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Moisturizing Conditioner
Moisturizing Conditioner
   After JUST 2 WEEKS of using this product, my scalp is not itchy anymore, my hair is really soft a...  
- Annie Faith
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99.68% Natural

Best for:
Hydrating & softening dry, rough hair

Nature’s best moisturizers
✓ Conditions hair with avocado oil
✓ Gives a silky shine with virgin coconut oil
✓ Soothes scalp with aloe extract

All softness, no risks
✓ No synthetic feel modifiers such silicone that can suffocate hair
✓ Paraben-free
✓ Synthetic fragrance-free

For really hydrated tresses, this product is best paired with our Natural Moisturizing Shampoo

Available in Mandarin and Vanilla scents


Amp up your hair care routine! Use our Natural Daily Hair Treatment to keep hair soft, smooth and healthy.

Mandarin Fresh: aqua, cetrimonium chloride (from palm/vegetable oil), cetyl alcohol (from coconut), organic Eucheuma spinosum extract, organic Persea americana oil, organic Cocos nucifera oil, Rosmarinus officinalis extract, tocopherol (vitamin E), panthenol (vitamin B5), potassium sorbate (natural preservative), fragrance (natural), citric acid (natural preservative)

Lush Vanilla: aqua (water), cetearyl alcohol (vegetable-derived), cetrimonium chloride (vegetable-derived), Persea gratissima (avocado) oil, olus (vegetable) oil, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Glycine soja (soybean) oil, Cocos nucifera (virgin coconut) oil, capryloyl glycerin/sebacic acid copolymer (vegetable-derived), diheptyl succinate (vegetable-derived), Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, hydroxypropyltrimonium honey, levulinic acid (rice or corn-derived), fragrance (all-natural), anisic acid (anise seed-derived)

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Theresa (05/24/2021)

    We love the vanilla variant as it's so good for the hair, but we hope you make bigger 1L bottles. Also the 400ml bottle is so difficult (and literally painful) to use :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Theresa. We're happy that you liked our Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner. We also appreciate your honest feedback on the packaging. We will forward your suggestion to our Hair Care team so that may consider it for the future development of the product. Thank you]
  • Barbs (05/23/2021)

    I think I've tried all of their conditioners but the vanilla variant is my favorite! I just love the consistency and it agrees with my curly hair. I practice CGM btw.
  • Nel (03/25/2021)

    I love your products
  • ALMA (02/27/2021)

    I’ve been using this conditioner since then and my hair become shiny.Can I suggest to change bottle of 400ml because Me and my kid is having difficulty squeezing it when it is half full. Thanks and God bless!
  • MA IMEE (02/12/2021)

    This Mandarin Moisturizing conditioner makes my hair shiny and smooth.My daughter loves the smell its smell good and refreshing. 5 star
  • Mikee (07/27/2020)

    It's just fine. I bought the Mandarin variant and it somehow works the first couple of uses, but it has little to no effect really. At the very least it does moisturize my hair, just not as much as I thought it would. I already tried this twice but it's just not for me.
  • Almi (05/16/2020)

    I truly love this conditioner for two years and counting. My hair was a mix of Hermione's from the first movie of HP and Merida of Brave and been struggling to tame it since high school. I tried almost all types of products which was only effective for about 2-6 months until my hair dries out or falls off. My Chem professor even advised me on rotating the use of the products to avoid such effect. My friend recommended this and since then, I've never used another product. This made my curls defined and soft. Never had a frizzy-hair day again . I saved a lot when I started using this because I did not have to buy hair cream/mousse or had any treatment from salons.
  • Cai (09/21/2019)

    hi! i bought my first HNN product last 6 months ago, bought a strengthening shampoo plus and used it with commercial conditioner and it went well o was so happy so i decided to change my conditioner with HNN strengthening plus peppermint it was good but my hair was not that soft so I tried to change it to moisturizing conditioner vanilla scent i was so happy then because of the softness it brought to my hair but after using it for couple of wks i got itchy scalp and flakes( i usually get this whenever i change my conditioner so i would go back again with my old conditioner) so i changed it again with another HNN conditioner this time with aloe but the flakes and itchy scalp didn't go a way it just getting worse! please tell me what will i do? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Cai! Thank you for purchasing our Hair Care products. If you've been using synthetic chemical hair care products for a long time, your hair could go through an adjustment stage while you transition to a natural shampoo and conditioner. Similar to the way smokers cough more when they first stop smoking as their body tries to rid itself of the poisons inside, your scalp can take a little while before it becomes fully healthy again after weaning it off many chemicals. During this time, it is possible for some people's hair to feel oily or for scalp to be mildly itchy or flaky while detoxifying from synthetic chemical buildup. For people who experience this, it mostly lasts just a few days to a couple of weeks. Should you have further concerns, please call our Customer Service Team at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com so we can assist you. Thank you!]
  • Bernadette (09/13/2018)

    I tried the travel size of this with the mandarin fresh scent. It made my hair dry and the I didn't like the scent. The conditioner is good though but I really don't like the scent. I hope the lush vanilla will be great! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Bernadette! Thank you for purchasing our Mandarin Fresh Moisturizing Conditioner. Kindly note that our conditioners are free from silicones, a synthetic ingredient included in many conditioners in the market, which gives them a smooth feel but can trap debris on your skin and scalp. Please feel free to share with your experience with our Lush Vanilla Conditioner. Thank you!]
  • Gherr (08/28/2018)

    I like this conditioner very much. My hair is really dry, but it made my hair so soft and shiny. Aside from that, I like the smell so much especially the lush vanilla. You can still smell the nice scent kahit na pinagpawisan ka na.. This was the first HHN product I've ever used and I was really satisfied. I've been using it for years. Sana magkaroon din ang HHN ng Anti-Dandruff Conditioner. Thank you!
  • Geraldine (08/07/2018)

    The vanilla lush variant is my favorite conditioner. It's lightweight on my hair, doesn't give me allergies, moisturizes and of course it smells wonderful. :) So glad I discovered this and its shampoo pair. :)
  • Lila (07/31/2018)

