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Clarifying Shampoo
Clarifying Shampoo
   Gave this shampoo a try since it's a 'clarifying' shampoo and voila! it's like my hair just came ...  
- Patricia
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99.99% Natural

Best for: Clearing buildup from pollution & hair products

Clean hair that's full of life
✓ Lifts away impurities with natural fruit acids
✓ Makes hair bouncier by removing buildup
✓ Soothes scalp & moisturizes strands with betaine & aloe extract

Our foamiest shampoo ever!
✓ Coconut-based cleansers give a rich, natural lather
✓ Biodegradable, locally made surfactants
✓ Non-irritating SLS/SLES-free formulation

Tip: Use 2-3x a week alternately with your usual shampoo. Get healthy, deeply nourished hair by conditioning with Daily Hair Treatment.

Available in an invigorating green apple scent


Tired of your usual shampoo? Instead of rotating between a natural and chemical one, try jazzing up your routine by switching between our Strengthening or Moisturizing Shampoo and our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo! A genuinely natural hair care routine will result in hair that’s genuinely healthy and beautiful.

aqua (water), sodium coco fatty alcohol sulfate (coconut-derived), decyl glucoside, sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), sodium gluconate (sugarcane-derived), glycerin (vegetable-derived), coco glucoside, glyceryl oleate (coconut-derived), buffered lactic acid (plant-derived) , betaine (sugar beet-derived), Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, fragrance (all natural), sodium chloride, levulinic acid (rice or corn-derived), phytic acid (rice-derived), anisic acid (anise seed-derived) 

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Roselyn (08/06/2021)

    I have been working out and trying out a whole lot of different dandruff shampoos to get rid of my annoying itchy flakes. Unfortunately, all these anti dandruff shampoos failed. I come across this Clarifying shampoo and true enough the itchy flakes are gone. The best I ever have used and will continue to use twice ot thrice a week!
  • Katherine A (05/01/2021)

    My hair is OILY. Yes it requires capslock because of the need to emphasize. Doesn’t matter if I condition or not - my hair is OILY. Only this shampoo relieves me of my crown grease. Please make this in gallons.
  • Mikee (07/27/2020)

    I LOVE this shampoo! I wash my hair every 2-3 days and this cleansed my hair thoroughly without me having to worry about dandruff or dry hair (even on those days where I've ran out of conditioner). I love how it's in gel form too, it feels lighter. Definitely recommended.
  • Mariel Alyssa (09/18/2019)

    i just bought this yesterday and im curious po, can i use this everyday? thank you~ [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Mariel Alyssa! Thank you for purchasing our Clarifying Shampoo. Since this product is meant for deep cleansing the hair and the scalp, we only recommend that you use 1-2x a week and then use it alternately with our regular shampoos. Thank you!]
  • Rio Anthea (07/31/2019)

    Since my scalp is sensitive, I easily get dandruff in strong shampoos then I started using HM Strengthening Shampoo (Soothing Aloe) and it was really nice. I observed that my flakes our gone and my scalp was not itchy anymore. But since I am used to commercial shampoos na mabula I tried this HM Clarifying Shampoo since it is known to be a foamy shampoo. You will really feel your hair is clean and I really love the smell of apple in my hair but after I use it I also observed that my dandruff and itchy scalp came back. I don't know what happened. Please enlighten me about this. Thank you :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Rio Anthea! We're glad that you liked our Soothing Aloe Strengthening Shampoo. As for your experience with our Clarifying Shampoo, it is possible that your scalp is sensitive to sulfates in general. While the sulfates in our Clarifying Shampoo are plant-derived and biodegradable, it is possible that your scalp is reacting to this ingredient because of its sensitive nature. If the itching and dandruff persists, we recommend that you stop using the Clarifying Shampoo. You can simply continue using Soothing Aloe Strengthening Shampoo. Don't worry—while this particular shampoo isn't as foamy, you can be sure that it cleanses just the same as the shampoos you've become used to. Just remember to rinse thoroughly to help avoid product buildup. I hope this helps. Thank you!]
  • Nika (06/24/2019)

    I have had itchy scalp for years, the type where you can see fine flakes on your shoulders after scratching. I tried this one and only after a few weeks of use (adjustment period), my scalp was flake-free. I've now switched to the moisturising line. Thanks HHN.
  • CARMEN JOYCE (06/18/2019)

    This really cleanses my hair 100% without any fear of damaging my scalp! I love the smell as well. I use this twice or thrice a week interchanging with another HHN shampoo product (Salon Care shampoo)
  • rhea may (06/13/2019)

    I have been using human nature products. as to shampoo, I was using the moisturizing one (vanilla); i shampoo my hair every other day, and i was having a good experience with the product. then I decided to use this, natural clarifying shampoo since my hair is exposed to dust every day from commuting to/from work. I used it in between the moisturizing shampoo (so parang twice a week lang). HOWEVER, after my 2nd use, i noticed that it caused me dandruff, as in flakes. endured using it for 2months i guess pero wala talaga. the same happened with the Moisturizing plus shampoo (green tea & lemon). So i decided to stop using it. did not consume the bottle. maybe the formulation of the clarifying was just strong for my scalp; but for the moisturizing one, i could not figure out why, since it was supposed to be "moisturizing". nonetheless, i still support HHN. maybe i'll just stick with the moisturizing shampoo (vanilla/mandarin). [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for purchasing our Clarifying Shampoo. We also appeciate your honest feedback, and we're sorry about the results you exerienced. Please rets assured that we will consider your comments for the future development of our Hair Care line. In the meantime, we'd like to share with you that if you've been using synthetic chemical hair care products for a long time, your hair could go through an adjustment stage while you transition to a natural shampoo and conditioner. Similar to the way smokers cough more when they first stop smoking as their body tries to rid itself of the poisons inside, your scalp can take a little while before it becomes fully healthy again after weaning it off many chemicals. During this time, it is possible for some people's hair to feel oily or for scalp to be mildly itchy or flaky while detoxifying from synthetic chemical buildup. For people who experience this, it mostly lasts just a few days to a couple of weeks. You may consider to give your hair and scalp a little while to detoxify while it gets used to the absence of feel-modifying synthetic chemicals and recovers from product buildup. Thank you again for your feedback. Have a nice day! :)]
  • Ms. A (Allyn) (01/27/2019)

