Let’s talk conditioners. Whether you’ve been wondering about what makes natural conditioners better or never thought about it, there’s a lot to say about why you should kick synthetic brands to the curb. 

The real big problem is silicones. Check the back label of your synthetic conditioner to look for chemicals that contain the words or suffixes "-dimethicone" or "-siloxane". They’ve been used in conditioners for years to give that sleek, fresh look women want, but the long-term effects aren’t so pretty! Silicones can definitely fix frizz in a snap, but they only treat surface issues, and those immediate results will ultimately lead to less healthy, dull hair. Here’s why:

When you put silicone on your hair you’ll get a healthier look fast because the silicone forms a shiny layer on the outer surface of each strand, but what also happens is any kind of actual moisturizing agents (such as plant oils or even your hair's own natural oils) never have a chance to get in. Switch to a natural conditioner and the problem is gone. No silicones means no blocking of good stuff like coconut, sunflower, or avocado oil. And guess what? Our new Moisturizing +PLUS and Strengthening +PLUS conditioners have got ‘em all!

One thing, though. Being kinder to your hair with a natural conditioner often leads to a tricky transition period.

When you stop using harsh chemicals and silicones to get a quick shine, the damage they haven’t addressed can show through, leaving you to deal with some rough hair days. Every gal’s detox period is different in length and problems, but what you can usually expect is either oily or dry hair and some flaking that lasts for a few days or a few weeks. Some ladies get discouraged at this point, but the real prize takes patience - there's a light at the end of the tunnel! If you can just stick through the nuisances of the transition, you’ll come out with your best, healthiest locks yet!

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