Gentle and genuinely natural feminine care with Human Nature

Did you know that ‘how to clean your vagina’ is searched every 0.59 seconds globally?

There are a lot of feminine care myths and misconceptions.  Read on and learn how you can stay fresh and confident ‘down there’ without the risks.

1.The skin in and around the vagina is one of the body’s most permeable surfaces.  Due to the thin skin in your vagina, frequent exposure to harmful chemicals like  SLES/SLS, parabens, and colorants can be absorbed by your skin. These chemicals also make you susceptible to irritation.  Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash (in Chamomile Fresh, 50ml,P49.75; 200ml,149.75 and in Chamomile Cool or Powder Cool,50ml, P54.75; 200ml,P156.75) only cleanses with natural ingredients derived from coconut and aloe vera to keep your vaginal area fresh and clean.

2.Don’t mask the musk. Changes in your hormones, diet, or physical activities affect your vagina’s natural musky smell, which is not a bad thing.  Most synthetic feminine washes have synthetic fragrance to ‘mask’ vaginal odor which can make you less attuned to your body. Synthetic fragrances may mask strong, unpleasant odors but will not address underlying causes such as infections. Synthetic fragrances are also a mix of chemicals that may pose serious health risks. Human Nature only uses natural fragrance to keep you feeling confident down there. Take your pick from  Powder Cool or Chamomile Cool, which has a gentle burst of coolness or Chamomile Fresh, a refreshing floral scent.

3. Opt for proven safe, gentle and sulfate-free cleansing. Your vaginal canal is self-cleaning so washing with water should be enough.  When it comes to your vulva, cleanse with a gentle feminine wash. Feminine washes with sulfates (SLES/SLS) can strip off the natural moisture of your intimate area which can cause a shift in your vagina’s pH balance or lead to dryness and irritation. Stay healthy and cleanse with Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash, which is formulated to closely match your vagina’s natural pH at 4.5 pH.“I recommend this to my patients because it’s natural. It’s also safe for pregnant women,” Dr. Nanette Layson, a Human Nature user, shared.

4. Stay protected and clean during your period. It’s normal to feel icky during your red days. During your period, the shifts in your intimate area’s pH level can make you more susceptible to an imbalance of harmful bacteria. Take extra care and cleanse with Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash Protection for Red Days (100ml, P149.75). Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial properties that help control vaginal bacteria during your period safely and effectively.


Care for your feminine area confidently without the compromise. The complete line of Human Nature’s Feminine Care line is available in all Human Nature stores.