    Finally! My long wait is over, it came as a perfect match for my unpredictable hair type, that my hair and scalp could be oily at times when I use shampoo & conditioner for a whole week and becomes dry and dull if I use shampoo alone. This clarifying shampoo perfectly gave my hair that balance... Now I can use this shampoo alternately with HN's moisturizing, strengthening shampoo & conditioner, it really took the weight off my hair for any accumulated impurities. Plus, I don't worry about using a conditioner with it, unlike before my hair becomes over moisturized (making it look so limp). Now my hair feels light as a feather and gets that full bodied look whenever I need and want it, even without blowdrying!
  • Barbie (01/27/2019)

    It's just been a few days since I purchased this new product and I'm already in love! Hair feels clean and the fresh. Plus the yummy apple scent is light enough for everyday. My sister loves the foam too! I've been using all the different kinds of HHN shampoos, but I think this one is the best out of all of them. Great with the Moisturizing Hair Mask too. <3
  • Maria (01/27/2019)

    This is just a first impression on this shampoo. I stopped using hair products from HHN and decided to try again and bought this one. I was impressed that this shampoo lathered up pretty well. I'm actually OK with shampoos that don't lather up but I commend HHN for listening to their customers requests. Some people really dislike shampoos that don't lather up. It gave me a "clean feel" that I much appreciates. The scent is a mild fruity scent but it goes away quickly. Overall, I like this shampoo. :)
  • Rebie (01/27/2019)

    unlike from all other shampoos that Human ♥ Nature offers, i especially like this because it looks like not shampoo at all but like oil and just a small amount can turn into such a soapy massage experience for my hair already. This is superb and different!
  • Bettina (01/27/2019)

    I love the smell!! I love how my hair/head feels "cleaner" right after. Also, you really just need a little amount before it suds up. Great great product! No wonder it was out of stock right away. Good job!!
  • Michelle (01/27/2019)

    Finally, of all the HHN Shampoos that i've tried, this is my to die for product.. My scalp feels so clean, and my hair is so smooth to touch and not to mention that it doesn't tangles anymore...I love to run my fingers to my hair and it is great to combine with the smoothening serum which i leave on my hair overnight....Love it.....
  • Joana Dianne (01/27/2019)

    this is the shampoo that i loved the most! you only need a little, and it goes a long way! i also feel that it really cleanses my busy hair. i also love the smell... of all the shampoos HHN had, this is the best do far!! :) I pair this with the moisturizing conditioner, in mandarin. i love them both! more power. Kudos for another state-of-the-art breakthrough HHN:))
  • Joy (01/27/2019)

    I stayed for 6 weeks in the US and for some reason, the shampoos there made my scalp act up - it became flaky, smelly, oily and dry at the same time. I tried using many kinds of shampoos to restore my scalp but it just became worse. I went to your website because I wanted to order the Perfect Glow Mineral Blush. I decided to try this Clarifying Shampoo and thank God, it finally normalized my scalp after one use! I still have some flakes though (I didn't expect it would totally be gone in one use) but I'm amazed with how it "healed" my scalp.
  • Carmina (01/27/2019)

    This doesnt work for me. It makes my dandruff worse and my hair so frizzy. i was really disappointed. At first i was so excited to use this because its all natural. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Carmina! Thank you for your feedback. Is this your first time to use a natural shampoo? If so, we understand that it may be a surprising change from the effects of chemical shampoos like soft and shiny hair - when really, these seeming "benefits" are more often than not caused by harmful chemicals like parabens, chemical sulfates, and silicone that pose many health risks and damage your hair in the long run. We use only 100% safe and healthy natural ingredients that are as good as or even better than the effects of chemical products - minus the harmful chemicals! (You can learn more about our natural products here: http://humanheartnature.com/buy/our-natural-products) It usually takes users time for their scalp to adjust to a natural shampoo like our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo after years of using chemical products, which is why you may be noticing some initial effects from the "shock." We normally recommend that users make the switch gradually by alternating our natural shampoo with their current shampoo for a few weeks, before using it alone. We've received numerous testimonials from users who have adjusted to our natural shampoos very well and are happy with their naturally healthy and gorgeous hair! We've even received many reports from users whose dandruff problems went away after successfully making the gradual switch to natural shampoos :) We recommend you give your hair and scalp a few weeks to adjust properly and if you are still not satisfied with it, feel free to let us know :) Thank you!]
  • Nicole (01/27/2019)

    This lathers up nicely than your other shampoo variants that I have used. I alternate this with your mandarin fresh moisturizing shampoo. I like how it leaves your hair clean with a pleasant fragrance. I'm glad I now have an alternative to Neutrogena's anti-residue shampoo. Will definitely repurchase. :)
  • GraceyLove (01/27/2019)

    My husband and I replaced our HHN Natural Strengthening Shampoo with this one. We love the scent more than the previous shampoo. We love this a lot and would like to stick to this shampoo moving forward. Thank you.
  • BagMyHeartOut (01/27/2019)

    I've been using this shampoo for a week now and I have too much hair fall every time I use it. I never experienced this much hair fall before I started using this shampoo. I usually had only a few strands falling off. This can't be normal. Can you please shed some light on this? Thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maybelle! There are many reasons for hair fall, from genetics to stress or even chemical irritants in shampoos. Since you seem to have recently switched to a natural shampoo, your scalp may need time to adjust to the change of switching from a chemical to a natural shampoo. This can sometimes take 2-3 weeks. Think of it in the same way as stopping smoking - a smoker who quits will feel worse for a while and will cough a lot. This is the body's way of trying to rid itself of toxins, but it actually means the body is repairing itself. It can be a similar reaction when some people switch away from harmful chemicals in shampoos or facial products :) We've received lots of positive reports from users whose hair issues from the initial change went away after their scalp adjusted properly, and even gave them healthier hair than before! Once your scalp has adjusted, you could also try alternating between our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo and our Natural Strengthening Shampoo to address hair fall :) Hope this helps and do keep us updated! Thank you!]
  • Joji (01/27/2019)

