results with friends. :)
  • Aura Claire (09/22/2015)

    I've been using this for weeks now and I love the immediate effect of Acne Defense Solution Gel! Whenever there are pimples and bumps that occur on my skin, I always dab the gel on it and the next day it will become smaller, and then I continuously use it until the pimples and bumps disappear :)
  • Glorisa (09/10/2015)

    this acne defense gel is super amazing. this is so effective in fighting pimples from growing. with continuous use, pimples don't stand a chance of growing and multiplying. two thumbs up for this awesome product! i love it!
  • Jemima Wendel (08/27/2015)

    Very effective! I never thought that a tiny thin layer of this can actually make my pimples disappear in just two days! so amazing! Just apply it in the morning and at night after you cleanse-tone-moisturize.
  • Beverly Ann (08/21/2015)

    very effective khit n meron akong oily skin 2 days lang dry n pimples
  • Lyn (07/22/2015)

    This product surely is effective! I applied this product on my pimple on my forehead and after 3 days it's gone. It worked like magic! I really recommend this product. Tested and proven!
  • demographictarget (06/22/2015)

    This product kept my cystic pimples at bay without drying my skin, which is key because as renowned UK facialist Caroline Hirons said, pimples "don't need drying out, they need nourishment." Dryness only further irritates acne-prone skin so the added aloe vera really helped. I would recommend this to people who find concentrated tea tree oil too harsh. I would've given this product 5 stars if not for the packaging which is not airtight, therefore exposing the product to contaminants and decreasing its potency over time. I have no complaints that it comes in a pump bottle form. But please make sure that pump bottle's cap also covers the nozzle that releases the product. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi demographictarget! We're so thrilled that our Acne Defense Solution Gel works so wonderfully on your cystic pimples! We'll definitely take your packaging suggestion into consideration :) Thank you so much for your support!]
  • Elle (06/04/2015)

    it dries up my pimples, makes my warts smaller :) and it tightens my pores without the burning effect ...the best!
  • Celeste (05/26/2015)

    I like this product! I don't just use it during breakouts but i use this as my deodorant for it's antibacterial properties. Works just fine :)
  • Cristina (05/23/2015)

    Didnt work for me...but maybe because my breakout is hormonal?! I wish they could offer a trial size that costs less than 100. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Cristina! Thank you for reaching out to us. Our Acne Defense Solution Gel is formulated to help fight pimples and has been found to be very effective on mild to moderate acne. There are many possible factors that can cause pimples, such as diet, climate, stress, and hormones. Given that your acne is hormonal, it's possible that it may be more on the severe side, or it may need special treatment. We recommend consulting your dermatologist to determine the appropriate treatment for your case. In any case, we can definitely consider your suggestion for trial sizes :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you to help you out in any way they can :) Thank you again!]
  • iffe (05/06/2015)

    works great on acne and since summer is here, a customer used the gel on his boil and instead of taking a week or more for it to heal, the boil healed in 3-4 days.
  • Rose (04/30/2015)

    Dries my pimples fast and leaves no scar/mark! :) I love it. WHen u apply it, you will feel coolness and tightening so i know that it works. i usually apply it before sleeping and I would notice that the pimple would dry up or the redness would go away. :) Thanks HNN :)
  • Ma. Elizabeth (04/06/2015)

    It's a very good product as in!! The only thing I'm worried about is the packaging because the cap doesn't cover the hole where the product is dispensed. If you live in an area where it's really dusty (like our place since it's on the main street) there is a tendency for dirt to settle in the nozzle therefore contaminating the product or not really contaminating but you know, dust will get in the product. That's what happened to the items I bought :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ma. Elizabeth! We're so glad you love our Acne Defense Solution Gel! We can definitely take your feedback into consideration when we evaluate our packaging and work on improving it :) Thanks so much!]
  • Chenille Rose (03/14/2015)

    This is the best product for people with pimple-prone skin should try. My monthly period comes with so much pimples on my face. I have this product ready. It dries out pimples in 24-48 hours! And the price is not expensive, I actually have this as a gift to a friend. Compared to other brands, this is the cheapest and most effective! Will try the Acne Defense Facial Wash next!
  • Alyssa (02/13/2015)

