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Posted on May 10, 2018

Skintervention 101: Make the wise skinvestment!

Expensive chemical treatments are often just beauty band-aids to score on-the-surface superstar skin, but it’s everyday natural TLC that keeps skin spotlight-ready any day – and for the long term. Let's compare some popular, more expensive treatments to natural, more affordable skincare.

Sloughs off dead skin cells, giving your skin a great but short-lived radiance.


Strawberry Seeds & Bamboo Scrubs
Exfoliates and smoothens your skin for a natural, beautiful glow without the harsh aftereffects of chemicals - try Human Nature's 100% Natural Purifying Facial Scrub.

Collagen Injection
Temporarily smoothens skin and evens out wrinkles. However, this requires frequent visits to the derma and some serious spending.


Keeps skin healthy and healthy-looking ‘round the clock with its powerhouse of nutrients, effectively maintaining your skin’s moisture - try Human Nature's Hydrating Creamy Wash.

High-End Hypoallergenic Skincare
Costs a pretty peso to care for sensitive skin and keep it from breaking out in rashes.


When used on a daily basis, it’s as effective as expensive treatments while still being gentle on your skin - try Human Nature's Nourishing Face Toner.

"I’ve tried drugstore toners and high end ones but I would always end up having zits and break outs. After 10 long years I can say that I finally found my holy grail in the Nourishing Toner. I feel like my skin is always fresh and it’s now clear from zits.” – Noriko

Chemical Peels
May shock the skin with the introduction of harsh chemicals, which overly hastens the natural process of skin cell turnover.


Strikes the perfect natural skin balance for a clear, shine-free, camera-ready bloom all day - try Human Nature's Balancing Facial Wash.

"I really love this Balancing Facial Wash! After using it, my face feels clean and clear. I also have acne marks which I’ve noticed got lighter and finally disappeared completely! – Meemee

Moroccan Argan Oil
Is one of the most coveted beauty products – and also one of the most expensive.


Works the same beauty magic at less than a quarter of the cost, giving you a bigger beauty bang for your buck - try Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oils.

So why shell out more or put your skin at risk? Choose natural and reap the rewards in the long run.

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