    I tried all the different shampoos of HN, and I love this the best. I guess it's because of the lather. Surprisingly, my dandruff's all gone, too! Hoping you would come up with the conditioner soon. :) Is it possible to add lather as well to the other variants? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Joji! Thanks for the fantastic review! You could try pairing this with our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner. Thank you for the suggestion, we are looking into adding natural CFAS to our other products as well :) Thanks again!]
  • Maybelle (01/27/2019)

    It lathers well and leaves a clean feel. Definitely a good buy.
  • chekaii (01/27/2019)

    first thank you for making this shampoo.. i have been using all variants of your shampoos and i must say this is the one that is meant for me.. :) i love the suds and i love how it makes me feel clean and even my daughters love it in alternate with your new girls shampoo because they almost have the same scent according to them. it feels so soft on my hair too. looking forward to having a conditioner as well.. keep it up
  • Jen (01/27/2019)

    The shampoo lathers up well and has a mild scent that is not cloying. This, by far, is the best shampoo I've used from Human Nature. A moisturizing conditioner is necessary as the shampoo alone can leave my hair dry and tangled. A hair mask in the same scent would be a welcome addition. Care needs to be taken when lathering on your hair. I went through a most painful experience after some of the lather accidentally went into my eye. My eye burned and was inflamed for at least 30 minutes even with proper flushing, and it constantly had gummy discharge until the following morning. The sensation was worse than when this happened to me before with commercial shampoos. Please consider repricing as well. This is still not that affordable to many people I know who would want to make the shift to using natural products. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jen! Thank you so much for the fantastic review! We're so glad you love our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo. Our shampoos don't contain any synthetic surfactants that make shampoos - such as baby shampoos - seem gentle on the eyes, when in fact they cannot be ruled out as irritants. So we do recommend that you keep our products away from the eye and mouth areas. :) Regarding its pricing, as a social enterprise, we actually price our products lower than most natural and organic products in the market today. We take pride in the fact that our Clarifying Shampoo in particular gives extremely good value for money when compared with popular chemical brands of clarifying shampoos - plus it's healthier and safer for you and the environment! However, we must also price our products competitively enough in order to give our partner communities optimum profits. We strive to strike a good balance between what's best for our customers, our partner communities, and the environment in all our decisions, and rest assured it will always be in our mission to make world-class natural products accessible to more Filipinos :) Thanks again!]
  • chekaii (01/27/2019)

    i had to say this one is the best among the other HHN shampoos i have ever used!!!! really soft on my hair and no more flakes as in... i hope it will come up with pairing conditioner though i am okay with strengthening aloe and the mandarin moisture conditioner.. super love this shampoo..
  • Annie (01/27/2019)

    I tried it after my boyfriend bought me this and I have to say I love this more than the natural strengthening shampoo. My hair is soft even without conditioner!
  • ABBY (01/27/2019)

    I use this shampoo once a week to "detoxify" my hair. It works well on my oily scalp and I don't need to follow with conditioner. The smell is pleasantly mild. This product is a "must-have" for me.
  • AI (01/27/2019)

    I like the smell of this shampoo and it really lathers well even with small amount. Am just wondering whether this could eliminate dandruff. I've been using your hair strengthening shampoo. It greatly reduced my falling hair but constant use have cause dandruff. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Al! We're thrilled that you love our Clarifying Shampoo! While it is not an anti-dandruff shampoo, it is formulated to eliminate deep-seated build-up and residue while soothing and moisturizing the scalp and hair. We've actually received reports from happy users whose dandruff problems went away after switching from chemical products or other natural shampoos. Just be sure to rinse very well for a healthy scalp :) Thanks!]
  • J (01/27/2019)

    I'm a guy but I like this better than the Black Diamond Shampoo and all other HHN shampoos. It smells so good; it reminds me of an imported shampoo that is available locally (clue: "Herb. Ess." :) ). This one smells almost exactly the same but without the harmful chemicals. By the way, I use most of your shampoos to wash my face. No problems. A hand soap or other products with the same scent/formulation would be great. Great job, HHN!
  • Mariz (01/27/2019)

    love love this product it makes my hair smooth and shine.Thank you human heart nature!
  • Joyjoy (01/27/2019)

    I've used this for about a month now and my scalp is not that oily even after 2 days without washing my hair ... what a joy in my pocket !!
  • Quenee (01/27/2019)

    I have use this product for a while and I find it great.. I can really feel that my hair and scalp is totally clean after using it. Also, it feels lights on hair and you can feel its natural effect in your hair.. I use it everyday actually.. The only problem I have with this is after a while of using this product is I got flakes on my scalp.. I do not know if this is because of this product or the conditioner that I used, I partner it with the Strenghtening Conditioner (green) because I want my hair to be stronger and less hairfall. Is my combination good or not? Thanks in advance if someone can give me advice or feedback. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Quenee! Thank you for your feedback. We're glad you like our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo! Dandruff can be caused by a number of factors, such as changes in lifestyle, diet, hormone levels, stress, and even insufficient rinsing leading to build-up in your scalp. Sometimes users also experience similar effects of the sudden switch to a natural formula, but these have been seen to abate once they adjust to the natural formulations - resulting in healthier hair than before! We recommend that you give your hair a few weeks to adjust to our natural shampoo and conditioner. Do keep us updated! :)]
  • Kat Acmor (01/27/2019)

    This is by far my favorite shampoo ever! My scalp feels so clean and the scent is refreshing! I don't need to try other shampoos cause I've found the best one here. Thank you Human Nature! >.<
  • Ardee (01/27/2019)