    I've been using the mandarin fresh for over a month now and the results on my hair are so far good! Not on my scalp, however. I'm flaking a lot -- I think it's due to the oils. This conditioner is super buttery which is great because a little goes a long way! But I think that the oils settle down to my scalp when rinsing, so it ends up suffocating my scalp so to speak. Coconut oil also hardens in cold temperatures, so I think that also contributes to my apparent "flaking". Another thing I dislike is the smell. It smells like citronella (and a bit of ginger?) I can't smell the orange at all :D So there goes the -2 hearts. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Lila! Thank you for purchasing our Moisturizing Conditioner. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Please note that if you've been using synthetic chemical hair care products for a long time, your hair could go through an adjustment stage while you transition to a natural shampoo and conditioner. Similar to the way smokers cough more when they first stop smoking as their body tries to rid itself of the poisons inside, your scalp can take a little while before it becomes fully healthy again after weaning it off many chemicals. During this time, it is possible for some people's hair to feel oily or for scalp to be mildly itchy or flaky while detoxifying from synthetic chemical buildup. For people who experience this, it mostly lasts just a few days to a couple of weeks. I hope this helps, Lila! Should you have further concerns, please call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Roselle (02/20/2018)

    Feb 16, 2018 ko simulang gamitin mga hhn products na binili ko sa branch nila. 5 days palang ako gumamit ng shampoo and conditioner nila laki na ng improvement ng hair ko. Di na mukhang lantang halaman. Chemically treated hair ko dahil every 8 months ako nagpaparebond and cellophane with color. Mga nabibili kong shampoo and conditioner sa supermarket di rin makatulong. Smooth nga buhok ko pero yung itsura naman lantang halaman. Kaya di nako babalik sa shampoo and conditioner na puro kemikal. Dito nako sa hhn. ❤
  • Mitchelle (11/15/2017)

    I've been using this HHN conditioner for almost 2 years and my hair is really smooth and not frizzy at all! I personally loved the lush vanilla scent.
  • Ma. Disalyn (08/29/2017)

    I so love the scent of the Mandarin Fresh! It boosts my mood. I felt like I'm obsessed with this scent. It also made my hair smoother and silkier. However, I noticed that my scalp itched for around two weeks after I used this one. I used Vanilla Lush first then switched due to smell. Both made my scalp itched really crazy and these conditioners and shampoos are the only products I am using in my hair aside from the fact that my hair's dyed. Woul've give five hearts if not for the itchy dilemma. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Ma. Disalyn! Thank you for purchasing our Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. We appreciate your honest feedback about the product. Kindly note that while our Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner are made with natural ingredients, it may be possible that you are sensitive to one of its components. You may check the ingredients at the back of the bottles to see if there is any ingredient you might be sensitive to. Another possibility would be that your scalp and hair are adjusting to natural ingredients as you transition from synthetic products. Some customers do experience a hair detox where the scalp and hair undergoes adjustment which may include itching and buildup. This period should only last for a couple of weeks. We also recommend that you rinse your hair thoroughly after using the shampoo and conditioner to help avoid residue from building up. I hope this helps, Ma. Disalyn! Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 784-7788 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Raphonzel (07/19/2017)

    2012-2017...I use this together with the shampoo and the hair serum. I stopped going to the beauty salon to get my hair treated for dryness and other stuff :) Oh yeah, my whole family uses this. Thanks HN!
  • Rachell (06/17/2017)

    My hair felt so smooth and shiny.
  • Carly (06/11/2017)

    My hair looked and felt healthy when I used the Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Mel (03/15/2017)

    I started using this with the shampoo four days ago, I shampoo every other day, and even without using the shampoo, my hair feels so clean and soft! It also smells nice although the scent doesn't last long, but I'm willing to sacrifice scent rather than use chemicals called "fragrance." It doesn't give me dandruff nor make my hair feel greasy or itchy. I switched from using commercial to natural and I had a hassle-free transition, thank you Human Nature for these easily available and affordable organic products! I look forward to trying the salon care conditioner!
  • Dexter (02/23/2017)

    The vanilla lush isn't moisturizing enough. I love the scent, It smells good and refreshing and It last long. However,the moisture didn't last long. I get dandruff everytime I use It. Don't know why. It even worsen my scalp folliculitis. Since It's 100% natural and chemical free, I'm giving It 2 hearts. Please help me. I think this conditioner is not what my hair was looking for. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Dexter! Thank you for purchasing our Lush Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. While our Lush Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner is absolutely free from harmful chemicals, it's possible that your scalp is sensitive to one if its ingredients. Kindly check the back of the bottle and see if there are any components you might be sensitive to. Our Customer Service Team will also get in touch with you soon to provide further assistance. Thank you!]
  • Kristel (01/19/2017)

    I have naturally curly and color-treated hair and I've struggled for years to find good hair products that can control the frizz but don't eventually leave my hair clumping and my scalp full of dandruff. I love the Mandarin Fresh version of this conditioner so much that aside from co-washing almost everyday with it, I combine a very VERY diluted amount of this conditioner with a curl defining lotion and use it as a leave-in conditioner. This is actually long-winded way to ask Human Nature to create a leave-in conditioner line with a similar formulation to this one. The curl defining lotion I use is effective but it has silicones so I eventually have to use the clarifying shampoo to get rid of the buildup once or twice a week. Please make a leave in-conditioner or curl defining product, HHN! I love your stuff.
  • Lea (08/23/2016)

    Tried the Vanilla Lush and loved how creamy it is! Unlike other conditioners that I need to put a lot of, I only need a bit with this one and it can easily cover all of my hair. BUT my dandruff got more noticeable while using this. I used it with the shampoo so I'm not sure which one caused it. Perhaps you can recommend something? Hope you can help me, I'd love to keep using HN hair products! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Lea! Thank you for purchasing our Lush Vanilla Natural Moisturizing Conditioner. We also value your honest feedback and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. Please note that while our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner is absolutely free from harmful chemicals, it may be possible that your scalp is sensitive to one of its ingredients. Kindly check the product's ingredients list at the back of the bottle to see if there is any component you may be sensitive too. In addition, some of our users also experienced dandruff as they transitioned from synthetic hair care products to natural ones but the effects eventually got better. Please observe how your scalp reacts to the product; we also recommend that you discontinue using it should any adverse reaction occurs. Alternatively, we suggest that you try our 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo 2-3x a week to help eliminate buildup on your scalp that's caused by other hair products, dirt and pollution. You can also massage our Pure Jojoba Oil on your scalp after showering to help it become itch-free and reduce dandruff. I hope this helps! Thank you! :)]
  • Marianne (07/23/2016)