    The gel itself is *very good/effective*, BUT the pump just doesn't work well. You have to press down on it several times before anything comes out, and once the gel does come out, there's too much. I don't want to put the unused gel back in the bottle, because that would be unsanitary. And, I hope that once improvements on the packaging are made, that the issue with the exposed nozzle would be addressed as well. :) Maybe it would be better if this came in a tube instead? Would've given this 5 stars if not for the packaging! In the meantime, I'll just unscrew the nozzle and use a cotton bud to get the right amount of product that I need for 1 application. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Alyssa! We're so glad you love our Acne Defense Solution Gel. Thank you for your feedback on our packaging, we can definitely take it into consideration :)]
  • Mel (02/06/2015)

    When I put this on my pimples, they dry up and are gone in about two days. It doesn't do much for the rough skin by itself. Combined with the Balancing Wash, it keeps my pimples away and smoothens the rough skin on my face.
  • Jean Victoria (01/15/2015)

    I've been using this gel for about a week now and it's really effective! The pimples under my chin are gone and I didn't even expect to see the results this fast! Thank you so much HHN!
  • Cherry Ann (01/12/2015)

    I finished my first bottle of this. It works well with whiteheads and little pimples. Do not expect this to work overnight 'cause it sure won't but I love how this product does not cause stinging or redness. I gave up glycolic acid because of this. I used to be a GA user for over a year but it turned mt face really sensitive to almost everything! good thing I found this.
  • Tedi (12/19/2014)

    I super love this! :-D when parts of my face is itchy, i just apply some and it stops. I also like like how it dries into an invisible, protective shell over my pimples so that dirt and pollution does not reach in and aggravate it, so it really heals faster instead of bloating up into a pigsawat. My one problem was the pump which often gets stuck. I like that I only need to use a little bit of gel each time, but because of the stuck pump I use a lot more - it starts with not going down, then when I apply a bit more pressure, it suddenly squirts gel either on my palm (instead of the finger I was aiming at) or all over the floor. The problem did lessen, though, about 2 weeks of using it, when it was only 1/2 full and I lay it sideways so that the sudden squirts mostly get air from the empty part of the bottle. My suggestion is I hope you can package it like lipgloss - capped with a wand applicator. This also ensures that the gel is applied as your packaging suggests: "dab, not rub". [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Tedi! We're so glad you love our Acne Defense Solution Gel! We're glad you were able to resolve your packaging issue. Thank you for bringing it to our attention; we can definitely consider your experience in evaluating our packaging and coming up with possible renovations :) Thanks again!]
  • Tina (12/10/2014)

    This product is the main reason I became a Human Heart Nature dealer. Really amazing! My struggle with acne became so serious when I used some whitening soaps from Thailand. got some pimples so I tried the leading brand named "Benz**". I was a disaster, my face got so red and started swelling. I can't even face the mirror nor my family members as I'm so ashamed of what I've done on my face. Finally I found new product, since it's natural I didn't hesitate to try it. And God it was like love at first try haha! My pimples are now dry with only 2 days of use I'm not exaggerating just my experience. So please keep up the good work, and to all who suffers from acne, you must try this one who knows it'll give you some miracles too :)
  • Ria (11/30/2014)

    product is really good! when i got it, i thought mabilis maubos because the bottle was small lang but its actually very matipid because you only need a small dot and it dries out the pimple fast! and it doesnt make my skin have dark spots after. love it!
  • Giselle (11/26/2014)

    Even if it didn't work on my pimples (since it's not 100% pure tea tree oil), I was surprised that I discovered another benefit that this product can give me. I read about tea tree oil being antibacterial, so I tried applying this gel with baking soda on my underarms when I suddenly ran out of deodorant. Surprise, surprise! It turned out to be effective and my "experiment" kept me protected from "amoy pawis" for 12 straight hours. No "deo-stains" on my clothes either :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Giselle! Please note that our Acne Defense Solution Gel is not intended for use on the underarms. We highly recommend using our 100% Natural Premium Deodorant instead :) Thank you!]
  • Quennie (11/24/2014)

    I'm a first time HHN and this was one of the couple of products I bought. I was amazed that in a week it actually had positive effects on my current breakout and prevented those which are about to breakout. Sure it's not an overnight effect but you can see results. Looks like I'm gonna be a HHN fan from now on.
  • Mar (11/24/2014)

    It works just as well as benzoyl peroxide, and it costs just a fraction of the price. And unlike benzoyl peroxide, it doesn't cause redness, itching, drying or tightening. It's a much better alternative for people like myself who have extremely sensitive skin. I decided that this will be my new go-to product when I experience breakouts; I don't think I'll ever buy benzoyl peroxide again. This is much cheaper, and that tiny 50 mL bottle goes a long way. I also realized another use for this gel. It's basically an all-natural anti-bacterial, right? I thought of trying it on a rash on my leg because I was out of my usual anti-bacterial cream. It brought down the swelling within the day.
  • Alena (11/13/2014)

