Human Nature’s affordable hypoallergenic face and body products

Did you know: July 8 was named National Allergy Day through Presidential Proclamation Number 1313 in 2007.

Skin allergies can take many shapes and forms. From dry flakes and red patches to hives and itching—allergies can put a damper on your day.

In 2009, the World Health Organization reported that one in three people suffer from allergy-like symptoms.* The Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reports that skin allergies can be triggered by contact with common irritants such as perfumes, hair sprays or detergents.**

Steer clear of harsh chemicals with these clinically-tested hypoallergenic picks from Human Nature:

Gentle nourishment for your skin. If stinging and redness have become part of your face care routine, you need to switch to milder products. Human Nature’s Nourishing Facial Wash (P79.75,50ml; P199.75, 200ml) and Nourishing Face Toner (P99.75, 100ml; P184.75, 200ml) are made for normal to sensitive skin. Enriched with antioxidant-rich tomato extract, it helps soothe skin damage and keeps skin soft and healthy.

Nourishing Face Toner

With 23 hair, face and body benefits, it’s not surprising that Sunflower Beauty Oil (P174.75, 50ml; P299.75, 100ml) has gained cult following among beauty lovers.

The premium formulation of this lightweight oil has endeared it to users with sensitive skin. While synthetic face and body oils are usually a blend of potential allergens like artificial fragrance and petroleum-derived oils, Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil contains only pure, premium-grade sunflower oil.

Sunflower Beauty Oil

Apply it on your face to gently remove stubborn makeup, moisturize eye area and lighten fine lines, relax tired and puffy eyes, get rid of rough, dry patches, and help lighten undereye circles, dark spots and pimple marks.

Love sporting the no makeup look? Get fuller lashes and say goodbye to dark lips with a few drops of sunflower oil. Smooth on a pump of sunflower on your hair before you step out to add shine.

If you’re experiencing discomfort from an itchy scalp, rashes, skin infections, sunburn, or insect bites – sunflower oil’s Omega 6 component can help calm your skin and ease inflammation. You can also use it as an overall body moisturizer to keep your skin glowing and youthful. Apply sunflower oil to help prevent the appearance of stretch marks, soften and lighten underarms, help lighten scars, and soften feet soles, knees, elbows and cuticles.

Human Nature’s Feminine Wash uses coconut-based cleansers for gentle and pH-balanced cleansing and aloe vera to protect your intimate areas from irritation and dryness. Available in three variants: Chamomile Cool (P54.75, 50ml; P156.75, 200ml), Powder Cool (P54.75, 50ml; P156.75, 200ml) and Chamomile Fresh ((P49.50, 50ml; P149.75, 200ml).

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