    No other products had made my hair evidently this beautiful. I love it! There'd only be HHN for my hair, from now on.
  • Chary (07/18/2016)

    It moisturizes my hair and scalp! Perfect!
  • Ann (05/07/2016)

    I am super satisfied with this product. I bought one as an alternative to the natural conditioner i was using (which was expensive yet made my hair drier). I love the consistency and the mandarin scent. It makes my hair soft every after wash and also my hair color does not wash out even if i leave the conditioner on for more than 3mins.
  • Marian (04/13/2016)

    I used this with its shampoo counterpart and I like its thickness and scent. However, I found that after several days of using this, my hair became dry and I got dandruff. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Marian! Thank you for purchasing our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner. We're sorry about your experience and we'd love to help you in any way that we can. While our Moisturizing Conditioner is absolutely free from harmful chemicals, it is possible that you are sensitive to one of its ingredients. Kindly check our ingredients list on the back label to see if there's anything your hair/scalp might not agree with. Another possibility would be your scalp might be adjusting to your transition to a natural shampoo. Should you have further concerns, please feel free to call us at (02) 224-2223 or send us an email at customer.service@humanheartnature.com. Thank you!]
  • Felicity (01/13/2016)

    I tried the Vanilla conditioner and I really love the smell. I love that it makes my hair soft but sometimes oily but it's fine at least it's moisturized. I'm now using Mandarin scent and i also love the smell and how it makes my hair soft without too much falling hair.
  • Julienne (12/14/2015)

    PROs: It gives my hair a captivating scent and a soft and light feeling. Plus, it makes my hair shine and it looks healthy. CONs: I always look at the mirror because I can't help but look unbelievably in how my hair achieve its best look (only by a conditioner!) And I cant resist touching and smelling my hair! Haha :)) Just joking about that CON part though ;) , anyway, this conditioner is worth a try, worth the buy! A 5/5 for this product!
  • Alex (11/29/2015)

    The first time I used the Lush Vanilla conditioner, I was a bit confused about it because of the texture and had my doubts but the effect was fantastic. After a few uses my hair is much softer and it didn't have that dry look anymore. I always had trouble with my dry hair but this really helped. The smell is also what you could call appetizing. Its very pleasant :)
  • Valerie Nicole (08/05/2015)

    I've been using the mandarin variant for months now along with its shampoo. It smells nice, has a little nutty scent. Disappointingly, this leaves my hair being just dry and very stiff especially at the ends. Also, my wavy hair still remains poofy and hard to manage. I still end up constantly using a pony tail to get it out of my way. It doesn't really feel like I'm getting the moisturisation that I'd hope. It's sad. I'll just have to try another variant after I finish the bottle. My search continues. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Valerie Nicole! We're sorry to hear that our Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner didn't work out for you. Our Moisturizing line is formulated with nature's richest moisturizers for softer and smoother hair, so it is unlikely to dry out hair. However we understand that different hair types may experience different results with our products. For best results, we recommend concentrating on your scalp when you shampoo and conditioning only the ends of your hair. You can also try shampooing every other day instead of daily to allow your hair's natural oils to moisturize your hair. For an extra dose of moisture, you may use our Daily Hair Treatment after conditioning. We hope these tips work for you :) Do let us know! Thank you!]
  • Jeff (07/22/2015)

    This is all good. Only one thing I noticed. Maybe because of the new formulation or what but after using the shampoo and the conditioner my hair still smells nice but tpwhen you smell the scalp area it smells sooo amoy pawis badly. Its the same with the kids shampoo my sister gets that smell. So i switch to the soothing aloe variant and also my lil sister uses it too the amoy pawis smell of our scalp was gone. I hope HHN can work more on the fragrance. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Jeff! Thank you for your honest feedback. Regarding your concern, our natural shampoos' scents may not last as long as chemical shampoos' scents do because ours are free from phthalates or synthetic fragrances - instead, we use only natural fragrances. We're glad to hear that our Natural Strengthening Shampoo in Soothing Aloe works better for you in addressing the "pawis" odor. You can also try using our Natural Clarifying Shampoo once a week to give your scalp an even deeper, extra refreshing clean (remember to use conditioner on the ends of your hair after!). If you prefer a longer lasting scent, we can also recommend using our 100% Natural Smoothing Hair Serum after washing and drying your hair :) Hope this helps! Thank you very much!]
  • Joan (05/15/2015)

    I bought it in Rustan's (Katipunan) after much consideration since I was looking for a good conditioner to use for my co-wash routine. I liked this better than other conditioners mainly because its very moisturizing plus no sulfates and silicones! I prefer the mandarin scent over the vanilla one since it smells so fresh, like a freshly-opened orange :) I actually didn't know that there's a 500-mL bottle since Rustan's didn't have that size (I think). I will probably buy the bigger version next time. Overall, a very lovely product and very moisturizing as it says! Love it! Maybe a leave-in conditioner to add to the line? :D
  • Annie faith (03/09/2015)

    I just had my hair re bonded last January. As a result, the ends got really dry and I also had dandruff. After JUST 2 WEEKS of using this product, my scalp is not itchy anymore, my hair is really soft and shiny. The split ends? Totally GONE! By the way, I use this with the Natural Moisturizing Shampoo. Really works WONDERS!!! :)
  • Tin (03/02/2015)