    It's effective in drying pimples within a week, with no dark scars left. My only complaint would be the bottle's cap, which doesn't completely cover the nozzle. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Alena! Thanks for your honest feedback. We're so glad our Acne Defense Solution Gel works so well for you. We'll be sure to take it into consideration in evaluating our packaging :) Thanks again!]
  • Michelle Faye (11/12/2014)

    I happened to receive a newsletter from Human Heart Nature with their new products featuring the Acne Defense Solution Gel, so I decided to give it a try because the pimple army on my face was getting out of hand! This has really solved my pimple problems. It kind of stings when you put it, but I guess that's because it is doing what it's supposed to do. Overall this is a good and effective product, and I will definitely repurchase :-) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Michelle Faye! Don't worry - real tea tree oil can have a slight stinging sensation, but it is not harmful like harsh chemical products can be. We're glad to know that it works so well for you! Thanks so much and we hope you look forward to the rest of our Acne Defense line in the future! :)]
  • Rogelle (11/11/2014)

    I am using this product for about 2 weeks and I find it effective. We have our finance month end closing for which I worked for midshift and I used this prevent pimples breaking out and it went well. Thank you HHN!
  • Jacinta Eve (11/06/2014)

    Amazing! this flattened and lightened my pimples in just a weeks time! I love this, it's easy to apply and it has a good scent! Give it a go girls and guys! Human nature is the best!
  • yas (10/28/2014)

    This product is very effective, and was able to dry up stubborn pimples in just a few days. I like that it's also gentle, without the sting of most anti-acne meds. But the packaging, especially the cap, could still be improved. As it is now, the cap has an awkward opening on the side that leaves the pump nozzle exposed to dirt and possible contaminants. A simple redesign to ensure that the nozzle is completely covered would be a great improvement, especially for those of us who plan to take this product on our travels. Thanks HN! :-)
  • Anna (10/23/2014)

    I have moderate acne and it's really hard to get rid of it once it has started to breakout. I have used several spot treatment gels/solutions but nothing worked well. I've spent a lot to get one that will work for me. Nothing worked.. that's the saddest part. But good thing HN already have this. It really works for me. For my acne that are just starting, this product helps me get rid of it in a day or two. For those that have broken out already, it took 3 days to heal and eventually flattens out in a week. I am really happy with this product. I hope you will come up with a cleanser and toner that are really meant for acne prone skin with tee tree as well. It would be a really good thing for us acne sufferers.. to have anti acne beauty regimen from HN.. :)
  • Cynthia (10/22/2014)

    My pimples healed already after a few weeks of using this. Thanks HNN for a wonderful product. God bless.
  • CheChe (10/21/2014)

    Didn't suffer from a bad case of acne, but I had the few spots here and there. So I spread a thin amount on each site and after a few days of applying, it would tame the marks and eventually the pimples would fade away. Also, it would barely leave pimple marks on the area. Price-wise, a little of the product goes a very long way. Its very much worth every penny spent. Thanks again, HNN! <3 *happydance*
  • Kara (10/13/2014)

    I've always been a fan of tea tree oil, but the oil itself is too potent and pricey. So I had no second thoughts about trying this. The formula is consistent, easy to apply. My pimples have reduced in size dramatically (in just a week, some only 2-3 days). The formula hastens the healing process without drying up the area too much. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! This would be great for those going through puberty, that awkward pimple phase.
  • Melissa (10/07/2014)

    Ever since I've used tea tree, it has always been effective in fighting acne. However, the brand that I am using was really expensive. I am really glad that HHN finally has a tea tree product after so many years. I just hope that you would create a tea tree line (facial wash, toner, etc.) for acne-prone skin like mine. I'm really hoping for more.
  • Ayen (10/03/2014)

    Just started to use this gel 2 days ago, and my pimples started to dry easily ... Job well done HHN. Keep it up.
  • Jovy (10/02/2014)

    I've been using chemical product before but it is a bit pricey and stings a bit. I tried HHN Acne defense gel and for two days my pimple (caused by my incoming period) just became smaller and eventually gone after 3 days. I recommend a must have beauty regimen for unexpected breakouts.
  • Catherine (10/01/2014)

    I'm glad that Human Nature came up with this organic but affordable pimple remedy. I've only been using this for two days but was already satisfied with the result. Two thumbs up for this product!
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