    I've been on constant lookout for a product like this! I can say you guys have surpassed yourselves with this product. Clarifying and organic all in one shampoo? You rock!
  • Nikki (01/27/2019)

    Simply AMAZING!!!!! This is how shampoo should be, no colorants, not heavy, no over-powering scents
  • Rubs (01/27/2019)

    I bought this product 2 weeks ago, i never had itchy problems until i used this. I noticed flakes in my hair. When i stopped using it, the flakes gone. I am still hoping i can use this shampoo though cz i love natural products. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Rubs! If this is your first time to switch from a chemical clarifying shampoo, it is possible that your hair just needs more time to adjust to its natural formulation. Most users who experience reactions like dandruff on the onset tend to have better results than before, once their scalp adjusts to new natural shampoos. This usually takes a few weeks. Moreover, our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo is formulated as a deep-cleansing shampoo to remove build-up, residue, and dirt - so if your scalp is on the dry side to begin with, we would recommend that you switch to or alternate it with our Natural Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Lastly, don't forget to always rinse very well! Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help assess your condition :) Thanks!]
  • Lakapati (01/27/2019)

    This product is great! it doesn't leave any residue and weigh down my hair, smells beautiful and it doesn't dry my hair out. It probably is the best no-chemical shampoo manufactured in the country and it can match the best organic shampoo lines in the world.
  • Jell (01/27/2019)

    I was a little hesitant to use it at first because my hair is long and thick. But just a few drops with water then into my hair, ayos. It's foamy and smells good. I love the mild scent and my hair isn't rough after rinsing. I'm using it few days pa lang and its all good.
  • Alma (01/27/2019)

    Hi, I am an avid fan of your products specially shampoos since 2009 since I have a very sensitive scalp. I have no worries everytime I use you shampoos, all variants except for this one which makes me sad :( My gauge for a good shampoo is not having dandruff and not losing my hair everytime I comb. But I had flakes when I used this :((( I was so sad since I bought 2 huge bottles and 1-200ml. I wonder what happened to the formula? I think I'm gonna go back to your previous formulas. Thanks [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Alma! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo is formulated to give your hair and scalp a deep, soothing, and refreshing clean and many users with sensitive scalps found that this works wonders for them. We would like to look into your experience to possibly determine the cause of your scalp's reaction. Perhaps it just needs a few weeks to adjust? In any case, we would be happy to exchange any bottles you are not 100% satisfied with and help you find the products that work well for you :) Our Customer Service will be in touch soon! Thank you!]
  • Liz (01/27/2019)

    I just had my hair rebonded, and as they say natural products are best for rebonded hair. So I opted to use this shampoo, and I liked it. The effect on my hair is just similar to my previous shampoo but knowing that it's made of natural ingredients, doesn't have chemicals that will harm my hair... I have now been using this and cannot think of going back to my previous brand of shampoo.
  • Kristin (01/27/2019)

    i love this product. i use it about two-three times a week depending on my activities. i like how refreshed it makes my head feel. thumbs up!
  • Katey (01/27/2019)

    What I like about this shampoo is that my hair feels really clean after every use. I also love that it lathers quite well. The only reason why I gave it a four is that I feel that it dries my hair. I have been using HHN Moisturizing Shampoo and I love how soft my hair feels after using it but this shampoo does not give me the same feeling. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Katey! Thank you for your feedback. We're so thrilled that you love our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo! Unlike our Natural Moisturizing and Strengthening Shampoos, our Clarifying Shampoo's breakthrough formulation contains a safe and natural surfactant to give your hair and scalp a deep cleansing experience and rid it of dirt, oil, and product residue and build-up - without the harmful health risks that synthetic surfactants in chemical clarifying shampoos pose! In order to maintain a healthy balance of moisture in your hair and scalp, we do recommend that you pair our Clarifying Shampoo with our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner daily, and give your hair a deep moisturizing treatment 2-3 times a week with our Natural Intensive Hair Mask :) Thank you!]
  • Armi (01/27/2019)

    Was excited to try this out but it didn't work too well for me because my hair feels so dry after washing, and frizzy, after drying. Going back to the strengthening shampoo. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Armi! Thanks for your feedback. Our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo is specially formulated to give your hair and scalp a deep and refreshing clean, so we normally recommend that you pair it with our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner if your hair tends to dry out. You may also use our Natural Intensive Hair Mask 2-3 times a week for an extra dose of moisture :) Do let us know if this works for you! Thank you!)
  • Rosa (01/27/2019)

    In a word: amazing! My hair was so soft and fluffy, I felt like I had a spa treatment done. Even my husband fell head over heels for the product--he now prefers it over the other HHN shampoos!
  • Anne Marie (01/27/2019)

    my review here: http://choosehumannature.blogspot.com/2013/11/100-natural-clarifying-shampoo-review.html :)
  • Benedict (01/27/2019)

    Highly recommended. Mabula, at kumikintab daw buhok ng nanay ko. :)
  • Lian Jenel (01/27/2019)

    I tried this product hoping that it would clean my hair without making it dry like the other commercialized products..... Pros: It made my hair very shiny It doesn't feel very oily and icky like other shampoo Easy to rinse Lessen my hair fall Con's: I have Dandruff And my head became very itchy :( Hope you can help me with the cons that I stated Above. Oh and I hope you'll also create a hot oil treatment in the future :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lian! We're so thrilled you love our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo! If this is your first time to use a natural shampoo, it's normal for some users to experience some side effects as their scalps adjust to its natural formulation; dandruff is sometimes the scalp's reaction to a switch from a chemical shampoo to a natural shampoo, but it usually goes away and gives way to more beautiful hair than before! Think about when smokers stop smoking - they usually cough a lot and feel worse for a few weeks as all the toxins start to leave their body. It's similar when switching from some chemicals in commercial shampoos. After giving their hair a few weeks to adjust, most users swear by the amazing benefits of natural shampoos, and we're optimistic that you will love our Clarifying Shampoo once your hair gets used to it :) Our Clarifying Shampoo in particular is formulated to give you a deep, refreshing clean, so we highly recommend that you pair it with our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner if your scalp generally tends to get dry or flaky :) Do keep us updated! Thanks!]
  • Adrian Val Olonan (01/27/2019)

