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Sensitive Gel Toothpaste

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99.66% Natural

Triclosan-free | SLS/SLES-free | Peroxide-free

Soothe Ngilo Without the Compromise
✓ Eases tooth sensitivity by blocking triggers with Natural Potassium Citrate
✓ Gently removes surface stains & fights plaque buildup with Natural Silica
✓ Helps remineralize enamel and prevent cavities with Fluoride
✓ Naturally freshens breath with Mint
✓ No harmful chemicals

8 out of 10 experienced less tooth sensitivity in 7 days*

Enjoy its mild mint flavor!

Did you know?
Food and drink acidity, and even brushing may cause enamel erosion & gum recession and lead to pangingilo.** Help ease twinges caused by these factors with sensitivity relief from our Sensitive Gel Toothpaste!

*Based on a self-assessment test conducted among individuals with sensitive teeth who used the product for 7 consecutive days



aqua (water), sorbitol (plant-derived), hydrated silica (mineral-derived), potassium citrate (mineral -derived), glycerin (coconut-derived), sodium C12-18 alkyl sulfate (vegetable-derived), sodium bicarbonate (mineral-derived), Menthaspicata(spearmint) leaf essential oil, Sesamum indicum (sesame) seed oil, betaine (plant-derived), xanthan gum (plant-derived), Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) leaf essential oil, zinc citrate (mineral-derived), gluconic acid (plant-derived), sodium gluconate (vegetable-derived), carrageenan (seaweed-derived), rebaudioside A (plant-derived), menthol (plant-derived), sodium benzoate (plant-derived), sodium fluoride

To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here
  • Marites Daguinod (08/10/2021)

    This is way better than sensodyne. Nawala ang ngilo ng ipin ko.
  • Dan (06/13/2021)

    I love this product. It really eased the sensitivity. However, to be honest, I had doubts and I still have doubts with regards to the safety of the product to human health. I am concerned with the ingredient carrageenan. I know. I read all the reviews in all of your oral care products, and someone else raised this concern, and I read how you were able to refute their "argument" and insisted that it's safe. However, I keep on doing research, and honestly, the internet is split into two with regards to this ingredient. And it's fine if you will continue to say that it's safe, but I truly hope that you consider creating carrageenan-free variants of this sensitive gel toothpaste (as well as the natural gel toothpaste) just to dispel any fear and doubt. I hope you understand that with regards to matters that are uncertain and debateable, it's better to be on the safe side. This is human health we're talking about, after all. My family is currently switching all of our products to human nature products, and we want to use your oral care products without any fear and doubt. Please consider making carrageenan-free variants. If you could take away the sorbitol, as well, that would be great! Thank you!
  • Archibald Jose Manansala (05/11/2021)

    This toothpaste works! I used it because of my mouth sores (singaw) and it helped lessen the pain. Further, my mom loves this toothpaste, saying that it cleans better than the commercial brands we tried.
  • Ma. Bella (02/19/2021)

    love this! the best HN toothpaste variant for me. No more 'ngilo', love the mild flavor
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