    I love the lush vanilla scent conditioner and I highly recommend it for dry hair like me. But I noticed that the formulation changed, I'm missing the old formulation I purchased last December. Please bring it back. Thanks. :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Tin! We're so glad you love our Lush Vanilla Moisturizing Conditioner! We actually haven't reformulated our Lush Vanilla Conditioner since we launched it. If you have any concerns about the batch you received, you may email customer.service@humanheartnature.com and our Customer Service would be happy the help you out :) Thank you!]
  • Mel (02/07/2015)

    I use this conditioner after my regular moisturizing shampoo or the clarifying shampoo. Does the job. The best part is that it is mostly natural and chemical-free.
  • Alexis (12/22/2014)

    I love the scent of mandarin on my mane. It's refreshing and doesn't smell like "pawis" even after a whole day outdoors in the metro. Doesn't clump up my hair into too-moisturized feel and helps make it more straight!
  • Janna (12/07/2014)

    I love using the Mandarin however, I do not like it's smell so when the bottle(500ml) was empty, my friend gave me a vanilla one, luckily it's the big bottle as well. I love Vanilla's scent, I adore it I mean, and the shine and moisture it gives to my hair, a "holy grail" hair product. However after using it for 5-6 days, I noticed it doesn't spread easily on my hair like it usually does and there was discolouration like some green stuff on the bottle. Bottle says expiration date was dec 2015 something.So I told my friend (who gave me the vanilla) about it and he was really embarrassed and decided to dispose the vanilla by himself and he replaced with a bag. I don't know what exactly happened or if I just got a bad batch of the vanilla conditioner. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Janna! Oh no, we're sorry to hear about your experience. This is quite surprising and we'd like to look into the discoloration issue immediately to determine the cause. However since you've tossed the bottle already, we'd be happy to offer you a free replacement for your product if you received a bad batch. We want you to have the best experience with our product so you can continue to enjoy your "holy grail" conditioner :) Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon to help you out! Thank you!]
  • Paula (12/03/2014)

    I am very impressed with this conditioner. I honestly didn't have any expectations from this one after one use. I was thinking I would see the results after a week or so but I was sooo wrong! I used this yesterday and I thought it was okay. Until my hair was all dried andI can't believe how soooft my hair is! My hair's never been so soft like this with any commercial products I used! (Even the expensive ones) Just really amazing. One thing though, I was expecting it to smell like vanilla but to me it smells like gummy-fruity-berry I don't really know but it's not vanilla. But it still smells really good. I'm just hoping you can reformulate the smell of this one too! Other than that I'm still going to repurchase this one. Good job HHN!
  • Kat (11/16/2014)

    I bleached my hair twice which left my hair dry and frizzy. I couldn't comb my hair for days until I used Human <3 Nature's conditioner. This conditioner left my hair soft and shiny once again. I'm stocking up a lot of this hair miracle in a bottle. Thank you HHN.
  • Andrea (11/06/2014)

    Hi. I just had my product delivered this afternoon. I purchased both shampoo and conditioner in mandarin scent in 500ml. I was satisfied with the scent of the shampoo, however, the conditioner has no scent at all. I can’t smell even a hint of mandarin on it. Is it supposed to be that way? I also have the baby wash and it was more fragrant than the conditioner. FYI, I also purchased before strengthening shampoo and conditioner both in peppermint and soothing aloe and I have no comment on the level of their fragrance. I just decided to try the moisturizing since I still got the tiny dandruff and hair fall after using them along with clarifying shampoo for two months now. Maybe it has something to do with the expiration date. The shampoo will expire on April 2016 while the conditioner will expire on December 2015. Please provide feedback on this. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Andrea! Thanks for reaching out to us. We'd like to look into your concern to investigate the scent of your conditioner. Would it be possible for us to retrieve your product and provide you with a free replacement? Regarding your dandruff concern, our shampoos do not have any anti-dandruff actives. We also don't recommend our Clarifying Shampoo for people with dry scalps as it is formulated to give you a deep cleansing experience by ridding your scalp of build-up and residue. So it's good that you decided to try out our Moisturizing Shampoo instead. You may alternate it with our Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner and let us know how it works for you. Our Customer Service will be in touch to learn more and help you out! :) Thank you!]
  • Alyssa (08/31/2014)

    Aside from being safe and natural, my sisters and I find this conditioner as the best conditioner we've ever used. True to its promise, this product has really given us silky smooth and fragrant hair all throughout the day. We love how it brings out the natural beauty of our hair. My sister's classmates even noticed how her hair looks shiny and feels silky smooth. We love Human <3 Nature and thank you for making this product! :)
  • Stephanie (08/16/2014)

    Leaves my hair feeling great though I have to be careful only to put it on the bottom for I feel it can leave my hair being a bit too oily. Overall I still feel the moisturization and love it! :)
  • ren (07/13/2014)

    i used this a month ago with the two variants. im so loving it khit my times na nagiging oily yung hair ko. and ive noticed naparang nagimprove yung smell ng lush vanilla. mas tumaragal ang kapit sa bair di tulad nung date. i prefer this kesa sa peppermint variant. :)
  • Jean (06/09/2014)

    I'm glad I gave this conditioner a try! I was kinda skeptic at first because I've read some complaints about the scent. However, it was the opposite! I really, REALLY love the smell! Likewise, unlike the commercialized conditioners, this natural conditioner made my hair more manageable and soft without being "greasy" at all. Though, it's thicker than your usual conditioner so it needs to be diluted with water. Which means, it'll also last longer 'cause you wouldn't end up using much! :) It's more than what I've expected! Thank you so much for this wonderful product HHN.
  • liz (04/10/2014)

    hindi hiyang sakin, nag da dandruff ako [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Liz! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Our Natural Moisturizing Shampoo is safe and absolutely free of any harmful chemicals, however it's still possible to be sensitive or allergic to one of its natural ingredients. If this is your first time to switch to a natural shampoo, your scalp may still be adjusting to the formulation. We'd like to get in touch with you to determine the cause and help you find the products that work for you. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon!]
  • Vanessa (04/01/2014)