    I've read that synthetic surfactants (SLS/ SLES/ ALS / ALES) are being used on the eyes of lab rabbits, which irritates their eyes in the process. And worse, almost burning them! Now that's very cruel! It's so great that Clarifying Shampoo is here to redeem mankind from animal testing! The lather is foamy, the green-apple scent's epic, the effect on hair is soft, and the suds are easy to rinse! No chemical residues left on your scalp. Well, the consistency is water-like and thin, so better not to turn the bottle upside down. 500ml bottles of this should come up with pumps, I think. Strawberry scent sounds so good for this! :)
  • Kristin (01/27/2019)

    this product really does make your hair feel a lot less oily. i use it once or twice a week (or after a sports event) to avoid over drying my hair. it cleans thoroughly and makes my hair shiny. four stars because the shampoo does what it needs to do BUT i personally dont like the "dry" feeling after. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Kristin! We're so happy you love our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo! For best results, we highly recommend pairing it with our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner :) Thank you!]
  • marien (01/27/2019)

    I LOVE THIS! i love the texture/consistency, i love the scent, i love that a little is all you need.. i love that it's clarifying but non-drying.. and i love that it's not gonna break your wallet unlike other clarifying shampoos! I LOVE THIS! please make a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in this scent. PLEASE :)
  • Nizrhane (01/27/2019)

    I've been using commercial shampoos for many years and I've just opted to switch to this shampoo recently because I was intrigued by the bottle colour and label, and that this is the most affordable cleansing shampoo I've ever seen. With me having rebonded hair, commercial shampoos tend to make it brittle even when washing it. But with your shampoo, my hair became softer and manageable to rinse, and my bangs have become moisturised after a wash or two. Thanks.
  • julie (01/27/2019)

    its good that all the products are made of 100% natural.i have dry scalp so i tried moisturizing shampoo but still my scalp is dry and my hair get dull! so i tried the other variant hoping to find a shampoo that would help my problem,i tried all the shampoo the last variant is the clarifying and i gave up because my scalp got worst than before,this is the first time my scalp become suppeerr dry! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Julie! If this is your first time to switch to a natural shampoo, it may take time for your scalp to adjust to their natural ingredients. If you experience an excessively dry scalp, especially with our Clarifying Shampoo, you may want to try using our Natural Daily Hair Treatment to help deeply condition hair. We'd be happy to help you find the products that work for you
  • natsmartinez (01/27/2019)

    What I love about this shampoo is just with little quantity, my hair gets so bubbly. On the other hand, thought this will resolve my dandruff issue. It was at first but after using it for 3 weeks, my dandruff came back ao I went back to using commercialized shampoo. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi natsmartinez! Thank you for your feedback. We're glad to know you love the natural bubbliness of our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo, so we're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Clarifying Shampoo is formulated to give your hair a deep clean and rid it of impurities and residue, so it's unlikely to cause dandruff. We'd like to learn more about your experience to determine the cause and help you find the products that work for you, so that you can continue to enjoy the goodness of natural hair care :) Thank you!]
  • JC (01/27/2019)

    I was very excited to try a natural shampoo for my hair, however this product really disappointed me. My scalp got itchy and super dry and i get dandruff every time i use it. I tried using it for a few weeks to give time for my scalp to adjust but i just gave up after getting the same result over and over again. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jesse! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo is formulated to give your scalp a deep and refreshing clean, and most of our users have found that it actually solved their dandruff problems. We understand that different scalp types may have different reactions, however, espeically if your scalp is naturally on the dry side. We would like to look into your experience to determine the cause. We'd be happy to offer you a product exchange or credit for your shampoo to make it up to you. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thank you!]
  • JW (01/27/2019)

    the best shampoo aside from the strengthening and moisturizing which i've used na rin! ambilis bumula sa ulo and you dont have to worry dahil all natural siya.. ambilis rin i-rinse off sa ulo.. :) hooray for this!
  • MGE (01/27/2019)

    Background: I have long, normal, stick-straight hair. Over the years, I have tried almost all of HHN's shampoos and unfortunately I never really liked any of them because they would make my hair dry, did not lather well, and did not give me the smooth straight hair that I got from my go-to shampoo/conditioner, Pantene. So when I tried this clarifying shampoo, I was impressed with how well it lathered, how fresh it smelled, and how it made my hair look as nice as when I used Pantene, as long as I paired it with the HHN moisturizing conditioner. I used it almost every day, but sadly the longer I used it, the more and more dry my hair became. I still like this shampoo but I only use it once or twice a week now, to prevent major dry hair.
  • Kat (01/27/2019)

    I have bleach blonde hair and need to use HHN clarifying shampoo once a week. It was given to us by our aunt months ago but I never really knew how it was different from a regular shampoo. I read online that clarifying shampoos can be used to remove stain deposits from pollution and even our chemically treated Maynilad/Manila Water shower water. Whenever I use this, my hair becomes a lighter and brighter color. It also removes the stain from my purple toning shampoos so I have to use the toning shampoo right after using this. One time, I used Hot Huez hair chalk and I couldn't remove it from my hair with shampoo - I even tried mall hand soap in desperation. But this worked so well, my hair was back to its normal bleach blonde and it wasn't even damaged at all! Recommended for blondes!
  • Nina Natividad (01/27/2019)

    I have always been on the look out for clarifying / cleansing shampoos. I don't put a lot of products on my hair, but I still want it to be clean from any contaminants it might pick up. The smell is very subtle and my hair feels so clean and light after using it. Lovely product.
  • Andrea (01/27/2019)

