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Pure Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml
Pure Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml
   I am an absolute avid fan of this VCO! I use it as my lotion for my whole body, it healed my dry ...  
- Lucienne
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100% Natural

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Help soothe distressed skin and revive damaged hair

Sweet-talk your skin and hair to silky-soft tranquility with our deliciously-fragrant coconut oil.

✓ Light and fast absorbing
✓ Calms very dry skin
✓ Smoothes rough hair
✓ Pure and cold-pressed
✓ Sourced from a USDA-certified organic farm
✓ Perfect for: Skin suffering from red patches and flaking, hair with split ends and heat damage


Skin: Warm a dollop of this deeply soothing, deliciously fragrant coconut oil between your hands and spread the bliss over your whole body. Let your skin soak it up and go from full and rough to super soft and silky. Use daily as an after-shower body oil to soothe parched or itchy skin.

Hair: Slather onto dry, unruly hair 1-2x a week for satin-smooth strands.

Store in a dry place below 35(degrees)Celsius and away from direct sunlight. Coconut oil solidifies and becomes cloudy at 25(degrees) Celsius. If this occurs, gradually thaw before using.

100% Pure Cocos Nucifera (virgin coconut) oil

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  • Vanissa (04/10/2021)

    This product is excellent. My cousin had a severe eczema all over her body and after a week of application + fragrance-free soap from hnn, her skin has improved. She has had tried several expensive hypoallergenic products already but it only exacerbated her skin condition. Grateful
  • DIANE M. (08/08/2019)

    I've tried it on my body and it gives your tan a natural glow. If you are using whitening products, better don't use this, but if you want to flaunt your tan, this is a great body oil! I do not like the smell though.
  • Steppanie (07/30/2019)

    Unlike other body oils I've tried, this one proves to be the least sticky and greasy! It gives me the moisture my body needs and dry skin is the last thing I worry about in a day!
  • Muriel (06/08/2019)

    Perfect body moisturizer even on hot summer day in the Philippines! I use this right after taking a bath with damp skin. I apply it all over my body and it's light, non-greasy, and lesser coconut smell. This will be a part of my life forever since it moisturizes my dry and very sensitive skin!
  • Therese Margarette (01/30/2019)

    I use the VCO as moisturizer prior to applying makeup. My mom also liked using it as well on her face. The smell is not so coconutty and it is not at all that greasy as it gets absorb easily. Thanks Human Nature! I hope there would be bigger versions as I would like to ingest it as well.
  • Gena (11/06/2018)

    This VCO got so many uses! I tried using it as my hair mask and it gives the smooth and shiny effect afterwards. I also use this daily in oil-pulling as part of my oral care routine! [EDITOR'S NOTE: Hello Gena! We're glad that you loved our Pure Virgin Coconut Oil. Please note that while our Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals, we haven't tested it for oil-pulling purposes. Thank you!]
  • Sunny (07/21/2018)

    I have been using this as my body moisturizer (instead of lotion) for a month now. Its moisturizing without the greasy feeling as it is easily absorbed by the skin. I love the scent too, which reminds me of the usual coconut oil being “prepared” by one of my lolas back in the province.
  • Lucienne (06/11/2018)

    I am an absolute avid fan of this VCO!! I use it as my lotion for my whole body, It heeled my dry heels. And even used it for body massage. I just added a few drops of your HN Lavender oil and Eucalyptus Oil for the relaxing effect of the scent and for relief of tired muscles. I agree that you should make a bigger bottle like 500ml version of this!! 10 hearts for this product!!
  • Claire (04/17/2018)

    Hi! I’ve been using this oil on my hair and I’m wondering if should/can I mix it with sunflower oil? And also, can I leave this over night on my hair? [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for purchasing our Pure Virgin Coconut Oil. If you're using it on your hair, you may mix it with our Sunflower Beauty Oil. You may also leave it on overnight. I hope this helps!]
  • Kristel (03/19/2018)

    It's a great skin and hair moisturizer without harmful chemicals. I use this in oil pulling to keep my teeth and gums healthy and free from cavities. I believe it can also be used to heal skin itchiness and infections because of its anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties.
  • Jacinta Eve (11/21/2017)

    I am inlove with this VCO! I use it on my hair and its shinier, more black and stronger! Natural hair at its finest thanks to coconut oil! Thank you so much for this awesome product! ( Please make a GIANT bottle of this: We also do oil pulling, like using coconut oil as mouthwash, its better than flossing and kills mouth dryness and the smell)
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