    I have chemically treated hair; I had it rebonded before and now, I color regularly. What I like about this product is that it moisturizes more than the Strengthening conditioner. It softens my hair just right. However, I don't like the Vanilla Scent. The Mandarin Scent is ok, but if I have a busy day or long exposure under the sun, my hair becomes sticky, oily and tangled. I hope you release a Moisturizing Conditioner in an Aloe Fresh variant. Or if you could bring back the guava, rosemary & mango scents. I remembered you had a strengthening shampoo (& body wash) with aloe vera, egg and rosemary/guava, and you had conditioners with scents like Lemongrass with Mango, Mandarin with Mango, etc. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Vanessa! We're so thrilled that you love our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner! We'd be happy to take your scent suggestions into consideration for possible future product developments. In the meantime, if you have a penchant for fresh scents, we suggest you try out or Daily Hair Treatment for a deeply moisturizing pampering experience :) Thanks!]
  • Carren (02/18/2014)

    I love hhn lush vanilla moisturizing conditioner and shampoo. It lessen my hairfall due to post-partum. I tried so many brand but hhn is the only one who did the miracle hehe However, the dispenser didn't work. Im on my 2nd bottle now but still it didn't work. I hope you can solve it coz its really stressful to take off the cap and squeeze the bottle. Anyway, i still love it! :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: We're so thrilled you love our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner, Carren! We're sorry to hear about your dispenser problem. We'll be happy to replace it for you if you received a defective product. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you right away to look into your concern :) Thanks again!]
  • Elizabeth (02/10/2014)

    I really love the vanilla variant! It makes my hair very smooth and non-dry. I have color treated hair and my friends are envious as how I can maintain my healthy hair. It's really this conditioner!!! <3 I love it to tidbits. However, I noticed (and my friends who share the same bathroom as I do) that my hair fall has increased dramatically. :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Elizabeth! We're happy to know your hair is much smoother and moisturized! We're sorry to hear about your hair fall, though. If this is your first time to use natural hair care products, it's possible that your scalp may just need time to adjust to its natural formulation. If your hair fall persists after a few weeks, you may want to try using this together with our Natural Strengthening Shampoo. In the meantime, we would be happy to discuss your concern with you and help you out. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you very soon :) Thank you!]
  • Sachi (02/07/2014)

    One of my resolutions for 2014 is to become more eco-friendly with the stuff I use at home. As a start, I wanted to try fixing my hair since I planned to have it undergo treatment since it's been 2 years from the last. I tried using The Lush Vanilla Conditioner this January. After that month, my hair was noticably more tamed and frizz free. Now that I have my hair permed, I alter using the Strenthening Conditioner (HHN Aloe Vera, though I prefer to try the Peppermint one but it's not available at Shopwise) It's very convincing :) I hope to try some of the other Human Heart Nature products sure but since I have never tried ordering online, I hope it's not discouraging to just rely on just seeing the products and not having a sample to smell or check it out before buying. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Sachi! We're so thrilled that you decided to go green! We'd love for you to drop by one of our branches so that you can test out our products for yourself and shop from our complete product range :) You can find your nearest Human Nature branch here: http://humanheartnature.com/buy/find-a-store Thank you!]
  • Vanessa (12/08/2013)

    Okay. so, I really liked the line of conditioners created by Human♥Nature. I even tried the Strengthening ones first. It was okay and I realized that what I really needed was something that will moisturize my hair because I had my hair chemically - treated. I tried the Lush Vanilla first and I liked it. :) I liked it because it made my hair soft and though the smell is fleeting, I love it for the texture it gave my hair after using it. All this without the dizzying smell, heavy feel of hair and dried up look and feel of the strands and the feeling of weightiness of the chemicals used in other commercial conditioners. It was good! The only thing I don't like about it is its smell. However, I tried out Mandarin Fresh and...ugh! It was exactly the opposite. It made my hair dry, coarse, rough and itchy. My long, luscious hair became a pain to dry and I don't feel like using it anymore. I had used up half the bottle in hopes of getting better results after sometime but, its effects were still the same. I hope you can do something about the Mandarin Fresh scent. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Vanessa! We're sorry to hear about your experience. Considering that you liked our Lush Vanilla Natural Moisturizing Conditioner so much, it's possible that our Mandarin Fresh variant just doesn't work for you. Some people find that some variants work better for their hair type than others, despite both variants being moisturizing. We would be happy to replace your Mandarin Fresh Conditioner with a Lush Vanilla one. We'd also like to get in touch with you to learn a bit more about your experience so that we can evaluate our product. Our Customer Service will be in touch with you soon :) Thanks!]
  • Edwilyn Lois (12/07/2013)

    I've tried this and it works so well on me, but I also want to try the hair masks, but I can't seen to find them here on thr website. Is is still available in for selling? Pleaaaaase. I've heard good reviews about the hair masks. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Edwilyn! We're so glad you love our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner! Our Natural Intensive Hair Masks have been discontinued - but don't worry! We have an exciting NEW hair treat for you hitting shelves this January... So stay tuned! Thanks! :)]
  • Mae (09/03/2013)

    I read a lot of good reviews on your products. At that time, I was really frustrated of getting my hair back to life. That made me decide to your HHN Moisturizing Conditioner. After just a week of regular use, my hair improved! Now, I have an empty bottle and just placed my order for a new bottle of HHN Moisturizing Conditioner last week with HHM Intensive Hair Mask and Sunflower Oil :) I hope my conditioner will arrive soon this week. It says out of stock :( [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Mae! We're thrilled that you love our Natural Moisturizing Conditioner so much! No worries, you can opt to include a bottle with your next online order and we will ship it to you as soon as it is back in stock :) Thank you so much!]
  • Maybelle (09/01/2013)

    The Mandarin scent smells so nice! It doesn't moisturize the same way though as the usual conditioners and my hair feels dry by the end of the day. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maybelle! You may see a difference in our natural conditioners when compared to chemical conditioners, which are often laden with "feel modifiers" like silicone that may make your hair feel smooth and shiny on the outside, but actually coat the hair like plastic and prevent it from absorbing the nutrients it needs, causing damage in the long run. With our natural conditioners, you can be sure that you're getting only natural goodness to keep your hair healthy - minus the harmful chemicals :) For an extra boost of moisture and shine, you can try treating your hair to our Natural Intensive Hair Mask 1-2 times a week, and applying a few drops of our 100% Natural Smoothing Hair Serum on your hair's tips to keep them from dryness :) Thanks!]
  • Angel (07/26/2013)