    Best shampoo HN has so far! Amazing scent. It's foamier than the other shampoos HN offers. This shampoo makes my hair feel cleaner and lighter instantly. I dont use this everyday day tho.. I use this when my scalp feels extra dirty. I use the lush vanilla shampoo on regular days. But on long sweaty and tiring days, im excited to come home to be able to use this product again! :)
  • pau (01/27/2019)

    I was excited when I bought this coz I expected that this product could cleanse my hair and scalp well. In my surprise,my hair becomes coarse after wash (already dry) and I also got dandruff :(((( I stopped using this for a while now and started to try the strengthening shampoo in 50ml only but the dandruff is still there though. [Hi pau! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo is formulated to give your scalp a deep, refreshing clean and it is best paired with our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner or Daily Hair Treatment to keep hair from drying out. Our shampoo is 100% natural, safe, and unlikely to give you dandruff. However if this is your first time to use a natural shampoo, your scalp may be adjusting to its formulation. In this case, we recommend gradually introducing our shampoo into your regimen before using it everyday to give your scalp a transition period. You may also want to try switching to our Moisturizing line if your hair is naturally dry. Do update us on how it works for you :) Our Customer Service will be in touch in case you have further concerns :) Thank you!]
  • Nad (01/27/2019)

    The only shampoo na hiyang sa hair ko, for years ng pa palit palit ng Shampoo to get rid of dandruff, ito ang tumapos ng Teleserye ng Dandruff sa Scalp ko. Pak! Boom! Shake! Galing!
  • Alexis (01/27/2019)

    I use a different shampoo once a week just so my hair won't feel clumpy as advised by beauty magazines. This clarifying shampoo is the perfect go-between! Perfect also for after swimming to rinse out any chlorine residues which may damage hair.
  • Ivy Marie (01/27/2019)

    This shampoo really made me feel that my hair is lighter and cleaner. I love the way it foams and how easy it is to rinse off (saves time and water). I use this product every after 2 days however i am not able to use it nowadays here in Baguio (as we have a cold weather) since the shampoo solidified in its bottle (as well as the dishwashing liquid from HHN). Maybe due to the coco oil, i guess [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Ivy Marie! Yes, it is normal for our product to solidify when exposed to cold temperatures. However this should not affect the efficacy of the product :) Thank you!]
  • Janna (01/27/2019)

    2 weeks before,my hair was really dried, even though I just applied an organic homemade hair mask to my hair. Then my brother recommended this. First use, then my hair dryness was gone. As in gone, I can't believe it at first. It's very so foamy, you only need a little amount. It has a gorgeous smell of tutti fruity. Good thing, it's safe pa for everyday use. This formulation is perfect for my hair.
  • Mel (01/27/2019)

    Love the idea of putting a product on my hair and scalp that removes the build up of all the years of chemicals. It lathers so much and leaves the hair with a squeaky feeling.
  • Ronnie (01/27/2019)

    Been plagued by dandruff for years. But after trying out all kinds of chemically-laden anti-dandruff shampoos in the market, I decided I've had enough. Esp since the dandruff just won't go away and at the same time, my hair got dryer and thinner as I experienced massive hair fall. So after doing some research on the Internet on how to naturally get rid of dandruff, I experimented by 1) washing my hair with apple cider vinegar diluted 1:1 once a week; and 2) putting 50 tiny drops of HN tea tree oil (anti-bacterial/anti-fungal) and about 30 drops of HN Rosemary Oil (for hair strength) on HN's 200ml Clarifying shampoo. My experiment worked like a miracle! My dandruff flakes are now gone, my hair feels healthier, cleaner, and I feel that it's getting thicker. I follow it up with my fave HN Strengthening Conditioner in Soothing Aloe. I've been getting compliments about how healthy my hair looks like ever since I started that hair regimen.
  • Lianne (01/27/2019)

    I had trouble with washing my hair with the Mandarin moisturizing shampoo because I couldn't get it to lather in my hair and I couldn't completely wash my hair in it. I switched to this because it's marketed as the foamiest shampoo out of the Human Nature line. No regrets there! My hair is squeaky clean after I shower, the scent rocks, and I get my hair all lathered up without wondering if I missed a strand. I love how it cares for the environment while caring for my hair as well. Also, my hair doesn't get sticky and oily even if I get sweaty with this shampoo. The only downside is, the squeaky cleanliness of my hair makes it a bit hard to comb and gives me some tangles while still wet. Not such a big deal though, because it's softer than it's ever been when dry, and I can always use a conditioner. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Lianne! We're thrilled that you love our Natural Clarifying Shampoo! We highly recommend using a conditioner or our Daily Hair Treatment after shampooing :) Thanks!]
  • Ems (01/27/2019)

    I have a chronic dandruff condition and I've tried everything but my dandruff gets worse. I read somewhere that dimethiconol can cause dandruff . When the non water soluble silicone dried in the scalp, it chips off and produces flakes. I read that a clarifying shampoo without dimethiconol may be able to cure this. Hence, I tried using this product of yours and only after 2 days of use, my dandruff lessen. I still have dandruff but it's not as worse as before. Actually the condition gets better. I was advised though not to use clarifying shampoo daily as it strips off all dirt including the oil naturally produced by scalp. After my rebonding session this Thursday, I plan to use it once a week, while I will use the moisturizing shampoo every other day, and your daily hair treatment daily combining it with moisturizing/strengthening conditioner alternately. I hope it will not damage my hair.
  • Haze (01/27/2019)

    I don't have any difficulty in applying this shampoo. It is very foamy and makes my hair and scalp feel clean especially that I use a serum to keep my hair in place because of frizziness. I have yet to try HHN's pure strength natural hair shaper so I can switch to another natural product. I hope it works for me too. The brochure indicates that it is advisable to use this 2-3 times a week. I just wonder what effect it would have if I use it everyday. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Haze! We're so glad to hear that you love our Natural Clarifying Shampoo! Because if its powerful deep-cleansing ability, we recommend using it only 2-3 times a week, alternating it with our Natural Moisturizing Shampoo or Natural Strengthening Shampoo to keep your hair from drying out :) Thank you!]
  • Patricia (01/27/2019)

