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Protection for Red Days Feminine Wash 100ml
Protection for Red Days Feminine Wash 100ml
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99.38% Natural

Protection during periods

Shifts in your intimate area's pH level during menstruation can make your cycle uncomfortable. Be comfortably protected from odor and itching with 100% pure tea tree essential oil.

✓ Effectively deodorizes with tea tree
✓ Helps soothe skin discomfort with aloe
✓ Coconut-based, pH-balanced cleansing
✓ Natural cooling sensation
100% no harmful chemicals
✓ Free from irritating SLS/SLES
✓ Paraben-free
✓ Synthetic fragrance-free

9 out of 10 were satisfied with the cleansing ability & skin after-feel during their period*

Did You Know? During menstruation, shifts in your intimate area's pH level make you more susceptible to bacterial infection, itching and unpleasant odor. Our pH-balanced feminine wash contains natural tea tree oil and aloe vera to prevent irritation & relieve discomfort during your period.

*Based on a self-assessment product test among women in Metro Manila in August 2019


Don’t let your red days get in the way of staying fresh and confident! Here are a few tips for that time of the month:
- Use a pea-size amount of Natural Feminine Wash Protection for Red Days on your intimate area as often as needed during your menstrual period.
- Battling period breakouts? Keep a bottle of our Acne Defense Solution Gel on hand to zap away unwanted zits.
- Do some stretching and easy exercises to help reduce cramps.
- Period cravings? Swap out sweet and salty foods for fresh fruits and veggies. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water!
- After your period, simply switch back to using the Chamomile Fresh, Chamomile Cool, and Powder Cool Feminine Wash for regular days.

aqua (water), decyl glucoside (vegetablederived), sodium cocoyl isethionate (coconut-derived), coco-glucoside (vegetablederived), glyceryl oleate (vegetable-derived), hydrogenated palm glycerides citrate, tocopherol (Vitamin E), citric acid, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, Melalueca alternifoila (tea tree) leaf essential oil, parfum (fragrance, all-natural), menthol (plantderived), xanthan gum, levulinic acid (plant-derived), sodium levulinate (plant-derived), glycerin (plant-derived), phytic acid (rice bran-derived), p-anisic acid (anise seed-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Karina Ghia (09/03/2020)

    I love this product. But would really appreciate a bigger bottle just like the old packaging. ;)
  • Allyn (02/07/2020)

    I was satisfied using the Human Nature feminine wash (cool variants) even during my red days. Never thought that it can even get better and I'm so glad to have this new fem wash! During those Red days, I feel cooler and fresh for longer hours, odor free, totally rash free and makes me happy and worry free during my Red days.
  • Darci (02/07/2020)

    i love the clean feeling and great smell after using this product. can i still use this even in non red days? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Darci! We're so thrilled that you love our Natural Feminine Wash Protection for Red Days! We recommend using this product only while you have your period. Once your period is over, we recommend switching back to one of our Natural Feminine Washes in Chamomile Fresh, Chamomile Cool, and Powder Cool :) Thank you!]
  • Nicole (02/07/2020)

    I like that it has natural tee tree and aloe vera. It makes me feel clean and protected. There is also longer odor control. But the cooling effect is not too comfortable. Can you make one like chamomile fresh? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Nicole! We're so glad you love our Natural Feminine Wash Protection for Red Days! We can definitely consider your suggestion for a menthol-free variant :) Thank you!]
  • Dara (02/07/2020)

    This product is a miracle because it soothes my skin and dispels the odor! I usually get rashes from sanitary pads during my period but not anymore!
  • Sunshine (02/07/2020)

    Just genius. To all the girls (and boys) who thought of coming up with this, I love y'all! And to all the tweens and ladies out there, if you think the cooling fem wash variants are great, think again. I'm so in love with it I give myself "cheat days" just so I could use this even on non-red days :) not sure if that's okay, though. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Sunshine! We're glad that our Natural Feminine Wash Protection for Red days works so well for you. It is especially formulated to protect the intimate area from harmful bacteria, which is more prevalent during menstrual period due to the shift in vaginal pH level, and may cause foul odor and even infection. During regular days however, an antibacterial wash may disrupt this flora and may kill the good bacteria that protects your vagina, making it more prone to infection. As such, we recommend that you use our Natural Feminine Wash in Chamomile Fresh, Chamomile Cool, or Powder Cool during regular days to safely and gently clean your intimate area without disrupting the vaginal flora. Hope this helps! Thank you!]
  • Julienne (02/07/2020)

    I use it every time I change pads and wash my intimate area, and I love the fact that it is not like those usual feminine washes that feels very "soapy" The cool feeling it gives while washing makes my skin relieved from the warm and uncomfortable feeling of the sanitary pad that I am wearing for certain hours. It's easy to rinse and after I wash, it gives me these sensations which every girl would wish and need to feel at that time of the month: REFRESHING, CLEAN and COMFORTABLE!
  • Abigail (02/07/2020)

    I purchased one of these to an authorized seller... And it was the BEST choice I made. I used to get rashes when I have my period whenever I use any brands of sanitary pads. But when I started using this feminine wash, bye bye rashes! ^_^ Thank you HN. This is worth the purchase!
  • Adie (02/07/2020)

    This feminine wash really kept me feeling fresh during my red days and it did a good job of keeping away the bad odor during red days. Two thumbs up for this product... :)
  • Mrs. Cahucom (02/07/2020)

    During my red days, i would get rashes because of using sanitary pads. I switched from sanitary pads to tampons & I also tried using different brands of feminine wash including those that are mostly advertised in TVCs but the itchiness & the rashes are still there. Finally, i decided to use HHN Red Days feminine wash & i'm glad with the decision i made. I am super satisfied because the results are instant! The rashes are gone and no more itchy feeling!
  • Monica (02/07/2020)

    Perfect for red days. Makes me feeling fresh and happy the whole day. No gloomy red days for me! Yay!
  • Jess (02/07/2020)

    Such a life-changing product! I loathed my red days, because of all the irritation from pads and the overall uncomfortable sensation. But when I tried this, I felt so fresh despite my period, no irritation from pads! Thank you HHN!
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