    Made my hair softer and shinier! Love the feeling after use. hope the smell improves a bit though!
  • Van (06/17/2013)

    Suupppeeerrr ganda and galing ng product na 'to!!. Hindi po ito exaggerated. After using this product, my hair is super shiny and lambot!! It also tamed my frizzy and dry hair! Doon ako bilib na bilib. Thumbs up!. Siguro the downside is sa una, amoy cough syrup sya "R". Sana next time mas mag amoy vanilla sya :) pero overall impact? Perfect! Pak na pak 'to!! :)
  • Maria Esperanza Fatima (02/15/2013)

    After 2 months of using this product, my hair has retained a stunning black shine and is always soft, manageable, and moisturized. I do not have colored hair, but my hair took a dull, rusty shade of brown most probably because of the chemicals from the shampoo I use. I am totally sold on this product including the shampoo.
  • Crise (02/11/2013)

    after getting a digiperm, the ends of my hair really got dry and i have searched the internet for a good moisturizing shampoo. It was my first time to try human nature products and I was really surprised. I went to this supermarket and tried the damage test before using human nature's moisturizing shampoo. the damage was 89%. after about 2 months of using this shampoo and conditioner, tried it again and it was down to 59%. And it was all because of using a natural shampoo and conditioner. I was so impressed. Will continue to use this one!! =)
  • Maiko (01/19/2013)

    After shampooing with Natural Moisturizing Shampoo, I need a lot of this to avoid drying. It spreads well during shower but after rinsing it off, I realize that much of it doesn't seem to stay... What I need may be the Hair Mask because I rebonded my hair.. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi Maiko! Thank you for your feedback. Our Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner were formulated to hydrate hair and restore softness and they do work for most people. But if it's not quite enough for you then yes, we agree you should try the Intensive Hair Mask 1-2 times a week. Leave it on your hair as long as you can (some people even sleep with it in!). Please do let us know how it works out for you!]
  • Jorie (12/30/2012)

    I really love your products and what's most important for me is being cruelty free, no animal testing. I've been looking for companies here in Philippines that don't do animal testing and I'm glad I found HHN. I hope you will have whitening products and kabuki brushes as well so I dont have to buy it with another companies.
  • Jorie (12/30/2012)

    I really love your products and what's most important for me is being cruelty free, no animal testing. I've been looking for companies here in Philippines that don't do animal testing and I'm glad I found HHN. I hope you will have whitening products and kabuki brushes as well so I dont have to buy it with another companies.
  • mika (12/28/2012)

    I love this one because it's 100% natural.. but the smell doesnt last long.. and although the scent reminds me more of bigboy bubblegum than vanilla i still do love it, because i love the smell of bubblegum anyway. I hope you'd make a vanilla hair perfume, i really love the smell of vanilla so much.. =)
  • Joyce O (12/13/2012)

    My daughter's hair is so brittle, dry and flaky all over that we consulted a doctor but didn't use the meds. I insist that she uses HHN moisturizing shampoo and conditioner regulary and after two months...was amazed that her head is clean and love the color of her hair...its never been that shiny, soft and manageable. Thank you for coming up with all these natural organic products that are so affordable. But notice that the price increased often.
  • Rizalina (12/10/2012)

    I bought the 500 ml bottle with dispenser for a friend last month. She loved how soft and moisturized her hair felt. However, the dispenser didn't work. Its almost used up so she's ordering a new batch. I hope the dispenser would be double checked before they are shipped. She forgot to inform me about the dispenser until she decided to order again.
  • Charlene (11/22/2012)

    paired this with the mandarin shampoo.. my hair and the shower smelled of yummy oranges. it was an unexpected surprise. i'm addicted.
  • Lee (11/10/2012)

    Unlike the Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner (old formula), this did not give me an itchy, horribly flakey scalp. I endured that for months (finishing bottles of 500ml in the hopes of my hair getting used to it), but I now know that it just wasn't suited for my hair, no matter how organic it is. I'm still apprehensive with an HHN shampoo but I thought it'd be safe to try this conditioner as long as I make sure not to get any on my scalp. I got a pleasant surprise the morning after using it. My long, naturally wavy hair had bouncier, soft, more defined curls, as if I had slept in curlers or had my hair done. No product has ever done that for my hair before. What I love about this (and all HHN products) the most, is that it's actually affordable, unlike a semi-organic locally owned brand that unashamedly calls itself affordable. I hope HHN doesn't give up this 'ace' card.
  • Abby (11/03/2012)

    It has the same effect as the conditioner I've been using for a long time plus it's all natural.
  • Sashi (10/25/2012)

    My husband started using this shampoo with the conditioner and his dandruff simply stopped!!! No flakes!!!
  • Angela (10/22/2012)

    I have the Lush Vanilla variant and I find the smell really good. Though it smells more like almond-vanilla while it would've been better if it's just vanilla. Nevertheless, I still love the scent. About the product as a conditioner, I can say that this is really effective. It makes my hair smooth and soft, especially when I apply it generously. I wish the price would have been less hefty though. Also, I've noticed that the packaging for HN products such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, feminine wash, are not of good quality. They break easily when they fall. It's also hard for me to squeeze out the shampoo and conditioner out of their bottles. I hope that HN can improve this without sacrificing the products' affordability.
  • Bea Grace (10/02/2012)

    Ever since I've got my hair permed about a month ago, I switched to this immediately as I've read from other bloggers that this did wonders to their hair. AND IT DOES. It provided much moisture to my chemically treated hair and I noticed my hair is shinier and softer now. :) Though I'm not sure if I'm just not used to the consistency or I use too much product per wash, because within the month that I was using this I already consumed 1x 200ml bottle and 3/4 of a 500ml bottle. But that's ok, it's worth it anyway. I'm now a converted HNN girl. <3
  • Mheries (08/20/2012)