    I've tried out hair products from HHN before but was never hiyang. I guess my hair was far too dry and organic products don't mesh well with it. My hair & scalp badly needed a 'reset' from all the chemicals its been absorbing. Gave this shampoo a try since it's a 'clarifying' shampoo and voila! it's like my hair just came alive. My hair feels so clean, light and bouncy. I'm so happy with this product more so that it is a healthy option for me and the planet. I'm excited to try more of your innovative products. Kudos HHN!
  • Joan (01/27/2019)

    I've been wanting to buy this shampoo ever since I saw it on Rustan's and I finally bought it. I bought the smaller one just in case but I was worried for nothing. This shampoo left my hair feeling clean and light, and not only that, it was also very soft on the hair which really surprised me! The price is also cheaper compared to other clarifying shampoo and of course, what I love about most of all is no sulfates and no silicone!!
  • Farrah (01/27/2019)

    I love this, it really cleans up your scalp. Hope you can come up with a conditioner for this variant. ^_^ [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Farrah! We're so glad you love our Natural Clarifying Shampoo! We can definitely consider launching a conditioner with this same fresh scent :) Thank you!]
  • Eeza (01/27/2019)

    I really had my doubts about this shampoo because my hair is very very dry. After dyeing my hair every 6 months for the past 2 years, my hair's become brittle and I suffered from terrible hair fall. I tried the no poo, baking soda method too but found that my hair not only became stiffer and drier, but it seemed that I had more hair fall than ever. I wanted to try the Natural Moisturizing Shampoo but was more attracted to the scent of this shampoo. Coupled with the Natural Strengthening Conditioner, I saw results the first day I used it. The shampoo did not dry my hair out. It just felt squeeky clean. Wonderful product. I will definitely repurchase once I finish my bottle.
  • Munch (01/27/2019)

    I created my Human Nature Account for the sole purpose of commenting on how wonderful this shampoo is. This is my 1st day to use the Clarifying Shampoo and I can't stop touching my now-glorious, wavy hair. It's so soft! I have super unruly and frizzy hair and my medication makes my hair (or head) sweat a lot so I tried to buy this variant hoping my hair would feel less sticky/sweaty (I am currently using the Natural Strengthening Shampoo, which I also love). I think it's living up to its promise of "clarifying" my hair. I still have to observe my hair for at least a month though. But right now, I just love how my hair feels so soft and I can finally comb my fingers through it without any tangles (amazing!). By the way, can I use this everyday? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Munch! We are so happy that our Natural Clarifying and Strengthening Shampoos made you love your hair even more! On the other hand, we recommend that you use our Clarifying Shampoo two to three times a week to help you eliminate buildup caused by pollution and other hair products. You may use this alternately with the Strengthening Shampoo variant that you love, and don't forget to seal in moisture with the help of our Natural Strengthening Conditioner. Thank you so much for your support, Munch. Have an amazing day! :)]
  • Estella (01/27/2019)

    My scalp was damaged after having my hair straightened 5 years ago. Since then, I have been changing shampoos in order to find the perfect one. It was hard because there are always a downside to the products that I've tried (like hair fall, dry hair etc.) Fortunately, I saw this at Wellworth and decided to try it. 2 days later, I already noticed the huge difference. I now have a clean scalp and soft hair! I even bought a Scalpex (medicated shampoo to treat dandruff) that day to treat again my problem but I haven't used it yet and hopefully never again!
  • Marissa (01/27/2019)

    I was really excited to use this product since it is a non-chemical based product. Note that my hair is not really maarte when it comes to shampoo, lahat ng shampoo na gamitin ko has the same effect to my hair-- smooth, no dandruff, etc. mostly positive. At first when i used this, my hair became dry and stiff, i didn't mind it and continued using it because i was thinking that it will adjust soon. Half way of the bottle, it is still like that. I still gave it a chance. Now, i am about to finish it, my hair became dry, dull, and itchy because of dandruff. I still want to use this product since I believe it is safe but how can i prevent all that happened to my hair? I felt that it damaged it. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Marissa. We're sorry about your experience. We'd like to learn more about it so that we can help you better. Our Customer Service Team will get in touch with you to provide assistance. Thank you. :)]
  • Aya (01/27/2019)

    I had a digital perm and I've been using a lot hair styling products everyday to maintain my perm. The moisturising shampoo can't seem to take off all the gunk and my hair seemed so heavy. I remembered I read about the clarifying shampoo so I bought one and said to use it once a week. I ended up using it everyday! I still alternate it with the moisturising shampoo but this takes all the gunk out without drying my hair. The apple scent is a plus, too! This has become another indispensable Human Nature product to me.
  • Yang (01/27/2019)

    Love this! Works as it is supposed to. No more itchiness.
  • Gabbie (01/27/2019)

    My 60-year old dad loves this shampoo very much. It helps him battle hair loss and well, improves his hair growth. Thank you HNN!
  • Siena (01/27/2019)

    Prolong use made my scalp dry and my hair frizzy. Moisturizing shampoo could be a great alternate with this. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Siena! Thank you for purchasing our Clarifying Shampoo. We also appreciate your honest feedback. While our Clarifying Shampoo is 100% natural and absolutely free from harmful chemicals, we recommend that you use our Clarifying Shampoo once or twice a week to rid your scalp of the buildup from other hair products and pollution. You can definitely use it alternately with our Natural Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner so that you can enjoy soft locks. Should you have further concerns, feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you! :)]
  • JOSELIE (01/27/2019)

