As times have become uncertain, we have been given the privilege of spending time at home with the family--the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids. 

Here are some simple ideas not just to give kids something fun to do while stuck at home, but to teach and guide them to become better little people.

1. Devote time to Morning Devotions
Start your day with daily family devotions. One of the most important things parents can impart to their children is the knowledge of Jesus Christ and having a personal relationship with Him. Teaching them to pray helps them understand God is near and always listens to them

John Piper says you can read a verse or two, sing a song and pray

You can read a story from the children’s bible and select related Sunday school songs. Or you can go to Saddleback Kids and let them watch a bible story like The Good Samaritan. For related songs, you can sing Jesus Loves Me and Love One Another. You can take turns sharing what you’ve learned then close in prayer.

This particular theme teaches kids that because Jesus loves them, they can and ought to love others, too. It develops empathy and putting others before themselves when they are tempted to ignore those in need.

2. Create a mess and enjoy it
For toddlers, though slightly older kids might also enjoy it, too, introduce messy play. This helps kids improve motor skills, concentration, and teach them to work well with others. It engages all their senses and develops their imagination. Try out a homemade Rubbery Goop play dough recipe for one day and Finger Painting with homemade edible paint the next day. Take advantage of Learning4kids’ list of sensory play ideas. We guarantee kids are going to love it!

Lucas enjoying his rubbery goop

3. Scrub-a-dub-dub, clean up, bub!
Kids are keen. They can sense there’s something amiss these days. Why not teach them about germs in an interactive way that will also show them the importance of hygiene? Explain the importance of washing by reviewing this video and doing the experiment with your kids, yourselves.

When they see how germs hate soap, they’ll want to wash more often. Teach them to rub their hands together with Human Nature Kids Bath Soap and ask them to count to 20, sing happy birthday, or recite the Lord’s Prayer before rinsing with running water. But what about when there’s no soap and water? Tell them to spritz with Human Nature Kids Spray Sanitizer to zap those pesky germs.

Next, teach them the proper way to take a shower the fun way with Human Nature Jiggly Bath Jelly or the Human Nature Kids Shampoo & Body Wash making sure they wash every nook and cranny.

But don’t stop there. Set up a big toy-washing bin and teach kids to clean up their plastic toys. To make sure their delicate skin is kept safe while washing, use Human Nature Baby Bottle Utensil Cleanser or Baby Liquid Detergent

While they’re cleaning their stuff, why not Protect Your Home from Viruses the Natural Way, too?

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4. Keep their minds busy
It’s important to make sure your kids stay active not just physically, but mentally. Let them learn while they play with Starfall’s interactive curriculum for different grade levels. Scholastic also has a free learn-from-home site with more than twenty days of activities to keep them reading, thinking and growing.

Stimulate kids’ imagination by letting them read to their hearts’ content. Better yet, read to or with your kids. Studies show that early reading with children helps them learn to speak, interact, bond with parents, help them understand the world, and be empathetic.

If you’ve exhausted your private library, try watching Storyline Online together. It streams videos featuring famous actors reading children’s books alongside adorable illustrations. 

Now’s the time to hone your children’s Filipino language skills. Acquaint them with rich stories from Buri Books, the largest ebook library of Filipino children’s books--free for 30 days! They carry titles in both English and FIlipino and feature the first-ever searchable and illustrated Filipino children’s dictionary.

5. Show them art is cool
Don’t forget to nourish their artistic side. Let award-winning children’s TV host and illustrator, Robert Alejandro of Art-is-Kool and Papemelroti fame “bust their boredom blues.” Kuya Robert is giving virtual art lessons via facebook live, starting with arts and crafts. Now, he’s giving free online drawing classes for kids aged 4 to 94! All you need is a pen and paper and your imagination. Have fun with him every 10am.

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