    I didn't know that my mom was using the conditioner that I bought few weeks ago... but yesterday, the conditioner's gone! And she admitted she was using it for 10 days now... and she said that her hair color didn't fade unlike with other regular shampoos! Indeed she liked the product even though at first, she said that the consistency is different. Haha!.
  • Patty (08/11/2012)

    I prefer this variant more than the Mandarin one. Somehow, I think I'm allergic to the Mandarin shampoos and conditioners coz I always develop small pimples on my forehead when I switch to the Mandarin variants. Also this proves to be more moisturizing than the Mandarin one. It performs better for my hair. I love its super moisturizing powers coz my hair is super dry and it makes my hair really smooth, soft, and tangle free. The only thing that gave it a point off the perfect score is the scent! When I opened it, I expected the warm yummy Vanilla scent but instead i got a bubble gum or some sort of berry cough syrup scent if you get what I mean. If you fix the scent, it'll be perfect!!!
  • Aviva (08/06/2012)

    I have to agree with Dars. This performs well like all of Human Nature's hair care products, but it does not even smell close to anything vanilla. I love vanilla so even though the moisturizing variant makes my scalp itch, I still bought this--but I was disappointed. Yes, it smells like bubble gum. I know the scent isn't supposed to be long-lasting, but this has the most fleeting scent of them all. Rinsing out the conditioner rinses out the smell as well. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hi Aviva! Thank you very much for your feedback and we’re sorry that the product did not reach your expectations. We promise you that that this is a natural vanilla smell :) For now, we can offer a replacement for the product or credit if you want. Our customer service team will be in touch. :)]
  • Mheries (08/05/2012)

    I've learned about this product through blogs about digi-perm. Those bloggers said that they're using Human Nature's Moisturizing Shampoo and it gives their locks volume and softness. I looked it up and I ordered a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner few days ago. I started using it yesterday and amazingly, it does what it says! It has a long lasting smell and my locks are soft and smooth! I am very satisfied. I used it just once and yet I already saw the difference from regular shampoo! It's simply amazing!!!
  • Mari (07/15/2012)

    I'm an avid user of the old moisturizing conditioner and I've also commented before about the scent of the old one. Now after using the Lush Vanilla for a few days I can't say anything wrong about it. I enjoy taking a bath now with its addicting scent and I don't feel conscious anymore about what my hair smells like in hot humid weather. It just smells great! Also I noticed that my hair is neater and straighter with this new conditioner so not sure if only the scent that's changed. I do love them both, the old conditioner and the new one. I like the old one because it gives my hair that natural bounce, body and shine while the new gives it a straight, light and shinier look. I don't know for other people. Maybe it's only just for my hair. Anyway I would like to congratulate HN for making this wonderful product (amazing that it's all natural) and really I want to thank you for giving me such a great time in the shower. :)
  • Dars (07/14/2012)

    Conditioning wise, yes thumbs up. But what really turned me off is the smell. It is not even close of that warm delicious scent of vanilla, instead it reminded me of the smell of the gum which I used to chew in my childhood, Texas gum i think? lol. And to top that is it did not stay long in my hair, once you've washed it off your hair, gone! Amoy buhok na ulit. I hope that you would reformulate the scent of this one, so it will deserve it's 5 star rating. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hi Dars! Thank you very much for your review. It’s nice to know that you were satisfied with the conditioning effects of our 100% Natural Moisturizing Conditioner. As you may know, Human Nature’s products are 100% chemical free. While other conditioners have longer lasting scents and fragrances, you cannot be guaranteed of its safety since it contains artificial fragrances and phthalates. Phthalates enhance fragrances in cosmetics and make the scents last longer. However, studies show that this may also disrupt the hormonal system and interfere reproduction. We may sacrifice the long lasting scent of our products but we can make sure that we give you only the good and of course, the safest. :) In any case, you may also want to have your Lush Vanilla scent replaced by our Mandarin Fresh scent. Our Customer Service Team will be in touch. :)]
  • Aletha (07/09/2012)

    I like this one better than the Mandarin scent moisturizing conditioner. Lush Vanilla conditioner makes my hair more soft, smooth, and manageable. This also smells like Bazooka Bubble Gum, which brings back childhood memories while I let it sit on my hair. I love this product! :-)
  • tattsss (06/29/2012)

    Tried this for the first time and am very happy with the immediate result..my hair was sleeker and more manageable. I wanted to put on the sunflower oil after, can I put it on still wet hair or should I wait for my hair to dry? thanks! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi tattsss! Great to know that you are loving our products. :) You may put on sunflower oil while your hair is still damp so it can lock in moisture. Be careful though as it is hard to know if you've applied too much oil on your hair because damp hair and oily hair pretty looks the same. Hope this helps. :)]
  • Mari (03/31/2012)

    I really love this conditioner. I'm using it along with the strengthening shampoo. I don't know why but it just makes my hair feel smooth, healthy natural and not limp. With other conditioners I have to dry my hair using the electric fan to make it look nice. With this conditioner I can just leave it wet and still looks good when it dries. I've been using the product for months and I just recently straightened my hair so I can say that it works just as well with chemical treated hair. The only downside is with wet hair the smell can be weird but it's gone when it dries. I can live with it if I know it's 100% natural. So kudos to you guys! Keep it up!
  • ghel (03/12/2012)

    this one did not suit me. i had hairfall with this & i felt that my hair became brittle so i wasn't able to finish a bottle of this. i switched back to the natural strengthening conditioner which suits me well. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hi, Gheleene! We’re sorry to hear about your experience. If you normally have some hairfall, the strengthening conditioner is much more suitable. For extra moisture, you could use the Hair Mask, which has both strengthening and moisturizing properties, 2-3 times a week :) In any case, we will be more than happy to replace this for you with a strengthening conditioner. Our customer service team will be in touch :)]
  • Gen (02/26/2012)