    I love the Clarifying shampoo bec. I have oily hair and this makes it light, clean and soft. However though i love the smell, it doesnt stay on. After i dry my hair the smell isnt there anymore. What can i do to retain the fresh smelling apple zest? I know u have a hair mist but do you have tge same smell as the clarifying shampoo? Thanks [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Joselie! We're happy that you liked our Clarifying Shampoo. We also appreciate your feedback on the scent. Kindly note that we do not use any synthetic fragrances when making our products and this is why not all the scents last a long time unlike with other commercial products. As for your other question, our Conditioning Hair Mist has a fresh tropical floral scent to help you mask unwanted odors that stick to your hair. I hope this helps, Joselie! Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • jhing (01/27/2019)

    i love this product but just a quick question: i have oily hair so this shampoo fits me however at the end of the day, my hair goes back to being oily. Do i need to do something else so that my hair would stay clean light and smelling good? The other hhn shampoos are good but makes my hair more oily. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello jhing! We're so glad you liked our Clarifying Shampoo. We also appreciate your feedback about the product. Kindly note that we do not recommend using our Clarifying Shampoo every day because doing so may dry your hair. If in case, however, your hair remains oily despite using the Clarifying Shampoo every day, you can try minimizing the use of hair conditioner and see if it helps in keeping the oil at bay. I hope this helps, jhing! Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you very much! :)]
  • Olivia (01/27/2019)

    After using this. My hair felt lighter and not heavy from any residue; and I don't get anymore hairfall.
  • Katty (01/27/2019)

    I love the smell but I don't why this shampoo makes my hair dry. It does feel dry and the strands are stiff. I've already consumed almost half of the 495 ml but I had to switch back to Dove shampoo. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Kathy! Thank you for purchasing our Clarifying Shampoo. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Please note that our Clarifying Shampoo should only be used 2-3 times a week because it's only meant to eliminate buildup on scalp caused by other hair products and pollution. We also recommend that you rinse your hair thoroughly to ensure that residue won't be left on your scalp. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Service Team at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you! :)
  • Katherine A. (01/27/2019)

    It's indeed very foamy. What's awesome about it is that I didn't see ay hairfall in the shower when I used it! I swear when I used the commercial shampoo I would normally use, the drain gets blocked by hair but with HN's Clarifying Shampoo, no hairfall. It does make your hair very dry so I massage Jojoba oil on my scalp and hair to soften them out. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Katherine! We're so glad that liked our Natural Clarifying Shampoo and our Pure Jojoba Oil. We also appreciate your honest feedback about the shampoo; rest assured that we will take it into consideration for the future development of the product. Kindly note that we only recommend using our Clarifying Shampoo 2-3 times a week to help remove scalp buildup. You may use it alternately with your chosen Human Nature Shampoo. Thank you!]
  • Margot (01/27/2019)

    Shampoo doesn't lather at all, even though I shook the bottle well and used more than the recommended amount. I even had to wash my hair with my regular shampoo prior to using this product just for the lather and to effectively remove the residue of hairstyling products in my hair. However, I noticed that my hair felt light and really clean after using this shampoo. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Margot! Thank you for purchasing our Clarifying Shampoo. We also appreciate your honest feedback on the product. Kindly note that all our products including our Clarifying Shampoo do not contain any synthetic foaming ingredients which is why they tend to be less foamy compared to commercial shampoos. Nevertheless, we will consider your feedback for the future development of the product. Thank you!]
  • Alexandra (01/27/2019)

    Im not overreacting when I say that this shampoo saved my hair... I was looking for sulfate-free shampoos that are available in the Philippines and was glad to see that Human Nature sold them. Bought one and used it instantly! I was surprised it lathered well and actually gave life to my hair! It wasn't as dry and frizzy as it used to be. Really thankful, Human Nature! Thanks for saving my hair ❤
  • Rhycel (01/27/2019)

    I so love your clarifying shampoo!!!! My hair never felt this light, bouncy and so clean!!!! Love it!!!!
  • Jeraldyn (01/27/2019)

    This is my favorite from all of the human nature shampoos. It really clarifies your hair and removes all the dirt and oil buildup on my scalp. Made my hair squeaky clean and have a nice scent. I always get the 500ml for both shampoo and the strengthening conditioner, the only downside though I'm left with lots of empty bottles and I have no use for them. I only need one container for each. I just hope you implement a zero waste option for your products. Most of your products containers are made of plastic and not all plastics are recyclable. It will be better for the environment to have a reusable container over recyclable one instead. It will also help save money for the bottle manufacturing and less payment for the consumers. [EDITOR'S NOTE: We're glad that you liked our Clarifying Shampoo. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the packaging. Kindly note that because all our products are made with natural ingredients, it's very challenging to implement a refill program due to the safety conditions that come with producing natural products. We have an incredibly dedicated Quality Assurance team that has very high standards when it comes to ensuring our products are absolutely free from contaminants. Because all of our products are made with natural ingredients, a refilling system would be very challenging due to the higher risk of contamination. So as convenient as the idea of rinsing and refilling bottles may seem, our safety standards unfortunately cannot be achieved by simply rinsing bottles out at home with soap and water. However we are always looking for ways to keep our customers' safety, wellbeing, and convenience in mind, so rest assured we will continue to work on exploring our alternatives and expanding our various efforts. In the meantime, we do encourage our customers to reuse, recycle or upcycle your empty bottles. You may also opt to sell these to the nearest junk shop in your neighborhood. Thank you!]
  • Cee (01/27/2019)

    The foamiest among HN's shampoos. Love it!
  • Celestine (01/27/2019)

    I love this product because it effectively cleans the scalp without making my hair dry.
  • Rijako (01/27/2019)

    I use this once a week and it did gave me the expected clarifying from the accumulated, deep seated oils and dirt. A break from my favorite HN Mandarin moisturizing shampoo. I feel the different cleansing. True clarifying shampoo must be non smooth after use so I partner this with Virgin Coconut oil Hair Mask.
  • Rosemarie (01/27/2019)

    I love this shampoo because it soothes my scalf and moisturizes my hair. And also love it for being the foamiest shampoo ever!
  • Aia (01/27/2019)

    My hair feels clean and light after use. Very foamy indeed just like commercial chemical shampoos but 100% natural. A little goes a long way. Gentle and effective plus it's all-natural. Great product! Hope you could make the other shampoo variants as foamy as this one para mas matipid at sulit. Thanks HN!
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