    I purchased 500ml of this conditioner and its shampoo. But sadly, it didn't worked out as I expected it too. The first few days where fine, I noticed that my hair became less oily as it was before. Its texture felt softer. But after 2 weeks of using it, specially after applying the conditioner, my head felt REALLY itchy. Then, it became dry and 'buhaghag'. :( This was also the feedback my mother gave me. Too bad weren't able to finish the bottles. [Editor’s Note: Hi, Romana, we’re sorry to hear about your experience. We very rarely get reports like this about our shampoo and conditioner. One possible cause may be rinsing – itchy scalp is sometimes an indication that more rinsing is needed. But don’t worry, we’ll happily take this back from you and give you a credit for it :) Our customer service team will be in touch]
  • Hane (12/11/2011)

    just a small amount rinsed immediately still made my long hair gorgeous :) been using this for over a month now and i'm still happy with it so far. though i hope this product will not be harsh on my skin during long term use unlike those other strong conditioners i tried before...
  • Emerle (12/04/2011)

    Love the scent. I'm an instant fan. It leaves my hair shiny, soft to touch, and tangle free all day. Now I think I can grow my hair long because it does wonders to my dry hair.
  • Glenn (10/31/2011)

    This product has exceeded my expection. It truly did what it said it will do to your hair. I now have so much faith in this product, and will definitely recommend this to my family and friend. Me and my daughter now uses this, and plans to continue using it for years to come. Thanks Human♥Nature for coming up with such a great product.
  • Lorie (10/01/2011)

    This conditioner is one of the best I've used. It keeps my naturally curly hair manageable, soft, and silky. My curls are now easier to style and they've become more luscious. The only thing I'd like to comment on is the scent. I'm not too keen about the lemongrass scent but with how luscious my hair is right now, it's nothing I can't get used to.
  • Pamela (09/30/2011)

    I love the scent of this shampoo. It leaves my hair smelling (and feeling) very clean!
  • Clarisse (09/21/2011)

    Before using this conditioner, my hair (especially the tips) was very dry, brittle and frizzy. After a single use of the conditioner, wow, my hair became VERY SOFT and manageable. May I call this a miracle conditioner? :')
  • Karen (09/19/2011)

    I love these two! My hair feels light, clean and soft. For a time, I noticed that my hair felt straw-like, but then I decided to use more conditioner. So now I have an idea of how much conditioner to use (10 pumps per use). Using enough conditioner, my hair feels wonderful! It smells good, too! Just make sure to use enough conditioner. That's why when I order, it's always 200ml shampoo & 500ml conditioner.
  • Jem (09/11/2011)

    my office mate love this so much, because before her hair was like 'walis tingting sa sobrang tigas for almost 3years" but after finishing 2pcs of 50ml...OMG her hair is now manageable. now she bought the 500ml container... thanks HN
  • Jomie (09/11/2011)

    I love the way this feels on my hair. Because of Human Nature, I have said goodbye to hair relax and rebond. I still have wavy hair, but it's soft and manageable, and it's not frizzy anymore! FINALLY, I have soft hair while maintaining its natural body, and I don't have to blow dry or go to the salon to do it! Even if I don't brush it, I can run my fingers through my hair and it's totally tangle-free - a first for me! This, together with your intensive hair mask twice a week is the perfect combo for my ex-frizzy hair. (If this sounds like an ad, it isn't - i'm just really a fan!) My only problem here is the smell - Compared to your mandarin version, this one smells like...ginger? The only reason I used this was because I trust in your products, and the mandarin version did wonders for my hair as well. But others might have a problem with this because of the scent - it's definitely an initial turn-off. Thank goodness it doesn't stick to your hair too long.
  • Fill (09/05/2011)

    i really like this conditioner! to be honest, i wasnt expecting a lot when i bought it, considering the fact that its organic and yet still very affordable but boy, was i surprised! it really did a good job of taming my wild hair, something only a few products can manage to do. and the smell doesnt bother me at all, in fact i really like it. its the kind of smell that makes you feel cozy..perfect before bedtime. my only concern though is that the product could be a little more moisturizing. maybe its because i have coarse, curly hair but yeah, it could be a little more moisturizing :) or maybe you could come up with a line of haircare products for curly girls like me :) [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for your suggestion! We'll keep this in mind as we continue to develop more new and exciting hare care products. :) ]
  • Elisha (09/03/2011)

    i use this with the natural moisturizing shampoo and i simply love the way my hair feels so soft and manageable after :D
  • Cynthia (09/03/2011)

    This is the only conditioner that fits my hair needs leaving it so soft and tangle free. It is not sticky also to skin after washing off.
  • Cynthia (09/03/2011)

    This is the first time i have ever used a conditioner that truly fits my hair needs. So soft on hair and no need to put too many. It is not also sticky on skin after washing it off.
  • Ezrha (08/02/2011)

    I tried using this product along with the moisturizing shampoo. It leaves my hair soft and easy to comb right after washing. My hair became tangle-free. But, the only downside of this prodcut is its ginger-y smell. Maybe that's because of the lemon grass in the ingredient. My friend told me that I was smelling like 'tinola', or 'alkampor', which really turned me off. I guess women like me would not like that. I loved the smell of the old moisturizing conditioner- that orange candy-like scent, but I love the new formulation. I do hope the scent would be improved too. Please make it fruity, not gingery. It's a total turn off. Neutralizing the scent of the lemon grass would be a great help. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for your feedback and we apologize for the inconvenience. Our new moisturizing shampoo and conditioner have instantly became amongst our bestselling products and a big number of customers have now shifted to these new products. We shall keep in mind your comments as these greatly help us in our studies on product development and innovation. Our Customer Service Team shall contact you to enlighten you further on this. As with all Human Nature products, if you are not completely satisfied, we will be happy to refund or exchange it for you. :) ] Thank you and God bless!
  • Michelle (07/10/2011)

    I love this product so much that it really convinces me more to tell anyone about the product that we are selling...
  • Char (06/29/2011)

    I use this with the Natural Moisturizing Shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling soft and clean.
  • Gia (06/07/2011)

    I love this product! I have tried different brands of conditioners before, but this one is the best yet! It makes my hair really soft. It nourishes my dry treated hair.
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